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February Strand, WC2R 0LX, London. Please call / | Email [email protected] A full set of Stanley Gibbons, Scotts, and Michel world-wide catalogs in PDF / JPeg formats for $20 US, from an enterprising seller in Serbia. The catalogue contains references to Michel/Scott/Stanley Gibbons/Yvert and gives you the opportunity to sell your stamps in your own shop or sell it at auction.

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German Stamps. Isle of Man. Maltapost English — Excellent complete free catalogue for Malta. Nampost Philately English — All stamps since New Zealand Post English — All stamps since Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island Stamps English — All stamps since Northern Cyprus. Papua New Guinea. KZP Polish — All stamps. San Marino. R and USSR period.

Catalogo de Sellos Spanish — All Spanish stamps. No catalogue numbers.

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United Kingdom. United Nations. Whilst the value of a stamp may also be influenced by its demand, its history and survival rate, and the quantities which were actually retrieved for collecting purposes, knowing the numbers issued gives the collector a good guide as to what is and what is not a reasonable buy at present price levels.

Unfortunately, only of the edition of this book were printed. It soon became apparent that nowhere near enough copies had been produced to meet the demand of the many Great Britain collectors at that time and the book soon went out of print. In Stanley Gibbons offered to take over the publication and produced a second edition launched to coincide with the International Stamp Exhibition celebrating the th anniversary of the first postage stamp.

Despite a larger quantity being produced even this eventually went out of print. Following many requests in recent years from present day collectors I am delighted that Stanley Gibbons has decided to publish a new third edition, this time in colour. I would like to dedicate this latest edition to the hobby of philately which has bestowed me with 55 years of pleasure as a collector and with 42 years of dedication as a dealer.

Rikki Hyde March, Just six years ago I started to compile and collate information regarding numbers issued, printed, or sold for the Victorian era, and later I extended this to the Edwardian period. This was purely for my own use, and I had no intention at that time of producing a publication.

Many basic figures were first gained from the Robson Lowe Encyclopaedia, for which I express my sincere gratitude and from thereon I collated information from numerous publications, articles, and official records, all of which helped me to compile what is now an almost complete listing.

Stanley Gibbons Group PLC

My appreciation is extended to all those people whose painstaking research in these articles have helped me to produce this catalogue. To the best of my knowledge, a combined listing dedicated to numbers issued for Victorian and Edwardian stamps of Great Britain in catalogue form has never before been published. The object of this work is to enable its users to assess rarity value and to be able to judge for themselves what is and what is not a good buy.

Indeed, many amusing anomalies appear when comparing this listing with any standard priced catalogue! The quantities are often qualified by notes on printing spoilage or numbers officially destroyed.

In some cases, where figures were not fully available, an estimated or calculated approximate number has been entered. Whilst all the quantities and data are entered in this catalogue in all good faith, I can neither guarantee their accuracy nor accept responsibility for errors.

It must be remembered that survival rate plays a large part in determining rarity. The earlier Victorian also had different letter combinations to each sheet, and this should be considered by those who are attempting reconstructions.

This too should be taken into consideration, and a tabulated listing of the stamps involved and some statistical figures are given at the end of this book. With all these points in mind, let us take an example of the sort of calculation that can be derived from this catalogue: X is reconstructing by letters the 8d orange in used condition, and is searching for one more letter combination to complete his set.

He calculates his chances of finding it as follows: X would probably be looking for one of copies in existence. I wish success to all the users of my book. Rikki C. For this reason I regret my book finishes at I feel it is pointless repeating them here.

January 1st. De La Rue passed over some of the printing plates to Messrs. Where a perforation is not indicated in the text. These and minor varieties of paper. Line-engraved stamps of to were perforated either 14 or Illustrations are provided for quick identification.

[PDF] Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue: Great Britain (Stamp Catalogue) Read Full Ebook

The later line-engraved and all surface-printed issues were perforated 14 with the exception of the Maltese Cross Watermark high values. The total number issued is given for each stamp disregarding plate numbers and this is usually followed by a more detailed break-down of the various plates and any relevant notes. Owing to the deficiency of black obliterating ink for the superseding 1d Red stamps. The above totals include this late provisional printing and of the 8. The figure for plate 1a does not include spoilage.

The plate 1b figure includes spoilage for both 1a and 1b. Plate la 4. The first delivery of 2d Blues was not until 8th May. For instance.

Break-down of plates: A Trial Printing of plate 11 on Dickinson silk-threaded paper was made in April. Plate 3 Alphabet II. Some of the latter group.

A similar quantity was used by the Government in whilst making trial perforations gauge 14 and 16 on the Napier Machine. Plate 71 Break-down of plates and issues: Small Crown perf.

Plate 7 9. Break-down of plates printed including spoilt sheets: Subsequent printings were not until 8. The 10d was withdrawn on August 15th. Subsequent printings were not until Of the remaining 9. Plate 1 no plate number The remaining 38 sheets 9. Of these. Break-down of Dies: Die I Break-down of Dies estimated: Die I 3. The quantity of plate 2 includes the imprimatur sheet.

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Plate 1 2 Plate 1 2. Plate 3 4 Plate 2 5. A few used copies two of which came from Yarmouth and 2 unused examples are known to exist. These are not included in the quantities given. About 30 used copies and 3 unused examples have been recorded.

These were never issued and consisted of 1. Plate 2 1.

The 3d plate 3 were the five Registration sheets of which one or two sheets were perforated and put into circulation. Only one or two sheets could have been produced and only 10 copies have been reported of which 7 were used in Constantinople.

Plate 5 6 Perforated examples with this watermark do not exist. De La Rue in for insertion in twelve souvenir albums to be presented to members of the Stamp Committee. About twenty of these stamps were later returned to the Archives and replaced in the imprimatur sheet.

About 5 or 6 used copies have been reported including one used on cover from Weymouth. A few of the sheets destroyed in December may have come from the unissued plate 5 see notes under the —67 9d issue.

The total printing of this stamp was thus Plate 8 In addition.

This quantity is included in the figure given above for the total number issued. Plate 1 3. This leaves the total number put into circulation plus a small residue of 4 sheets left over in stock as given above.

Plate 1 6. Another alleged unused copy exists in the Royal Collection but this may have had a cancellation removed. Plate 4 The quantity given for plate 1 does not take this into account.

The facts indicate that about 1. After about four months the Post Office decided to discontinue this stamp and The 2s plate 3 were the five Registration sheets.

A very few used copies are known and a mint perforated example exists in the Royal Collection. A complete imperforate sheet overprinted as such is known. After 2. De La Rue had invoiced 1.

De La Rue cut the plate into separate panes and refixed them to correct the problem. The blued and white papers are therefore really one issue and cannot be classified separately. A number of used examples have been recorded. A few of these stamps.

Total number issued It is interesting to note that only 1. Often the blueing was so slight that it appeared absent the so-called white paper. It is possible that five Registration sheets were printed from plate 21 on Spray of Rose watermarked paper.Stanley Gibbons.

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