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Also included as a sale item is the Digital Rulebook available free as a PDF: https :// AD, the AD logo, Judge Dredd, the Judge Dredd logo and comic book imagery are This rules primer provides all the basic rules for the Judge Dredd miniatures game, With the Judge Dredd miniatures game rulebook, you. Judge Dredd Minis Rulebook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Pdf

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Judge Dredd Miniatures Game PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Note: Mongoose Publishing initially made available a pg 14mb PDF rulebook for the game free. The current version of the rulebook is not. We have just posted the full version of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game on Wargame Vault, for completely free download. This rulebook will.

These two actions must be performed at this time and you are not allowed to hold an action in reserve to be used later in the same turn. When you start using the Advanced Rules, you will be able to choose not to make an action with a model, and instead put it on Alert Status see page Types of action permissible by any model are detailed below. Move During a Move action, a model may move any amount of inches in any direction, up to its Move characteristic.

A model is assumed to be facing keeping an eye out in all directions at once and may make as many changes in direction as you wish during its movement. When choosing a Shoot action, the model may make one shooting attack against any eligible target. Melee In Judge Dredd, close combat is sometimes the only way to truly defeat your enemy, no matter how many guns you have on your side. When choosing a Melee action, a model may move any amount of inches up to its Move characteristic into base contact with an enemy model.

They will then fight an immediate melee. A model making a Special action is preparing either himself or an item of equipment for special use. Some heavy or very specialised weapons, for example, require a Special action before they can be fired. A model performing a Ready action will neither move nor shoot it stands stationary until the Special action is complete.

A model may choose to perform the same type of action twice in the same turn, or may choose any combination of the above. The table below demonstrates the changes he goes through as his mood dial is turned up. Dial 1. On the start of each turn, roll a dice. The following may be used as Mercenaries by the Angel Gang. Level 1 Hero Talents: Luck of Grud x 2 Equipment: If they fail his Arrest check.

Resistance was cruelly put down with the brain-washed judges of the Justice Department and. Caligula and only Caligula may use the Arrest rules on judges. Caligula brought Mega-City One to its knees. Note that Judge Dredd is immune to this. Caligula had a sizeable armed force behind him. When he appeared in public. When given a direct order by Caligula. It took a dedicated force of Judge-tutors.

Hero Talents: These are hand-picked judges. You may only field a maximum number of Klegghounds as you have Kleggs in your force. Klegghounds are adept at bringing down any prey. Truly cruel. This Hero may have an additional Credits of weapons. Caligula has an entire city for them to feast upon. Heavy spit gun. Stumm gas grenades You heard him. Gifted with an incredible sense of taste that allows them to tracks targets for miles through the city. Sense of Taste. The Klegghound will negate all Stealth Talents on the opposing force with the exception of Master Stealth.

Klegghound Credits Wherever Kleggs group together. Caligula has ensured there are no judges more loyal to him. Klegg Credits From a race of alien mercenaries. Few can hide from a hunting Klegghound. Obey Cal! On a roll of 8 or more. Pulled from their graves by a powerful psychic. It will prove amazingly resilient to damage. Now they will have their revenge on a city that has always spurned them. Creating a Force A zombie horde will almost always outnumber its enemies.

Inner Strength. Whenever a zombie is hit by an attack.

Judge Dredd Minis Rulebook

Explosive or Smasher special rules double the Damage being added to this dice roll. When rolling on the Injury Table. Zombies automatically win all Will checks and cannot be Arrested. Creating a Force Dead Flesh. Desperado Mutant Pyrokinetic 43 Stuart Bellamy order 9. They form an almost permanent source of manpower as it takes a great deal of damage to truly destroy a zombie.

If a zombie is trying to Spot an enemy using the Stealth talent. On a 10 or more. Weapons that are able to use the Blast. It is hard to destroy a zombie. Minion In addition. These robots can escape their former masters. Robots are also immune to Gas weapons. They also automatically pass any Will check. Servo Droid 30 Credits Manufactured world-wide in their hundreds of millions. Robots still roll on the Injury Table as normal. Armour and Equipment: Most robots have these items built into their chassis but.

