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Tally pdf in telugu ( 1. ACCOUNTS ONLY (SINGLE LEDGER) Problems with accounts only in Single Ledger Sriram. This Telugu version book offers you in-depth knowledge about how to work with 9 in a precise and easy-to understand language with lots of graphics. 35 – Shortcut Keys in Tally. 36 - 38 should not be recorded in the business accounting book, vice versa. Unless the Please double Click on Tally ERP9 Icon or select and press . conditions, as explained in the manual. To delete a.

Tally Telugu Books Pdf

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Features. Title: Tally. Erp 9; Author: Dr K Kiran Kumar; Publisher: Sri laasya publications; ISBN: VAIBHAVO31; Binding: paperback; Published Date: As per Double Entry System of book-keeping, all the business . 9 is the world's fastest and most powerful concurrent .. guages which include nine Indian languages (Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Mar-. Accounting, inventory, payroll etc Using Tally in Telugu.

Scenario A wholesale trader of grains who sells to retail stores as well individual customers', needs to bill in different units of measurement. While he sells in Kgs to an individual customer, he will use quintals when selling to retailers. Also, there may be a difference in pricing based on the quantity sold.

How to Export Tally Data in Excel or PDF

ERP 9 has the capability to deal with multiple units of measurement for one item, and also draw a relationship between the two measurements. In the above scenario, the trader creates both the units Kg and quintal and then creates another unit that relates both these units.

He then creates price lists for each customer type with varying prices based on quantities being sold. When used in a transaction, the price lists are applied according to the customer type or quanitity selected.

You need not worry about the hassle of carrying forward balances. Tally takes care of that. Backup and restore data Worried about how to take backup and store all your business data in a safe and secure manner? Due to its minimalistic design, you can easily take data backups in portable storage devices.

Data can be transferred to any storage device and restored back within seconds. Tally lets you to export data in XML that can be later imported in other systems.

This data can the be imported into another software.

Your data is always secure with Tally. ERP 9 which has built-in security at all levels.

Data Synchronisation Having business at multiple places? Synchronize business data across locations and get consolidated information at one location by using the Synchronization feature of Tally. Automate business emails Share party ledger information or send reminder letters to parties in just a single click with Tally.

Avoid manual work and save time. He needs your help. You can e-mail the balance sheet from Tally.

ERP 9 as an attachment. You can also export the report to Excel and share the sheet with your manager. Scenario An organization with employees has to e-mail payslips to each employee. E-mailing one at a time will be time consuming. The operator processes salaries and uses the mass mailing feature in Tally. Payslips can be sent to an employee category or employee group, or to all employees in one go. Zero valued entries can be eliminated if required. The e-mail details are fetched automatically from the employee profile created in Tally.

Scenario You have raised a purchase order against a vendor and want to keep him in the loop. You can directly e-mail the required purchase order from Tally. This facility aids businesses to rapidly send information entered and saved in the product, as well as quickly keep their customers updated with the status of their orders. Scenario You were going through your receivables statement and realised that there are quite a few customers who have defaulted on payments.

ERP 9's mass-mailing capabilities, you can send reminder letters to some or all of your customers. From your outstanding statements, you just have to select the required ledgers in the e-mail address, enable the E-mail Reminder Letter option, and send a mass mail. ERP 9's advanced uploading feature, you can directly upload documents to your website or FTP server, without the need to export and convert a document into a particular format. Your executives or regional teams can directly access these reports online from anywhere in the world.

Scenario You want to analyse sales trends for the month. Create graphs accordingly to analyse information. The Tax Computation Report displays employee-wise income tax details in Form 16 format. Further, you can view and handle exceptions effortlessly. Statutory compliance in payroll Tally.

ERP 9 generates statutory reports with regard to provident fund, employee state insurances, professional tax, gratuity and income tax.

Manage payroll related compliance easily. The company wishes to classify the people appropriately. Multiple departments like Sales, Procurement, IT can be created as employee group. Further categorisation - Sales Planning, Analytics, and Sales executives - can be created within an employee group. Furthermore, levels and cadres can be created, and salaries can be defined accordingly. Scenario An employee has approached the accounts department requesting pay slips of the last three months for applying a bank loan.

The company generates the employee's payslips for the required period, and e-mails it with the company logo. Tax would be collected at a higher rate if PAN details are not available.

The description of Tally ERP 9 in Telugu - Full Course with GST Guide

The company staff now have to go through the employee profiles manually to identify records without PAN and update the details. Using a specific report in Tally. PAN can be quickly keyed in, and the employees who haven't provided can be followed up and asked to provide the same. Scenario A few employees have requested the employer not to deduct TDS for a couple of months. The employer needs the details of those employees to recover TDS. The employees can use the reports that have specially been designed to give the employer details of TDS collected and the variance.

Scenario The employer has revised the salary of an employee with effect from 01— However, the new salary is with effect from The difference in the salaries from April to September is paid out as arrears. ERP 9, the employer can create a ledger to account for arrears. When settling the arrears, just selecting the ledger created for arrears will auto-fill the amount, and the arrears can be disbursed instantly. Scenario Every manufacturing firm wants to have sufficient stock for supplying and does not want to run short of stocks.

So they want to supervise how many days an employee is working and how many units are produced. Based on the number of units produced and number of days worked, his wages are computed. Overtime charges have to be computed for employees who have clocked more hours.

Manufacturing units can create and use attendance types for production and select the required unit of measure. Creating pay heads with these attendance types and specifying the computation formula for calculating the wages will process the wages of the employees based on the production per day. Selecting Hours as the Units in the Attendance Type, selecting it in the pay head for employee earnings with the appropriate computation formula makes provisions for accounting for overtime payment.

