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Lost Prince The - Julie Kagawa - dokument [*.pdf] HarlequinTeen11// 12TheLostPrince#Page1 PRAISE FOR NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up-Ethan Chase, 18, tells people that his The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey:Call of the Forgotten Book 5) eBook: Julie Kagawa: Kindle Store. The Lost Prince book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Don't look at let Them knowyou can see

The Lost Prince Julie Kagawa Pdf

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Julie Kagawa--The Iron KB. Julie Kagawa--The Iron Warrior. epub. KB. The Lost Prince Call Of The Forgotten-Julie. The Lost Prince. The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten (Series). Book 1. Julie Kagawa Author (). cover image of Inferno. The Lost Prince. The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten (Series). Book 1. Julie Kagawa Author (). cover image of The Lost Prince.

Sorry, Dad. But my life is far from normal. Are you up? Another small quirk my parents have gotten used to. Okay, then. I have a weird family. We seem perfectly normal; a nice American family living in a nice suburban neighborhood, with nice clean streets and nice neighbors on either side. Ten years ago we lived in the swamps, raising pigs. Ten years ago we were poor, backwater folk, and we were happy. That was before we moved into the city, before we joined civilization again.

It was hard for him to adjust, but he did, eventually. Mom finally convinced him that we needed to be closer to people, that I needed to be closer to people, that the constant isolation was bad for me. That was what she told Dad, of course, but I knew the real reason.

She was afraid. She was afraid of Them, that They would take me away again, that I would be kidnapped by faeries and taken into the Nevernever.

Yeah, I told you, my family is weird. Somewhere out there, I have a sister. To normal humans, the fey world is hidden—glamoured and invisible. There are very few mortals cursed with the Sight, who can see faeries lurking in dark corners and under beds.

Lucky me. I happen to be one of them. My parents worry, of course, Mom especially. Seeing faeries everywhere will do that to you. Because if the fey know you can see them, they tend to make your life a living hell. Last year, I was kicked out of school for setting fire to the library. What could I tell them? I was innocent because I was trying to escape a redcap motley that followed me in from the street?

Sometimes, it was infuriating. As long as I could see the fey, they would never leave me alone. Mom was at the kitchen table when I came out, waiting for me. He worked the graveyard shift at UPS and often slept till the middle of the afternoon.

It represented weekends spent working late, watching other kids my age hanging out, kissing girlfriends, tossing away money like it fell from the sky.

Just…please be careful. Wouldn't you? View all 17 comments. Sep 16, Dorreh rated it liked it. The words mildly entertaining come to mind. This is a fun and quick read, but I think I liked Meghan's original story way more. Jan 20, Rimsha Salam rated it really liked it Shelves: Check out my blogs for more reviews and book stuff: Can't wait!!!

Omg Omg the title is Iron prince meaning little Ethan is going to be an Iron prince! Name changed from Iron Prince to Lost prince Omg is that Ethan on the cover!!! View all 7 comments.

Sep 14, Steph Sinclair rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Iron Fey fans. Actual rating: Show of hands. How many of you were worried about Kagawa returning to the Nevernever with a spin-off of an already successful series? The Iron Knight concluded and it seemed everything was "happy happy, joy joy," right? But then there were whisperings in the wind of a spin-off and I found myself saying, "What?! NO, Julie! I forbid it! Ya hear?! If I'm being honest here, spin-offs usually suck big time.

The Lost Prince is everything I could want and more. With fresh new characters, cameo appearances and a new evil threatening the Nevernever, how could anyone resist? Before I begin, I need to get something out of my system. Don't judge me! Remember the little boy from The Iron King?

Meghan's little brother? Did you ever wonder what happened to him and his family once Meghan had gone off for good with her Ice Prince to rule in the Nevernever as a Queen of Faery? That's just what The Lost Prince does. And let me tell you, Ethan Chase is not what I expected. The years of being tormented by the fey and losing his sister to their world has made him a very bitter and angry person.

