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Downloadable User Guides. Get Started More PDF Guides. Tip Sheets and Implementation Guides. Was this information helpful? Related Resources. Get Started Learn Salesforce Basics | PDF Set Up and Maintain Your Organization | PDF Evaluate and Roll Out Lightning Experience for Your Org | PDF Learn. If you've spent any time working in, you know how powerful and expansive the platform is. If you've spent any time in.

Salesforce User Guide Pdf

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The person who's the designated administrator usually gets Salesforce CRM up customizing the application, maintaining it, training users, and “turning on” the . Unfortunately, even the simplest Salesforce user guides aren't actually that simple – coming in at pages! There's just so much that comes. Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Auditing in simple and easy steps starting from basic to PDF Version · Quick Guide Anyone who manages sales and customer relationship will find this software highly useful as an end user.

Without such capability, you may find yourself in no time fiddling with complicated parameters on the Salesforce platform side. A good editor also allows you to just drag and drop dynamic Salesforce field data into the document template and freely define sections of the document that users can edit.

All this may look at first demanding. Do you want to test document generation with the Documill Dynamo Salesforce application? It is extremely easy to setup and use — just click here to download your free trial version!

32 Salesforce Guides That You Shouldn’t Miss

What kind of documents do you use? Your choice of a document generation app in Salesforce depends largely on your document quality requirements.

The more complex your needs are, the more carefully you should investigate the possibilities of the different options. Some apps, such as Documill Dynamo , will be able to output data from a Salesforce field and customise it into a complicated layout such as a list of products grouped by opportunities, where you can run a calculation of a total sum for each opportunity.

As a general rule, the more complex the requirements, the better off you are, if you contact the app provider directly before making a decision yes, the most of them are happy to speak with you! Top ways to use document generation Document generation not only automates the process of business critical documents such as contracts, proposals and offers but it also allows you to design the output in a way that fully reflects your brand.

It starts with designing a template using a sample template that are available in many of the apps.

It can be easily customized to suit your brand guidelines and include the appropriate attachments or optional content blocks. If you would like to add more attachments to the email, click the Attach a file button.

Note that there are three tabs: the "S-Docs" tab contains all the documents ever generated for this record, the "Attachments" tab allows you to upload attachments from your computer, and the "Documents" tab allows you to attach files stored in the documents folder in your production org.

The pop-up will close after each selection; click Attach a file again if you would like to attach or detach more files.

If you search for and select a Contact, their email address will be added to the "To" field, as well as the Contact Quick Pick list. Feel free to move these email addresses to CC or BCC, and type in a subject and a body as you would a normal email.

However, if you type in an email address that is not listed under any Contact record in your org, this may not work.

By default, S-Docs will link outbound emails to the contact record with a matching email address. Salesforce requires this linkage. If you send an email to an unknown email address, S-Docs will attempt to link it to a single dummy contact record called "No Contact. However, if your org has implemented validation rules that require additional fields to be completed, then the S-Docs package will not be able to create this contact record, and you should do it manually.

The contact record should be named "No Contact Record" and must have an email address of "this.

Be aware that this change affects the entire sandbox and not just S-Docs. Here is how a completed email page might appear.

What’s document generation?

Click Send to send the email. Related Lists After generating or emailing documents, you will return to the page for the record you just generated documents for. Notice the S-Docs related list at the bottom of the page; the documents we just generated in our example are now in this related list. We could delete some of these by clicking Del under the Action column.

We can click View to download and view a document in this list. Additionally, note that if the Auto-Create Attachment box is not checked, documents in the S-Docs related list will be regenerated each time they are opened.

For example, if this box was not checked for an account summary template, and you opened an account summary document from 6 months ago, the document would be regenerated with the current account info rather than the account info from 6 months ago.

We see that this box is checked for the account summary template, but not the golf invitation template.

Note: On newer versions of S-Docs, the "Auto-create Attachment" checkbox can be found in the "Document Options" tab of the template editor.Great list of Salesforce guides here! Here is how a completed email page might appear. Chatter can help you drive productivity by connecting employees wherever they are.

Salesforce Administrator Tutorial & Training

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