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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for SHADOWRUN and MATRIX and HARLEQUIN are trademarks of Published by FASA Corporation. "Imagine a hatred that has endured for years." The shadowrunners are sent on a string of missions, collecting obscure items, all seemingly unrelated or . Harlequin mini-adventures, then one of the other published Shadowrun adventures, then another mini- adventure, then an adventure of his own design, and so.

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Shadowrun, for those who do not know, is FASA's game of the cyberpunk future possesses that Harlequin cannot control, and Ehran, being immortal, will have . Shadowrun: Harlequin - "Imagine a hatred that has endured for years." The shadowrunners are sent ADD TO WISHLIST >. Watermarked PDF. $ Of course he's a fragging elf. You don't get to be the best in the world if you're one of the lesser metatypes, do you? Maybe you're asking, “best in the world at.

All characters can move based on their Action Points AP. Characters start with a base of 2 AP per turn 3 after a certain point in the story but can gain or lose AP based on abilities, spells or items used on them. AP is used on such actions as moving, firing a weapon, reloading, or using a spell or item. Each character carries up to three weapons and can switch between them at no AP cost. Weapons are divided into ranged combat pistols, sub-machine guns, shotguns, and rifles and close combat types.

Weapons also have different attacks, depending on the weapon itself and the character's skill with said weapon. Ammunition is unlimited but ranged weapons need to be reloaded when their magazines are emptied. Riggers can equip drones the same way as weapons, taking manual control of them during combat. While this gives the Rigger less AP, the drones are capable of attacking enemies or healing allies.

Those with Shaman abilities can summon additional allied spirits to the field, either through items they carry with them or special points where spirits linger. Each turn, these spirits are given a certain number of AP chosen by the player. The longer the spirit has been summoned for and the more AP it is given, the greater chance it will escape the Shaman's control, at which point it will either begin attacking anyone at random or simply flee.

Plot[ edit ] The game ships with a campaign called "Dead Man's Switch" that allows for any sort of newly created character. Further campaigns can be downloaded from Steam Workshop or external websites. Dead Man's Switch[ edit ] The player assumes the role of a shadowrunner who receives a pre-recorded message from his or her old shadowrunner accomplice, Sam Watts, which was triggered by a dead man's switch embedded within his body.


Sam's message states that he has , nuyen being held in escrow as a reward should he bring whomever was responsible for his death to justice. Upon arriving in Seattle , the runner discovers that Sam is the latest victim of the Emerald City Ripper, a serial killer who has been surgically removing organs from his or her victims.

After killing Silas, the player learns he was directed to commit the Ripper murders by Jessica Watts, Sam's twin sister. Sam and Jessica had lived a comfortable life before their father's passing, and despite his best efforts early on to live a decent life, he cracked under the pressure and spent the family savings on drugs and alcohol.

He eventually became a shadowrunner to make ends meet, and to further fuel his self-destructive habits. The runner confronts Jessica but she escapes. The runner finds that Jessica is a high-ranking member of the Universal Brotherhood, an international New Age organization that attracts the disenfranchised. The runner and Coyote investigate the restricted areas of the facility and discover that the Universal Brotherhood is itself a front for a cult trying to create an insect spirit hive.

Jessica is revealed to be a shaman who is one of the few who are aware of the Brotherhood's true nature and she unleashes extra-dimensional insect spirits that cannot be killed. The team flees, rescuing a woman named Mary-Louise who is designated to become "the queen", similar to a queen bee.

Mary-Louise connects the team with her boyfriend, a decker going by the alias Baron Samedi , who organizes a shadowrun on Telestrian Industries to steal a sample of Project Aegis; a chemical weapon capable of killing the insect spirits.

The runner acquires the sample but is captured while trying to escape and is brought before James Telestrian III. When it is revealed that the runner rescued Mary-Louise, who is Telestrian's daughter, he decides instead of punishing the runner to hire him or her to lead a team to deploy Project Aegis along with the immortal elf Harlequin.

Telestrian explains that Jessica's ritual to bring an insect spirit queen into this world requires a blood relative. His father had an affair with Melinda Watts, Sam and Jessica's mother, thus Mary-Louise was a viable candidate since they shared the same grandfather. Should Jessica perform the ritual on a blood relative, it would result in a full-scale invasion of the extra-dimensional insect spirits.

