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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The only thing I can think of is that the address book side of things isn't Are you able to hit the website for the OCS address book? To test. Details how to force a Communicator client to download the address book immediately. To turn off the use of the compressed address book files you can use a registry entry on the It's useful if you're testing/fault finding etc. Test-CsAddressBookService (Address Book Web Service): Success Test- CsAddressBookWebQuery (Address Book Search): Failure Test- CsASConference.

Test Ocs Address Book

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For some users, no matter what I do, these users cannot get the address book. Below I will show the output of the Test-CsAddressBookService for both users. Here you'll find some in-depth Information regarding the Lync Address Book Use the Test-CsAddressBookService and Test-CsAddressBookWebQuery. If they can see this directories and directory browsing is enabled, the OCS client should access the address book files. For testing, you have to.

Has anyone tried group chat? Chatting with multiple recipients at the same time?

Reconfiguring federation traffic

I can do this with OCS, but was not able to with Lync, would like to go to but we run group conversations between multiple sites so it is a must for me. The new feature in Lync is called persistent chat. My recipients are not receiving my messages when I send them URLs.

I get the following error message. Any ideas?

You can refer to the following links:. I can login Lync to the OCS server.

Step 1 – User Replicator

However, I cannot search the address book and only can see the contacts who had already been added to my contacts before. Do you meet the same problem?

After a few seconds of initiating the call, it drops and blames bad network connection. Currently, sip.

Could this be the issue? Do i have to add another sip.

OCS 2007 and Communicator Address Book issues

The client will download the files by default within 0 to 60 minutes. In Lync and Skype for Business , Galcontacts. The cache file is updated when the user logs into Lync or after 24 hours when the cache is valid.

Everything is working, the user can log in, but when you search for this user on your Lync client no name is returned. The most common reason for this behaviour is based on an issue with step 1.

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You are here: September 20, at 4: Jeff Schertz says: September 21, at 2: Roy says: October 14, at 9: October 20, at 1: October 28, at Jonathan Steeman says: May 27, at 8: September 14, at January 2, at 6: Speak Your Mind Tell us what you're thinkingIssueToken Message request at Microsoft. Thank you. Not sure why the number gets formatted with the 4 digit extension portion repeated with a 9 between the two.

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