Honestly, I don't blame the guy. He has to constantly look over his shoulder, attempt to pretend They don't exist so as not to draw attention to himself, push people away so they don't catch the eyes of The Good Neighbors. It's a lot of responsibilities for anyone, let alone a teen boy and yes, he actually sounds like a teen boy.

But this is what he has had to endure all his life hopping from school to school due to "bad behavior. The plot was brilliantly done. The characters were brilliant. But even as someone who has followed this series very closely, I have to admit, I have no idea what direction it could possibly go. The one thing I was worried about most with this spin-off would be comparing the old characters to the new characters. Meghan, Ash and Puck were the perfect blend of romantic tension, banter and comic relief.

And they all do make cameo appearances Did I mention how much I love Puck? It's Ethan, Kenzie and Kierran's. I really think fans will really enjoy the new trio and it seems like Kagawa has us in for a world of hurt with them too. I mean, I bawled by eyes out so hard with The Iron Queen.

Whenever I go back to read that last scene I fall to pieces. But it feels like that could come a lot sooner with The Call of the Forgotten. Kagawa, stop being so awesome all. DontStop And you know what? For those who have been waiting for a certain Cait Sith no relation to the cat pictured above, of course to guide you back through the Nevernever, this will merely feel like a continuation from the original series.

And you noobs? There are a few rules you must familiarize yourself with: Never make a contract with Them. Show no fear when dealing with the Fair Folk. Don't draw attention to yourself.

And as Grim would say, "Do try and keep up. ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley. Thank you! Head on over to Cuddlebuggery Book Blog for a giveaway and other fantastical things. This is on NetGalley!! View all 22 comments. I have just finished reading Ash and Meghan's story and fell deeply in love with these characters, all of them!

The Iron Knight had me in tears, especially the last paragraph, I don't know if it was because it was goodbye, knowing I won't be captured anymore by these characters and their quests, but it left me with a hole in my heart, a void that needs to be filled, but when I saw she was coming out with a spin off my heart beat a million times faster! He I have just finished reading Ash and Meghan's story and fell deeply in love with these characters, all of them! Hello all, I have finally read this and it did not disappoint at all!

I loved hear from Ethan, though his story was sad, dark and very depressing, but hey I guess that's the other half. The story after someone is taken, how their lives change so dramatically and how they have to pick up the pieces. Now keep a very open mind, this is nothing like the other books, this is Ethan's story, you will see some very familiar characters here and there, but this book offers new ones in the place of old.

I was happy to see those oh so familiar names jump out in my page, but I felt there place was in the shadows, where it should be, and hopefully they will remain. I don't mind if they make guest appearances here and there, but I want the focus to be mainly on these new ones. The last books gave me the feeling of being pulled into som place magical and wonderful! Where as this book, I see it for what it is to be a human, scary, uninviting and real! Julie kagawa did a wonderful job and I can't wait for this new series to take shape View all 6 comments.

Nov 04, Sandra rated it it was amazing. I have fallen crazy in love with this book. I mean I already know Julie Kagawa has a wicked imagination and writing skills but this book exceeded my expectations.

Although the The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten share the same world as the Iron Fey series this has an entirely new flavor and excitement to it. Want to know why? Read on! Even as a little kid he always had the ability to see the invisible world of the Fey.

Ethan had an unpleasant experience with the Fey when he was younger and not only that but he also lost someone important to him, his half-sister Meghan. For more info regarding this story, you guys should read the Iron Fey series starting with the Iron King. As Ethan grew up, he learned that the while he has the Sight he could never be close to anyone. It made him elusive and distant. He thought that he was better off alone.

He didn't want to let anybody in because he was afraid that when he did they'll only get hurt like what happened to a friend of his, Sam. He's never been the same since. Starting over at a new school, he had planned everything. Just try to blend in, don't talk to anyone. But it seems that destiny has different plans for Ethan because the more he turns away from the Fey, the more they run after him.

Something was brewing. Something was out there. And Ethan was gonna find out what it is. I already knew that I was going to love it like the other books of Julie Kagawa. And I was so right! I got a extremely sad when the Iron Fey series ended.

The world that Ms. Kagawa made on that series was surreal and enthralling and I was really hoping for more. It seems that she heard my prayers.

