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The Bane Chronicles 02 The Runaway Queen. Home · The Bane Chronicles 02 The Tracy Falbe - The Rys Chronicles 02 - The Goddess Queen · Read more. The Bane Chronicles 05 The Rise of The Hotel Dumort. Read more The Bane Chronicles 02 The Runaway Queen · Read more. The Bane Chronicles 2: The Runaway Queen, PDF eBook One of ten eBook short stories in The Bane Chronicles, a series about the enigmatic warlock from.

The Bane Chronicles The Runaway Queen Pdf

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The Runaway Queen. 51 vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale. The Midnight Heir. The Rise of the Hotel Dumort. Saving Raphael Santiago. What Really Happened in Peru (The Bane Chronicles, #1) The Runaway Queen (The Bane Chronicles, #2) Vampires, Scones, and Edmund. The Runaway Queen book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Magnus Bane has a royal role in the French Revolution— if the.

There was also a bit of a disagreement with Marcel Saint Cloud, head of the most powerful vampire clan in Paris. An interesting look into more of the past of Magnus.

View 2 comments. Mar 31, Radmila rated it really liked it Shelves: It was also a very bad idea. It was terrible idea. View 1 comment. Oct 10, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: Named Axel! A military man! With black hair and blue eyes! And in a state of distress! Oh, the universe had outdone herself. Magnus attends a party with Henri de Polignac, then meets Axel von Fersen and accepts a difficult mission to smuggle Marie Antoinette and her family out of the city, before the desperate people take matters into their own hands.

Of course, nothing goes as planned, and Magnus somehow acquires a pet monkey that he names Ragnor, but it was still a really enjoyable story and adventure. View all 4 comments. May 22, Ferdy rated it did not like it Shelves: Spoilers Boring. Though I do have to say that it wasn't quite as dire as What Really Happened in Peru , which was just a mish-mash of random scenes in Peru. At least The Runaway Queen had some sort of a cohesive plot.

Unfortunately, the story was dull and unimaginative… Magnus is in Paris, and wants to ride a hot air balloon, the weather's rubbish so he can't. Some guy called Axel wants Magnus to help him save Marie Antoinette… Because Magnus is randy and easily falls for good looking guys, he say Spoilers Boring. Some guy called Axel wants Magnus to help him save Marie Antoinette… Because Magnus is randy and easily falls for good looking guys, he says yes to Axel in the hopes that he'll drop his knickers for him.

Also, some french vampires act cheesy and cliched, and Magnus is wary of them because they're really scary or some shit.

Then he finally gets to ride in his hot air balloon in a daring boring escape. The end. Oh and Magnus somehow gets a monkey. I was more interested in how Magnus ended up with said monkey than I was with his troubles with the French vampires and royalty. Sadly, his monkey adoption adventure of sorts was glossed over. Magnus had very little personality, his voice was supremely dull, his adventures should have been somewhat exciting but his POV made everything sound so blah.

I'm beginning to think that Magnus only wants Alec for his looks — he's obsessed with blue eyed, black haired guys. I think if Alec was blond and brown eyed, Magnus wouldn't be all that attracted to him. I really do hate Magnus, I used to like him… But his angsty-boring-teenage-emo personality annoys me.

And I hate how he gets lusty and passionate about every person he meets — but he's never acted so hot and bothered around Alec, yet he's meant to be in love with him. My one wish for The Mortal Instruments series is that Alec falls out of love with Magnus, and then dates around, and eventually meets and falls for some sexy shadowhunter guy. That'll show the-I-fall for-everyone-I-meet-slut Magnus. View all 95 comments. Paris, city of love and fashion, everything Magnus loves, while he gets to play and work, he also finds himself on a daring adventure to save the Royal Family all because a pretty face told him so.

But his presence has caused a stir with the Vampires of Paris and he finds himself needing to pay respect to the Vampire Clan as well as the the Royal Family all in one night. This wouldn't be Magnus' story if there wasn't a bit of monkey business involved. I think by now I am starting to get the hang of these little novellas, they are not meant to give you the beginning, middle and end, just the story as it is at that time.

The narrators again did a brilliant job with telling the story, making me laugh and wishing Magnus was real. View all 16 comments.

