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You can find SAP books and other materials, also you can avail many other books and educational material Where can I download SAP press books for free?. Press - SAP ABAP™ Development for Materials Management in SAP - User Exits and SAP BI consultant and author at Interdobs, specialized in SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Lumira Designer, Lumira Discovery, the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform.

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Solution: Data Linearization before Analysis Hardly a day goes by when the topic does not find its way into newspapers, biogs, or magazines. Some authors believe big data will take us right into the hell of surveillance, a totalitarian precog state named after the precogs- mutants able to divine the future - in "The Minority Report," a short story by Philip K.

Dick in which we will be punished for crimes that we haven't yet committed and might never commit. Others are hailing the brave new world of big data as the key to unlock an earthly paradise that will no longer suffer from traffic jams or incurable diseases.

Big data: heaven or hell?

There could be some truth in both scenarios. But no matter which of them you tend to believe in, the level of attention big data is getting seems to indicate that we are talking about an important new technology- something that will affect us or might even affect us already more than we realize.

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This alone would be reason enough to have a closer look at big data. Casting Concept: 1.

This is possible because the Subclass contains all the attributes of the Super class, because Subclass has been inherited from the Super. When we assign the instance of the Subclass back to the instance of the Super class, than it is called the "Narrow Casting", because we are switching from a "More Specific view of an object" to "less specific view".

When this Narrow casting is used? An application which is interested in the details of the LION, but don't want to know about them.

Widening Cast?Varsha aravind September 28, at Depending on the file size, the generation and download may take some time. Enhancements The local data for the program like Attributes of the class, or program data is known as the transient data.

SAP has its own website on the topic welcome.

Copy and paste, bookmarks, and print-out permitted. Widening cast can be used when we need to access the Specific functionality of the subclass from the Super class.

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