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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Whenever I ask for BDSM recommendations , I am told the Yep, I finished reading Cherise Sinclair's My Liege of Dark Haven.” ~ You Gotta Read Reviews [ Reprint ] Threatened by university cutbacks, . Rather than enjoying a fine PDF next a mug of coffee in the afternoon, then again they juggled like some harmful virus inside their computer. my liege of dark. My Liege of Dark Haven book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Threatened by university cutbacks, Professor Abigail Bern's.

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My Liege Of Dark Haven Mountain Masters Dark Haven Book 3 English Edition - [ FREE] MY. LIEGE OF DARK HAVEN MOUNTAIN MASTERS DARK HAVEN. Read "My Liege of Dark Haven" by Cherise Sinclair available from Rakuten Kobo . Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. “Deep breath, contented sigh. My Liege Of Dark Haven () About book: Like all Sinclair's books, this was a liege of dark haven mountain masters and 3 cherise sinclair as PDF for free at .

Although she would drive him to the airport tomorrow, he was already gone from her life. Her breathing hitched at the emptiness in her chest. His need to tie her up, call her names, order her around. His need to have his precious BDSM in the bedroom. They could try again. Shaking her head, she looked down at herself, and her spirits lifted. I look hot. All in black.

The corset pushed up her ample breasts and yanked in her thick waist; the skirt hid her wide hips, creating a Barbie figure—well, if Barbie were a size sixteen and a Domme.

Besides, going into a BDSM club looking like a…a victim would be stupid. I might not be gorgeous, but smart? Oh yeah. She headed for the building, anxiety mingling with determination and…okay, maybe a little excitement as well. Here goes. She pulled the door open and— A woman barged out, knocking Abby backward. Please, please, please.

Yeah, what the fuck good is that? Xavier time? Was that a technique or a machine or what? She detoured around the man, entered the club, and faced a bulletin board with a huge calendar in the center. Various events were penciled into the squares with yarn running out to surrounding flyers. A tea for Dommes. A furry barbecue—which sounded just wrong. What did a party for littles involve? Like an ad for cuteness, a slender young man in bright-red running shorts and a matching red collar stood behind an L-shaped reception desk.

He patted a device that resembled a credit card reader. Swipe your membership card right here, please. I loved every single moment of this book! Sinclair is simply the best in the business. I can see why so many authors in the genre look up to her and rush to read her latest releases as readers do. Not only does she come up with the most unique and erotic sexual experiences in her books, but she also has the emotion to back it up.

Each color of paint stands for a sexual favor i. Yeah, I know. Cruel, but unbelievably sexy, right? But wait! Of course, toys are a must! But I think Sinclair manages to keep things fresh without having the sex seem over the top. It takes a lot of talent and hard work to maintain such high consistency in a series but Cherise Sinclair seems to hit it right every time.

Simply put, Sinclair will thrill and excite you. I'm not going to rehash the blurb or tell you what happens in the story.

If you want to find that out go read it yourselves. I'm not going to wax poetic about Xavier or sound out in sympathy for Abby's abusive past. I'm not going to talk about real vs. Because, flatly, those are either assumed or a given at this point in my love affair with Cherise. I decided, instead, to focus on why Cherise Sinclair is such a Master at creating fantastic, fabulous, and addictive st I'm not going to rehash the blurb or tell you what happens in the story.

I decided, instead, to focus on why Cherise Sinclair is such a Master at creating fantastic, fabulous, and addictive stories. Or my version of why anyway. The first thing is characters - her books have them in spades.

From the main couple to all the extras - you cannot help wanting to know more about them. Every exploration leads down a different path - and when you finish the books there will ALWAYS be another couple or person you cannot wait to read about in the future. Cherise is clever - building interest in and addiction to the future story as well as the one you're clicking on at the time. Secondly is the communication. Again with more than the MC's. It is ALL.

This is IT for me and reading her books. Nobody's perfect - but it is what they say, how they say it, how they overcome obstacles that engages me so divinely. The way Xavier handles other subs and other Dom's, the way deVries communicates, the way Abby does. It is all there - each one an individual and not a copy of the other. People who really truly write good dialogue are not that common.

The pregnant pauses, the little intonations that let you feel what it would be like to be in the scene, the words chosen. Lastly it is all about the Consistency. Her characters start the way they finish - generally no TSTL or uber alpha assholes need apply.

Yes it's fiction. Yes it is set in a Club that is, in all likelihood, not represented anywhere in reality. Yes in spite of some flaws the characters are larger than life. However none of that matters. It's not the setting. At least not to me. It is that the voice stays the same, there is no grating, no puzzling, no worry that any she's going to jump ship. Work goes on in her novels - character work of the highest order.

