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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Get Free NTSE sample papers and their solutions with pdf for class 10, prepared by ALLEN's experienced faculties. Download. NTSE Sample Papers for Class NTSE Sample Papers for Class 10 for NTSE Stage I and Stage II Examination are given below. NTSE Sample Papers for. National Talent Search Examination is an Scholarship Examination which is held for Students of Class It is one of the renowned Scholarship Examination in.

Ntse Sample Paper For Class 10 Pdf

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Practising NTSE sample papers for class 10 on a regular basis will also expose Solving NTSE Sample Papers PDF is one of the best ways to revise for the. View and download NSTSE Solved Class 10 Previous year papers for , , , , , , , , , , NTSE SAT Science Solved Sample Paper: Free and Fast Download of PDF NTSE SAT Social Sciences Solved Sample Paper (Download PDF) · NTSE [email protected]: NCERT Science Class 10 / NTSE/ Olympiad.

There are 24 birds on a tree.

A hunter fired a gun and 20 fall down on ground. So how many birds left on the tree? None of these as its clear from the general ideology. Find in how many days both can complete the work. Since A is 3 times as efficient as B. I am the eldest child of my parents. There is a gap of 6 years between the ages of my brother and sister including myself.

If my mother was 22 years, when I was born? What was age at the birth of her youngest child? The calendar of the year can next be used for the year?

NTSE Sample Papers for Class 10 - Stage I - English

If x persons can complete work in t hours, in how many hours y persons can complete it? If he had Rs.

So their ratio of investment is 60 15 2 , 60 3 , 60 4 15 2: In a cage, there are rabbits and parrots and the number of heads are 28 and feet are Find the number of parrots and rabbits.

If 10 students are sent from A to B, the number in each is the same. But if 20 students are sent from B to A, the number in A is double the number in B.

In each of the following questions, a series of numbers is given followed by a blank space with a? The number to fill in the blank is given has one of the alternative among the five given under each question. Find the correct alternative in each case. The Arithmetic mean difference between the two consecutive numbers is increasing 10 as 15 25 35 The mean difference between the consecutive numbers are 1 5 13 29 61 ?

NSTSE Class 10 Previous Years (Past) Papers (PDF) from 2009-2019

The first and second terms are square cube of 7, 5 th and 6 th terms are square and cube of 9. So third and fourth terms are square and cubes of 8.

The six faces of a cube are painted in a manner that no two adjacent faces have the same colour. The three colour used in the painting are red, blue and green. The cube is then cut into 64 equal cubical parts. Answer the following questions. How many cubes in all have three sides painted? How many cubes have only two sides painted?

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How many cubes have one and two sides painted but the third side is not painted. How many cubes are there whose only one side is painted?

How many cubes are there which has no sides painted? The following questions are based on letter series from which some of the letters are missing. The missing letters are given in the proper sequence as are of the alternative among the five given under each question.

Find the correct alternative for each case. In each of the following question apply the interchanging of the codes to choose correct alternative. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. How many square of side 5 cm cab ve adjusted in a rectangular box of size 25 15 10 cm a 30 b 60 c 50 d 40 e None of these Ans. Related Interests Investing Mathematics Science. Shiva Adlakha.

Students who took chemistry but opted neither maths nor Physics: Students who took Maths and Physics both: Students who took all three subjects i. Physics, Chemistry and Maths 1 e 2 d 3 g 4 f Students who took Physics and Chemistry both: Students who did not take any of the three subjects 1 d 2 g 3 f 4 h Pointing to a photograph, a man said, I have no brother or sister but that mans father is my fathers son.

Whose photograph was it: Fathers Father Father That man There are no brothers and sisters. So its his sons photo. Insert the missing number 1 5 2 19 3 27 4 89 Choose the correct alternative which shows the same relationship with the word as the words of the given pair bear: Auger is a tool used to bore holes in wood.

Select the wrong number in the series 6 , 26, 62, , , 1 26 2 62 3 4 So, the number should be 25 In given figure, how many squares are there?

Insert the missing number: Arc is a part of circumference. A man is facing East.

He turns o in the anti-clockwise direction and then 90 o in the clockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now? Which two months in a year have the same calendar? Between April and J uly, 7 odd days are there. Dipti is performing Shirshashan facing towards West. In which direction will her right shoulder be? In question Nos. Which answer figure will correctly the given figure? In the last row, circle is coming inside square, then triangle is coming inside square, then triangle is coming inside circle, so the remaining will be square coming in side triangle.

There is a definite relationship between figures A and B. Establish a similar relationship between figures C and D by selecting a suitable figure form the answer set Problem figure Answer figure In B, the semicircle was rotated 90 o clockwise then, figure inside is coming outside and the figure outside is going inside rotating 90 o anti clockwise.

Questi ons 43 45 Select the answer 1, 2, 3, 4 which has the same relationship to the third figure which is between the first two figures on the left of sign: Each element is rotating o.

The innermost and middle elements interchange places.

The inner figure becomes the outer figure and the inner figure comes with one side less than the original outer figure Direction: In Question 46 - 48 , Complete the given series by choosing the appropriate answer: The figure rotates 90 o anti clock wise and a new line segment is added at the end.

The position of circle shifts one vertex anti clock wise and the position of dot shifts one vertex clock wise.

The circle moves up and down in each step. The line flips horizontally in each step. In Questions 49 Select the alternative which correctly depicts how the transparent sheet appears, when it is folded along dotted line?

The fold on the transparent sheet acts like a mirror and the part on the right gets laterally inverted. Answer figure AglaSem Schools. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests Mathematics Nature.How many square of side 5 cm cab ve adjusted in a rectangular box of size 25 15 10 cm a 30 b 60 c 50 d 40 e None of these Ans. After pollination, the growth of pollen tube on stigma toward ovule is due to: 1 Phototropism 2 Chemotropism 3 Hydrotropism 4 Geotropism Juan Rico.

Jump to Page. They will ring together again after L. Resonance Dlpd. Find the one that is different and will be your answer as well. More From aglasem. Sarbashis Ghosh. There are 24 birds on a tree.