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Thursday, September 26, 2019

The views and opinions expressed or implied in this magazine are those of authors and do [email protected] infinitheism. infinithoughts is more than a magazine. It focuses on Destiny Designing, Spirituality, Religion & Science, Management, Selling, Relationship, Marriage. Get your digital subscription/issue of infinithoughts Magazine on Magzter and enjoy reading the magazine on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web.

Infinithoughts Magazine Pdf

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Get your digital copy of infinithoughts Magazine - September - The MIRACLE of FAITH issue on Magzter and enjoy reading it on iPad, iPhone, Android. Download Infinithoughts - August magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. infinithoughts - infinithoughts is more than a magazine. It focuses on Destiny Designing, Spirituality, Religion & Science, Management, Selling.

Over a period of time, he realised that for every problem the solution lies in the spiritual evolution of human-being. This was realised during the annual spiritual retreats that he used to organize for eight days called Top Gear.

infinithoughts — February 2018

This had created a significant transformation on the well-being of the followers of Alma Mater they were called as Almanites. This was created in completely new ways and he consciously removed the traces of Alma Mater as he believed a new consciousness is required.

While Ra is the name of his human presence, the cosmic that is expressing through him is undefinable. This is experienced through his discourses and the annual retreats called HDB [9] Higher While this is a path of holistic abundance and yet it does not claim as another religion or a cult. The vision of infinitheism is to inspire breakthroughs Regular readers of infinithoughts have experienced phenomenal transformation in their lives and they attribute this to the robust contents of infinithoughts.

People normally say that a magazine is interesting to read or provides useful information or tips. As you hold this growth magazine in your hands, believe that a perturbing question will be answered, a stumbling mind block will be removed….

Chitra Prasad, Principal, N S N Group of schools talks about how infinithoughts has changed her life and the atmosphere in her school.

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My dear infinithoughts, Ever since I touched you, life has never been the same again! You ignited my life with the torch of happiness! You decorated my soul with the flowers of love! I lost my dad a year back, got sick with a chronic disease… in simple words, I was living a very sub-human life.

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Now I am living life to the fullest. I sat for more than three hours to read the entire book at a stretch, like a thirsty person who has found water.

I have found something precious not only for me but for my entire family. I open any issue of infinithoughts and the answer is there! Hats off to Mahatria who has gathered a team of such like-minded people whose writings inspire and motivate millions.

Being the principal of the school, I introduced infinithoughts to my teachers in the staff meetings. Now the discussion on infinithoughts has become a regular feature.

Mahatria Ra

Every moment, every encounter, every activity and every experience have within it an unspoken message. There is something even in nothing, and there is everything is something. Live conscicously, moment after moment. Hear the unheard, see the unseen, feel the unfelt Remember, you are an evolving consciousness. It is a vicious cycle. To break with the past is evolution.

It is an upward spiral. My father, over the past few years, has become non-functional - both at home and at work. It seems he has lost interest in life. At times this looks annoying, intentional and brings tears because he was a sharp contrast to everything written above. How do I bring back smile on his face?

In most situations, I am unable to understand people. Is it possible to understand people? If so how? I am a first-generation entrepreneur. Based on a flash of idea, I began my business 3 years ago and built it from zero to 5 crores. But I do not know how to take this further. There are a lot of people related issues… What should I do?

I find that even temple doors open faster and longer for those who are 'influential'.

People flash their business card even to the priest for favours… Are labels needed in a temple? As we increasingly keep staring at the screens of our digital devices, we end up harming ourselves — our health, work and relationships.

Even if the world tells you to do things in a particular way, follow your beliefs and have faith in the Almighty…. The latest version is 6.


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Continue to app Rating: All Travel information in Korean language. Destinations, Cuisine and culture, etc. Three months Aalayam is a Tamil Spiritual MonthlyYou can manage your subscriptions through your account settings after purchase on your device. Now the discussion on infinithoughts has become a regular feature.

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You ignited my life with the torch of happiness! Experience is good as long as we don't look at it from the narrow prism of ego! Use Your Body Weight You can achieve fitness by functional training where you only use your body weight.

Haven't we all pondered about the meaning of love?