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World Link Intro - Susan Stempleski (Inglés Básico 1).pdf. Cargado por Cynthia Guardia Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. World Link 1 Student's Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. World Link - Second Edition - Unit 1. Uploaded by World Link Intro. THIRD EDITION. INTRO. WORLDLINKDeveloping. English Fluency. James R. Morgan Grammar Tutorials on My World Link Online and the.

World Link Intro Pdf

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Discover how the NEW edition of World Link helps learners communicate confidently and fluently. “World Link has everything students need to be in touch World Link Developing English Fluency. World Link is .. Intro: Beginner • CEF: A. The World Link series is a four-level ESL series ranging from World Link Intro ( reviewed Both the World Link Video course and World Link Textbook course. World Link Intro - Susan Stempleski (Ingls Bsico 1).pdf. DownloadReport. Published on Aug View Download AddThis Sharing Buttons.

Selena: Hello? John: Hi, Selena. What are you doing? Selena: Hi, John.

What about you? Are you studying for the English test? Selena: Oh? Julie: Hello? Ed: Hey, Julie. Julie: Oh, hi, Ed. Ed: Mark and Bill are here. Julie: Are you studying, guys? Ed: Studying?

Do you want to eat with us? Julie: Yeah, sounds like fun! Alex: Hello? Lori: Hi, Alex. Alex: Hi, Lori. This is my new song. Who is doing each activity? Check all the possible answers. Listen to these questions. Say them with your teacher. Is he listening to music? Listen to the questions. Write a rising symbol or a falling symbol. Practice with a partner. CD 1, Track 28 1.

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How are you doing? Are they playing basketball? Wh-questions What are you doing? How is she doing? What book are you reading? Is Mary talking on the phone? What are Carmen and Tim cooking? CD 1, Track 29 Shinja: Hello?

Luis: Hey, Shinja. Shinja: Hi, Luis. Luis: Great! How about you? Lesson B Page 41, Listening A. Check the classes Brandon and Sheila are taking. Brandon: Fine, Sheila. How are your classes? Brandon: Really?

At school? Sheila: No, on the Internet! Brandon: Oh, interesting. Check your answers with a partner. CD 1, Track 32 1. Woman: Hi, Lance. Woman: What are you making? Lance: Soup and salad. Woman: Yum! Sounds good. Man: Cami? Man: What are you doing? Man: For breakfast? Mark: Hello? Sally: Hi, Mark.

Are you busy? Hey, Sally.

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Excuse me, miss? Waitress: Yes? Mark: A cup of tea, please. Oh, and a bottled water. Check the foods or drinks each person talks about.

Notice the and sound. Practice saying these sentences with reduced and. Then, listen and repeat. CD 1, Track 35 1. Page 48, Speaking A. Does Jason like all Italian food? Marnie: Okay. Do you like Italian food? Jason: Yes, I love it! Marnie: I know a great restaurant. Their fish is delicious.

Marnie: Well, they have pasta and pizza, too. Jason: Sounds good—I love pizza. Lesson B Page 52, Listening B. What foods are the people making? Number them in the order that you hear.

Dioni: Oh, hi, Matt. Matt: What are you making? Is it Italian? You eat it with a yogurt sauce. Matt: Mmmm, it sounds delicious. Pilar: Hi, Matt.

Matt: Hi, Pilar. Are you making something for the food festival? It has spicy things like chilies, onions, and tomatoes. Sometimes, it also has chocolate! You eat the mole with meat. Matt: Wow. Is it Spanish? Pilar: What are you making for the food festival, Matt?

Pilar: What is it—a dessert? You eat it for lunch or dinner. Pilar: Is it American? Matt: No, not really. My mother is from Ireland.

This is her recipe. Where are the foods from? Check the country. Listen and look at the pictures on page Number the speakers in the order that you hear. CD 1, Track 39 1.

Taylor: This is a picture of my family. This is my mother, my father, and my younger sister, Emily. Marina: Look at this photo of my family.

