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UP PCS Pre Exam Syllabus Pattern of Only Paper 1 marks will be counted for Selection for Mains Below is the syllabus of UPPSC Paper 2 Syllabus. 6 days ago Check now revised UP PCS Syllabus to crack UPPSC PCS (Pre/Mains) Exam. Applicants can also download PDF of UPPSC PCS. 1 day ago UPPSC PCS Syllabus UP PCS Mains Exam Syllabus PCS Syllabus – UP PCS Pre Mains Exam Pattern Pdf.

Up Pcs Mains Syllabus Pdf

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The UPPCS competitive examination comprise three stages: (1) Preliminary PDF FILE CLICK ON LINK. UP (उ. प्र. लोक सेवा आयोग) Mains syllabus UPPCS Mains syllabus - New Pattern. DETAILED INFORMATION AND DOWNLOAD PDF FILE CLICK ON LINK. UP (उ. प्र. लोक सेवा आयोग) Mains . For the aspirants of UPPCS Exam , we are providing the syllabus of UPPCS Mains General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II which seems to.

World Geography, Geography of India and its natural resources. Current events of national and international importance. Indian Agriculture, Trade and Commerce.

Specific knowledge of U. History of India and Indian culture will cover the broad history of the country from about the middle of the nineteenth century and would also include questions on Gandhi, Tagore and Nehru.


The part on current events of national and international importance will include questions also on sports and games. Indian Polity 2. Indian Economy 3.

General Science Role of Science and technology in the development of India including science in every day life 4. General Mental ability. Statistical Analysis, Graphs and Diagrams.

The part relating to the Indian polity will include questions on the political system in India and Indian constitution. The Indian economy will cover broad features of economic policy in India.

The part relating to role and impact of science and technology in the development of India, questions will be asked to test the candidates awareness in this field Emphasis will be on the applied aspects. The part relating to statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams will include exercise to test the candidates ability to draw common sense conclusions from information presented in statistical graphical or diagrammatically form and to point out deficiencies limitation or inconsistencies there in.

There will be three sections in the question paper of Essay. Candidates will have to select one topic from each section and they are required to write essay in words on each topic. In the three sections, topics of essay will be based on following sphere: Section A: Section B: Section C: You can also send us E Mail.

You may like us on Facebook: Hello Dr. Vikas, There is negative marking of 0. Sir, i am presently persuaing engineering and i want to sit in pcs exam.

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Pre Exam conduct in one day while mains exam depends on uppsc whether they give gap in between exams or not. Mains exam concluded generally in 2 weeks. You really need to work hard to crack this exam. Your e-mail address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Essay writing can b in English or it is compulsory to write in Hindi only????

Syllabus of History Paper for UPPCS Main Examination- 2012

Disha Yadav. You can opt any language for essay section you may like us on facebook http: Decline of the Sultanate. Foregin Contacts:Ibn Battuta. Economy society and culture Wholesale in china and the 13 th and 14 th Centuries.

Cast and slavery under Sultanate. Technological Changes. Sultanate architecture. Persion literature. Amir Khushrau, Historiography,ziya Barani.

UPPSC Exam syllabus

Su sm in North India. Bhakti Schools in the south. The 15 th and early 16th Century Political History. The Vijayanagra Empire.

Group D: Civil Engineering 2. Mechanical Engineering 3. Electrical Engineering 4. Agriculture Engineering. Group E: English Literature 2. Hindi Literature 3. Urdu Literature 4. Arabic Literature 5.

Persian Literature 6. Sanskrit Literature. Exam Syllabus: Pre Exam Syllabus. Two hours.

Current events of national and international importance: History of India and Indian National Movement: In the Indian National Movement, the candidates are expected to have synoptic view of nature and character of the freedom movement, growth of nationalism and attainment of Independence.

Indian and world Geography: Indian Polity and Governance: Economic and Social Development: General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change — that do not require subject specialization. General awareness of the subject is expected from candidates.

General Science: Set null set, subsets and proper subsets of a set, operations Union, Intersections, difference, symmetric difference between sets, Venn diagram. Representation of data — Bar diagram, Pie chart, histogram, frequency polygon, comulative frequency curves ogives , Measures of Central tendency:The Imperial Cholas and their contemporariesin Peninsular India.

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Geography — India. Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, determinants and consequences of Ethics in human action, dimensions of ethics, ethics in private and public relationships.

History of India and Indian National Movement:- In History emphasis should be on broad understanding social, economic and political aspects of Indian history. History of India and Indian National Movement.