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IT WEB TECHNOLOGY. SCE. DEPT OF CSE. The Client-Server . o POST for operations that may have side effects (e.g. ordering a book from an on-line. Anna University IT Web Technology - Lecture notes Subject Code: IT Subject Name: Web Technology Year: 3rd Year Semester: 06 Type: Lecturer. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY SYLLABUS. UNIT I Protocols -The World Wide Web-HTTP request message-response message-Web TEXT BOOK 1. Jeffrey.

It2353 Web Technology Book

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IT – WEB TECHNOLOGY. Question Bank. 2 Marks & 16 but it may also be an email address, a news message, b book, a person's name, an Internet host. Nonprogramming technologies that are fundamental to understanding communication between web browsers and servers as well as how. THIRUVALLUVAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, DEPARTMENT OF IT - WEB TECHNOLOGY NOTES.

Introduction To Web Technology (Tit-503) Unit I

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It2353 Web Technology - Syllabus

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GST special helpdesks set up. This spread of inter- network began to form into the idea of a global inter-network that would be called 'The Internet', and this began to quickly spread as existing networks were converted to become compatible with this.

This spread quickly across the advanced telecommunication networks of the western world, and then began to penetrate into the rest of the world as it became the de-facto international standard and global network.

However, the disparity of growth led to a Digital divide that is still a concern today. Following commercialization and introduction of privately run Internet Service Providers in the s, and its expansion into popular use in the s, the Internet has had a drastic impact on culture and commerce.

This includes the rise of near instant communication by e-mail, text based discussion forums, the World Wide Web.

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Investor speculation in new markets provided by these innovations would also lead to the inflation and collapse of the Dot-com bubble, a major market collapse. But despite this, growth of the Internet continued, and still does. Some networks had gateways or bridges between them, but these bridges were often limited or built specifically for a single use.

One prevalent computer networking method was based on the central mainframe method, simply allowing its terminals to be connected via long leased lines. This method was used in the s by Project RAND to support researchers such as Herbert Simon, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when collaborating across the continent with researchers in Sullivan, Illinois, on automated theorem proving and artificial intelligence.

Licklider's identified need for inter- networking would be made obviously evident by the problems this caused.

At the tip of the inter-networking problem lay the issue of connecting separate physical networks to form one logical network, with much wasted capacity inside the assorted separate networks. The notion that the Internet was developed to survive a nuclear attack has its roots in the early theories developed by RAND, but is an urban legend, not supported by any Internet Engineering Task Force or other document.

Early networks used for the command and control of nuclear forces were message switched, not packet-switched, although current strategic military networks are, indeed, packet- switching and connectionless.

Web Technology ppt's (WT)(IT2353) (IT63)

Baran's research had approached packet switching from studies of decentralisation to avoid combat damage compromising the entire network.Bio Medical Engineering 4. This spread quickly across the advanced telecommunication networks of the western world, and then began to penetrate into the rest of the world as it became the de-facto international standard and global network.

Explain life cycle of a Servlet? Name field should have alphabets iii. HTTP 1. Making a request 3. Write a XML schema for a Movie data base table with the following structure: Anna University - B. Subscribe to: Briefly explain about linking of external Style sheets and fixing the backgrounds.