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La settima onda (Le ho mai raccontato del vento del Nord Vol. 2) (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Daniel Glattauer, L. Basiglini. Download it once and read it. Le ho mai raccontato del vento del Nord (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Daniel Glattauer, L. Basiglini. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device , PC. La settima onda (Le ho mai raccontato del vento del Nord Vol. 2) (Italian Edition) eBook: Daniel Glattauer, L. Basiglini: Kindle-Shop.

Le Ho Mai Raccontato Del Vento Del Nord Ebook

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Le ho mai raccontato del vento del nord book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Un'email all'indirizzo sbagliato e tra d. Candys Does anyone still have the epub or any electronic version of this book? flag .. Questo libro è il seguito de "Le ho mai raccontato del vento del nord?. Daniel Glattauer, "Le ho mai raccontato del vento del Nord". – e-book. Lettura: 20 aprile Il mio voto: Chi ha mai detto che il romanzo.

Anyone who would even try to write a 'romance' with those elements would be a laughable author, at best. Try this A. Bratt "Possession" , instead.

Stay authentic! I met the father of my son 14 years ago this very same way. And let me tell you it is very authentic, it was very romantic, we wrote to each other for 3 years, long emails, letters and phone calls. Romanticism can perfectly lives within virtual electronic ways, rest assured.

Is Daniel Glattauer a "laughable" author? Absolutely not! He is a genius. If you're trying to offload more copies of your rag which, let's face it, is gradually going down the drain, I regret to inform you that I'm not going to pay another cent! Best Wishes, E. Rothner It didn't take me long to be hooked, the third email from Emmi's just set the tone of what would be one of the most brilliant and clever dialogues I have ever read between two people.

It was just like reading over Emmi and Leo' shoulders, witnessing their mutual discovery of each other. Leo had me with his first one I quickly fell in love with his character. You've sent your message to the wrong address. This is a private one : woerter leike.

You want woerter like. You're the third person who's sent me an email trying to cancel their subscription.

It must be really a shocking magazine. They both pretty quickly develop feelings toward each other without really crossing a virtual line, Emmi is a "happily married" woman after all Emmi, you can't stop talking about sex. It's pathological!

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But that doesn't stop her staking claim of her virtual soulmate She just can't stop herself, it was really comical AND sad considering the situation If I am indeed somebody's chosen "second voice" then I should also have the right to judge wether it's appropriate when, how, with, whom and how often that person has sex. The whole book is written in email format, no narration at all. I just completely overlooked the fact that no descriptions to their surroundings where given, focusing on their exchange, waiting for one of them to feed me crumbs about their lives.

Che le tenevo a fare? Era questo il bello!

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Peccato che Lei abbia voluto impacchettare la storia con una carta da regalo surreale. Dai, Glattauer, ammettilo, ti sei mantenuto troppo sulla favola. Invece tu hai voluto forzare la mano. E la trovata dell'amica di lei? Vogliamo parlarne? Adesso tu dirai, caro il mio Sig. Qua ti sbagli.

Unica nota di merito: Ti do tre stelline per lo stile. Scrivi bene. Una maestra, nella tua pagella potrebbe scrivere: View all 6 comments.

This book was frustrating as fuck. This one reminded me that books where the focus is on the lovestory - or even worse: Two stars, one for the interesting style: View all 12 comments.

Le doy 2 estrellas que corresponden a: Bien cortante, real y muy original! View all 8 comments. No me anoto a la 2 entrega. Feb 23, Ily rated it it was ok. Parola del mese di febbraio Ho trovato alcune parti un poco melense, molte supposizioni e ripensamenti che dopo un po' stancano per fortuna le pagine sono solo ! It was an interesting premise, but extremely predictable Is love more authentic this way?

Less based on physical traits? More likely to last a lifetime? The potential for this book was great, but the execution failed to live up to it. Afaf Ammar. View 1 comment. Die ersten Seiten waren der Hammer! Die darauffolgenden 50 Seiten waren immerhin noch fesselnd, aber vom Inhalt nur noch in Ordnung.

Die restlichen Seiten waren grausam, denn das Buch besteht aus einem einzigen hin und her. Beide Protagonisten widersprechen sich am laufenden Band. Jedenfalls kam das bei mir so an. Ob ich den Folgeband lesen will? A oportunidade surgiu um ano depois e foi com muitas expectativas que iniciei a leitura deste livro. O livro parecia ser muito giro, divertido e diferente, pelo facto de ser escrito em emails. O mal entendido depressa se desfaz mas um email a desejar boas festas faz com que Emmi e Leo iniciem uma amizade.

Do Leo, gostei do sarcasmo e humor.

View all 4 comments. This book is a disappointment: An email being sent to the wrong person. It was even cute for a while. The whole back and forth thing. The language was a bit too formal, but it was cute nevertheless.

It got ut This book is a disappointment: It got utterly annoying. Leo was really trying but Emmi was just really: The fact that they never ever got to meet each other made me groaned in frustration. I cursed at Emmi more and more throughout the book.

I was wondering how it'd end and the bomb just dropped on me like tomorrow doesn't exist. Let's just put it this way I hate Emmi and I hope Leo found himself a better woman.

He deserves a happy life, and more. I never thought a book could exhaust me this way.

I am emotionally and mentally drained. Pude entenderle bien. Si pueden adquirir esto por internet, tenerlo como un ebook, se los recomiendo. I experienced having an email guy friend when I was on my teen years and yes we had fun, we both like each other but the friendship did not last because I got tired of doing the email thing to the point that I dont know the password of my email anymore!

N'way, about this book that took me ages to finish. I just kinda have a love hate thing with it. Emmi Rothner irritates me.

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I hate her excuses, sarcasm and whatsoever! I think she deserves the sad yet funny part of the book Y-E-S!!!! Tha I experienced having an email guy friend when I was on my teen years and yes we had fun, we both like each other but the friendship did not last because I got tired of doing the email thing to the point that I dont know the password of my email anymore!

Thank you Leo Lieke for that blow!!!

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After all this time!!! All in all this book was sort of boring on some parts that's why I almost wanna give up reading this but I gave it a chance and now I'm soooo happy I'm done with it.

I hate her! A tie ich rozhovory. View all 3 comments. Ras i curt: No cal que l'agafeu, ja he perdut jo el temps. View all 5 comments. Sep 03, Maura Gancitano rated it it was ok. I decided to stop reading it.

Found it boring and repetitive. It also reminded me of all that time I myself spent on virtual flirting. Repetitive, and not a satisfying ending whatsoever I enjoyed the writing style though. Isto acontece na vida real, mais vezes e com mais intensidade do que as pessoas possam imaginar. Simplesmente detestei aquele final!

Deixar o leitor menos pendurado? Jun 23, Rosaria Sgarlata rated it it was ok Shelves: Tra Emmi e Leo si instaura un'amicizia virtuale. Il rapporto epistolare tra i due sembra avere i presupposti per non evolversi ma come si sa, al destino non si comanda.

Se non fosse stato per una lettera in una mail e per una rivista chiamata Like, forse i due non si sarebbero mai "incontrati".The whole back and forth thing. After all this time!!! Nicht, dass man erst nach ca. I love to experience every little details personally, which is why I often overlook a blurb and try not to read reviews beforehand. Get A Copy. More Details Emmi Rothner irritates me.