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Cream of the Crop (The Hudson V - Clayton, КБ Alice Clayton - Mai Tai'd 1 МБ . Alice Clayton - The Redhead Plays Her Grace's star is on the rise with a new TV series, but then the director asks her to lose fifteen pounds. When she goes public with her struggles with weight, she. Alice Clayton - (Redhead #3) The Redhead Plays Her Hand - dokument [*.pdf] Thank you for downloading this Gallery Books eBook. Join our mailing list and get.

The Redhead Plays Her Hand Epub

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Download The Redhead Plays Her Hand ebook by Alice ClaytonType: pdf, ePub, zip, txt Publisher: Gallery BooksReleased: December the redhead plays her hand ebook, the redhead plays her hand pdf, the redhead plays her hand doc, the redhead plays her hand epub the redhead plays her. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. The final story in Clayton's (The Unidentified Redhead, ) The Redhead Plays Her Hand - Kindle edition by Alice Clayton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Declining several big-budget action films, she now guided Jack to a smaller film: Jack could easily have headlined a huge summer blockbuster, but instead he chose to work in an ensemble cast, where the story was important.

And what was really important right now was shaving his head.

The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

He was a young soldier from Alabama, and he needed to look the part. I smiled and scratched at his head.

He leaned into it, just as he always had, and I looked carefully at him. The green eyes were the same, beginning to darken just the tiniest bit as my hand stroked the back of his neck. His hands tightened on my hips, drawing me close again. His hair was gone, but the heat was still there.

In fact, his features seemed even stronger now. His tongue dipped out of his mouth just so, teeth then nibbling on that lower lip in the way he knew would evoke a response. Which he was now tugging on.

The Redhead plays her hand: Redhead Series, Book 3

North and South combined. Ding dong. He said he might stop by tonight. Rumpled, flushed, happy. You two are friends now. Behave yourself. And how I would most certainly let him. Since Jack and I had started seeing each other last year, the chemistry between us had been and remained off the charts. I laughed as I heard him groan, knowing he was adjusting himself not so discreetly now.

I straightened myself up a bit, then opened the door to see my friend Michael smiling back at me. Something you want to tell me? I had left a trail. Michael and I had gone to college with Holly and had been friends for years.

Well, we had been friends, until a one-night stand clouded everything that had been good and made it ugly. This time another near miss of a one-night stand had almost ruined everything, but we came to our senses and remained great friends. And more. Right after the holidays we found out that there was a production company interested in developing it into a TV show.

Edgy comedies, dark dramas—their TV lineup was making a lot of waves. We brought a few of the original cast in from New York, shot a quick pilot, and Venue bought it.

Staged workshop style, we had worked with a live band. Now the story of Mabel, an aging beauty queen going through a divorce and redefining her life on her own terms, was set against the backdrop of Los Angeles—a perfect town for reflecting back the warped way our culture views women and aging.

It was witty, it was sexy, and I was the star. Wait, I was the star? Yes, Grace, you are the star. I shook my head to clear it, still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I settled on a bar stool and watched two of my favorite people in the world circle each other. It was true: And while Michael and I were friends and only friends, I knew it was tough for Jack. But true to form, he was more of a grown-up than I was, even nine years my junior.

And they were now easing into this weird guy friendship. Without asking. Again, weird guy thing. I start shooting next week. A writer friend of mine consulted on it. Should be a good time. Grabbing another from the fridge, he sat down on the bar stool across from me, still rubbing his head absently.

My other favorite person in the world. Holly came into the kitchen, appraised the crew assembled, and sighed dramatically. She nodded to me. God, yes. You would not believe the day I had. I hate this town! I busied myself making dirty martinis. And you, Buzzy, get behind me. I handed her the cocktail, grimacing as she sucked it back quickly, presenting me with an empty glass.

And harder, please, Michael. I laughed as she began to tell us about her day, and I made her another cocktail. Life was good. An impromptu dinner party ensued, and after dinner was over, we all ended up on the cushiony chairs in the backyard. Winter in Los Angeles was chilly at nighttime, at least enough that the cashmere throws I brought out were necessary. Snuggled into a large love seat, Jack played with my hair as we laughed and chatted with our friends.

