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“Knowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen”. IS (): Coating and wrapping of underground mild steel pipelines - Code of practice [MTD 7. IS Coating and wrapping of underground mild steel pipelines - Code of practice Designator of Legally Binding Document: IS IS - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Indian Standards.

Is 10221 Pdf

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pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. IS - - Coating and wrapping of underground mild steel pipelines - Code of practice. Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Find: Previous. Next. LAMS. Title, Implications of reduced from NTIS, LANL URL, http:// Local PDF, pdf.

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is code 10221 pdf file

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We believe that the use of WSNs together NuGet Gallery Aspose. Words Assert in the block of code which responsible for justification. The x silicon focal plane array FPA is capable of capturing digital hyperspectral data cubes with a maximum of cross-track spatial pixels and wavelength bands. This shall be, rapidly melted over a large gas burner in a metal container of uniform cross-section of not less than mm, nor more than mm in diameter.

The enamel shall be stirred with a metal bar at intervals of 15 minutes during the heating period. A 6 mm thick steel plate shall be interposed between the container and the gas flame to avoid superheating. Scribe three lines at 75 mm intervals across the enamel surface. Enamel one side in the manner previously described, with a 12 mm uncoated border left around the four edges of the plates. Scribe lines 25 mm apart across the face of the enamel surface and continue on the uncoated surface of the plate to the edges.

At the end this period, the plates shall be removed and cooled to room temperature.

The average of the sag of the scribed lines on two plates shall be recorded as sag of the enamel. After a 6-hour period, the plates shall be tested for deflection on equipment in this chamber.

The deflecting load shall be centrally applied across the plate by a 12 mm radius mandrel at the rate of 25 mm per minute to produce tension in the enamel until cracking occurs, as indicated by an electrical holiday detector.

The deflection producing the initial cracking shall bc recorded and deflection shall then be continued to a maximum distance of 37 mm.

The specimen shall then be removed from the machine for examination. All disbonded enamel shall be removed from the plate and the area of metal exposed on the four plates shall be measured. The average initial cracking and disbonded area shall be recorded.

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Each plate shall bc removed front the water bath, dried with a soft clean cloth for subjecting immediately to impact test. A steel ball weighing g with a well polished spherical surface shall be dropped from a height of 2. The ball shall be dropped so as to strike the enamel at a point at least mm from the edge of the plate.

After one such impact, the enamel shall be examined for evidence of shattering and loosening from the plate see Table 5.

The same ball shall then bc dropped from a height of 2.

The point of impact shall be at least mm from any edge of the plate and shall be at lcast 75 mm from the point of direct impact. After one such impact, the enamel shall be examined for evidence of shattering and loosening, of the coating fromthe plate see Table 5.

After removal of loose coating, the area of the loosened coating shall bc determined.

Allow a tolerance of f 1C on these temperature requirements. I hrzci hirid - One test plate shall be tested directly. The plate shall be hcatcd by immersing it for a period of approximately 3 hour in the water bath maintained at the selected temperatu:e. At the end of each heating period, the plate shall be removed from the bath and immediately tested for peel. Adhesion of the cnamcl at each of the indicated test temperatures, to the extent of preventing peeling, stripping or lifting of not more than 3 mm, shall be recorded as no peeling.

The use of the water bath for the 27C test may be omitted when the room temperature closely approximates 27C. C - The second test plate shall be stored in a horizontal position, with the enamelled side up, in a chamber the temperature of w! At the end of this period, the nlatc shall be removed and cooled to room temperature and tested for condition of bond over a temperature range of C as above see A Coal tar pitch should be brought to the desired pouring conditions in minimum time, not exceeding 30 min.

Pour the heated sample into two rings, preheated to approximately the pouring temperature. While being filled, the rings should rest on a brass plate, which has been amalgamated to prevent the bituminous materials from adhcrinq to it. Cool for a minimum 30 minutes. Test should be completed in minutes.

Samples that are sof.

In case the test js repeated, use ;L clean container and sample. Maintain the bath temperature at 6C for I5 min, placing the test container in ice water if necessary. Using forceps, place the ball, previously adjusted to the bath temperature in each ball centering guide. Avoid the effects of drafts, using shields if necessary.

The rate of rise of temperature shall be uniform and shall not be taken as average over the period of the test. The maximum permissible variation for any 1 minute period after the first three shall befO9C.

Reject all tests in which the rate of rise does not fall within these limits.The manufacturer shall provide assistance in demonstrating the proper method of application if requested by the contractor or purchaser.

All other foxign ynatter which cannot be removed by blast cleaning should be removed by suitable means. Nurmohamed Shaikh Marg.

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When the plates reach room temperature. This code provides for protective exterior coating.


The Electoral Code of the Republic of Albania. Barua Road. At the end of this period.