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Seedtime & Harvest. By. Neville Click For More Free Books by Neville Goddard . For More Free PDF Books Visit the Law of Attraction Haven · More Free Books. Audio Lectures Link PDF Text Lectures Purchase Audio Lectures Contact Share on facebook. Neville Goddard June 10 Listen and read "Seedtime and Harvest" the spiritual classic by Neville Goddard in it's entirety online, FREE and apple compatible.

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Enjoy Neville Goddard PDFs Neville Goddard Free PDF – At Your Command Posted by mrneville on Seedtime and Harvest – Free Neville Goddard Book. Editors Note: If you are not familiar with Neville Goddard then you are in for a . youtube neville goddard; resurrection by neville goddard pdf. Neville Goddard Seedtime And Harvest CHAPTER 1: The End Of A Golden String. “I Give you the end of a golden string; Only wind it into a ball.

In the following essays I have tried to indicate certain ways of approach to the understanding of the Bible and the realization of your dreams.

Hebrews 6: Many who enjoy the old familiar verses of Scripture are discouraged when they themselves try to read the Bible as they would any other book because, quite excusably, they do not understand that the Bible is written in the language of symbolism.

Not knowing that all of its characters are personifications of the laws and functions of mind; that the Bible is psychology rather than history, they puzzle their brains over it for awhile and then give up. It is all too mystifying. To understand the significance of its imagery, the reader of the Bible must be imaginatively awake.

According to the Scriptures, we sleep with Adam and wake with Christ. That is, we sleep collectively and wake individually. Genesis 2: If Adam, or generic man, is in a deep sleep, then his experiences as recorded in the Scriptures must be a dream.

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Only he who is awake can tell his dream, and only he would understand the symbolism of dreams can interpret the dream. Luke The Bible is a revelation of the laws and functions of Mind expressed in the language of that twilight realm into which we go when we sleep.

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Because the symbolical language of this twilight realm is much the same for all men, the recent explorers of this realm - human imagination - call it the "collective unconscious. The purpose of this book, however, is not to give you a complete definition of Biblical symbols or exhaustive interpretations of its stories. All I hope to have done is to have indicated the way in which you are most likely to succeed in realizing your desires.

Somewhere within this realm of imagination there is a mood, a feeling of the wish fulfilled which, if appropriated, means success to you.

I am regular reader, how arre yyou everybody? This piece of writing posted at this web site is really nice. Control of the subconscious is accomplished through control of your ideas and feelings. The mechanism of creation is hidden in the very depth of the subconscious, the female aspect or womb of creation.

Neville Goddard (1905–1972)

The subconscious transcends reason and is independent of induction. It contemplates a feeling as a fact existing within itself and on this assumption proceeds to give expression to it.

The creative process begins with an idea and its cycle runs its course as a feeling and ends in a volition to act. Ideas are impressed on the subconscious through the medium of feeling. No idea can be impressed on the subconscious until it is felt, but once felt — be it good, bad or indifferent — it must be expressed. Feeling is the one and only medium through which ideas are conveyed to the subconscious. Therefore, the man who does not control his feeling may easily impress the subconscious with undesirable states.

By control of feeling is not meant restraint or suppression of your feeling, but rather the disciplining of self to imagine and entertain only such feeling as contributes to your happiness. Control of your feeling is all important to a full and happy life. Never entertain an undesirable feeling, nor think sympathetically about wrong in any shape or form.

Do not dwell on the imperfection of yourself or others. To do so is to impress the subconscious with these limitations. What you do not want done unto you, do not feel that it is done unto you or another. This is the whole law of a full and happy life. Everything else is commentary. Every feeling makes a subconscious impression and, unless it is counteracted by a more powerful feeling of an opposite nature, must be expressed. The dominant of two feelings is the one expressed.

I am healthy is a stronger feeling than I will be healthy.

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To feel I will be is to confess I am not; I am is stronger than I am not. What you feel you are always dominates what you feel you would like to be; therefore, to be realized, the wish must be felt as a state that is rather than a state that is not Sensation precedes manifestation and is the foundation upon which all manifestation rests.

Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world. Your body is an emotional filter and bears the unmistakable marks of your prevalent emotions. Emotional disturbances, especially suppressed emotions, are the causes of all disease.

To feel intensely about a wrong without voicing or expressing that feeling is the beginning of disease — dis-ease — in both body and environment. Do not entertain the feeling of regret or failure for frustration or detachment from your objective results in disease. Think feelingly only of the state you desire to realize.

Feeling the reality of the state sought and living and acting on that conviction is the way of all seeming miracles. All changes of expression are brought about through a change of feeling. A change of feeling is a change of destiny. All creation occurs in the domain of the subconscious.

What you must acquire, then, is a reflective control of the operation of the subconscious, that is, control of your ideas and feelings.

Chance or accident is not responsible for the things that happen to you, nor is predestined fate the author of your fortune or misfortune. Your subconscious impressions determine the conditions of your world. The subconscious is not selective; it is impersonal and no respecter of persons [Acts ; Romans ]. The subconscious is not concerned with the truth or falsity of your feeling. It always accepts as true that which you feel to be true.

Feeling is the assent of the subconscious to the truth of that which is declared to be true.

Because of this quality of the subconscious there is nothing impossible to man. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify.

Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern. The subconscious never fails to express that which has been impressed upon it. The moment it receives an impression, it begins to work out the ways of its expression. It accepts the feeling impressed upon it, your feeling, as a fact existing within itself and immediately sets about to produce in the outer or objective world the exact likeness of that feeling.

The subconscious never alters the accepted beliefs of man. It out-pictures them to the last detail whether or not they are beneficial. To impress the subconscious with the desirable state, you must assume the feeling that would be yours had you already realized your wish. In defining your objective, you must be concerned only with the objective itself. The manner of expression or the difficulties involved are not to be considered by you.

To think feelingly on any state impresses it on the subconscious.Thank you! This statement is taken from the Book of Genesis, the 8th chapter of Genesis - it is a promise made to man that "while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, hot and cold, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease. And, of course, the basic attitude is the attitude towards life, not necessarily the individual attitude towards an object or towards an individual, but the attitude itself that the individual adopts through life, towards life, and they have a very serious one.

Haven't I prayed daily, and why should these things happen?

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As you walk by you are contributing to society, you contribute to the community in which you live, not necessarily by giving dollars but you contribute by your wonderful seedtime. The moment it receives an impression, it begins to work out the ways of its expression. The limitation of space does not allow the publication of all the stories in this one volume.