Strings of white lights dotted the fig and plum trees out back, and the potted lemon trees that framed the patio threw off their fragrance into the night.

The Redhead Plays Her Hand

Now I was able to work where I lived, and I relished my surroundings. I had created a space for myself exactly the way I wanted. Built into the hillsides of Los Angeles there were certainly bigger and grander homes, but my Laurel Canyon bungalow was exactly what I wanted. And having Jack move into it with me? Well, that made it all the more homey. As Holly and Jack got louder and louder, trying to hammer down some interview she had planned for him, I leaned across to Michael.

This agent I have, though, is showing me all these rentals on Wilshire—in the corridor, all those high-rises. Thank you for believing in me and making this my new life. To know that I have your support and your backing means the world. Thank you to my agent Karen Solem for being as patient and as kind as you have been to a newbie like me.

It means so much to have someone like you alongside for this journey.

Thank you to Lauren, Deb, and Sarah for reading patiently and persistently, letting me send you pages at 2 a. Thank you to Jessica, for being my friend since 4th grade and taking this crazy trip with me, for never failing to support and challenge me, and making my new career a dream come true. Thank you to Nina, one of the best friends and biggest cheerleaders a girl could ask for.

Thank you to my bestie since college and the voice of the Redhead series audiobooks, Keili Lefkovitz. When I found out there was going to be an audio version of these books, I knew immediately that I had to have my girl do the narration. Thank you to my family. To my sister, who bought as many copies of my books as she could and then pimped me to her friends like it was her job. Thank you to the bloggers, the incredible women who do this because you love it and because you feel the way I do when I read a book I love, that we must tell everyone about it!

Thank you for supporting me when no one knew who Jack and Grace were, and made it your business to tell the world. Thank you to the Nuts Girls, to the readers who have been there since this was one chapter, one idea, one weird take on a giant phenomenon, and have let me be true to my own inner Nuts Girl.

Thank you for always telling me how cute I am, and for being the only person on the planet who could possibly take me on and live to tell about it. I adore you.

Jack Hamilton was spotted today shopping at a vintage furniture store on La Brea, pausing over shower fixtures and an antique coffeepot. With the sales of Time cementing him as a leading man in Hollywood and the offers pouring in, we think he can afford some new appliances. Directed by David Lancaster, this marks the first show of the kind to premiere on Venue. Grace, 33, originated the role of Mabel in New York in a staged workshop production.

We can go as slow as you need. Ready, love? This hurts so much. His eyes met mine in the mirror, and he grinned that grin he knew always won me over.

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I dug my hands into his hair, running my fingers through the silky curls and scratching at his scalp. I blinked back tears. I lifted a chunk straight up, picked up the scissors. And cut. And cut some more.

He kept encouraging me because he wanted it short. I told him no way. He reminded me that if he got this done at a salon, it would be on Twitter within minutes, and the paparazzi would surround the place.

I need your curls! We may have been in the shower at the time. You cut that hair, and you can wave good-bye to any kind of oral action. Your Mr. The scent of coconuts filled the air. You want to go without? I can remove certain things from the menu as well. He had me. A day without oral is simply a day not worth living. So here we were, in the guest bathroom, inches and inches of glorious shaggy blond hair on the floor around us, as his grin got bigger and bigger. And my frown got, well, frownier and frownier.

By the time he felt I had butchered it successfully, I was almost in a full-on meltdown. It looked like a five- year-old had cut it.

Alabama by way of London, interesting combo. This was gonna be short. I buzzed away.And what was really important right now was shaving his head. This books takes the fun and feisty Grace and the swoonalicious heartthrob Jack and really makes them work at their relationship. We want your feedback!

By the time he felt I had butchered it successfully, I was almost in a full-on meltdown. In The Unidentified Redhead, ten years after discovering that looks and talent are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, Grace Sheridan is back and ready to show the film industry that theres more to her than just a head of gorgeous red curls. Yes, Grace, you are the star. But will Roxie stay upstate, or will the lure of West Coast redemption tempt her back to Tinseltown? But a demand from her directors to drop fifteen pounds brings her back down to earth with a thump.