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The photo book. The film Naar Nederland is accompanied by a photo book and audio CD. The photo book contains hundreds of numbered photographs ('stills'). Naar Nederland Naar Nederland is the official self-study pack which will help you to book with audio CD; The Naar Nederland, Nederlands voor anderstaligen. The link to the login page opens in a new screen Naar Nederland e-learning is a The digital practice program includes the same lessons as the book.

Naar Nederland Book

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Welcome to Naar Nederland. This website is for people who wish to prepare to take the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad. This is the examination. Naar Nederland book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Met dit werkboek kunt u zelfstandig alle vaardigheden leren ter voorb. Naar Nederland Nederlands - Bahasa Indonesia (gekuiste versie) (Naar inburgering in het buitenland) (Dutch Edition) (): Books.

Questions about making an appointment I have paid for the Basic Civic Integration Examination; how do I now make an appointment? Once DUO has received the payment, you will be sent an e-mail explaining how to make an appointment. The e-mail will also include your candidate number, which you need to state when making the appointment.

You can only make an appointment after you have received this e-mail. Can I take the three parts of the examination on different days?

Yes, you can take the three parts of the examination on different days. You will have to register separately for each examination part and also pay separately for each examination part.

You will also have to make a separate appointment for each part at the Dutch embassy, consulate or agency. I want to change my examination date; how can I do this? You must contact the Dutch embassy, consulate or agency where you made the appointment to arrange a different examination date.

You can take the three parts of the examination on different days. You have to make an appointment for each part of the exam at the Dutch embassy or consulate. Questions about taking the examination What do I need to bring to the examination? Do I need to bring the confirmation of the appointment? Please ensure that you have valid identification with you passport, identity card or other form of identification.

You also need to bring a recently made passport photograph with you. Once you have made the appointment you will be sent confirmation. Please bring this confirmation with you as well. You must take the Basic Civic Integration Examination in your country of origin or prolonged stay. What is a country of prolonged stay? A country of prolonged stay is the country where you reside and for which you have a residence permit for longer than three months.

My country of origin does not have a Dutch embassy, consulate or agency. Where can I then take the examination? How can I find out where that is?


If your country of origin does not have a Dutch embassy, consulate or agency, you can take the examination at the closest Dutch embassy, consulate or agency. Click here here for a list of Dutch embassies, consulates and agencies. You may need a visa for that country.

Please contact the Dutch embassy, consulate or agency where you want to take the examination. If you do not speak the language of this country, we advise you to bring an interpreter.

Questions about the result How will I find out the result? The result will be sent to your e-mail address. If you listed the e-mail address of your sponsor when registering, the result will also be sent to that e-mail address.

Welcome to Naar Nederland

If you took the examination after 1 November you will not have to repeat the entire examination. You can simply register for the parts you failed. If you took the examination before 1 November you will have to repeat the entire examination.

For how long will the result remain valid? Once you have passed all the parts of the Basic Civic Integration Examination, you have a year to apply for a temporary residence permit MVV. If you wait for longer than a year you will have to take the Basic Civic Integration Examination again.

I have failed; can I see my exam paper? The examination is a secret examination so it is not possible to see your answers.


How is the result determined? The examination comprises three parts, and you must pass all three to pass the Basic Civic Integration Examination. The Knowledge of Dutch Society and Reading parts are checked and assessed by a computer. The Speaking part is checked and assessed by a human.

Each examination part is awarded a mark between 1 and Marks are fail marks. Marks 6 and above are pass marks. How long will it take before I hear the result? DUO will send you your result as soon as possible, and always within 8 weeks.

Why does this take so long? I used to get the result on the same day. This means that the result is no longer available immediately. In the past a computer checked the entire examination.

Do I not get a certificate? You are not sent a certificate. Every pack includes the film on DVD, in Dutch and seven or eight support languages, including of course the language ordered. The DVDs are region-free. Alternatively, see the list here. You can also try both DVDs to determine which one gives the better picture and sound. Do I need a computer to use the practice exams in the self-study pack? So are the practice exams Reading and Speaking, which therefore familiarize you with the procedure of the examination itself.

Use the sample Reading exam to find out whether you can read Dutch well enough to pass the actual examination, and the sample Speaking exam to find out whether you can understand spoken Dutch and speak it well enough yourself to pass this part of the examination.

