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Read Jungle Girl comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Born Jana Sky-Born, she is the protector, and also inhabitant, of an island stocked full of dangerous beast and dinosaurs. Taking the name Jungle Girl, Jana has. Jungle Girl is a fictional comic book character that appears in books published by Dynamite Entertainment. Jungle Girl ran for two miniseries of 5 issues each.

Jungle Girl Comic Book

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Jungle Girl is published by Dynamite Entertainment. Price per issue is $ Contents[show] Publication Dates Last Issue Jungle Girl Season 3 #3: 24 Jun Format: Comic Book Rights: WW Dynamite proudly presents "Frank Cho's Jungle Girl"! Co-Plotted and overseen by Frank Cho, and scripted by Doug Murray and. An extremely Limited Edition Jungle Girl statue based on the work of comics This rare variant edition of the Women of Dynamite: Jungle Girl statue comes.

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In addition to being a cornerstone of the pulp adventure genre, The Phantom is also credited as the first character to wear the brightly colored, skin-tight suits that would become the trademark of the superhero genre.

Initially created in for a short-lived series of pulp magazines, Ka-Zar was then published alongside the Human Torch and Namor, the Sub-Mariner in Marvel Comics 1 from Timely Comics before disappearing. Flash-forward to , and a character named Ka-Zar is again gracing the pages of comic books, but in the tenth issue of a strange new series called The X-Men, from the company that Timely became, Marvel Comics.

And luckily, the second one is a lot more interesting: He fights dinosaurs.

Kevin Plunder is the second Ka-Zar, son of Lord Robert Plunder, the British noble and explorer that discovered the Savage Land, a preserved prehistoric jungle hidden away in Antarctica. Her origin was standard jungle hero fare: her parents were killed on a safari and she was raised by an African tribe and then became Queen of the Jungle.

Makes sense. Sheena has had sporadic series over the years, and is currently being published by Dynamite Entertainment, most recently in a series called Lords of the Jungle that she co-stars in with Tarzan.

At first Congo Bill was just a thinly-veiled rip-off of Jungle Jim, but after almost twenty years of stories, he became an actual gorilla.

Is such blatant "copying" common in comics in general, despite different story beats being obvious and easy to make? I'm not a huge comic book reader and due to my preference I tend to gravitate toward comics that have a female protagonist, is not about a super-hero, have some action and is not in a current-day setting.

Combining all four things is pretty darn rare even something like Red Sonja went current day So Jungle Girl-type comics was something I dabbled in. The more I read, the more I'm wondering why they nearly all seemingly use a near-identical plotline.

Always range between WW2 and current day. Allocations may occur.

Lead by the mysterious warrior named Captain He is the creation of Scottish author and physician Arthur A Planetary Romance, X-Men: All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy.The antagonist of the second series is seemingly found just as randomly. Share Tweet Comment. Jana is familiar with most of the plant and animal species in the jungle and is fully aware of what they can do.

The strip enjoyed an impressive run, producing over four decades of daily strips, and nearly seven decades of Sundays. Maybe a variation during pirates or the exploration age: it'd actually fit a lot better than current day and make more sense.

Cho continued working on Jungle Girl with the announcement of a third series with Dynamite Entertainment. Or so he dreams.


The jungle is populated by dinosaurs , prehistoric beasts, and cavemen. Jana the Jungle Girl races to save a group of intruders into this strange land - a land filled with dinosaurs, prehistoric men and much, much more!