Deepen your understanding, realign your business strategies and plan budgets for increased performance with Tally. Business forecasting Improve business forecasting by visualizing different business scenarios and analysing their Provisional Reports for sound financial planning. ERP 9 simulates different business scenarios for you to help deal with uncertainties. Set credit limits Set credit limits in terms of period and amount, for your buyers and suppliers to manage receivables and payables.

Manage your outstandings efficiently. You have budgeted for each of the projects and want to control and track costs against the budget. Create multiple budgets using Tally. ERP 9 for each project. Track the actual expenses incurred and view the variance of actuals from the budgeted figures to be in control. Scenario Your marketing expenses have shot up in the past quarter as compared to what was planned and you would like to have a look at the variance for the last few quarters and evaluate the reasons.

You notice that the allocated budgets for the previous quarters have been under-utilised where as for the last quarter it has been over-utilised. Create budgets for marketing expenses and view the budget variance for the last few quarters.

You will get a bird's eye view of the specific areas where your funds have been utilised. Check the variance to identify the reason of deviation from your budgeted figures.

Scenario A distributor dealing in electronic goods gives one month credit to his customers. But when he is purchasing from the manufacturers, he has to make an upright payment. The distributor will be able to effectively manage his purchases and sales if his creditors pay on time. Whenever a customer is not able to pay within the credit duration, the distributor's operations are also disrupted as he does not have sufficient funds to pay for his purchases.

The distributor defines a credit period of one month for all customers who buy from him on credit. Towards the end of a month, the distributor checks his Bills Receivable report, which shows him the pending amount and due date.

The distributor can identify bills that are overdue and send them reminder letters within no time, using the standard template available. Furthermore, the distributor gets a warning message when invoicing for customers that have exceeded the credit period. This will help him be in complete control of the outstanding bills.

The distributor can check the payment performance of his customers, and analyse the turn around time of payment. The distributor can encourage prompt payment by providing attractive discounts to the early payers.

ERP 9 tracks and records all transactions related to job works, and reflects the changes in the inventory. It tracks and evaluates - inventory issued to job workers, costs, profits, regulation and compliance. Manufacturing journal and bill of material Record the entire cyle of manufacturing activity. Record raw materials involved, track godowns from where raw material is dispatched and their purchase costs. Record the details of finished goods, by-products and scrap yielded.

ERP 9 factors in the cost of raw materials from start to the finished goods using the Bill of Material. It counts in any other additional costs as well to compute the cost price of the manufactured items. They consume raw materials that you provide and manufacture goods. In your records, you want to show that your stock is at the sub-contractor's location.

Tally. Erp 9

Godowns in Tally. ERP 9 can be created as job locations. This is helpful for principal companies that delegate assignments to job workers, and supply raw materials for the assignment. Tracking of raw materials supplied to the job worker can be tracked seamlessly. Similarly, job workers can segregate raw materials supplied by their vendors.

Scenario Manufacturing one ball pen would require one refill, one outer cover, and one cap. Manufacturing pens require numbers of each component. The manufacturing activity consumes raw materials that are then consumed to finished goods. Each time a manufacturing activity takes place, the raw materials should be selected one-by-one manually to ensure the consumption of all the items are accounted for. ERP 9, the manufacturer can create a bill of material for each finished goods.

Selecting the required raw materials to manufacture ball pens is a onetime activity. Each time the Bill of Material is selected in a manufacturing journal, all the defined raw materials are included automatically. The stock balance of the raw materials decreases but the stock balance of the finished goods increases. Multiple Bills of Materials can be created for the same stock item, if the final products have minor variations.

Scenario A coffee manufacturer purchases coffee beans from coffee plantations.

They are involved in roasting, grinding, packaging and distribution of coffee powder. In the process, they would like to maintain the inventory of raw material coffee beans and the finished product coffee powder.

This is because the quantity of raw material to semi-finished goods to finished product varies. For example, If they roast kg of coffee beans, it results in kg roasted coffee beans, due to evaporation of water.

Additionally post grinding, they add chicory to it in different proportions to create different varieties of coffee powder, which is further packed and distributed to various retail stores. The coffee manufacturer creates bill of material for each variety of coffee.

The manufacturing activity is recorded using a manufacturing journal for the manufacture of coffee powder. On selecting an appropriate Bill of Material on the Consumption side, the respective raw materials with the quantity defined are included. Packaging charges can be included wherever applicable to arrive at the production cost precisely.

Scenario A job worker who accepts job orders from multiple manufacturers wants to maintain order wise track of the raw materials supplied by the principal company, and pending orders. At the same time, he wants to do a raw material wise tracking. Sometimes he purchases raw materials, which again needs to be tracked.

The job worker can create a primary godown where his own stock is tracked. He can also create another godown where third party stock is managed. This affects the inventory books but not the account books. Configuring options can enable him to allow third party stocks to affect his account books. Furthermore, he can view reports that give him details of incoming and outgoing stock items.

Scenario You are a manufacturer of automobile spare parts. You outsource manufacturing of press components to job workers. You provide raw materials and in return get finished goods from them. Since you have multiple job workers from whom you get these components done, you want to keep a track of what material you have issued to whom and what has been received back. ERP 9 provides advanced godown management solutions.

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When the delivery note or sales for the balance chairs is recorded, the reports get updated instantly. ERP 9 to quickly identify and resolve exceptions. Data can be transferred to any storage device and restored back within seconds. By default, Tally.

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