Telestrian gives the runner and Harlequin each a shotgun able to fire capsules filled with the remaining Aegis compound, which can kill the insect spirits.

The team infiltrates the hive and they fight their way into the heart of the inner sanctum where Telestrian's sister, Lynne, has volunteered to let the queen take over her body, as she is also a blood relation to Jessica.

And through it all, Shadowrunners have not only held onto their power, but have achieved a sort of collective celebrity, becoming permanently ingrained on global culture. Talk about job security, eh chummer? Setting[ edit ] The world has gone through quite a few changes, both political and environmental. North America[ edit ] In , a Native American leader calling himself Daniel Howling Coyote started the Ghost Dance War with the aim of removing every trace of colonial occupation from North America after the Megas used their newfound power to landgrab everything.

The US Armed Forces really had no edge against Howling Coyote's magical resources; in , Howling Coyote claimed responsibility for the simultaneous eruption of four volcanoes in the Cascade Mountains through a ritual called the Great Ghost Dance. Some time later, Daniel cut all ties with the NaN out of disappointment with what they had become and vanished without a trace. Its capital is Saskatoon. Its capital is Edmonton. If you're wondering why Siberia and Iceland are included, the answer is imperialism designed to prop up a nearly nonexistent economy.

Aztlan is little more than an arm of Aztechnology, the AAA megacorp that truly runs the state and pushes its aggressive expansionism. Air quality in Tenochtitlan formerly Mexico City is even worse than it is today. It came to the rescue when Los Angeles was wracked with disasters and now administers the city. Its capital is Santa Fe. Salish-Shidhe Council, which controls all of present-day Washington except the greater Seattle area and most of British Columbia and Idaho.

Its capital is Bellingham. Sioux Nation, which controls most of present-day Montana and Wyoming, western portions of the Dakotas and Nebraska, and an eastern slice of Colorado. Its capital is Cheyenne. Ute Nation, which dissolved in the wake of Crash 2. It was born by fiat of Lugh Surehand and his inner circle, unilaterally seceding from the Salish-Shidhe Council in It's basically a state for snooty, prissy elves to be snooty and prissy and talk about how they're better than everyone else.

It didn't recognize the Business Recognition Accords that govern corporate extraterritoriality until after Crash 2. It's opening up to the world as a result and becoming a little less French in the process. The California Free State is everyone's bitch. Aztlan invaded it in the south and when the state governor asked Japan for help, Japan invaded it from the west. Los Angeles was hit with disaster after disaster and in the most recent quake, most of it fell into the ocean.

Denver is a free city, officially the Front Range Free Zone, administered jointly by the parties to the Treaty of Denver. Then the Great Dragon Ghostwalker who may be the long-lost brother of former UCAS dragon president Dunkelzahn emerged in with an army of spirits, flew to Denver, and ripped the Aztlan sector a new asshole.

He then declared the Council of Denver subordinate to himself and kicked Aztechnology out, giving their territory to the CAS and claiming Denver for himself. Needless to say, nobody wanted to argue about it. Seattle is the default setting for Shadowrun. Most of Puyallup was devastated in the eruption of Mount Rainier and a chunk of Redmond was irradiated after a nuclear power plant disaster; those areas are colloquially known as the Barrens as they are places where utilities, government services, and law enforcement don't go.

Chicago is Bug City and home to the worst Metahuman hate crime event with the Sears Tower bombing in , when the Universal Brotherhood invoked an Insect Spirit Hive , drek only got worse withe CZ being established.

Even those families who do technically have a claim to nobility and are Elves aren't assured respect, as the secret police of the government are quick to give anyone they envy the boot or muzzle if the boot doesn't work fast enough. The ruling government is sometimes called "Noggins" in a derogatory manner.

The opposition to the Elves lead to the resurrection of the IRA, which includes all races including Elves who are unsatisfied with the Elf-centric state of their land.