When I heard about the spin-off, i was enthusiastic that it was going to be another great series. When I read the summary, I was delirious with joy because it sounds awesome already. When I saw the cover, I was fervent. I needed that book! I would like to thank NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for allowing me to review this book.

It is an honor. You are so kick-ass! I couldn't believe it! You were so different from the kid I loved from the Iron Fey series. You are all grown up now and so I had a bit of an issue with Ethan at first being rude and distant and all the emo stuff. It was in my nerves a bit but then when you read more about what he had went through growing up you'll understand why he has been like that. But this time it was more masculine and more darker than Meghan's. Ethan did remind me of a certain Final Fantasy character who I also love but will reveal later.

Reading about Ethan now makes me feel like I'm old enough to be his aunt or something. This is crazy! I can't seem to forget that the first time I read him he was so young and now he's all grown up now and so freakin' rebellious, it brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy to be exact. It felt like I raised a kid!

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa - chapter sampler

What the heck?! Mackenzie St. James Oh I got to hand it to this girl, she is awesome. I just love her. I liked everything about her. There is a lot going on with this girl than meets the eye. She was more than just the dauntless girl who wants to get Ethan's interview. She was more than just the girl who was willing to stay with Ethan despite everything. She wasn't whiny which I totally adored. She wasn't one who makes stupid decisions based on impulse, all her decisions meant something.

What that decision is you'll just have to read through the book to find out. What I learned about her near the end of the book was just a surprise. I loved her even more after that.

Prince Keirran What can I say? I love Keirran because he was the son of the forever love of my life Ash. I have to love him! Just kidding! Which means she takes more from her mother but I very much doubt that. He was an equal of both Ash and Meghan. Keirran along with Ethan would play a big role on the new developments that has being going around in NeverNever. There was something people around them aren't telling them and they knew it.

Keirran has powers that no one else had. He could weild Summer, Winter and Iron's magic. He was really something. But as they always say, "Great power comes great responsibility". I really wish he won't make some stupid decision because like his father he would do anything for love. I hope he doesn't in loads of trouble because of that.

Grimalkin As usual, this cat still as apathetic as ever. I still loved him though. I missed reading about this vanishing cat!

Meghan, Ash and Puck I missed these guys. They're still the same guys I've come to love from the original series although a bit more mature at that. I hope we get to see more of them here though.

I like Ash being a dad. Seriously, cute. I wouldn't mind him fathering my kid! Ethan was like Squall because he was all passive and distant while Kenzie was all bubbly and positive. Kenzie touched Ethan in a way that Rinoa touched Squall. There is a lot of similarities between them but I am not complaining. I loved Final Fantasy 8. Too bad they didn't make a movie out of it because that would have been great! Ethan and Kenzie's relationship wasn't insta-love!

At first Ethan, may have thought Kenzie was pretty but he didn't feel attracted to her that much until she got to know her better, likewise with Kenzie. And being involved from someone from a different court was forbidden. Well their son sort of fallen in love with someone forbidden too. Annywl was a Summer Fey who got exiled by Queen Titania because of some stupid reason.

Keirran well fell in love. We all know how his father fell in love, this boy Keirran takes that from his father.

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I just wish there something good is going to happen to these two. I am a Filipino and I didn't know the use of Arnis rattan sticks was called Kali. This was seriously awesome! He was a great but slightly annoying character. I was kind of worried if they were gonna make the Iron Fey bad again but good thing Ms. Kagawa thought of something new and sinister. It wasn't too fast, it wasn't too slow.

It allows you take in all the details and enjoy the new ones as well. The love triangle in YA books is getting old for me. Good thing that Keirran has his own love story to tell. I mean from what I see on this book. I am not sure what Ms. Kagawa has up her sleeve but I am sure its good no matter what. I just wish it stays that way.

Ethan developed gradually which I think was only right because you don't get a change of heart so quickly. Kenzie, on the other hand, was just so perfect for me. The unvealing of the secret was just a surprise for me. With Keirran, I am not really sure. There was something about his character that is still hidden and I want to find out about it now! I don't like it when books end in a very abrupt cliffhanger. This book didn't. It ended in a way that there is closure for the intial book but still gives way to questions as to how the next book will start and end.