People struggle a bit. Things aren't as perfect as they seem. Yet you know, in the end, they'll find the formula that works and you will end with a big smile on your face. In general by about the time I hit 5 or 6 in an author's books I start to lose interest. I might put the book down after starting, wait for the PB version to arrive, or just put it on the TBR forever.

NOT with Sinclair. Everything else goes FULL. Flatly I don't care if Shadowlands or Dark Haven would ever exist in reality - as long as she keeps them alive in my mind through her phenomenal writing I'm a very happy girl. Jan 03, Nikki Sex rated it it was amazing Shelves: Who wouldn't LOVE a sadist? As much as I love a story set in a BDSM club environment, I do like to see people engage in a normal lifestyle outside a club.

Our heroine, Lindsey has a secret, and you finally find out what it is in this book. Other Dark Haven characters make an appearance too and it's fun to catch up. As per usual, Cherise Sinclair writes a great book. View all 3 comments. Sep 02, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Abby and Xavier Absolutely loved this book. Sincalir is the master heh at writing BDSM. At the beginning of the book Cherise Sinclair has a foreword: Xavier Leduc has shied away from a serious relationship ever since his wife died.

She had started as his slave but that quickly developed into love.

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He has had a hole in his heart ever since and has no deserve to see it filled. Over time, the memory of his wife has become harder and harder to hold on to. To keep himself from become too serious over one person he spreads himself out. He is very well-known for having several women at a time- a slave in training at home, a sub at the club and eye candy to take out to social events. Every sub at the club wants to be topped by Xavier but he never takes one to keep.

Abigail Berns is under the gun to be published. Recent cutbacks at her university have forced her to find a way to get something written and get it written fast.

Each time they make the attempt she freezes up and he gets angry at her. She thinks that if she learns more about the culture maybe she will be able to provide him with what he needs. He has taken a teacher position elsewhere for the summer so this is her opportunity to write her paper and learn at the same time.

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When Abby first arrives at Dark Haven she is dismayed to find she either has to be a member or sponsored by a member to get in to the club. After the current receptionist quits her job, for not being allowed personal time with Xavier, Abby is hired on to replace her.

Being a school teacher makes Abby an orginization freak and perfect for the job. Plus it allows her to wave the fees and get entrance to the club immediately. Xavier is surprised to see a new receptionist and a very appealing one. After running through a demonstration on the proper use of nipple clamps he sits down to talk to her. He quickly learns that he is drawn to her. She is extremely smart but new to the lifestyle.

First, let me get my fangirl moment out of the way. With this book, I now have 12 of her books on my kindle. Everything is new, fresh and oh so clever. Each time I read a book of hers I feel like it is the first one. Some authors have a pattern that can get to be old when you have read so many books from them. Not with Ms. Each book is different. Her characters are extremely likable. He is very solid, sexy and dominant. He never promises a woman something he is not willing to give.

I love the calmness he displayed in this book. He was always honest to himself and her. Abby was a very interesting and appealing character also.

She is a total brainiac. She had her doctorate at 22 and has always been smarter than most people. In order to distance herself from scenes she falls back into her own head and keeps her focus there. She treats everything with a clinical-like eye which keeps her from becoming emotionally involved with what is actually happening to her. Xavier is forced to work extra hard to engage her.

Abby has difficulty expressing her emotions because of childhood trauma. Also Abby has a step-sister that is a total bitch. There are two major conflicts in the book one being that Abby is in the club under the pretense of learning BDSM but she is really studying everyone for her paper. When that information is revealed everyone is angry and betrayed. In order to make amends Abby must take two separate punishments from everyone in the club.

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The punishments are brutal and a bit painful to read. The betrayal is made less by the fact that Abby was only studying their family like dynamics in order to portray the culture in a better light.

Abby is hurt very badly and Xavier is left to make some serious amends. The best. The hottest.

The most creative. That is all. As with all other Cherise Sinclair books I absolutely loved this one. She writes about as true to the lifestyle as what I can tell and she is extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend this book and any of her other books to everyone looking for good erotic romance stories. Favorite Quote: When he was deep inside her, joined in the most intimate way possible, he reached up and cupped her cheek. Never think otherwise.