Germany has refractured, lessening their industrial and political power. To counteract this, they have a series of treaties that force them to cooperate with each other and make them be recognised as a single country on the international scale, forming the Allied German States. This time switches places with Germany pretty much reenacting European part of WWII wich ends with mysterious HQ bombings and assassinations of high ranking officers on both sides by a third party.

Turkey is split in two ever since some Mullah with delusions of Islamic State invaded Europe while dragging the entire Arabic world into the invasion alliance, with predictable results from a fully mechanized and battle hardened European Defense Force though Europe still came out of the war pretty roughed up, reason is in the paragraph above eventually killing said leader and liberating Western Turkey and supporting it.

Asia[ edit ] Japan is no longer a true democracy, having returned to the worship and rule of a divine Emperor, and is now called the Japanese Imperial State. Below him is a three-branch political system with the "Diet" as a senate and congressional body, a Judiciary branch, and an executive branch with a prime minister. Their response to the rise of metahumanity was passage of the Yamato Act, which involves deportation of all metahumans to quarantine at concentration camps on Yomi Island while avoiding any of the political squabbling or racial tensions of the rest of the world..

During the years leading up to the Sixth World, nationalism had increased to the point Japan had rebuilt its military again. Japanese corporations rose steadily in prominence, and Japanese influence lead to the "Nuyen" replacing the American dollar by becoming one of the most accepted currencies worldwide.

With the loss of stability of the former United States, Japan invaded and captured large parts of California as well as the Philippine islands. They continue to test their neighbors, particularly China, constantly with military demonstrations. Within Japan, society is strictly controlled and firearms are rare.

Large portions of Japan remain undeveloped outside of the megacity sprawl, protected to maintain the idea of heritage and cultural identity. Kempeitai, secret political police, enforce the will of Japan even on the megacorps and membership is required to obtain any kind of higher education.

Kempeitai have loyalty only to Japan, and overall resemble a combination of the Nazi Youth and SS in behavior and function. By the time of the 5th edition Shadowrun year, the Japanese have begun to slowly drop their anti-meta views including abandoning Yomi Island to the Huk. The Philippines were conquered by Japan early in Sixth World history, resulting in the Huk rebellion reemerging to reignite the World War 2 conflict. This time however, the Huk are supported by the black Great dragon Masaru.

The Huk financed their revolution with piracy, so expect them to have connections across the globe. The Huk are no joke, having fought the rich-ass and technologically advanced nation of Japan using mostly small arms and wooden sticks for years.

They hated the Imperial Japanese hardcore possibly deserved, as the Japanese were more or less Nazis during their occupation of the Philippines , though, ironically many of them are metahumans of Japanese descent who escaped from Yomi and more or less adopted the philosophy of "fuck Japan".

Traitors to the Huk are sometimes beaten to death by their own crew mates for betraying the Revolution. Masaru's a pretty cool guy though, he's big on the environment as well as Filipino and metahuman rights. He tries to reign in the Huk's excesses and usually keeps the Huk alive by sending them weapons and supplies.

Word of advice about the Huk and the Japanese military though, if your work for or against one of them, even as a freelancer, and the other finds out, then the guys you worked against will brand you as a member of the enemy and probably try to kill you. As of the s, the Japanese pulled out and the Philippines are back on track towards peace, though they're still a bit chaotic the crazier Huk have taken to slaughtering those who collaborated with the Japanese on some islands.

The Glorious People's Republic of China disintegrated and now only exists as a laughably small rump state in the interior. The rest of China fragmented in to smaller states of varying power, size, and sanity. Hong Kong is a prime loacation for runners. Tibet is weird. A magic storm cut off the area from the rest of the world so everyone wants to know whats up with it. Rumors are that the theocratic buddhist government has some crazy powerful magic capable of summoning a "mountain sized fire elemental".

The Megas and some Chinese Warlords are watching the border to see if the storm lets up. Indochina is another hellhole. Thailand is hopelessly corrupt and Vietnam is an oppressive police state. Cambodia is in an on-off civil war, with Naga separatists setting up their own kingdom in Angkor Wat and many of the peasants supporting the magic snakes who can bring rainfall and are trying to get rid of pollution.