There was no place for disappointments for me as I was reading this book. I was just as enthralled as I was when I first read the Iron King. I wouldn't say that this book was better because its not. I'm not saying that its inferior because its not either.

Let's just say that they both have a league of their own and I am totally in love with them both. When I heard of the spin-off I knew that it was going to be amazing and after I read the book I knew I was right. Julie Kagawa was a story teller. It even made me think that maybe Julie has the Sight and she could see them just like Shakespeare that's why she was able to create the very vivid world of NeverNever and its inbelievably real characters. I have to say though that no matter what happens, Ash would still be the only Fey in my heart.

I mean I love Ethan and Keirran but I feel like an cougar falling for these two kids. This book filled the void in my heart when I read the last book of the Iron Fey series. I seriously thought I wouldn't be reading anything about the Feys that I come to love but Julie caught me off guard with another one of her masterpiece.

I want more. I am already addicted. I need more of this. It is like a drug to me already. I can't wait for the second book. I want to know who the Traitor Son is. But I think we already have a clue on who it is. View all 26 comments. Aug 26, Kristalia rated it really liked it Shelves: Final rating: Why is that? If not, I suggest you read it after you read Lost prince. It will clear some things and it will be make you scream for the next one not guaranteed, but high probability.

Also, this series can be read as standalone, for everything is explained, but you probably should read Iron Fey series first. I was so happy to read about the old characters like Meghan, Puck, Grimalkin, Ash….. D There is an unknown world to the mortal race called Nevernever, home to all Fey.

But, when the new kingdom and race showed up, the fey of Iron and Technology — it led to war. Many years have passed in the human world since Meghan Chase became the Iron Queen. Being able to see them made him seem like a troublemaker in the eyes of other people, which often lead to him being expelled from schools or having to go to another. When he transfers in the new school, on the first day he meets Kenzie, a reporter who is quite interested in him. But he also saved half breed Todd who got into trouble with bullies.

But when Todd accidentally finds out that Ethan is able to see them, he asks for help. Something dark is lurking in the shadows around his home and he needs protection. But when Todd mysteriously disappears and when a creepy fey attacks Ethan in front of Kenzie, they are forced to flee into the Nevernever, to seek help from the Iron Queen. Those who have read the Iron Knight, can remember the fey called the Forgotten. Well, it is pretty much obvious which Fey we are reading about this time.

Anyway, i think they were nice and scary addition to the series and i enjoyed it. Ethan has hated the Fey his whole life.

After the trauma he suffered as a four year old kid, he learned that the fey are never to be trusted, bargained with or thanked.

He found out as much as he could about them so he could defend himself, even practicing Kali, a Filipino martial art, which taught defense with sticks, knives and swords.

This earned him a serious troublemaker reputation. So when he transfers to new school, one persistent girl, Kenzie, wants to interview him. Ethan is one of the characters I actually liked even when he was acting like douchebag xD.

He may be jackass sometimes, but I understood him, it was not his fault - BUT, be warned, he is quite angsty - woe is me type of character, brooding and so on Ethan Chase, your family does have a knack for getting into trouble. But then Kenzie made him open up slowly…. He may have had irritated me for few moments, with constant pushing of everyone away and for being angry at Meghan for having no other choice she tried to protect them the best she could , but I liked him anyway.

I was angry at some points at him because of his quick judgment and condemning. But overall, he was interesting human. His relationship with Kenzie was so fun to read about. Kenzie balanced his grim moods and she always looked for a bright side when Ethan thought there was no other way. I shrugged. Not going to argue with that. And then a second later: She thought I was handsome? Anyway, his relationship with Keirran was quite amusing, especially when he found out that he was his uncle….

Hahahhaha I laughed so much at that revelation. The off-limits girl, the one who is untouchable, rich and famous is a school reporter. And she has the urge to know everything that is going on, including interviewing the new student Ethan of course Being persistent she haunts Ethan whenever she has the chance stalker much? But when she is drawn in the world of fey, she shows her that she is in fact brave, curious, impulsive, reckless, smart and very funny. She accepts the situation she was in because she wants to learn as much as she can about everything she can.