They can all be freely swapped as the player desires. Robots already come with armour and. The downside is that they can be very expensive to recruit. All robots in a renegade robot force not including any Mercenaries it takes ignore all attempts to Arrest them. This makes them very different from the meek robots most citizens are used to. Creating a Force A renegade robot force has access to a wide range of different units. After a battle. Once a robot breaks its programming. Theirs is a life of drudgery and enslavement.

Robots do not heal naturally but. Renegade Robots Sometimes. Whenever the junk robot is to be removed as a casualty.

Equipped with heavy armour and powerful weapons. The junk robot has constantly failing systems and a dice must be rolled at the start of every battle. On a 7 or more.

Junk Robot 25 Credits A servo droid or similar robot that has been renegade for many years will have had to rely on whatever parts it could salvage and steal in order to keep itself functional.

These parts will hardly be to factory specifications. Minion May be purchased up to Credits worth of weapons. Minion Always Alert. A combat droid has lightning fast reflexes and is always considered to be on Alert Status. Combat Droid Credits Used by the Justice Department and corporations with a licence to deploy lethal security. If the weapon causes damage against a target. This is the role of the demolition droid. Robodog Combat Droid 46 Stuart Bellamy order 9.

Robodog 90 Credits While never the brightest of renegade robots. Renegades tend to use them to batter enemies into next week.

Minion Big Jobs. Demolition droids are armed with powerful wrecking equipment normally used to destroy ruined buildings. This equipment normally takes the form of giant hammers. Talents Every time a Hero earns a new Talent two at level 1 and one every level thereafter. Minions These common punks and henchmen use the characteristics and special rules detailed in their Force Lists.

No matter how great their deeds. You must then give it two Talents. Melee Dice and Will.

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game PDF

Creating a Hero Every model in your force listed as a Hero starts at Level 1. If you are upgrading a Minion to a Level 1 Hero. Experience The following table shows how many Experience Points are needed to reach a new level. Over time.

During every battle. This is reflected by the Experience Points XP they earn. Some Talents have prerequisites such as already owning other Talents or having certain Characteristic scores which must be met before the Talent can be taken. As these Heroes rise in level. Every time a model gains a level. Minions and Experience Ordinarily. Only psychics gain the increase in Psi.

Warlord Games Releases Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Rulebook

No characteristic can be increased in this way to be more than three higher than the Hero started with on his Force List. If a model should gain enough Experience Points to do so. They also immediatly recieve two talents. If this happens.


Minions cannot earn experience —they are foot soldiers and lackeys. Melee and so on for the model may be increased. Note that while it may seem that a Hero can reach high levels quite quickly — only 10 Experience Points to go from level 10 to 11 after all — with several models on the table. A model cannot go up more than one level per battle. They are divided into five specific types — Skill. Light Foot Use: Action Move During a Move action.

Most Talents have prerequisites listed. Passive Maybe the Hero was born under a lucky star. Whatever the reason. This Talent may be selected up to three times.

There are four different ways to use Talents. Brave Use: Passive There is not much that terrifies this Hero. Judge and Psi Talents. Some are not used during combat but can benefit a force over a long period of time. Note that one action cannot be used for two Talents. Others are essential to any character expecting to engage in battle.

They thus take longer to use than other Talents. These Talents are not used during battles but will come into affect between battles during an extended campaign. The Hero will automatically pass all Will checks made for Will to Fight purposes. If the Agility check is failed. Activate X: These Talents require a Special action to be used to activate them. Luck of Grud Drokk the Law!

Passive Prerequisite: He would have to expend two Shoot actions. Loyal Follower Use: Campaign Prerequisite: Inspire The Hero forms a bond with a Mercenary. All Will checks the Hero is called upon to make for Will to Fight purposes may be re-rolled. Action X: These Talents are triggered by using the action specified in their description.

Skill Talents Skill Talents are abilities anyone can learn. Inspire Use: Brave Having fought with his allies through thick and thin and saved their lives many times. One Mercenary that has fought alongside the force in a past battle may be taken into the force as a permanent member. These Talents are always in effect and a player does not have to specify that he is using it. Your Hero must fulfil all of these prerequisites either by attaining a certain level or already having a specific Talent before he may select the Talent.

