Technology Ibps Specialist Officer Professional Knowledge Syllabus Pdf


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The professional knowledge exam is the game changer in the IBPS SO Mains. This article will give you the detailed IBPS SO professional paper syllabus for. IBPS Specialist Officer Syllabus & Latest Exam Pattern for IT Officer, Law Officer, The Professional Knowledge section will solely cover it. Find out everything about IBPS Specialist Officer Syllabus IBPS SO exam for Mains is conducted to test the professional knowledge of.

Ibps Specialist Officer Professional Knowledge Syllabus Pdf

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Professional Knowledge syllabus of IBPS Exam topics is different for all posts such as IT Officer, Law Officer, Chartered Accountant etc. Topics are Data Base . Study Material Ibps Specialist - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read with in mind the Syllabus of the IT Officer exam of IBPS specialist officer. Professional Knowledge question Paper for IT Officer - Uploading Soon:). Check here the Professional Knowledge Syllabus of IBPS SO Topic- wise IBPS SO Professional Knowledge syllabus for IT/.

Tech, MCA or M.

Which one to choose? Many surveys indicate that banks have some of the lowest dismissal rates as compared to other private industries.

Incentives: The post of a Specialist Officer comes with much more than just the salary. While perks such as medical coverage, pension plans etc. Financial Knowledge: Working as an SO in a bank helps build your knowledge base regarding investments and the economy in general so that you can plan your finances better.

Promotion: If you are a dedicated hard worker then moving up the ladder is an easy task in this sector. Proficiency and commitment can assure definite rise in your future. You get to meet and interact with people from different spheres of society.

IBPS Specialist Officer Syllabus and Exam Pattern for IT Officer

From the common man to artists, businesspersons, politicians etc all need banks in their day to day life. Marketing of Services The services sector is more than twice the size of the manufacturing sector.

The growing competitive market for services means that a marketing orientation has become essential for the survival for service industries too. In addition, there is the most popular segment of its services sector, the entertainment industry, particularly films and TV happens to be one of the fastest growing in the world. They are now penetrating the western world.

Marketing Research Marketing research is the means by which the information necessary to run a business is obtained.

IBPS SO Syllabus 2019 | Detailed Syllabus And Important Topics

It helps an entrepreneur to take decisions concerning the type of product, the price policy, the channel of distribution, and sales promotion can be made rightly with the help of marketing information at the right time. It is the gathering, recording, and analysis of all facts about problems relating to the transfer and sale of goods and services from producer to consumer. For example, a hotel should find out what all services are needed to satisfy its customers and the soft toy manufacturer making teddy bears needs to find out if children really want purple teddy bears and so on.

Every company, irrespective of size, must research its market, customers and competition; initially to set it on the right course and then continually to monitor its performance. Small-scale firms are often unable to afford continuous marketing research. However, they can use personal contacts and other informal methods for collecting required information about markets.

Market Segmentation A market consists of large number of individual customers who differ in terms of their needs, preferences and buying capacity.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to divide the total market into different segments or homogeneous customer groups. Such division is called market segmentation.

They may have uniformity in employment patterns, educational qualifications, economic status, preferences, etc. Market segmentation enables the entrepreneur to match his marketing efforts to the requirements of the target market. Instead of wasting his efforts in trying to sell to all types of customers, a small scale unit can focus its efforts on the segment most appropriate to its market.

A market can be segmented on the basis of the following variables : Geographic Segmentation : The characteristics of customers often differ across nations, states, regions cities or neighborhoods. The entrepreneur can decide to operate in one or a few or all the geographic areas, but pay attention to differences in geographic needs and preferences. Demographic Segmentation : Variables such as age, sex, family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality are widely used for market segmentation.

Psychological variables : Personality, life style, social class, etc. For example, some products like pens, watches, cosmetics and briefcases are designed differently for common men and status seekers.

Behavioural Segmentation : Buyers are divided into groups on the basis of their knowledge, attitude, use or response to a product. Marketing Mix In order to cater to the requirements of identified market segment, an entrepreneur has to develop an appropriate marketing mix. Thus the candidates should also check the details of the professional knowledge exam which is as follows.

The syllabus for the exam which is given above is according to the authorised report. Candidates should check this syllabus thoroughly for effective preparation of the exam. This syllabus will help the candidates to secure good results in the exam. Further, the candidates can visit us to resolve the queries related to the syllabus. The comments of the candidates will be answered by us.

All the candidates will have to follow the official details of the syllabus to prepare for the exams. They will also have to design an appropriate schedule to prepare for the various stages of the recruitment exams.


The candidates must use the official study material as per the requirement of the recruitment exam stage. They should also use the official previous year question papers to get an idea of the difficulty level of the recruitment program.

Skip to content Recent Post. Syllabus prescribed for the exam in the reasoning section Essential Part. Verbal Reasoning.

(Study Materials) IBPS Specialist Officer : Professional Knowledge - Marketing

Logical Deduction. Verbal Classification. Artificial Language. Making Judgments.

Statement and Conclusion. Cause and Effect. Matching Definitions.

Spelling Grammar. Reading Comprehension Grammar. Articles Grammar. Prepositions Grammar.Can i apply for scale II?? There will be different exam patterns for various posts. Generally, candidates with B. Thank you so much. Industrial Relations. It is the gathering, recording, and analysis of all facts about problems relating to the transfer and sale of goods and services from producer to consumer. English Syllabus covers vocabulary means homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, word formation and the topic comprehension means deriving conclusion, theme detection, passage completion and the topic Rearrangement of passage, spelling, sentence and the topic grammar means set of rules active passive voice, indirect direct speech and the topic General usage means phrases and idioms.

Into different homogeneous groups of consumers.