I'm in freaking faeryland. After learning her secret I was devastated because it hurts me to know what will happen. Serious — really - spoilers: Since they are the characters that don't appear until a certain point, i will put them in the spoilers: D view spoiler [ I don't know what to think about Keirran He just seemed I liked him but that would be it.

He has no interest in Kenzie thank god! And he would do anything for her. Annwyl was ok character, not bad, but she needs more deepness in her character. Anyway, he is the mysterious faery who appeared and offered the two of them Kenzie and Ethan to leave the Nevernever.

Being shady and secretive, Ethan has no idea who he is. Does he have a brain in that scene?????? Oh, Ash must spank his ass or something and then i will be satisfied hide spoiler ]. A moonlight stroll with you? Do you even have to ask? Do the whole, hey, we were just in the neighborhood, and we were just wondering if you had any plans to take over the Nevernever. Have a fruit basket. And i just liked him: Other than that, i loved it, enjoyed it, was sucked in it, because Kagawa is awesome writer and she always puts enough details so you can imagine it always And also, i cannot wait to see what sequel will have for me in store next, i just can't wait to read it.

That is all. And if the worst thing happens, i'll just Call of the Forgotten, 3 This review can be found on my blog: Oct 25, Whitney rated it really liked it Shelves: You can see this review on my blog here. First off, spoilers ahead! If you haven't read The Iron Fey series, I suggest you just step away from the review.

Then when his half-breed Phouka friend goes missing, and sightings of mysterious creepy Fey suddenly spring up, Ethan has to get involved in som You can see this review on my blog here. Then when his half-breed Phouka friend goes missing, and sightings of mysterious creepy Fey suddenly spring up, Ethan has to get involved in something he's been avoiding ever since Meghan left him.

I have to say that this was a hella awesome read, but it had some disappointments in here and there. But to begin the actual review, the plot was super cool. The main problem in the Nevernever is everything dying off--if you've read TIF series, you'll already know this. And then there are faeries that spring up out of no where when Ethan's friend goes missing.

They're the faeries that children forgot about, their Glamour ran on the children's imagination, if I'm not mistaken. It's been a almost a whole bloody year since I've read about TIF. That means old characters show up. He's rude to everyone he encounters, though I understand why he does it. He doesn't want to get involved with anyone, and especially nobody with him.

But there's not really much to say about him since he's nothing like Meghan--well he's stubborn, but other than that, nothing. To me at least. And what's up with the tattoos on the cover model's body? There's absolutely no mention of him having tattoos in the book. I felt like my head was about to explode every time Kenzie opened her mouth.

I seriously wanted to wrestle a rabid bear than walk through the Nevernever with her stubborn-ass like Ethan did. I could endure Ethan, but she was just getting on my nerves really bad lol.

By the end of the book, I understand her a little better. Do I feel sorry for her? Do I like her because of it? Call me shallow or whatever, but when I start disliking a character as much as I did Kenzie in the beginning, it's hard for me to like them.

Granted, I dislike her less now. And I'd like to say that there wasn't enough Puck in this. But I get it that this is in a whole new perspective and holy shit I'm missing them Like as soon as Ash was mentioned but not really He wasn't anything I expected him to be. Ash's son I just can't. I knew it was him when Ethan saw him outside of Meg's home. And you can tell Puck didn't want to be in Keirran's presence.

I mean Cuddle him. But there was Grimalkin in here too. I'm glad the ending wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, because it's not really a cliffhanger. And the title of the next books is obvious going to circle around one character in particular. But it ended off in me disliking Keirran even more. I'm so glad I got sucked back into this world; I was missing it terribly after I finished The Iron Knight almost one year ago.