Talents Talents are special abilities learned by Heroes that give them a vital edge in battle.

Nerves of Steel Use: Inspire Even when in great danger. Some of these Talents must be immediately followed by another action specified in the description. The Hero gets one free re-roll per battle for every time he has taken the Talent. Expert Medical Care Between battles. Heroic Rush Use: Enemy Shield. Every battle. This will negate three characteristic penalties that has resulted from injury except those resulting from a body part being torn off.

Note that judges may never take this Talent. Medical Care Use: Campaign Between battles. This does not include rolls where you add Agility to avoid being hit in combat! A check is where you need to roll 6 or more on a dice for success after adding your Agility. Failure will result in it being removed from the table as a casualty.

Fixer Use: If the Hero takes more damage and loses another Hit while benefiting from the Die Hard Talent it is automatically removed from the table as a casualty. The Hero must continue to make successful Will checks at the start of each of its Phases in order to continue fighting. This will negate two characteristic penalties that has resulted from injury except those resulting from a body part being torn off. Agile Having spent a long time in firefights.

If failed. Master Medical Care Use: Level Agile Use: Passive Lithe and nimble. Die Harder Use: If the model takes further damage while benefiting from the Die Harder Talent additional Will checks will need to be made to be able to continue fighting. This will negate one characteristic penalty that has resulted from injury except those resulting from a body part being torn off.

Expert Medical Care Use: Level 7. When a shooting attack is made into close combat.

This will negate four characteristic penalties that has resulted from injury except those resulting from a body part being torn off. Improved Medical Care Use: Level 4. Talents Die Hard Use: Nerves of Steel The Hero is an ornery brute and refuses to die! If the Hero is reduced to 0 Hits. Medical Care Between battles. Enemy Shield Use: Once per battle. Improved Medical Care Between battles.

It does not gain any extra benefit from Cover against close combat attacks. This may not be used against weapons with the Spray or Explosive special rules.

Light Foot During an intense firefight. Combat Stealth Use: Activate Prerequisite: Level 8. If both forces have models with this Talent. If the Hero attacks while using Stealth. Stealthy Infiltration Use: Stealthy Actions Skilled at infiltration. Enemies further away cannot take any action against the Hero.

If the Hero is not in cover. The Hero may double the maximum Credit value of equipment. Wealthy Use: Campaign The Hero is used to the better things in life. The Hero deducts a number of Hits of his own choosing. After performing a Special action to activate Stealth. Only judges can take these Talents. If one enemy succeeds. Using Master Stealth. Stealthy Actions Use: Activate Move or Special Prerequisite: Judge Talents The Academy of Justice has methods of training unavailable anywhere else in the world.

Talents Use: Activate Move The Hero has learned to fade from view. For every Hit lost. This is a dangerous practice. Body Fuel Use: Combat Stealth The Hero has mastered the art of stealth. The Hero is placed on the table after all the models of both forces have been deployed. Inner Strength Use: Combat Manifestation The Hero has tremendous psychic potential. Stealth While using Stealth. Riot Shield Defence Use: Activate Riot Prerequisite: Shield Wall.

All other rules for Arrest checks apply as normal. All Minions must take the same action and all actions they take must be of the same type. The judge makes one Will check which is matched against the separate Will checks of every target. The judge may attempt to arrest any number of targets at once. This deals damage as normal with a shield.

Action Melee Prerequisite: Passive This judge excelled at the Academy of Law. If a judge removes a Hero as a casualty in close combat. Activate Melee Prerequisite: Drive-by Boot By gunning his engine. Riot Shield Bash Use: Must be a Riot Judge The Hero shield-bashes a target. These actions must all be the same — so.

Action Melee Judges often learn how to bring fleeing perp down with a well-placed boot or swung daystick from the back of a Lawmaster.

A judge with this Talent rolls a dice and add its Will score. Riot Shield Cover Use: Riot Shield Defence.

