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infinite state.2 Human Race Get Off Your Knees then some. Or given that their perspectives are so vastly different.. We talk about 'my' mind. Very few people. David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Knees - The Lion Sleeps No More - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Project Avalon - David Icke HUMAN RACE, GET OFF YOUR KNEES – May 3. And so, we've got a situation where the control system is.

Human Race Get Off Your Knees Pdf

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Author: Icke David Title: Human Race Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More Year: Link download. David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More Left, left .. left, right, left, right, left, right left, left, left, or so goes the. Discover ideas about Our World. David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Knees. Our WorldFree BooksKnowledgePdfFacts. More information. Saved by.

It is these networks and low-vibrational energy fields different expressions of the same beliefs that close the channels, hold us in five-sense reality and block the conscious connection to Infinite Awareness. They are the electrical and vibrational levels of the filtering process where information is constructed by the brain to fit belief. It means that some people see the glass half-full, and others see it half empty; some see the positive in everything, and others the negative.

These 'brain maps' of neuron networks firing in a repeating sequence are like software programs playing out on a computer. They never change until you re-write the software codes or change the disk.

Most people never do, and that is why they are so predictable and limited in perception and behaviour. When we break.

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With that, the filtering process changes and other fields of possibility are decoded that were not being accessed before. We experience this as a 'life-changing' event, or a sudden surge of new opportunity in our life that hadn't presented itself before. This' opportunity' was always there in the mass of energy within All Possibility; it was just that the person's belief was causing their brain not to 'read' it and bring it into 'physical' experience.

Rigid thought and low-vibrational states, especially fear, cause our energy fields to fall into slow-vibrational density and this creates a 'firewall' to Infinite Awareness.

BOOK REVIEW: "Human Race Get Off Your Knees" by David Icke

What do we call people who aren't very 'bright'? We call them 'dense'. After I had my initial awakening in , I was saying things that were way outside the belief systems of most people, and their brain maps fired to decode me as crazy, even dangerous. What was happening, in fact, is that I was in the process of going 'out of my Mind' and into Consciousness.

Lying to Yourself A major expression of these brain maps is a phenomenon known as 'cognitive dissonance'. It is an imbalance of the mind and emotions that maintains humanity in ongoing ignorance and servitude. To understand cognitive dissonance is to understand so much about the human condition. It may sound very highbrow and spawned from the often twilight world of intellectual jargon, but it is really very simple.

It means to be in two 'minds', basically, with one contradicting the other. This mostly takes the form of a belief contradicted by experience, information or behaviour. Cognitive knowledge, awareness dissonance discord is the state of inner stress and unease caused by a person's belief not matching their experience, behaviour or the facts before them.

In that one short sentence I have described most of humanity and why the world is as it is. This state of unease insists that we square that circle by resolving the contradiction and this is done mostly by lying to ourselves, or what I would call self-deception. Humans are in a constant state of cognitive dissonance and this is mercilessly exploited by those who wish to control us.

How often we hear this said when a rigid belief system is faced with information that contradicts its reality.

Those words betray what happens when beliefs and perceptions are challenged by evidence. To remove the dissonance, the stress of contradiction, people mostly either a dismiss the belief- challenging information as untrue, without further investigation, or b change their beliefs and assumptions in the light of new information or experience.

If you do the latter, cognitive dissonance is a positive thing. You learn from new information and experience and expand your awareness.

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Unfortunately, however, most people take the other route and try to protect their belief system from all challenge Fig 6. You see this I Am Not David leke 9 most powerfully with religious believers, academics, scientists, doctors and those with a rigid political or cultural worldview. If they have to choose between their belief system and greater understanding, the belief system wins every time.

This means that they must discredit the messenger in their own mind - 'That Ieke's a nutter' - to somehow explain away the information while leaving the belief system intact. It is not there to question information and beliefs that challenge its own, but only to discredit them out of fear of their own belief systembeing flawed.