March 15 to 17, Before staring to say something about the book I want to thank Maru for suggesting we buddy-read this series and for getting me out of my reading and emotional funk: D This is me after finishing this series and especially this book Oh my goodness! I loved this book! It's just I am speechless! Ms Sinclair surpassed herself! Besides gushing like a crazy woman I don't know if I have anything intelligent to say Xavier Leduc is the hero 2nd read August 4 to 5, 1st read: Xavier Leduc is the hero of this book, and when I say hero I really mean it!

He's my favorite male character this year! He's compassionate, hot, understanding, intelligent, sexy, strong and the list goes on. She's sweet, an animal lover, caring and wants to solve everyone's problems, at the risk of her well-being.

This would all have been good if she weren't revealed as an observer of the club who wants to write about them. Everything goes up in the air after that I'll let you guys imagine and read what happens next. All in all this was a perfect book and I know I will re-read it often.

Nov 15, Naomi Ashwood rated it it was ok. Im sorry, there NO way I can give this any better rating. The sex scenes are cool but the characters and the general stories are L. Jesus H Christ, spare me! All these books are the same. Big tough dom, little meek sub with all these emotional problems. The secret to solving these problems- calling some douche 'master', 'sir', or 'liege' and getting your ass beat interspers Im sorry, there NO way I can give this any better rating.

The secret to solving these problems- calling some douche 'master', 'sir', or 'liege' and getting your ass beat interspersed with orgasms. I would laugh my ass off if I was messing around with someone who wanted me to call him "sir" or "master". The little proposal scene was nice, then she ruined it with being collared. As I sat there reading my mind was saying "wait for it, wait for it I wonder if all these authors get together over wine and discuss using the same formula for their books.

If you are looking for entertaining sex scenes only, this is the book for you. However, if you are looking for an original story and unforgettable characters, keep on looking because you will be sorely disappointed. Aug 16, Sassafrass rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh, Xavier!

How much more yummy could you possibly be?!?! He just melted me in a puddle of goo! Let's just see While he was deep inside her, joined in the most intimate way possible, he reached up and cupped her cheek. Even as she realized his gaze hadn't once moved from her face, he said softly, "I see you, Abby. LOL Cherise Sinclair is a total autobuy for me, and she keeps proving herself time and time again.

I really liked this one, but I took a star off because of the one incident that took place in the book. I'm not big on public humiliation, the spanking with the paddle where everyone in the club got a chance to smack her ass I could have went with, but view spoiler [ putting her on a dildo machine and letting everyone in the club have a go at controlling it, seemed WAY over the line for what she actually did. View all 13 comments. Aug 02, Classegal rated it it was amazing.

Cherise Sinclair is by far one of my favorites. I've already been stalking amazon for an automatic download to my kindle. Shadow's review posted on Guilty Pleasures How do you define a great book?

Is it one that makes you want to read it again as soon as you are finished? One that makes you think and makes you feel? Or one that makes you want to know the characters personally? Could it be one with a great plot, hot sex, and that keeps you turning the pages until you are done? The characters are sympathetic-people you would really like to know.

Abby, a college sociology professor has just broken up with her boyfriend because he wants to do more BDSM with her and she cannot bring herself to submit to him. She is also under fire at work because of cutbacks and needs to have a paper published. Dismayed by the lengthy process to become a member, she volunteers to be a receptionist for the club.

He keeps his women in compartments-staff at the club, slaves at home to train for other masters, and social dates. It is his personal power and strength that have led him to be addressed as My Liege. With Abby, he quickly finds himself blurring the lines of the compartments and she moves in with him. But can their relationship survive the discovery that she came to the club to write a paper?

I adored Xavier. He is strong, yet vulnerable, adheres to a strict code of conduct for Doms and subs, but is still compassionate. He helps Abby raise a litter of orphaned pups from the shelter, his business involves finding jobs for women who have been victims of domestic violence, and he was a devoted husband to his late wife. Abby is also a compassionate, caring woman, with a number of vulnerabilities from her past as well as a poor self image about her body.

She is incredibly smart, loves to help others, and is someone you would really like to become your friend. The author introduces chemical play in this book, as Xavier takes Abby beyond her normal boundaries. There is also role-playing My Liege is a great pirate , and we visit some of the characters from the previous books in the series.

This was an awesome read, one I can recommend without hesitation to anyone who is willing to read about BDSM. It will be hard to wait for Ms.

No matter how many times you read it, My Liege of Dark Haven is sure to delight with sensual romance, humor, electric explorations and scorching heat that'll deliver shivers of the most delicious variety. The quick of it is that Abby has kind of infiltrated the club in an effort to research BDSM for a paper she's doing and, well, she gets herself way more than she bargained for when she catches the eye of the club's owner and gets an up close and personal lesson of the dos and don'ts of the lifestyle.