Both practice tests can be accessed at the website www. They are free to use and you can repeat them as often as you wish. How to take the practice tests: Select the test you wish take: Reading or Speaking. Read and listen to the instructions. Answer the questions. What do you need to take the practice test? This tells you how well you have done.

The computer is not able to assess the Spoken Language test and so no score is given. Will the questions in practice exams also be included in the real examination?

The questions in the practice exams are not used in the examination itself. Ages 2 up. Response to a Professional Reviews: The professional review does a good job in describing the essence of the way the author captures Holland. It is a good book for children to ask questions and then have their teacher tell them about a new culture. There is no white on a any of the pages. This book is so inviting not only to delve into the story but to delve right into Holland.

Evaluation of Literary Elements: I have not mastered the art of wordless picture books therefore I do not know if it is good compared to other wordless picture books however I found it to be interesting and entertaining. Consideration of Instructional Application: I will have the students stop and think if they can picture their hometown in their heads. Once I see that all the students are done thinking about it, I will have them create their own wordless picture books with telling the story of their hometowns.

Jan 24, Mehsi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Since this is a book without words, I will write this review in English, so that my friends here can also read it. This book, was stunning, beautiful, a true trip around my lovely country. I recognized a lot of things, and had fun finding things in all those illustrations. Illustrations about zoos, roads, cities.

It was so much fun to search and find things. I loved that a lot of the illustrations mixed old Dutch things with modern Dutch thing. That made the whole looking at illustrations more Since this is a book without words, I will write this review in English, so that my friends here can also read it.

That made the whole looking at illustrations more fun and wonderful. Like for example you would see an old Schoener but also motorboats. Also there are various things that you can keep finding in every illustrations. Like Black Pete Zwarte Piet , a balloon, a gnome and a whole lot more. I think I could keep looking and looking for days and still keep finding things. I would truly recommend this book.

With the book there is also a little booklet which explains and highlights some of the things in the book. So be sure to read that if it is included, and otherwise be sure to get the accompanying book that is also available. I've only been to Amsterdam so didn't recognize many of the places, but it was fun nonetheless.

Dematons has mixed current and historical vehicles, clothing, etc and included people and characters such as Van Gogh, Santa Claus, and Asterix and Obelix. More than one viewing of the book is ideal or even concentraging on a few pages at a time in order to take everything in.

This would be a good book to share with elementary aged children who have been to the Netherlands, who would like to learn about other countries, or who like seek-and-find books although liking Where's Waldo doesn't mean you'll like this book.

They may not recognize all that is included but the book can be a good conversation starter between an adult and child. Mickie said it best: Jun 11, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is a wordless picture book where even the endpapers become part of the pleasure.

The illustrations are full-bleed and very detailed. I like the how there is variety in the settings and seasons portrayed in the pictures from rural to urban, and floods to the bounty of summer.

Look for workers, vacationers, single people, families, animals, transportation, people reading, musicians, people in the hospital, bicycles, Dutch art, modern buildings, h This USBBY OIB book is a bit of an eye spy! Look for workers, vacationers, single people, families, animals, transportation, people reading, musicians, people in the hospital, bicycles, Dutch art, modern buildings, historical structures, multi-car pileups, smog, fireworks, and tulips.

This book is a great cultural study. Apr 16, Geri Hoekzema rated it it was amazing. Since this is a picture book without words, there's no actual reading involved.

I found it on the New Books shelf on the kids' floor. The pictures are gorgeous; the scenes look exactly the way I remember certain places in Holland, especially the pictures of the village by the North Sea I imagine that the Frisian town where one of my grandparents came from looks a little like it and the center of Amsterdam.

A wordless book exploring Holland and classic Dutch art. There's so much to see and enjoy that I spent probably half an hour with this book. It mixed history with the modern world, conveying humor and inciting curiosity. Some of my favorite finds: Dec 03, Lorna rated it liked it Shelves: Amazingly detailed illustrations in this wordless book depict everyday life in Holland. Not having been to Holland I craved context for what I was seeing through a descriptive text.

Some kids might enjoy pouring over the illustrations on re-readings, and it would be perfect for those with knowledge of Holland. Idyllic landscapes and lively urban centers fill this wordless book about the Netherlands. Each image has a painted look, some of which are reminiscent of dutch landscape paintings. There is a search-and-find element, but the book fails to point out that the seven images on the back are what we should look for.