I loved it. And I'm mad at myself for doing such a horrific act for one of Julie Kagawa's books. But this cover Ethan has forever changed from a little boy to just a pile of steaming hotness. What can I say about this book? I kid you not; I chucked my iTouch across the room where it hit the wall and fell on Kipper, who was luckily so focused on my excitement he completely ignored it. I grabbed my Nook, plugged it into my laptop, and had a teenage angst attack for about fifteen minutes when I couldn't remember how to drag the file to my ARC supplied by NetGalley and Harlequin Teen in exchange for an honest review.

I grabbed my Nook, plugged it into my laptop, and had a teenage angst attack for about fifteen minutes when I couldn't remember how to drag the file to my Nook folder. Really, Zuko would have been proud.

After I finally figured out how to do it, I curled up on the couch and read half the book in one sitting, though by no means in one position. Then I re-read it. After fangirling for quite a bit, I went to bed, and as soon as I awoke, continued my journey and finally finished the book. My face after I finally snapped shut the cover on my e-book? I adore Julie Kagawa books, and I don't think I've ever given one lower than four stars.

Plot "Call of the Forgotten", the series name, gives you more than you might realize. Half-bloods, dryads - mostly creatures of the fey have been disappearing. The cause? They are the Forgotten - fey that no one remembers anymore. Sucking the glamour out of remembered fey like sick faery vampires makes them more real. Afraid for his life, Todd, a half-phouka, turns to Ethan for protection, only for him to also disappear.

It truly was a fantastic plot, strengthened by the mystery behind the ruler of the Forgotten, and the tiny amount of sympathy behind their reasoning. Characters Ethan Chase. Remember the adorable little boy with his curly brown hair and bright eyes and- ahhhh! This boy does not remain. He's a delinquent, your YA bad-boy. It's mostly their fault, as he refers to the Fey, however. He's also an absolute douche. Ethan, of course, has his reasons for being this way, but if you're the unforgiving type, you won't like Ethan in the first few chapters.

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However, I couldn't connect to Ethan in this book. I didn't like him most of the time. I mean, sure, he's unbelievable sexy, but I felt like a cougar. I mean, this is Meghan's little brother.

The last time I saw him he was four. Kenzie St. This girl. I mean really. She's a brave little thing, but she's also nosy. The pretty, popular girl who works as an editor on the school newspaper. Kenzie lives in a home where her rich-ass father mostly ignores her after her mother's death. Kenzie gets dragged into this mess after - you guessed it - prying and being a stubborn little mule. Paranormal Edition. Kind of. Kenize has cancer. Yes, Ash's visions came true.

I shrieked when he was first seen; I knew it was him, the son of Ash and Meghan. The beautiful silver-haired, blue-eyed not-quite-fey, the Prince of the thrown and the nephew of Ethan. By the end I hated him. He is nothing like his father, or his mother. The things he did were stupid; his soft heart won over his head in important situations. Keirran's summer fey love, Anwyln, had no personality.

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I have no idea what he saw in her. The Original Trio. Their appearance saves this book nearly a whole half-star, even if was brief. Meghan, Puck, and Ash will always be first in my hearts, just like the original team Avatar will always be better to me than the second one. Meghan isn't as light-hearted; Ash is solemn as well, even after he gained a soul. Fatherhood has changed them both - or perhaps it's because we don't have a scene with them alone.

Puck seems like the only one who's still himself , and I was thrilled for that. I just hope he finds some amazing badass lover, though, and soon. Writing Once again, Julie demonstrates her exquisite writing ability.

It is fluent and lyrical, easy to read but not overly- flowery or formal, which I enjoy. Rambling, confusing writing is not good writing. We are suffering from the absence of Puck. Perhaps I will grow into this series as the rest of the book is released, but for now I am content re-reading the brilliant original series by the talented Julie Kagawa.

Nov 27, Maria V. Snyder rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed being back in the Iron Fey world! Ethan is a complex character that has a lot of emotional stuff going on - I liked being in his POV - although at times it was too much angst and I wanted to shake him - but those were few and far between. I'll definitely read the next book! View 1 comment. Apr 08, Blythe rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review contains spoilers for the Iron Fey series.