Lots of sexy goodness ensue! Just like the first time, I loved these two.

My Liege is seriously lickable with his alpha male Dom ways. He'll totally make you catch your breath and hold you in his spell. And Abby I loved her open reactions and the humor in her. They were fabulous together. Bringing out the best qualities and soothing the damaged ones. The heat. Good Lord. Total make-you-pant-and-beg-for-more goodness.

It's nicely kinked out for those that love the genre and enjoy exploring new kinks or equipment chemical play, fucking machines, or sex war games.

But it's also totally works for those who are new to the genre and curious. It's hot and intense but not overwhelming I don't think and is all handled in an amazing way. Definitely one of the best BDSM reads out there. Many bits are in a club or group setting but scenes are so wonderfully intimate too. The secondary characters are amazing too! The whole atmosphere and family they've created with the kink club gives me the warm fuzzies.

I would totally be friends with this group and get a little giddy getting to spend time with them. My only real complaint, once again, is that there's an issue with her hateful sister and when the final showdown happened I wanted more of a smack down and a come to Jesus moment for the tart.

All in all, a deliciously sexy treat from Sinclair!

Sexy, sensual and romantic--it'll make you swoon! Aug 30, Kym Grosso rated it it was amazing. This is a terrific book! The story begins with Abigail, a college professor, who needs to "publish or perish".

As part of her research, she decides to apply for a receptionist job at Dark Haven BDSM club, where her boss, Xavier informs her that part of her duties are to "assist" him in demonstrations. As part of her research, she observes but is also forced to participate as that is a condition of her employment.

While Abigail believes she is a dominant, Xavier has her submitting to him within m This is a terrific book! While Abigail believes she is a dominant, Xavier has her submitting to him within minutes of meeting him.

And Abigail starts to realize that she enjoys some of the sweet torture that the lifestyle can provide her. Xavier is very dominant but in a caring way and demonstrates and articulates that he is interested in pleasuring his subs, which made him a very likable Dom.

For me, as a reader, I find it hard to read about Doms that are sadists, and Xavier is not this way. Abigail was also a very likable character in that she wasn't submissive outside the bedroom. Sure she had issues expressing her feelings and let her step sister push her around, but she was very intelligent and a caring person.

I also loved the puppies as well as her witty conversations with Xavier. I really dislike reading books where the woman is a total pushover or decides to be a slave.

I know some people may be into that, but for me, it's a turnoff.. And this did not disappoint. What I also liked was the strong chemistry and romance between the two characters. It was hard to read how he treated her at times, given that his wife died, the progression of their relationship was completely believable.

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Now that punishment scene was a little intense I liked the funishment part of it though. Can honestly say that I have never read about that before! Readers should know that yes, oh, yes And in a very good way!

And whether you like the Doms or subs, punishments, sex scenes, she always promises an incredible journey. This book is an awesome erotic BDSM romance.

The story kicks off with professor Abigail Bern joining the local BDSM club, DARK HAVEN, in hopes of learning more abt the tightly-knitted community to pen down a thesis that could possibly save her job and maybe save her broken relationship with her ex,who happens to be a member of the exclusive club as well.

BDSM techniques and punishments are approached quiet clinically and painfully by the reader,giving us a taste on how exactly the relationship works LOL ; View all 5 comments. This Author is my absolute go to when I have that urge for a bit of sparkly indulgent kink! Her writing is brilliantly flawless in this genre, bringing to life her story with such intensity and making the journey so very vivid that you get under the skin of her characters.

The story of Xavier a This Author is my absolute go to when I have that urge for a bit of sparkly indulgent kink! The story of Xavier and Abby is ultimately a beautiful romance. Both characters have not only got a troubled past but present too. Each of them feeling lonely and lost yet not necessarily consciously admitting to this. They have erected walls around themselves in order to live day to day suppressing their ultimate needs and wants.

Abby is an intelligent, sweet and very insecure woman. Unbeknownst to Abby she enters a world she was meant to be in but with little to no knowledge of BDSM she is immediately noticed by the Liege of Dark Haven; Xavier who is not only a gorgeous dominant but the owner. Their journey begins from a simple misunderstanding and ends up changing their lives.

This story has romance, passion, true emotional moments, amazing characters and it has the trademark Cherise humour! Mar 08, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh My Liege, What you do to me Wow, this was a hot one! Abby and Xavier. Abby is a professor at a local college who is in danger of loosing her position because she need to get published and quickly!

Xavier is the owner of the local BDSM club and a super Dom with enough charisma to light up a major city. Abby decides to go undercover and get the data she needs to write an innocent little paper.

