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Playing with Fire is the best selling autobiography of former National Hockey League (NHL) player Theoren Fleury. Co-written with author Kirstie McLellan Day. Playing With Fire (): Theo Fleury: Books. Playing With Fire (): Theo Fleury, Kirstie McLellan Day, Wayne Gretzky: Books.

Theo Fleury Playing With Fire Book

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Playing With Fire book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In Playing With Fire, Theo Fleury takes us behind the bench duri. The Globe and Mail Theo Fleury, who had walked away from hockey in , Playing with Fire is Theo Fleury's journey to hell and back, a book no one can. This is a book cover for a Harpercollins publication. In Playing with Fire, Theo Fleury takes us behind the bench during his glorious days as.

Playing with Fire

Fleury proves to be as adept at inspiring others as he is at playing hockey. From the perspective of someone who enjoys watching hockey but not to the extent of most, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I felt like I was right there with Theo throughout all of the ups and downs! It tended to get a little scattered - jumping off subject to something else but in the end, I commend Theo for sharing his personal triumphs and failures with me.

Past Seasons

I will say, when I moved to Alberta in , I watched the Flames lose to the Canadiens and lost a bet and from that game on, Fleury was my favorite.. Half tucked in jersey, quickest little bugger I've ever seen on skates A joy to watch! Thanks, Theo! Andrea K in Calgary Drakonian , Good read, unlikeable guy It was pretty interesting to read the behind the scenes story of Fleury's life.

I never knew the extent of his personal problems. No holds were barred in the telling of this story. Because I was treated differently and dehumanized.

I knew that half the time people were nice to me because I had money or I was a hockey star. Luckily, the good people who ran minor hockey in Russell, Man.

James could spot a troubled kid a mile away, and though Fleury doesn't name names, he and Sheldon Kennedy were far from James's only victims. This story of abuse will blister and boil for generations, as abuse begets abusers, but thanks to these brave men, an environment where "telling" and healing is a little easier has been created.

He gave plenty of "dirty" drug tests, substituting Gatorade or his kid's urine, but their solution was to help hide his addictions. Even the substance-abuse program they put him on, he says, was about getting him back on the ice so seats were filled and money made, not addressing childhood neglect and sexual abuse.

It was also about hiding hockey's dirty little secret: He wasn't the only NHL gambling alcoholic who hit strip bars looking for sex and cocaine every night.

When, in , he backed out of his contract with the Chicago Blackhawks, Fleury figured that "the whole league reacted to my leaving the way you would feel after having a big, happy dump. There were a lot of guys like me in the game, but they didn't want anyone to know that.

My presence kept the bad news on the front of the sports pages. Hockey wants to be known as the school's good-looking, clean-cut jock, and I was really fucking with that image. How smart it was to keep the angry and often funny vernacular of the locker room.

Review: Playing With Fire, by Theo Fleury

If I tell you how he starts to heal, I will give too much away, but it sure helped that instead of prescribing more drugs, as all the other doctors seemed to, Robin Reesal and Joanna Mogab got him talking about sadness. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement I will, however, repeat the last words because they matter so much: "So if you are a kid who is in the situation I was in, and somebody older is using you for sex, call for help.

You can call the police or you can search for kids' help lines on the Internet. Seriously, you are not alone.

Playing With Fire

Pick up the phone.Fleury's story is about trying to survive abuse through determination and drugs, then finally coming to the realization that reliance on God is the only lasting way through. I also wonder how the book would have been different if it had been written now, ten years later—I judge that he has healed a lot in the time since publishing Playing With Fire and probably has lost a lot of the ego and anger that dripped from the pages. He's sprawled on the couch, cowboy boots on the coffee table, coffee cup not beer bottle in hand, wearing a Hugo Boss outfit from his NHL days and telling me, via the pages of his book, another tale from "The Show.

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And I had huge problems with being alone - it was like I couldn't have a relationship with myself. Understand Theo fleury path in a time of struggle and revelation of his sexual abused history. That takes guts.

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