Once per game. Riot Shield Wall Use: Shield Bash. Crowd Control Use: Action Special Prerequisite: Situational Awareness Some judges have a truly authoritarian manner. Situational Awareness Use: Academy Star. The bike itself will have a Damage score of 3 and AP —4. Multiple Arrest Use: This attack cannot cause a critical hit but if damage is caused. He may perform Shoot actions with pistol weapons even if an enemy is in contact with him.

If the target is successfully hit. In addition to suffering normal damage. This decreases his rate of fire. If the Hero causes damage against an opponent with this Melee attack. Lethal Use: Accurate Use: Action Shoot Prerequisite: Damage and AP. Leg Shot Use: Activate Shoot Prerequisite: Aim Use: The dice roll needed to cause a critical hit normally a 10 is always reduced by one. This Talent can only be used with the Standard Execution rounds of a Lawgiver.

Below the Belt Use: Shoot and Armour scores. Activate Shoot The Hero carefully places each shot for maximum effect with a rifle weapon. Deadly Strike Use: Every shooting weapon the model uses gains a —1 bonus to its AP score. Below the Belt The Hero makes a swift strike at a vulnerable area on the target. Action Melee The Hero tries to incapacitate a target.

Deadly Strike The Hero has a keen eye for weak spots. If the enemy loses this check. Crippling Fire Use: Close Combat Shooter Use: Dirty Fighting The Hero delivers a swift and unsportsmanlike kick to the target. The Hero may re-roll any shooting attack with a rifle weapon that misses.

This may only be used with rifles that have just one Shooting Dice. Leg Shot Snapping off a shot. If three or more attacks hit.

With Master Rifleman. Sniper Shot Use: Critical Shot. Critical Shot Use: Armour Cracker. Dual Pistol Mastery Use: If the second is failed.

If the first is failed. Wild Shooting Use: Pistol Whip. Armour Cracker Use: Defensive Fire. Pistol Whip Use: Passive The Hero is never at a loss to improvise a weapon. Dual Pistol Mastery grants another extra Shooting Dice. Dual Pistol Training. Rapid Fire. If it hits. The Hero may shoot a pistol weapon three times with his Shoot action.

Suppressing Fire. Defensive Fire Use: Activate Shoot While active. Punisher Use: Dual Shooting. Rapid Fire and Sniper Shot. Crippling Shot. The attack increases its AP by —2 and. Hit and Run Parry Use: Hit and Run. Improved Martial Artist Use: Martial Artist. Martial Artist Master Use: Improved Martial Artist. If this is successful. Action Move Get in and get out. Frag Out! The Hero rolls two Shooting Dice against every enemy in contact with him.

The Hero is adept at slipping in and out of close combat. When trying to flee from close combat. Careless Charge Use: Parry The Hero charges forth with wild abandon. Gun Kata Use: Close Combat Shooter. Dual Pistol Mastery The Hero flies into a whirling dance of death. Martial Artist Combat Awareness Use: Martial Artist The Hero is always aware of their surroundings.

Mighty Blow Use: Thundering Charge.

The Hero gains one extra Melee Dice for every attacker in contact with him beyond the first. Weight of Numbers Use: Combat Awareness Never overcome by the weight of numbers. When the Hero charges in a Melee action to first enter close combat. However, that is not all. We will also add another model from the same storyline, albeit one half world away - Oz Judge Bruce, mounted on his trike! And that is not all either! Judge Dredd started off as a 'community' game, and your help in boosting both its range and profile is appreciated beyond words here at Mongoose HQ.

Thank you. Here at Mongoose, we are really excited about the new movie, the Block War supplement and what the future holds for Judge Dredd overall.Light Foot Use: Hero Talents: Huge buildings without openings.

Once we have got the Kickstarter edition out of the door, we will be doing some previews of the new game, but I will just say this — if you have had but the slightest interest in Paranoia in the past, you will want to take a look at this new set. Action Melee Judges often learn how to bring fleeing perp down with a well-placed boot or swung daystick from the back of a Lawmaster. Fatties will come together to ensure the amounts of food they see themselves as entitled to.

This deals damage as normal with a shield. The Lawgiver sidearm is a good example. Artillery Weapons Some weapons throw shells or bombs through a very high trajectory.