You've been warned. However, despite my love for the Iron Fey series, I went into The Lost Prince with slight trepidation for two reasons: It's instances like this that make me wonder if I had a different copy of a book than everyone else, because while most people who've read this so far were disappointed in it when comparing it to the Iron Fey , I absolutely loved this book, and had all my expectations surpassed. The Lost Prince takes place about thirteen years after the events of The Iron Knight , and revolves around seventeen-year-old Ethan Chase.

Ever since Ethan was stolen from his home in order for his older sister, Meghan, now the Iron Queen, to travel to the Nevernever to rescue him, Ethan has been keeping a close eye on his surroundings, as he is permanently able to see the Fey disguised as humans, a gift he does not want.

Having to constantly move schools, he is yet again the new student, with the reputation as the rebel who burnt down his old school, and rumors follow him around the school. However, as he's at the new school, he quickly befriends Todd, a phouka, and Kenzie, a teenage girl. But soon Todd is kidnapped by a new species of fey known as The Forgotten, and, in an escape from The Forgotten, Ethan and Kenzie travel to the Nevernever and attempt to save Todd.

After reading both the entire Iron Fey series, and The Immortal Rules , I really should stop being surprised by Kagawa's immense talent as a writer. Each time I open a book of hers, I'm instantly drawn in, captivated by the lifelike characters, the intricate world-building, and the sheer brilliance of everything.

In The Lost Prince , Kagawa has made the character of Ethan a jerk, and while characters who are jerks normally annoy me a lot in YA, I wasn't annoyed in the least with Ethan's characterization. Perhaps it's because typically in YA, it's the love interest that's the jerk, and not the protagonist, so we're not given an insight into what they think and why they're a jerk, but in The Lost Prince , we are provided with that.

Ethan doesn't want to act like a jerk, but he's afraid to get close to anyone, and in doing so put them in harm's way, so instead he acts like a jerk in hopes to turn people off of wanting to be his friend. For me, this just made it easier for me to sympathize with him, and as Kenzie was able to break through his tough guy facade, Ethan grew to be a character I loved.

And as for Kenzie, I've seen reviews that label her as annoying, bossy, et cetera, and while I completely see why readers would come to that conclusion about Kenzie, I didn't think that of her at all. I thought she was a sweet and loving character, and I loved seeing her transforming Ethan from this broody character into his real self as the novel progressed. I don't know if Kagawa will take the easy route and use magic, or a sacrifice, to make Kenzie live, or if she just goes down the path few authors would but I think Kagawa would and kill her off, but either way, I know I will cry in the next installments of The Call of the Forgotten.

I just know it. I'm not too sure of my feelings for Keirran, and although he did at times resemble a less witty version of Puck, I never felt the same feelings for him that I had for Ethan and Kenzie.

However, I didn't dislike him, so I'm not going to take away any stars for his character. He was just less than what I hoped the child of Meghan and Ash would be. I don't know whether it was the mystery, the writing, the breathtaking world-building, some appearances from old yet beloved faces, or the new faces, that I loved most, but as a whole, The Lost Prince exceeded all of my expectations, and managed to leave me speechless - something I should now expect when reading anything written by Julie Kagawa.

View all 15 comments. May 31, Phrynne rated it really liked it. It has taken me a while to get around to reading this Iron Fey spin off series but I am glad I did.

I enjoyed reading about the grown up Ethan and his troubles and also meeting Ash, Puck and Meghan again. The author has conveniently arranged that all of her fey characters reach a certain age and then cease getting older so our heroes from the previous series are still teenagers.

A clever move! I look forward to finding out how she organises for Ethan to not become as old as his own sister's gran It has taken me a while to get around to reading this Iron Fey spin off series but I am glad I did. I look forward to finding out how she organises for Ethan to not become as old as his own sister's grandfather.

This is not confusing at all - really! Anyway it was a good story, well told. There was plenty of action, in between passages of Ethan bemoaning his fate, and there were many interesting and fun characters. Razor was especially good entertainment. I am now compelled to move on to the next book to find out what happens. Nov 09, Saniya rated it really liked it Shelves: The cat. The God-damn cat. Official book trailer! I feel like an old grandma here.