What could go wrong? Abby is a young woman who is extremely intelligent. She graduated high school Oh My Liege, What you do to me She graduated high school at 16 and was always the youngest in her group of peers. She is highly reluctant and finds herself not trusting her partner. But she is curious and this is what brings her to Dark Haven. He is all brawn and stark beauty. Abby finds herself insanely attracted to him but her insecurities plague her.

Xavier has played matchmaker for others but is not in the market for love. His wife died several years prior and he has vowed never to love again.

When Abby walks in trying to be brave but shaking on the inside he finds her strangely intriguing. Jan 28, Gigi rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a fun hetro read for me. Hot and steamy BDSM action, heavy on the angst. The public sex part is a bit hard for me to take, but the two MCs in this book take it private about half way through the story, thank goodness. Jan 01, Kelly rated it it was amazing.

Well that was yummy. And educational. My first Cherise Sinclair book and I loved it. Finally a smart BDSM novel. I have no idea what living that lifestyle is like and I have no interest in trying it but I enjoyed reading about it. The Hero and heroine and the characters surrounding them held my interest from the beginning. I can't wait to read more from this author. Aug 28, Shari rated it it was amazing. I love when I pick up a book and it evokes tons of emotions throughout the entire experience.

Being a huge fan of Cherise Sinclair, I expected no different when I started this book. Some of my emotions at the end of the book were hard for me to explain and deal with, but after sometime I think I have then under control and hopefully can explain them to you. This will be a long review, so pull up a chair and let's discuss it! Professor Abigail Bern, Abby, needs to get published to retain her job a I love when I pick up a book and it evokes tons of emotions throughout the entire experience.

Professor Abigail Bern, Abby, needs to get published to retain her job at the college she teaches classes at. She is dating a fellow professor, Nathan, who is spending the summer at another university teaching. Extremely smart, she graduated early from both high school and college. Her father has passed away, her mother remarried to a man with his own daughter and her mother and stepfather also have a child together. Abby's father's passing has left some scars but I wouldn't say they were deep, but they did cause a few issues.

The biggest problem in this arrangement is Abby's stepsister, who steals and sleeps with all of Abby's boyfriends. So the night before Nathan is supposed to leave, he once again tries to bring Abby into his BDSM world and she immediately freezes up causing Nathan to break up with her while keeping her as a friend.

As they are leaving for the airport, Nathan makes this statement that right away set my hackles up to beat him down! My sweet slut! Oh, no he didn't! But in the context it was said here, I just could not swallow him calling her a slut when she had never really been his submissive.

I am not fond of the word slut. I will be honest. Here it wasn't in my opinion. And I suspect this is the emotion Cherise was hoping I would have Nathan has hinted there are cutbacks coming and Abby was on the chopping block if she couldn't get published. A side benefit she hopes is finding a way to accept the dominance that Nathan needs in the relationship. Off she goes to Dark Haven only to find out you have to be a member and membership fees are out of her budget.

Lucky for her the receptionist has quit because she isn't getting any time with My Liege, the owner of Dark Haven. Being a teacher, she whips up the desk in an organized fashion and strikes a deal with My Liege to spend a few hours in reception and a few hours in the club. But really she doesn't understand what she agreed too.

He has shown up in the anthologies, The Doms of Dark Haven, both book 1 and 2. You don't need to read those books to understand this story, but if you want more Xavier Xavier's world revolved around his late wife, who was also his slave.

When she dies, he keeps a distance to all other women, protecting his heart. This doesn't mean he is cold or unemotional, he just knows what he wants and it isn't another long term relationship. It isn't uncommon for him to have a slave in training at home, a submissive in training at the club and the beautiful poised model on his arm when he goes out. But none of these women touch his heart and he always hands them off to their new dominant when the time has come without looking back.

Oh Abby Xavier later explains that the receptionist job isn't just being a receptionist. She is expected to participate in demonstrations of any other activity that Xavier wishes her too. This surprises Abby, but she often gets lost in her mind avoiding the activity going on to her.

What we see is Abby's intellect crunching what she is learning.It had been a ghastly week. View all 4 comments. She was even able to get in a rather clever reference to her Shadowlands series. I'm not big on public humiliation, the spanking with the paddle where everyone in the club got a chance to smack her ass I could have went with, but view spoiler [ putting her on a dildo machine and letting everyone in the club have a go at controlling it, seemed WAY over the line for what she actually did.

Oh, no he didn't! Im sorry, there NO way I can give this any better rating. How much more yummy could you possibly be?!?!