Stay the fuck out of Rangoon, there are rumors that the rich literally eat the poor there, and confirmed accounts of a massive child sex industry. Siberia is split between the Russian government and Yakut. Yakut is peopled by indigenous tribes who made a deal with a powerful spirit for independence. Once they broke free of Russia, the spirit promptly set up an oppressive police state that limited technology, fucked with the economy, and placed shapeshifting spies among the tribesmen.

A bunch of players have a keen interest in Tunguska. South America[ edit ] Amazonia, owned by Great Dragon Hualpa, was formed when the awakened forces took over Brazil and turned it into an ecofriendly nation with parts of Colombia, all of Venezula which led to a war with Atzlan which the amazonians lost.

Home to Metropole, the largest, most densely populated, and potentially most dangerous city on earth Africa[ edit ] Africa has gone back to being called "The Dark Continent" in the Sixth World. The jungles turned all magic and began expanding, so that most of the continent below the Sahara had its geography radically changed.

The wildlife turned magic too, so now there are giant magical crocodiles in most of the waterways and worse things in the deep jungles. Western Africa is a fucking hellhole, no joke. Tribal warlords control most of the resources and many are on the take from the corps. Pirates prowl the waterways and coasts looking for good hauls and occasionally sell their services to the megas as mercenaries.

Lagos, one of the prime areas for runners, is more or less the embodiment of the term "urban jungle. Ethnic tensions are responsible for murders and skirmishes on a daily basis. There's an entire district full of shedim corpses possessed by evil spirits , bug spirit hives on the outskirts of the city, and slavers and flesh traders taking the unlucky.

Asamando, in stark contrast to most of western Africa, is not a hellhole for its citizens, its rich, well educated, peaceful, and has megacorps investing in it because it has natural resources up to the wazoo.

The catch is, its populated with and run by ghouls who keep themselves fed using flesh traders. The ghouls keep "farms" where they breed metahumans as food. Everyone in Africa is terrified of Asamando too, not just because a ghoul can kill a man with its bare hands, but because every ghoul citizen is trained in nonlethal combat, so they can drag you back to Asamando for later consumption. In Egypt, the government has banned magic, which leads to conflicts with underground worshippers of the Old Egyptian gods.

Archaeologists are discovering more magic ruins and artifacts buried in the deserts, The Coptic Church has a degree of autonomy though, and has extended its protection to technomancers.

The Xhosa are environmentally conscious and wary of the Zulu, who in turn have been becoming more and more nationalistic and eager to fight. Kenya has become home to the Corporate Court's mass driver, which shoots supplies up into orbit, which has pissed off the locals who lead a shamanic resistance movement.

Central Africa is a mystery, the Awakened jungles covered everything and most of the tribes have banded together in a shamanic confederation to keep the corps out. Madagascar is The only people there now are fortified pirate settlements on the coastal regions.

Creepy shit happens in the interior of Madagascar, like ghostly eyes watching people from the shadows, rumors of a monstrous many-headed dragon-monster, and whispers of secret labs experimenting with HMHVV to make super-vampires. Hardcore pirates have been broken by Madagascar's jungles. Australia[ edit ] Most of Australia is unpleasant to live in now, but in the Sixth World Dual-natured weather phenomena called "mana storms" are a fact of life, appearing out of nowhere, laying waste to an area, and disappearing just as suddenly.

The Outback is even more hazardous thanks to these storms, which have herded people into the few major cities along the coasts. The city of Sydney is surrounded in a near-permanent mana storm that's cut it off from the rest of the world. Major landmarks like Uluru Ayer's Rock are home to powerful spirits that don't like visitors. The only civilizations that manage to survive outside the cities are the Aborigine tribes who have lived with the land instead of off of it.

What few critters that weren't deadly to humanity before now breath fire or are possessed, or both. As for Tasmania, it went feral in the Awakening.

The island no longer wants visitors.

Nature has overrun what little remains of human civilization on the island and it fights back when people try to set up research or paracritter-breeding facilities. Pacific Islands[ edit ] Hawai'i is now a monarchy again, having seceded from the United States. The Japanese Great Dragon Ryumyo has been trying to turn it into a puppet state via his vassal Naheka, a Feathered Serpent who has been characterized as an incompetent stooge Megacorps[ edit ] These are the real powers in the Sixth World.