I am saving Ethan and Prince Keirran for my children to fan-girl over about now. Since I have already given my heart and soul to Ash and Puck.

They didn't even think about that. How The cat. How cruel. Now I am completely alone Puck is still available! Oh the joy! And when you discover that you can't read any more of the books since the series ended, you feel totally miserable and devastated. But when I came to know that there is a spin off, 'The Lost Prince' releasing this year, I was so delighted and my hopes for experiencing the world of Neverever and the Faery world yet once again, were enhanced.

So you guys can imagine my happiness, when I got an ARC from Harlequin and I was nearly gonna cry from the excitement of reading it. Thank-you so much! Now that you guys know, how much I loved 'The Iron Fey' series, lets talk about this book. The writing, the plot and the story was fantastic. And the thing is, I was totally expecting this from Julie Kawaga. She is such a marvelous author that I wouldn't even blink before buying any random book of her's.

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The way the story flowed, the setting, the pace, everything was perfect and its like you are just reading another book of the same series. Like nothing ever changed. And thats the best part about this book. Though I must say, the sarcasm and humor that the Iron Fey series had, was missing, because of our beloved Puck not being there.

Ethan, my bad boy here, who was also the main character of this book, was all strong, arrogant, angry, don't-talk-to-me-again type of guy from the outside but all sweet, caring and a scared guy from the inside. Even though it was kind of hard for me to blend in with him, especially in the beginning of the book, I found Ethan quite like-able though-out the whole book. I totally understood why he didn't want anybody to be close to him and why he kept a distance from everyone and If I were him, I would have totally done the same.

One thing about Ethan was that I didn't fell in love with him. Yes he was a nice, new, interesting character to read but thanks but no thanks. I am gonna stay with my mans, Ash and Puck. But wait girls. Ethan is hot, sexy, knows Kali and can fight like a ninja. I don't know why, but I just hated her so damn freaking much! Shes so nosy and annoying, I just don't know how Ethan survived with her through-out the whole journey.

I would have already shot her, when he meet her the second time. I guess being beautiful does make men do stupid things. Even though she gets more bearable in the end, I still hated her with a particular passion. And yes, I won't even feel sorry for that weirdo even after all I have read about her. Die and the world will be more peaceful. Keirran, Keirran, Keirran. Do you know how much disappointed I am in you? Not only was he what I imagined Ash and Meghan's son to be like, he was also weird, stupid and yup, a bad decision maker.

I approve of his looks and stuff but no. Just no. I was so sad. And especially his love interest Anwyln, made me dislike him more.

Anwyln can so be the next Mary-sue and please leave her alone while she plays with flowers and butterrflies and pretend that nothing is wrong with the world and Keirran loves her. Bitch isn't even a good fighter. There were only these particular scenes which made me so very happy. A cat. This cat has the ability to make everything fun and awesome.

Not only was I delighted to meet him again, I was also entertained by his usual lines and actions that makes people annoyed around him.

I was so happpyyy!

Meghan was like, not herself. She was more serious and more mother-like, which made me gag because as I said, I feel like an old grandma. Ash was like a father I would giggle on because not only a few months ago, I was reading about his love life.

And Puck, oh Lord, Puck. He is just so, awesome. I wish he was real and I was his girlfriend. Is it bad of me to not actually care about any new characters but still daydream about the old ones? Hmmpphhh, I guess not. When they both are like this: I really liked this book. The story was overall amazing.

I want to tell you guys but trust me, there is nothing much to tell because every thing is so interconnected that I cannot say anything without giving you guys a spoiler. D I am pretty much interested to know what happens next but I am still not over The Iron Fey series and I will be comparing everything to this series.

So comparably, I am a bit disappointed with this book. Thats why the 1 stars fades away. Nov 10, Riv rated it liked it Shelves: My thoughts as the book was coming out are below. I will hopefully be writing a real review at some point.

I was actually pretty disappointed.If you haven't read The Iron Fey series, I suggest you just step away from the review. Aug 26, Kristalia rated it really liked it Shelves: I suddenly felt like some kind of exhibit at the zoo. I needed that book!

There was something people around them aren't telling them and they knew it.