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Get news about Biography & Memoir books, authors, and more. Stuart’s determination to live a life grounded in some principle deserves our attention. [Masters’] sketch of Stuart is informative and heartbreaking, funny and at times brutally honest. describing a genuine. Opening of Stuart: A Life. Backwards. Alexander Masters. Stuart does not like the manuscript. Through the pale Tesco stripes of his supermarket bag I can see. Read, review and discuss the entire Stuart: A Life Backwards movie script by Alexander Masters on

Stuart A Life Backwards Pdf

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Stuart book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In this extraordinary book, Alexander Masters has created a moving portrait. Stuart Shorter spent his late teens and adult life alternating between the streets and prison with occasional, mostly short lived, forays into accommodation. Book Title: Stuart: A Life Backwards The author of the book: Alexander Masters Language: English ISBN: No data. ISBN No data. Format files: PDF, Epub.

Charity staff fuss especially hard over these people because they are the worst face of homelessness and, when not the most hateful, the most pitiable extremity of street life. Two years ago, Stuart was living out of skips. When the city outreach workers discovered him, he was a polydrug-addicted, alcoholic, 'Jekyll and Hyde' personality with delusional paranoia and a fondness for what he called 'little strips of silver' - knives to you and me. But something remarkable has happened since then: It is highly unusual, suspicious even.

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All chaotic people have good and bad periods, but Stuart genuinely appears to have turned over a new leaf. He has separated himself from the street community, got himself on to the council housing list, started a methadone programme to get off heroin, renegotiated his court fines and begun paying fortnightly instalments, bought himself a discount computer.

None of this is normal. Many of Stuart's old friends would rather die than take a shower and pay debts, and quite a few do: Rough sleepers have a life expectancy of forty-two years.

They are thirty-five times more likely to commit suicide than the rest of the population. In the great bureaucracy of the police and social support services, everyone is patting their backs at Stuart's extraordinary return from this medieval existence towards respectability and secretly waiting for him to grab the nearest meat hook and run amok.

Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters

Furthermore, not only has Stuart enough undestroyed brain cells left to describe what such life is like, but he can pinpoint, almost to the hour - between 4 and 5pm, one weekday in early summer, when he was twelve - the symbolic moment when he made the change from in his mother's words a "real happy-go-lucky little boy", always "the considerate, very considerate" one of her two children, into the nightmare Clockwork Orange figure of the last two decades.

If his own life were not still so disorderly, he could make good money explaining to parents what makes children turn into authority-despising delinquents. So here it is, my second attempt at the story of Stuart Shorter, thief, hostage taker, psycho and sociopath street raconteur, my spy on how the British chaotic underclass spend their troubled days at the beginning of the twenty-first century: I wish I could have done it more quickly.

I wish I could have presented it to Stuart before he stepped in front of the Stuart does not like the manuscript.

I know you put a lot of work in. Put briefly, his objection is this: I drone on. Stuart phrases it another way, then: He still is. I think it was the first ever biography.

From birth to the present day. Full, that is, until the morning that.

Some of the clients have been secretly. I was furious at the injustice of it. I actually began to take a real and. I'd like to introduce to you Alexander Masters,.

I mean, if prisons can't control drugs then. As everyone knows, we're here this evening. The judge, Justice Howarth, sent them down. How is this campaign going to. Miracle of the Rose,. Excuse me, this isn't gonna work.

All of them books, the screws will just chuck them out. I'm not being funny, but you should really know. Yeah, they help me: I'm not being funny, yeah,.

That's how I first met Stuart Shorter. Street brawler, alcoholic, a heroin addict,. Welcome to my humble abode.

I only heard about the meeting this morning. A bad idea, number one, mate.

You could get. Oh, dear, dear. Alexander Masters is an author, screenwriter, and worker with the homeless.

[PDF] Stuart: A Life Backwards Full Online

He lives in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Masters is the son of authors Dexter Masters and Joan Brady.

He then went to St Edmund's College, Cambridge for a further degree in maths, and then the beginnings of a PhD in the philosophy of quantum mechanics. He was studying for an MSc degree in mathematics with the Open University, and working as an assistant at a hostel for the homeless in Cambridge, when he wrote his first book.

Stuart: A Life Backwards

He is the writer and illustrator of Stuart: It explores how a young boy, somewhat disabled from birth, became mentally unstable, criminal and violent, living homeless on the streets of Cambridge. As the title suggests, the book starts from Shorter's adult life, tracing it back in time through his troubled childhood, examining the effects his family, schooling and disability had on his eventual state.

Masters wrote the book with Shorter's active and enthusiastic help.But they had the beautiful little puppies.

Paperback —. He wants jokes, yarns, humour.

Oct 16, Cecilie Larsen rated it it was amazing. The book jumps back and forth quite a bit, some of it is funny as Stuart tells of his various stints in prisons all over England, and his method of not getting bullied in prison- to establish yourself as the resident psycho.

Topics Guardian first book award Well, wait till they get to Crown Court, that's when it gets serious. Nov 10, Heather rated it really liked it.