With the benefits of extraterritoriality, megacorporations can make their own workplace laws, issue their own currencies, and maintain standing armies the envy of major nations. Subsidiaries include Knight Errant Security. Their premiere business is in the arms industry, though they are also leaders in space exploration, having purchased NASA from the US government.

Its corporate culture is very regimented and hierarchical, as befits a company that personifies the military-industrial complex. Very chillaxed as far as shadowrunning goes; they have a reputation for not tracking you down to kill you after a job on their territory unless you really fucked up, and they don't tend to murder the runners they hire afterward. Ares hates Bug spirits with a passion, or they're secretly working with Bug spirits, depends on which conspiracy theory you believe Spoilers: they're both true due to corporate infighting.

Aztechnology: Mexican. Subsidiaries include Stuffer Shack and the entire country of Aztlan. The most outright evil megacorp, Aztechnology also has some of the best PR in the world to keep the skeletons in the closet, such as their regular use of blood magic, their origin as a front company for three Mexican drug cartels, and their attempts to monopolize the world's food supply. They've appropriated Mesoamerican culture for their corporate image and engage in imperialism by proxy through Aztlan's expansion into South America, which has gone about as well as can be expected for any evil organization banning Catholicism in Latin America.

Running for them is a good way to destroy your professional reputation among other shadowrunners, as well as to get cut up for spare parts by your new bosses. And if you run against them, try not to leave any hair or other traces behind, or they'll use it to track you down.

Subsidiaries include CrashCart. Formerly known as Yamatetsu, the fiercely xenophobic leadership of the company has given way to a free spirit and the ork son of the company's founder. Its core markets include augmentations of all kinds and metahuman-friendly products. Horizon: American. Appeared out of nowhere in as a media-focused megacorp, jumped right to AAA in '65, and maintained a suspiciously squeaky-clean image until it came to light that they were experimenting on technomancers and engineered a massacre in South America.

Entertainment, social media, and advertising are their main focuses, which translates into a truly disturbing talent for information control and social engineering in the shadows. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies: Japanese. Entertainment and computer hardware giant. A Yakuza money laundering front that went horribly right, so much so that half the yakuza outright went straight because it was making more money than the crime.

Though, if they want some yakuza muscle on the payroll, they don't have to jump through any hoops to get it. The "Zero Zone" is their trademark security method, wherein they kill intruders on sight with no surrender asked.

Their jobs tend to be a mixed bag, here meaning that half the time they pay well and go off without a hitch and the other half they try to pay you in lead after shitty intel already killed half the team. NeoNET : American. Its core markets are in the telecommunications fields. Its corporate history stretches back decades to Fuchi Industrial Electronics, the creators of the first-generation cyberdeck.

Also helped in developing experimental medical procedures using nanotech, which runners disrupted and caused the CFD outbreak. Boston has to be locked down, and thousands are trapped inside, not to mention the new fear that just about anybody can be a headcase. This was the same guy who ran and destroyed Fuchi to found Novatech to enrich and empower himself, and then did it again to found NeoNET.

There's a lot of open questions about what happens when the old CEO's ban expires in 10 years and he can use his seat on the CC again. Renraku Computer Systems: Japanese.

Currently focusing on acquiring a share in every consumer market in order to make their brand as ubiquitous as possible. Their arcology in Seattle had a little incident over the holiday shopping season, by which we mean an insane AI with a god complex took it over and started horrifically experimenting on the inhabitants before crashing the whole matrix on its way out.

The most racist megacorp internally, with non-male, non-japanese, and non-humans have almost zero prospects of promotion to any position of power, though they're very much capable of surpressing their virulent bigotry for the sake of profit.

Saeder-Krupp: German. The biggest megacorp in the setting until 5th edition, when Mitsuhama took its place, S-K has been gunning for MCT ever since.

Its chairman and majority shareholder is the great dragon Lofwyr. Experienced shadowrunners know not to take jobs directed at S-K or its subsidiaries, as Lofwyr is a major micromanager who does not suffer losses from his hoard or undercutting his authority, and his version of downsizing involves literally eating you.