May 23, Andre rated it did not like it Shelves: A friend of mine wrote: Plus all self-respecting fanfic writers won't make such a mistake anyway. As easy as it is to show what is wrong with this book, as easy would it be to do better for everybody reading this book with just a little effort and an honest editor.

But apparently these authors had neither. How can you do so much wrong in so little time? And I personally think this book was only better not good! If you follow these five steps you may enjoy this book: Completely eradicate any sort of disbelief. Throw logic out of the window 3. Have no knowledge of normal human behavior. Do not know any other of Clare's books and if you do erase their content from your memory.

Do not know history. Instead of the backstabbing arrogant asshole of the first book, here he was a fashion-obsessed, cock-crazy diva who cared about nothing but himself and was so dumb that Bella Swan from the Twilight looks like a genius next to him.

Well either that or he cares so little for other people even when they are part of a job that he cannot think of the most efficient ways to use his magic. In that case he is just plain selfish. And before anybody says "it's just fiction", think of this: On average when you insert actual historical events into your story people will automatically consider this to be the grain of truth, that is a fact.

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

So as an author you have the responsibility to make sure that what you use is as accurate as possible to the best of your abilities and I think this is not what the author's did. If it were, it would not have been so easy for me to spot all the errors. The start was already so horrible and my trust in the authors' writing abilities was so low I found myself asking questions about nearly every second sentence and that only after the first 4 pages.

And these pages were small, quite small.

And I just don't understand what they are doing. They already messed up the character in "What happened in Peru" and it is no better here. And why are they doing this? This is not fair to the fans whom they make hate this version of Magnus. I never really liked Magnus because of his major character flaws but I readily admit that he wasn't this asshole in Clare's other series. As bad as he was he came not even close to this.

Ok, I said my opinion about this book without spoiling anything, so here is the spoiler section which for convenience I structured into several points. This is not all there was, just the most obvious: Magnus's statement that Marie Antoinette, when told that her people could not afford bread, had suggested that they eat cake instead. Apart from the fact that its "brioche" a special sort of breed and not cake, there is no record that this was ever said by Antoinette or any opponent of the monarchy.

It was first attributed to her by Alphonse Karr more than 50 years later, probably because of the fact that even during her lifetime she had problems in France because of her gender and Austrian birth, by the time this statement came to be she was only a child and not even in France. The book states that there were periodic killings, fires and attacks, but references nothing to point towards any historical events.

I did my best to look it up and found nothing that fits. The book mentions some sort of vampire craze in and missing children at the time. Whether there were missing children during that year; I could find nothing, and on the supposed nephew and niece of the Duke de Polignac that appear here, also nothing. The book glosses over the Women's March on Versailles with the sentence The peasant women had broken into the palace of Versailles.

You would think someone living in Paris for 6 years would at least know some numbers it was a mob of thousands and neither entirely female , and they neither broke in nor was it as harmless as Magnus makes it out to be.

The same with other events, it is just weird that he glosses this stuff over so much, especially since Magnus claims that it was important that people should have all basics of life.

Basically Magnus does not come along as a character who lived through all this. Supposedly In Paris one could have the eyes of a cat as he did and tell people it was a trick of fashion. All these people belief it is a fashion trick? How is that possible back then? And no one wants to know how that works?

And the book clearly stated that his eyes were visible. And that is not even the basic problem: According to Clare Magnus is "Asian", whatever that means. Marie Antoinette was as pale as can be and she already had problems due to being born in Austria, Magnus was born in Jakarta and he is just accepted into high society?

And why does no history book mention him not even inside the Clareverse? Apparently Magnus can find a lot of work because the aristocracy of Paris is into magic. And not just card or table tricks, nope its speaking monkeys, birds singing operas, fire fountains etc. Magnus speaks the Swedish sentence "If you wrap me in furs, I can pretend to be your little fuzzy bear.

That Axel von Fersen seriously believes that people will not recognize their king because the king is not handsome and they only take note of his clothes and carriage. Surprise, the book itself states that the flight doesn't work because someone recognized the king, not the queen as he claimed no idea whether she was still glamoured at the time or not , but the king.

Which is actually what you would expect in that day and age.

The Bane Chronicles 02 The Runaway Queen

The monarchy had so many enemies of course they would the face of the king and queen. Marie Antoinette stays totally calm when she hears Magnus's voice in her bed chambers coming out of nowhere and just resumes her pacing.