Here is my dad, my mom, my grandfather, and my older brother, Pablo. Jenny: This is my husband, Kevin, and my son, Alex. CD 1, Track 40 T A. CD 1, Track 42 Marina: Taylor, is this your family? Taylor: Uh-huh. Taylor: This is my sister. And this is my mom. Lesson B Page 62, Listening A. Are the women married or single? Check the correct boxes for items 1 and 2.

CD 1, Track 43 Host: There are many kinds of families today. I have two sons and a daughter. Rachel: My name is Rachel. I have two daughters. They live with me, and visit their father on the weekend. Monika: Hi, my name is Monika. My husband is from Beijing. We have a son. His name is Viktor. Both Viktor and Mia are in high school.

Check the correct boxes for items 3 to 8. Sophie and her friend are talking. Choose the correct answers. Woman: Oh, hi, Adam.

Man: Oh yeah? Woman: Yes, my grandparents are visiting from Mexico. Man: Wow, you have family in Mexico? Does your dad have any brothers and sisters? Man: So, why are your grandparents visiting? Taylor: Emily. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Marina: Yes, I have an older brother. Practice saying the possessive form of these names. Circle the correct family tree. Page 72, Speaking A. Underline the names of the movies. Jessie: Great. What movies are playing?

Adriano: The new Star Wars movie is playing at Adriano: Okay. Jessie: Okay, that sounds good! Page 71, Listening A. Number the pictures as you listen.

CD 2, Track 2 1. Man: Hey, Sachiko, what time is it? Man: ? Sachiko: Late? Man: Yes, for the movie. It starts at Sachiko: Yes, look here in the newspaper. Man: Oh yeah. Rick: Clare, hurry up! Clare: Why? What time is it?

World Link 1 Student's Book

Rick: No, Clare. The dinner party starts at Clare: Oh no! How do we know? You should see the rendered example above update accordingly.

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Here we are encountering something new. The v-bind attribute you are seeing is called a directive. Directives are prefixed with v- to indicate that they are special attributes provided by Vue, and as you may have guessed, they apply special reactive behavior to the rendered DOM. You should see the message disappear. This example demonstrates that we can bind data to not only text and attributes, but also the structure of the DOM. There are quite a few other directives, each with its own special functionality.

You should see a new item appended to the list. Meet four students. Write their information below. Student 1. More about me Soccer is my favorite sport. My favorite TV show is Ugly Betty. Hip-hop is my favorite kind of music. Look at the website. Match a sentence to a friend. Then tell a partner about your friends and favorites.

Circle the correct picture and complete the sentence. Read the sentences. Then listen again and circle True or False. Emiko is best friends with Jared. Look at the names below. Try to match each name with a photo in the reading. Read and check your answers in B. She is fam name Jennifer TV show Friends. Is her real nifer Anastassakis. In the West, name is Jet Li.

Her friends cal is Moore. Her last name. Spanish is his his last name to Ocho Cinco. Eight oc shirt. Rowling is the author of e Kathleen books. Her full name is Joann l her Jo. Rowling, but her friends cal. Complete the questions and answers. Then ask and answer the questions with a partner. Ask your classmates questions. Find the writer of the sentence. Combining dynamic v See More. World Link CEF: Just right for World Link Intro!

A Combo Split Your link to the world of English! New and Enhanced! Personal Items Lesson A Gift giving p. Studying English p. Complete the ID cards. Use the class roster below. Male Female: Last name: Cruz ress: Male Female e-mail address: Carlos First name e-mail add Last name: Liling Lastt name: L e-mail address: Spring Course: Emily Whitman Room: Check your answers.

C Ask a partner these questions. Make an ID card for your partner. A Look at the name tags. Say and spell the names you see. B Listen. Fill in the blanks. CD 1 Track 3 For men Mr.

First name:Is his nickname Dae Sung? We have a son. Unit 5: T 9 Related documents. Bill: And Fortuna? Sounds good.