It is Lofwyr who gives us that common adage "Never deal with a dragon. Shiawase Corporation: Japanese. The first megacorp and still majority-owned by the Shiawase family, which means that every major corporate decision is made with undercurrents of family tension undercutting the whole situation.

Shadowrun timeline

Notably invested in biotechnology, agriculture, and nuclear fusion. One of their family members became Empress, but as her dad used to use her as a guinea pig for his experiments, it backfired.

A lot. They were into luxury cybernetics with ties to the European aristocracy. Wuxing: Chinese. Founding member of the Pacific Prosperity Group, a corporate association designed to check the influence of the Japanacorps. Very quiet and mostly-unknown, like Horizon if it took its meds. Its core markets include entertainment, finances, and logistics.

Has managed to use feng shui as a means of profit, since magic works again, they've managed to figure out how to manipulate luck on a small scale. Their services include high-threat response teams trained to enter hazardous situations to extract their clients.

Lone Star Security Services, Inc. They had the contract for Seattle until the tempo crisis of , when Governor Brackhaven ended the contract and signed with Knight Errant. Stereotyped as brutal and corrupt. Knight Errant: Security contractors. A subsidiary of Ares that serves as at least a part of their in-house military.

Can be found across the world, most notably in Seattle where they have the contract to serve as the current police force after Lone Star got the boot.

Just as lazy, brutal, and corrupt as Lone Star, but better equipped and trained and has much better PR. Eastern Tiger: Korean, its schtick is that its super nationalist and its propaganda claims its going to one day overtake the Japanacorps and catapult Korea to global prominency Global Sandstorm: Arabian with ties to the Arabian Caliphate, currently, one of its heiresses is courting Johnny Spinrad.

Proteus AG: Transhumanism and lots of marine arcologies.

Published by FASA Corporation P.O. Box 6930 Chicago, IL 60680

The company is shrouded in mystery and misinformation. Currently in a shadow war with the Sea Dragon for reasons undisclosed. UO is a major player in cyberware and biotechnology and may be on the verge of passable clones. Its CEO, Thomas Roxborough, turned into a pile of goo after an experimental treatment for an autoimmune disorder went horribly wrong; he now lives in a space station and communicates via the Matrix.

Zeta-Imperial Chemicals: Pharmaceuticals and healthcare. The soulless Big Pharma. They have no sense of ethics and have created bioweapons used in the first EuroWar, dumped toxic chemicals into the African market as health supplements, and developed the nanoweapon codenamed Surtr.

Telestrian Industries: Elven Mega with most of the shares belonging to the namesake family and the ones who thwarted a Universal Brotherhood plot to turn Seattle to Bug City. Krime: American. Sells industrial artist-designed weapons designed for orks and trolls. Known for skirting rules, quality controls, and common decency, but their brutal and relatively cheap product means that they have a lasting fandom that ensures them a lasting niche in the marketplace. Dragons[ edit ] The Megacorps may be the ruling powers of the world, but the Great Dragons are a close second.

There's even some overlap. The Great Dragons rule over the regular dragons, as much as dragons will consent to being ruled. Most of the time though, they just snipe at each other using shadowrunners in conflicts over territory, wealth, access to mana lines, ideology, etc. Some of them even try to avert the apocalypse.

There's a saying in the 6th world: "Never Deal with a Dragon". Then again, they also tell you to follow the rules, obey the cops, and stay out of the the megacorps' way, and look how that turned out for you.

If a dragon really wants you in its employ, you don't really have a choice. At least they pay better than the megas. Just don't try to fuck them over, and at the same time, have a contingency plan to flee somewhere like Antarctica in case they decide to burn you.

Dealing with dragons isn't easy, but its very, very, very profitable. Dunkelzahn: Bestest and greatest dragon.

Widely known and hugely popular for the public perception of not being a dick like the rest of the dragons, but the reality is a bit more complicated than that, if still broadly true. He was the first dragon to openly talk to humanity about the Awakening to help them make sense of the insanity, which helped him gain the public presence to host a talk show and do advocacy work for metahuman rights and social equality.