The more that we understand about the true nature of reality, the more ludicrous are the 'explanations' from the belief-system groupies of academia. There is a 'parapsychologist' at a UK university who has constantly dismissed the so-called paranormal and 'near-death experiences' in terms that make the head shake.

She has said that near-death experiences - when enormous numbers of people have reported leaving the body and then returning - are the brain remembering its 'life' as it dies. Well, how can it be remembering floating above its body looking down on itself?

It's crazy! But that's how cognitive dissonance works. The belief-system clouds the judgement as the neurons fire in their repeating sequence, and even the most obvious contradictions cannot be seen. George Orwell described what we now call cognitive dissonance as 'doublethink' - the ability to hold two contradictory beliefs and accept that both are true.

His phrase: 'war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength', captures the self-delusion of cognitive dissonance. It is a human pandemic and crucial to the ongoing success of the global control system that I have spent 20 years exposing.

It is also a phenomenon of Mind, not Consciousness. It loves to keep the noise going, upping the decibels as necessary, to make sure the endless, mostly irrelevant and nonsensical mind-chatter drowns out the Silent Voice of Consciousness. Everything has awareness of some kind, and Mind. It is aware that if it allows Consciousness to express itself within this reality, its days of domination are over.

It doesn't want that and it has become so deluded, for reasons I will explain, that it works to close the channels to Consciousness, encouraged by the elite families of the global conspiracy and their secret society networks. They use the knowledge I am outlining here to entrap the population in prisons of Mind. I will detail later how they do this, but one key way is to destroy the silence and make people frightened of the silence.

Yet how many people sit in silence any longer? Everywhere the silence is being broken by the 'modern world', and in the deep inner sanctums of the conspiracy this is no accident. Consciousness talks to us through the heart and that's why we tend to 'feel' intuition in the chest area.

I don't mean the physical heart, but the 'spiritual' one that can be felt in the centre of the chest. It is a vortex, or'cbakra' meaning 'wheel of light' , which connects the 'physical' level with our higher levels of awareness beyond the five senses Fig 7 overleaf. These are the seven main ones This is the origin of why the 'physical' heart is used to symbolise love. It comes from the lost understanding of what 'heart' really means in this context.

See a Problem?

When you feel great love or compassion notice again how you feel it in the centre of the chest - the location of the heart chakra or vortex through which we also feel our intuitive 'knowing'. When someone is trying to make a decision, we say: 'What does your heart tell you? Most people are imprisoned by their 'head', which is indoctrinated to believe the official version of what is right and wrong, moral and immoral, sane and insane - the 'norms' of society.

This is an expression of the earth-bound awareness, the 'five-sense' Mind, which is manipulated daily to accept a version of reality and possibility that suits the agenda of those seeking to control.

It is based on limitation, rules and regulations and the 'I can't', 'you can't', mentality. It sees why something cannot be done or should not be done, and rarely why it can or should. It is also frozen by fear, and this holds humanity in a mental and emotional prison cell. The 'heart', the intuition, however, is our connection with the Infinite Self beyond the five senses.

It has its own electromagnetic field and its own sense of reality. The 'heart' feels rather than thinks and it has 'knowing' rather than second-hand 'knowledge' gleaned from the indoctrination machine. Some call it 'innate intelligence', intelligence beyond mere 'knowledge'. Most people have an inner 'war' going on between what they think and feel- what their head tells them to do and what they intuitively feel to do.

Almost every time, the head is the winner. It is easier that way, or appears to be, in a Mind-SOciety founded on the imposition of thought and belief.

Once the 'norms' are decided and imposed by the system through 'education', 'science', the media, medicine and so on, any rebels or freethinkers are subjected to ridicule or condemnation in my case, both for the crime of being different, or challenging this ludicrously limited version of reality and possibility. This process is captured superbly by a Japanese saying: 'Don't be the nail that stands out above the rest because that's the first one to get hit'.