This woman has been under surveilance for about 2 years and nearly got killed once and she just stays calm? She doesn't get suspicious? When she gets captured by the vampires of Paris where she acts like a blabbering idiot instead of the queen these idiots especially the supposedly badass head vampire believe Magnus's stupid story about her being a job by a costumer, who paid to have some women act and look like the queen.

And by the way that big bad head vampire apparently has the nephew and niece of the Duke de Polignac as his underlings. Now the Duke's wife is a close confident of Marie Antoinette and that big bad vampire does not try to profit from it?

Magnus can reach with his mind all over Paris, take possession of a rolled up balloon, roll it, make it inflate itself, glamour it invisible and guide it with his mind towards him, avoiding several buildings in the process, but he does not have his energey to get himself and the queen out by any other method.

What happened with making carpets fly as the start of the book stated? This is not simply hard to believe it is one giant plothole and to be honest all examples of point 1 and 2 could easily fit into the now coming point 3.

The 2nd book refers to the Flight to Varennes, so it was around the 21thJune and afterwards he was in the Alps for several weeks. So he could not have left Europe before July.

When was he in Peru? How did he get there so fast?

Even the fastest ship would need weeks. Was it a portal or what? Magnus has a cabriolet carriage and the author writes that it was brutally hot inside , but how can that be if it is open at the front?

And would he even need a fan in that case, would it be of any use? And speaking of that little fan: Magnus animated it for cooling… A cabriolet is open at the front, where is the fan placed to be hidden?

Also Magnus can only make a fan that can barely stir a breeze? In the last book he was stated to have caused earthquakes. As part of the magic he performs for the high society Magnus mentions stars appearing on cheeks, heart shaped beauty-spots, flame shooting fountains and even speaking monkeys, birds singing operas, diamonds glowing in different colors and chaise longues wandering across the room. If people think his magic is real why don't they demand more serious stuff?

He covers for rain in the cabriolet although just minutes ago he cast a spell to make it that the rain rolled off an invisible canopy over his head. Did it suddenly wear off or what? Axel was worth all the trouble this job brought Magnus. He barely knows the guy and the ending of the book doesn't suggest that Axel was worth it. And why does Axel trust Magnus so much?

Magnus only makesa spark in a corner to distract a guard in front of the queen's chamber but when entering the building he used a glamour that made him appear like a large cat.

Why not make the guy fall asleep? How did the Queen get lost in the city if she was supposed to be with the Marquise? And if Magnus knows that Paris is full of vampires and it is blackest night, why did he not cast a glamour that also works on vampires? Why can the head vampire Marcel Saint Cloud just raise a hand and silence the queen? Did he enchante her? Does he have such presence? Although the queen had remained calm when guns where pointed at her in the past here she faints when entering the invisible balloon and later on she is mostly unconscious and when they crash land into the Seine she is suddenly unconscious again.

I personally think this is simply so they don't have to write the queen as an actual character, because she is not. She is a queen of Marie Antoinette. As flawed a character as she might have been, she was no damsel in distress like in this book. And no it doesn not count that she is suddenly in the supernatural world because strength of character and strong nerves don't just dissapear like that.

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Thank you! A post shared by Cassie Clare cassieclare1 on Apr 15, at 7: Get it here: Apple Books: Hi Bladedblackthorn, Wes here. When Cassie and I brainstormed Shinyun, we wanted her to be a different sort of warlock, unique with the ability to do great things. Her marking is the affect-less face, and she is adept in physical combat as well as using magic to fight. We also wanted her villainy to be complex and relateable. Shinyun is strong and powerful like Magnus.

Her background, like many warlocks, is tragic. What we wanted to emphasize was how easily Magnus could have walked down that same path she did. So in a way you could say Magnus is our inspiration for her!You and Wesley Chu did an amazing I'm certainly excited to read more about my favorite MI character, but I thought ratings and reviews were supposed to mean something?

And what happens on their first date lights a flame Because on one hand, he "feels" for the poor who can barely eat, and on the other, the nobles had extravagant fashion.

Hi Cassie!!! Cassandra lives with her fiance and their two cats in Massachusetts. Telegraph bookshop. Though I expected a bit more from Queen Marie Antoinette's portrayal. Of course, nothing goes as planned, and Magnus somehow acquires a pet monkey that he names Ragnor, but it was still a really enjoyable story and adventure. Which is really sweet!