He was later elected president of the UCAS, but was assassinated by car bomb about 8 hours after being sworn in. While the Big D had many enemies, who assassinated him and why is left an open question, up to that he may have even faked his own death. Current consensus is that is indeed dead and that he sacrificed himself to keep a lid on the Bad Magical Things. A novel came out and described how he currently survives as a spirit inhabiting a cyberzombie, but most fans ignore it and so do the devs.

Left behind a will full of charitable donations and enough plot points and story hooks to keep the game running for many editions to come. Lofwyr: This guy is possibly the most prominent, most wealthy, and most dangerous dragon on earth.

To the point where even other dragons are unnerved by his ruthlessness. Lofwyr in fact held the title of Loremaster, de facto keeper of draconic traditions and history, after Dunklezahn's death, though he gives up the position in 5th edition to focus on his business.

Businesswyrm and micromanager extraordinaire, Lofwyr managed a hostile takeover of Saeder-Krupp decades ago, purchasing majority shares through intermediaries and shell companies, showing up to a board meeting one day in dragon form, and unceremoniously kicking the former CEO off the board. He then managed to run the biggest corporation on earth primarily from memory for over three decades. Lofwyr, also called Ol' Golden Snout, is possibly the most feared dragon by shadowrunners, for his habit of eating underperforming shadowrunners, though his rewards for success are second to none.

If you're hired by a man who goes by the name Hans Brackhaus, then it probably means that Lofwyr is hiring you for personal business. Brackhaus may even be Lofwyr in disguise, though its more likely a high ranking servant. Hestaby: considered by many to be Lofwyr's equal and opposite, Hestaby is the most magically powerful of the Great Dragons. She lairs on Mt. She's very environmentally conscious and has well buried ties to groups that the megacorps would call ecoterrorists.

She's most concerned with her public image as a friend to metahumanity though. She beat Lofwyr and the other Greats in a shadow-war after Dunkelzahn died, but she let Lofwyr take the place of Loremaster even though it was hers to take. Lofwyr also propositioned a mating after she let him take the position, which would usually be the equivalent of a political marriage for dragons, but Hestaby thought it was weird because Lofwyr is "past mating age".

Of course, then she got involved in another shadow war with him over how to treat metahumans. Ghostwalker: Great Dragon ruler of Denver. He appeared out of nowhere during the Year of the Comet with an army of spirits and proceeded to tear the Aztlan sector of the city a new asshole and kick Aztechnology out. He's speculated to be Dunkelzahn's brother. He's also kind of a dick. Currently being the boytoy of Zebulon, Spirit of Denver, and reincarnation of his dead mate. Ryumyo: Great Dragon of Japan and the first dragon to appear in the sixth world.

He's something of a mascot of the Japanese Imperial State and is even worshipped by some as a kami, which puts him at odds sometimes with the japanacorps and the Imperial Household since the emperor is also seen as a kami.

Currently trying to gain control of mana lines around the Ring of Fire to turn himself into a living god while sniping at his old master and father figure, Lung.

He also controls a great deal of the world's Yakuza. Used to be Ryumyo's Obi Wan till Ryumyo got jealous of his power and vowed to surpass him. Currently trying to counteract Ryumyo's manaline fuckery so he doesn't cause tsunami's and earthquakes.

Also in control of the Red Dragon Triad. Hualpa: Founder and ruler of Amazonia, Hualpa is the most powerful of the Feathered Serpents, and is know for his heavy pro-environment agenda. Hate Aztlan with passion, both for its high level of pollution, and for been his main rival for the control of Latin America. Aden: A mysterious dragon who maintain lots of power and influence in the middle east for reasons unknown.

In fact little is know about him since he prefer to work from the shadows, with his only mayor public appearance was when he single handily destroyed Tehran as a demonstration of power. What little information exist indicates that he is highly traditionalist when it comes to dragon customs, and have both alliances and enemies among the Muslim factions.

Also like screwing with people by shifting sex at the drop of the hat. Celedyr: A dragon obsessed with the study and development of the matrix, to the point of becoming the major shareholder of the telecommunication company Transys Neuronet, and its successor NeoNET. During Crash 2.

Celedyr wanted to restore him and teamed up with NeoNET to research methods of sleeving AIs into meat bodies using nanomachines, but runners hit the research facility, leading to the CFD outbreak. In the aftermath, the city of Boston and thousands of lives were ended or ruined, NeoNET was forcibly disbanded, Celedyr is a bit less rich and keeping his head down until the whole thing blows over, but at least his protege is back in his old body.