These are not only people with jackboots and silly moustaches; they are parents, 'friends', colleagues, and, if you are in the public eye, 'journalists' and the public in general - anyone, in fact, who makes it difficult or unpleasant for you to be different. I Am Not David reke 11 This reaction is clearly widely-encoded in the human psyche through the power of genetic programming and domination of Mind. Look at how cruel even small children can be to anyone who is 'different' at school.

Most of the human race is utterly indoctrinated by the externally implanted 'norms' which bombard the Mind from cradle to grave; they have no comprehension that their 'normal' thinking is their individual, and collective, prison. Such is their bewilderment, they not only contribute minute by minute to their own enslavement, but they also defend the Control System ferociously from anyone who questions or challenges the foundations and assumptions on which it stands.

That system is our enemy. Other apparent revelations include that human beings are being remote influenced, perhaps even malignantly mind controlled from signals coming from the Moon. Other sources claim this as well, such as Barbara Marciniak.

They tell him a bunch of secrets and he also gets to see a UFO up close they take him to a location where they hide in the bushes to see it that was shaped and seemed to be made out of some sort of crystalline structure. He also relates bumping into a completely human-looking alien in the supermart. His psychic senses were sharp enough to tell the difference, and soon thereafter it was confirmed to him by this agency that human-looking aliens are running about all over the place and there are hit-squads after them constantly.

Maybe I can conjure up a spell to get some better weather : Or ask for help from the beings living on the Moon. Okay, maybe not. But lot's of fun reading. I pm-ed this to a couple of people to assist them with navigating through his works, based on my own experience reading them.

There's probably a pdf floating around the web somewhere. If you find it, please let me know about it! Or put another way, I already know he's telling the truth and it feels true in my heart chakra to have it confirmed from an external source.

For example I've known for years about the importance of synchronizing the left and right brain hemispheres. The left brain is in charge of logic, thinking, mathematics, time, the laws of physics, and sequential, separate experiences. The right brain is in charge of spontaneity, imagination, magic, knowingness rather than thinking, artistic expression and instantaneous fulfillment of creative impulses.

In other words, the left brain gives us the "waking" world and the right brain gives us the "dream" world. The two brain hemispheres are connected by a lump of flesh called the corpus callosum. If that lump of flesh were working properly we would have a fully functioning brain. Instead, the connection has been deliberately stepped down.

In computer terms the information throughput could be thousands of gigabytes per second. But instead the connection crawls along at a tiny fraction of that. A fully operational brain means we would "dream" while we are "awake.

Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

It's not. It's what the human experience is meant to be. We are infinite consciousness using a brain and a body as tools to live in this holographic universe. We are confined to the world of three dimensions and the "laws" of physics, which are "laws" only because we've been conditioned to accept them as such.

In the real world, the paradise which is our birthright, life is a "dream. That is what our lives would be like with a fully functioning brain. Because the "dream" world and the "waking" world are two sides of the same coin. We have been tricked into thinking one is real and one is fantasy when in fact they both are fantasy. The only thing that is "real" is you and I.

As I said, we are consciousness and that is all that exists. We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by truly vicious, hateful entities who make Bush, Stalin, Obama, etc. In fact all those names I just mentioned are just the errand boys who do the bidding of the real evil ones, the ones behind the curtain. Who has turned off the vast majority of our brain power?

The malevolent controllers of this realm who suck our energy for their food, that's who. They are the demons and devils of every religion and every culture in history and they are as real as the Ford or Honda that you drive to work everyday.Icke has done it again with another great book. Most people have an inner 'war' going on between what they think and feel- what their head tells them to do and what they intuitively feel to do.

Get A Copy. Jdiz wrote: If you are saying things that are beyond the capacity of Mind to understand, you must, by definition, be insane and not in a 'normal mental state'. To content To menu To search The Savoisien. Most people will call you a conspiracy theorist which I personally don't mind.