As there is no story, the book is purely for the enjoyment of the eyes. Amy Gons. Anyone who has been to Holland will recognize all the things that make this country special from its gabled houses to its seaside culture to it windmilled agriculture in this beautifully illustrated, and incredibly detailed picture book.

It is entirely wordless except for the various advertisements and street signs included in the two page spread pictures. Nov 18, Holly Mueller rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved that I had visited The Netherlands before so I could recognize some of the images. Gorgeous scenes of Dutch culture, seasons, landscapes, architecture, etc. The only thing preventing me from giving it 5 stars is that I wanted descriptions of each scene in the back of the book.

The accumulation of detail, and the juxtaposition of the modern and the historical make this a fascinating book to pour over. I love the windows of the apartments and houses, the glimpses of tidy Dutch lives. I want to go! Bold, intricate illustrations of every day life in the Netherlands introduce young readers to this vibrant country. Readers will pour over the images looking for details they missed on a first, second, or third viewing. Love this book. Als je dit boek goed leest en begrijpt, kun je ermee slagen voor je toets KNS.

Dit is het eerste boek dat we kochten toen mijn vriend moest inburgeren. Maar hij kon nog geen Nederlands. We zijn er wel mee begonnen maar ik moest wel alles eerst in het Engels vertalen wat onhandig is. We gaan het hele pakket dus maar aanschaffen. We zijn in een paar dagen al wel tot en met les 4 gekomen en als dit boek uit is kan hij al wel veel over Nederland weten.

De filmpjes die er bij horen hebben we dus ook bekeken. Het boek voldoet prima maar het is een pril begin. We gaan dus tegelijk de woordenlijst achter in het boek uit ons, of liever in zijn hoofd zien te krijgen. Ik leer er zelf ook nog wel dingen uit en ook over hoe je de dingen aan een buitenlander uitlegt. We moeten er soms ook om lachen.

We gaan dus vrolijk verder tot aan het examen!! The book is great, except that the answers and wordlist is not available, for that the publisher wants you to but the CD Rom which costs you more money. Welkom in Nederland is voor iedereen die hier komt wonen. Dit zou geschreven moeten zijn zonder rekening te houden met de achtergrond of cultuur van de gebruiker. Dit boek gaat niet altijd uit van Nederland en de Nederlandse normen en waarden.

Maar geeft soms de indruk hoe je die als buitenlander zou moeten ervaren en uitdrukken. Hypotheekrente-aftrek en hoe vaak en hoe we elkaar kussen: Geen idee! Het boek geeft wel een helder beeld van ons rechtssysteem en de woordenlijsten zijn prima, hoewel een verklarende woordenlijst prettig zou zijn die heb ik zelf gemaakt.

Verder is het jammer dat de filmpjes niet altijd te zien zijn omdat die verhuisd zijn naar ETV. Onvindbaar dus. Een prima boek verder en ik gebruik het met plezier en humor. Deze boek is geweldig en duidelijk. Ook veel informatie over werken in Nederland!

Voor iedereen die nieuw is in Nederland en die de Nederlandse taal moeten leren. Het boek is duidelijk en overzichtelijk, met oefeningen voor het taalexamen inburgering op A2 niveau. Alle examenvakken komen aan de orde, lezen, luisteren, spreken, schrijven en KNM. Een duidelijk en mooi uitgevoerd boek dat veel informatie biedt over de Nederlandse maatschappij, aan de hand van 10 belangrijke thema's.

Dit is een goede manier om als Taalcoach onze taal aan anderstaligen te leren en om tegelijkertijd ons land beter te leren kennen.

Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. Het is echter in een enkel geval mogelijk dat door omstandigheden de bezorging vertraagd is. Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling.

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Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en andere heffingen en exclusief eventuele verzendkosten en servicekosten. Marilene Gathier. E-mail deze pagina. Boek omdraaien. Bekijk video. Marilene Gathier Gathier, Marilene.Toen ik het boek had geleend, bleek dit boek alleen uit plaatjes en een extra notitieboekje te bestaan. Marilene Gathier. The program starts as soon as a screen appears that shows an introductory film about language selection.

Geschreven bij Welkom in Nederland. Now try to restart the program.