Sirrurg: Known as "the Destroyer", Sirrurg is an angry, angry fucker. He helped Hualpa found Amazonia and has been fighting Azzies and other enemies on and off ever since.

Because he prefers to go out in person and kill whatever pisses him off, he avoids political and economic moves which have defined the rest of the Greats, so he was the one who had the least influence over world affairs and therefore the one that runners are least likely to get entangled with. During the Amazonia-Aztlan war, he was brought down by Aztechnology forces and captured.

He was going to be executed by Aztlan for war crimes without trumped up charges, which is saying something , but he disappeared before then. The ongoing theory is that he was recaptured by other greats who are holding him prisoner until he's needed again. The youngest and most idealistic Great Dragon, dedicated to metahuman rights, cross-cultural developments, environmentalism, and magical research. Also, the not-so-secret leader of the filipino Huk Rebellion, known for successfully taking on the strongest military in the setting Imperial Japan using primarily fishing boats, small arms, wooden sticks, and fanatical revolutionary zeal.

Avid book collector and Dunklezahn fanboy. The Sea Dragon: only known Great Leviathan. Extremely isolationist and unfriendly. Claims the entirety of Earth's seafloor as her domain. She really hates metahumanity, and will remind you by crapping the remains of the last adventuring party who didn't get the message on the borders of her territory. Tricked by Rhonabwy to sleep with him by disguising as another Great Leviathan. Of course she's pissed because of that. Way to go, player! The first and only dragon with a fully functioning datajack installed illegally and without his consent in the s, he later bought up the corporation that did it.

The implantation had the effect of giving him Dissassociative Identity Disorder and a deep fascination with transhumanism trans-dragonism? His body went comatose in the Crash 2.

May or may not have been restored to his original body after the Boston lockdown. Damon: playboy dragon who deals in designer drugs and extreme sports. May or may not be Dunklezahn's biological son.

Perianwyr: dragon known to most of the world as a laid back music producer, was formerly one half of what was once one of the world's top assassin duos.

Criminal Enterprises[ edit ] If you aren't working for the government, the corps, or the dragons, you're probably working for these guys The Mafia: Same old mafia, crime families in North America and Europe. Much more polyglot in this setting than most, with one of the major groups being Polish-Italian-Spanish-Creole.

The Yakuza: Japanese, the largest crime enterprises, most of them are super racist. Triads: Chinese, some of the most magically adept crime organizations, very superstitious though. Vory: The Russian mob, often seen as brutal and psychotic, weapons and human trafficking mostly. Seoulpa Rings: When the Yaks started killing off their Korean members early in the century, some of them broke off and formed the Seoulpa Rings.

Grey Wolves: Turkish, arms dealing and smuggling Kabul Mafiyya: brutal Afghani warlords Koshari: Southwestern Native American crime family specializing in gambling and magical drugs. Ghost Cartels: Various Latin American crime organizations that survived the massive clusterfuck that happened in Aztlan and South America, some are basically Aztechnology-run, others are Amazonian.

Tamanous: Creepy secretive human trafficking and organ smuggling, Pacific Northwest and Southeast Asia. Hated by just about everyone.Krime: American. One of their family members became Empress, but as her dad used to use her as a guinea pig for his experiments, it backfired.

Marshal working for Luftlande. She considers her magical abilities a convenient ace in The runners will also hear a lecture on "The APN and Its the hole.

The strike lasted for about three months, causing massive hunger not just in NYC itself but across the whole state.

O nodes in this system. The same dragon that explained what the hell was going on earlier is elected President of the UCAS and is then assassinated at his inaugural ball, with him leaving behind a cryptic will promising huge sums of cash to anyone who develops certain technologies like VR connections dragons can safely use , financial assistance to mothers who keep their metahuman children, and a bounty on Blood Mages. Any special instructions to the gamemaster usually results in the death of the defender.

Elf - Tall, pretty, and arrogant. Thick carpets, huge, old mahogany desks, and powerful, standalone computer stations mark the perquisites of rank.