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Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, When you run out of money in nfsmw go to safe house,select blacklist,select race events. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets Note that all cheats for NFS:MW Black Edition: Code Result. Cheat codes for Need For Speed Most Wanted on the PC are entered at the main menu, where it says click to continue. Just type in one of the codes below to activate cheats provided unlock various game elements, therefore only need to be entered once, provided you save your.

Nfs Most Wanted Cheat Book

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Need for Speed Most Wanted [] at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video and other secrets for Need for Speed Most Wanted [] for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction. Hint: Submitted by: venkatesh This is not really a cheat but a trick. When you run out of money in nfsmw go to safe house,select blacklist. We have 15 questions and 9 answers for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Check them out to find answers or ask your own to get the exact game help you need.

Unlock Lotus Elise - How to unlock: Beat Blacklist Boss 8. Unlock Mazda RX-7 - How to unlock: Beat Blacklist Boss 9.

Unlock Mazda RX-8 - How to unlock: Complete event number 68 in the challenge series. Beat Blacklist Boss 3. Unlock Mitsubishi Eclipse - How to unlock: Unlock Mustang GT - How to unlock: Unlock Porsche Carrera S - How to unlock: Unlock Porsche GT2 - How to unlock: Complete every event in the challenge series.

Unlock Porsche Turbo S - How to unlock: Unlock Porsche Cayman S - How to unlock: Unlock Renault Clio V6 - How to unlock: Unlock Toyota Supra - How to unlock: Beat Baron in Career mode. Beat Big Lou in Career mode. Beat Bull in Career mode. Beat Earl in Career mode.

5 Easy Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Beat Izzy in Career mode. Beat Jewels in Career mode. Beat JV in Career mode. Beat Kaze in Career mode.

Unlock Ming's Lamborghini Gallardo - How to unlock: Beat Ming in Career mode. Beat Ronnie in Career mode. This is due to the fact that they indeed increase ur cars top speed and acceleration to max. Save ur Game progress.

Transfer ur nitrous control to the right shift key. Turn infinte nitrous and ghost mode on using a trainer. In Ghost mode u Can drive through objects. U must have windows XP, press windows key to get to desktop and Hibernate ur pc.

I wanted to make an equivalent car in nfsmw and i did it as done above. Upon restarting system resumes from its previous state in which we pressed shift and still remembers it besides other things. Hence this time even not touching shift key it lets the n itrous remain on. Hence we xploit a command in XP to which the game is unaware.

Hence it cant be blamed 2 b a cheat because we are not violating the rules of the game but XP. Anant Malik While surfing the net, I came across many people who downloaded nfsmw from net in compressed form which did not contain any movies. Search blacklist english ntsc vp6 in google. Now, you just vary the number from 01 to 15 and directly download and save the files to a folder named MOVIES and copy this folder to these places; game directory GLOBAL one of the above two locations is the default location check it.

They will then run during the game. You may want to view them without playing. For that proceed as directed below: Do nt convert all files at once.

Convert them by copying one file at a time to some other location and converting it first and so on. If so convert that file again. PR After completing the rivals with the black list,you should select three markers instead of two in a fast manner. You are selecting three markers instead two for Blacklist15,you will skip the blacklist14 and the blacklist13 opens. After you Defeat the Blacklist 1: Vinay Once you finish all the 5 races with Razor, Mia will handover the razor and all other racers to Cop and she will allow you to escape and next movement she will tell the cops you got escaped then the cops tries to chase you but once the escape mission starts don't take long way to come Downtown.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Cheats

There is an highway where you can find the stadium oposite to which there will be one more road inwhich you are supposed to escape, try going inside the stadium eventhough there will me no cops the status of evade doesn't shows green, then go straight towards the road where a big bulldozer is placed, once it the road gets cleared you can find a round mark towards that road untill that be in the statdium itself because it is a safeplace.

Razor's races: When it begins, it will be Condition 6. Keep to the right and hit a store awning to lose most of your pursuers. Then, go straight, keeping to the right.

Make a hard right into the construction site. Hit the object under repair to lose more pursuers.

Do not crash, or they will bust you. Continue straight and hit the gas station. You may have about at least eighteen cops on you now.

After five minutes, Mia will call and put a marker on your map. Go there, avoiding any blocks or spike strips. The best way to avoid them is by going to the side where there are no cops blocking you. If both sides are blocked, hit a car's rear, which is the weak point. Other cops will then crash into the blocks, some getting immobilized.

When you reach the spot, it is what used to be a blocked off road. Go in as fast as you can and a short intermission sequence will show that you are Need For Speed's Most Wanted. Getting faster car in quick race mode: Trust me, it works.

In the main menu, go to quick race. Then you will get two options.

Go to quick play first option. When you will get a car randomly, don't start the race. You have to keep your fingers on the "1" key and "enter" key. Press "1" key and then immediately press "enter" key.

But remember that the "enter" key should be pressed immediately after pressing "1" key without wasting any time otherwise it will not work. And once you have done it.Go to the Rosewood section and find the two closest Pursuit Breakers orange triangles - they should be really close together. Beat Blacklist Boss When they do that, just reverse as soon as you see them coming and push them off.

Go to "My Cars".

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When racing razor you cannot beat him without using shortcuts. Speed is not like the others i. For that proceed as directed below: If you complete it you will get all Junkman Upgrades for performance.

Use these parts to make the Mustang Razor uses as Blacklist 15 Body: Extra cash reward , 3.