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Karen Erickson - Game for Marriage (Game for It1) - dokument [*.epub] Game for Marriage a Game for It novel Karen Erickson This book is a work of fiction. Read "Game for Marriage" by Karen Erickson available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Struggling artist Sheridan Harper. Game for Marriage book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint He's.

Game For Marriage Karen Erickson Epub

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Hot damn, Karen Erickson has done it again with her new story, Game For Marriage! She takes an often used plot and turned it into a. [Taylor_Janelle]First Love, Wild Love (Western Wind #1).epub .. Miss Cassandra Sheridan is desperate to get married. Worth It Series by Karen Erickson. Save as PDF version of game for marriage it 1 karen erickson. Download game for marriage it 1 karen erickson in EPUB Format. Download zip of game for.

He carried himself like a man who truly enjoyed women, one who knew exactly what they wanted even before they did. And she recognized him, of course. She'd have to live under a rock not to. His reputation with women preceded him, in any case-he went through them as often as he changed underwear.

Maybe even more. She'd had no idea he'd be at the Taste of Monterey event that evening. She silently chastised herself. There was always being on the lookout for opportunities, and then there was being too eager and losing them because of it. His nose was sort of big, but it didn't detract from his handsomeness.

His crooked smile gave him a boyish charm. A faded scar stretched across the edge of his chin, roughing up the charm in the most appealing way.

His hair was a rich brown, tinged with gold, and a tad overgrown so it waved at the nape. Movie-star handsome with the rabid female fans to confirm it, he was a major reason women watched football.

You're very talented. Just because she had an art studio on Ocean Avenue in Carmel didn't mean she was rolling in it. She'd inherited the studio when her grandmother died more than a year ago.

The location was prime, but so was the cost to maintain it. Sheridan was constantly busy, especially with the heavy load of classes she taught, but all that business was still barely able to pay the bills.

Stupid, reckless heart. It was a business transaction, not a flirtatious moment. And hadn't Jared Quinn been involved in some sort of sordid scandal? She swore she'd read that recently in some gossip mag. Not that she read gossip mags. Okay, maybe she did, but it had been a while, since she was so busy. Usually she went to the local bookstore at least once a week with her friend Willow, where they both bought a latte and then sat side by side, flipping through the pages of the latest and greatest in gossipy news.

Laughing, criticizing, and generally feeling better about themselves for at least a fleeting moment.

She winced. God, she sounded like a teenager with a mad crush on the captain of the football team. Wasn't this guy a multimillionaire? Not only did the Hawks pay him a ton of money, but he had plenty of endorsements, including one where he stood around in his underwear with the same smile he was directing toward her at that very moment.

A true panty-melter if she ever saw one. He threw back his head and laughed, his beautiful, blue eyes sparkling when they finally landed on her. I'm not that greedy. Blame it on the man-he unnerved her with his mere presence. It was much easier when she hadn't looked at him, hadn't known who he was. He inclined his head in her direction. Hold on. She handed it to him. The brief contact sent a scattering of gooseflesh over her skin, and she barely contained the shiver that threatened to take over.

A bazillion people surrounded them, the place packed and buzzing with restless energy. Yet the way Jared Quinn looked at her at that very moment, it was as if no one else existed in the room but the two of them.

Ebook Game for Marriage

Why did it feel so good to hear the man's praise? It gave her even more of a rush than when the average person admired her work. The way he looked at her, too. As if he liked what he saw,,, "Nice shoes. They were her favorites, though far from comfortable. But her grandma always told her, "Beauty is pain,,," "You like them? She couldn't help but wonder if maybe he had a shoe fetish. And she really didn't mind.

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And very charming. It was a most lethal combination. I'm free for the next few days before we begin practice. Her friends would just die if they saw her talking to Jared Quinn, if they knew she was going to have him come to her studio. Her mind raced. Did she have any commitments tomorrow? It was a Saturday.

Game for Marriage

A ladies' night out class was scheduled but not 'til the evening. Oh, and she had a private lesson in the afternoon. Morning works for me, too. Had he ever heard the word "no" before?

He was probably a man used to getting his way. It wasn't quite finished and there was still a lot to do before the night was over. I need to get back to work.

I'll see you tomorrow. Is nine okay? The address is on the card. She watched him go, her gaze lingering on his very fine backside. Not that she normally checked out men's butts, but this one was particularly fine. Everything about him was. Shaking herself from the dream-like fog he'd put her under, she grabbed her brush and scanned the room, taking in each detail, trying to decide what to capture next.

Her cell phone buzzed against her hip. She pulled it out of her skirt pocket to check the text message from Willow. Were you just talking to star QB Jared Quinn??!!

Shaking her head, her fingers flew over the keyboard in reply. He wants to buy a painting. An original work.


Less than a minute later came Willow's response: OMG that's fantastic! Better share the deets later Sheridan glanced up to see Willow giving her the thumbs-up from her booth down the aisle, which she returned with a subtle gesture. Willow ran a unique catering company, providing cotton candy and a few other sweet treats for birthday parties and small events. It was just starting to take off, her large variety of cotton candy flavors the biggest hit, especially among the younger set and at weddings.

Hence Willow's appearance at A Taste of Monterey. With the various local vendors showcasing their stuff, Willow had jumped at the opportunity to grow her clientele.

Sheridan had been working her way around the event from the moment she arrived and her feet were killing her, especially in her ridiculous high heels. Scheduling a full day of classes on top of the event had been poor planning on her part.

She'd kill for a glass of wine and a foot massage. Could probably get both, considering the variety of businesses here. Didn't seem people were too restricted by the "taste" aspect of the yearly event.

Enough daydreaming.

Standing straight, she grabbed her paintbrush, taking in everything in front of her. The doors would close in little over an hour, and the crowd was starting to thin.

She caught sight of Jared Quinn not too far down the line of booths, and he wasn't alone. It appeared he'd brought another teammate with him, if his sheer size was any indication. They were both huge, built like,,,well, football players. And of course, they were both terribly handsome. The other one couldn't hold a candle to Jared in her eyes, though.

He really was gorgeous. Like, out of her league gorgeous. The people of Monterey County were pretty blase when it came to celebrities, since there were so many who came to the area. Willow just needs to secure the perfect business property so she can take her business to the next level. Little does she know Nick is the property owner! Nick made one of the biggest mistakes in his life when he let Willow go six years ago.

He wants her back on a permanent basis. When Nick finds out he owns the property that Willow has been stalking, and salivating over, he plans on using the deal as his way in. She needs a better price, and he needs her to give him the time of day. Willow was a tricky character for me to like at first. She kept pushing Nick away—hard, but after seeing how much Nick hurt and affected her by leaving six years ago I could see why she wanted to protect her heart.

I want to do more than touch you.

YES, please!!! Nick was a sweetie with a big heart!Karen Erickson definitely knows how write a scene that gets your heart racing! Hi, 1st book in epub please.

Tempting the CEO. Losing Control. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. Pockett Dedication To my mother, whose grey hairs I probably caused; to my father, who will probably have a heart attack thanks Get this from a library! She rolled her eyes, full of sass. Neutral, on guard, and impenetrable. Wilde Nights in Paradise. Her sentences flow across the page and her technique is impressive.