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I'm Nico and what I'm about to tell you is Secret and Dangerous and True. It's also several planetary systems beyond Weird. Here's how it started Picture this. Fourteen years ago, scientist William Fox implanted four babies with the Medusa gene - a gene for psychic abilities. Now the children are teenagers - and unaware that their psychic powers are about to kick in. Cocky, charismatic Nico thinks his emerging telekinetic abilities will. The Medusa Project has 18 entries in the series. The Medusa Game. The Medusa Project (Series). Cindy Dees Author (). cover image of The Set Up.

The Medusa Project The Setup Pdf

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The Set Up (Medusa Project, #1), The Hostage (Medusa Project, #2), The Thief ( Medusa Project #), The Rescue (Medusa Project, #3), Hunted (Medusa Proj. Bestselling author of teen thrillers and crime fiction. The Medusa Project: The Hostage How to print the digital edition of Books for Keeps: click on this PDF file link - click on the printer icon in the top right of the.

Like I was riding a wave of anger and every time I looked at something that wave crashed down.

For a second I felt like I was two people: My eyes swept back to the clock. As I stared, it fell off the wall and crashed to the floor. Screams now around me. A girl sobbing in the row behind. My eyes flashed back to the window where the whole thing had started. It was still standing wide open.

Sophie McKenzie

Mr Rogerson, the maths teacher, was walking towards it, hands outstretched. I took a deep breath and looked up, my pulse slowing.

It was over at last. People in the hall were glancing round — some nervously, others with wide, wondering eyes. The babble of voices rose.

The Medusa Project : The Hostage

I looked over at Ketty. She was gazing round, her golden-brown eyes huge circles. I stared down at my lap. Fergus was still talking over the hubbub. I kept my eyes on the ground as we stood up.

At least Fergus had assumed it was a freak storm. Not a freak stepson. My heart was still beating fast. What if I looked up and the whole thing started again? I shot a swift glance sideways, at my vacated chair. No movement. And then a large hand clamped down on my shoulder. Reluctantly, I followed him away from the crowds. My mouth closed, then opened again. My head felt like it might explode.

Fergus crossed his arms. So listen. Fergus gripped my arm and gave me a little shake. This power — moving things. I turned to go. I stuck my finger up at him and dived back into the crowd. As I made my way up to my dorm, my heart started pumping hard again. How did Fergus know that it had been me moving things with my mind? And why was he saying it was evil?

I arrived at the last minute for his history class and left as soon as the bell rang. As usual he picked on me all through the lesson, asking me the hardest questions, and giving me the least time to answer.

Like it might hurt their feelings. What about my feelings? He never stopped to think how embarrassing his behaviour was for me. When I was younger, we got on great. Maybe that was the trouble — Fergus still wished I was nine years old, or something. He certainly still treated me like I was. After lessons finished, I went to the library and searched the internet. Telekinesis — that word Fergus had used.

Also known as psychokinesis: Apparently loads of people throughout history have claimed to be able to do this. More recently they were likely to get their own TV show. But no one had ever scientifically proven what they could do. It was almost 5 p. I went outside and spent about half an hour trying — and failing — to move a twig on the grass near one of the school benches.

I slumped onto the bench, closed my eyes and tilted my head towards the dying sun. Ketty was standing over me. She was dressed in her running gear — sweats and trainers. Her curly hair was still scraped back into a string-tied ponytail and her skin was glowing.

The Medusa Project : The Hostage Press Reviews

She smiled, like she was really pleased to see me. Her eyes really light up when she grins. And her nose wrinkles.

She turned back, eyebrows raised.

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I ransacked my brain for something to say. Praying I could make the thing at least twitch across her palm, I focused hard. Nothing happened. I could feel the panic rising into my throat.

The twig lay resolutely still. I stared at it as she answered. It was new. Could I have looked more of an idiot? Trying to move a stupid twig while her actual boyfriend had bought her an ultra-cool phone.

Furious with myself I chucked the twig on the ground. I felt like punching the bench behind me. As I stared at it, rage pulsing in my chest, the bench fell backwards.

It landed with a thud on the ground. The rage in my chest vanished and I felt cold with fear. I stared at the bench. My mind had knocked it over. I was sure of it. I wandered over to a clump of trees. She has tallied up numerous award wins and has twice been longlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

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About The Book. About The Author. Yet these escapades take place against a background of school-life and youthful angst.

And the fear that they feel is real: Like its predecessor, this book ends with the first chapter of the next book in the series: Despite the fantastic events, there is an underlying realism to the characterisation of the protagonists, who are gradually becoming a mutually dependent group in contrast to their dysfunctional families. While the book is, in many respects, an old-fashioned adventure yarn, it reflects contemporary interests like computers and mobile phones, and has the teenagers talk in 21st-century argot.

Some of the language, however, seems unsuitable for younger children: Otherwise, this is an exciting and well crafted adventure story.It was pointless trying to resist.

Introduction By , surface ocean pH levels are predicted to decrease by 0. Postal Code. This study represents the first evidence of the potential lethal effects of post OA projections on jellyfish.

Medusa Project Series

Danger stalks on all sides in this action-packed adventure with its psychic extra dimension. I arrived at the last minute for his history class and left as soon as the bell rang. How was this happening? You saw what you did. See More Categories.