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PDF | 3+ hours read | Although electricity generation is a major carbon By this innovating Floating Solar Chimney Technology of heights of the FSCs up. PDF | The Floating Solar Chimney (FSC) Technology Power Plants, are made of three major components: • A large solar collector with a. Floating solar chimney (FSC) technology, is a low cost alternative of the solar During its.

Floating Solar Chimney Technology Pdf

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International Journal of Recent Advances in Engineering & Technology (IJRAET) Abstract: The Floating Solar Chimney (FSC) Technology. Power Plants, are made of three major components: .. [2] The Floating Solar Chimney Power Plant, named by the author as By this innovating Floating Solar Chimney Technology of heights of the. Abstract-The purpose of this paper is to present the Floating solar chimney (FSC) technology and to have the utmost benefits of this technology. The solar power.

In December , a tower in Jinshawan in Inner Mongolia , China started operation, producing kilowatts. It was intended to cover hectares acres and produce The solar chimney plant was expected to improve the climate by covering loose sand, restraining sandstorms. They have plans for a similar plant in Arizona, [35] and most recently December in Texas, [36] but there is no sign of 'breaking ground' in any of Enviromission's proposals. In December , Hyperion Energy, controlled by Western Australians Tony Sage and Dallas Dempster , was reported to be planning to build a 1-km-tall solar updraft tower near Meekatharra to supply power to Mid-West mining projects.

One can see the different test materials for canopy cover, and 12 large fields of unblackened ground for agricultural test area. Based on the need for plans for long-term energy strategies, Botswana 's Ministry of Science and Technology designed and built a small-scale research tower.

This experiment ran from 7 October to 22 November It had an inside diameter of 2 metres 6.

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The tower is planned to be 1. Insolation and wind were the major factors on variance range from 0. In Xian , central China, a 60 metre urban chimney with surrounding collector has significantly reduced urban air pollution. The low conversion rate is balanced to some extent by the lower cost per square metre of solar collection.

The glazed collector area is expected to extract about 0. If a transpired solar collector is used in place of the glazed collector, the efficiency is doubled. Additional efficiency improvements are possible by modifying the turbine and chimney design to increase air speed using a venturi configuration.

Without further tests, the accuracy of these calculations is uncertain. This hybrid cooling-tower-solar-chimney HCTSC system was shown to be able to produce an over ten times increase in output power compared to the conventional solar chimney power plants like Manzanares, Ciudad Real , with similar geometrical dimensions.

In addition, it was shown that with an increase in chimney diameter, the power generation can reach to MW-graded power output without the necessity of building huge individual solar chimney panels. The new hybrid design made the solar updraft tower feasible again, and proved it to be economical in saving lots of construction cost and time. This concept also recaptures the heat of radiators that are thrown out into the atmosphere without efficient utilization, and prevents generation of excessive greenhouse gasses.

The performance of an updraft tower may be degraded by factors such as atmospheric winds, [51] [52] by drag induced by the bracings used for supporting the chimney, [53] and by reflection off the top of the greenhouse canopy. Related ideas and adaptations[ edit ] Updraft[ edit ] The atmospheric vortex proposal [54] replaces the physical chimney by a controlled or 'anchored' cyclonic updraft vortex.

Depending on the column gradient of temperature and pressure, or buoyancy, and stability of the vortex, very high-altitude updraft may be achievable. As an alternative to a solar collector, industrial and urban waste-heat could be used to initiate and sustain the updraft in the vortex.

Telescopic or retractable design may lower a very high chimney for maintenance, or to prevent storm damage. Hot-air balloon chimney suspension has also been proposed.

A form of solar boiler technology placed directly above the turbine at the base of the tower might increase the up-draught.

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Patent 7,, [55] that a chimney can be economically placed on a hill or mountain slope. Klinkman in U. Patent 8,, [56] elaborates on constructing diagonal chimneys.

A structure as simply built as a high hoop tunnel, but much longer in length and on a slope, can permanently generate an airflow for producing electricity.

Changing the chimney's height differential from m the Manzanares experiment to m Charleston Peak in Nevada has a rise of over m, for example will transfer a factor of ten more of captured solar heat into electric power.

Increasing the temperature differential between chimney air and outside air by a factor of ten increases the same chimney's power by one further factor of ten, assuming that the chimney's walls are engineered to take the extra heat. Concentrating solar heat is often done with reflection.

An inflatable solar chimney power plant has been evaluated analytically and simulated by computational fluid dynamics CFD modeling.

Most recently the author presented a paper [10] for the Key-Words: - Floating Solar Chimney Desertec application of the FSC technology in desert areas of project China with adequate horizontal irradiation. Similar desert areas, even with higher solar irradiation, exist 1.

According In European countries there are places of adequate to desertec the huge desert or semi desert areas of solar horizontal irradiation but the land is very the Middle East and North Africa MENA countries expensive because there are no desert or semi desert can be used for solar electricity generation that could areas. This solar thermodynamic energy of the moving air mass. The Floating Solar Chimney technology is the FSCs can easily be constructed to heights up to 1 appropriate technology for the desertec project, the Km.

The figure 1 is representing the FSC power main reasons are: plant and its operation. The technology is cost competitive to any other solar technology. This means that FSC technology can generate electricity in much lower direct cost per produced KW in comparison to any other solar electricity generating technology. The FSC technology is operating continuously 24x thus can replace fuel consuming base load power plants in the destination countries.

The technology demands no water for its operation, as for example demands the concentrating solar power plants CSPs for cleaning and cooling of their mirrors.

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Clean water is very valuable in desert or semi-desert areas of MENA. Floating Solar Chimney Power Plant in 2. The warm air becomes lighter than the Heavy ambient air and tends to escape though the solar Mobile Base Chimney chimney, up drafting to the upper atmospheric Seat Folding Lower layers.

New ambient air is entering in the Part Greenhouse through its open periphery that, as is moving towards the FSC, becomes warm by the Fig 2. Thus the first two parts of the FSC power A small part of this cylinder is shown in the next plant form a huge passive thermodynamic machine figure 3. In the path of the airflow of of the warm air are placed appropriate air turbines, successive tubular balloon rings made of fabric. Furthermore both power plants efficiencies are proportional to their Rin g heights falling water height or up drafting air height.

In fig. A small part of the fabric cylinder of the FSC 1 The polyester fabric of the tubular rings and the rest 0. These Figure 4.

flaoting solar chimney ppt

In order to keep the rigidity of The annual efficiency is defined as the ratio of the the structure the balloon tubular rings should be over produced electricity in KWh to the annual solar pressed with ambient air.

Thus the whole fabric irradiation arriving on the greenhouse roof.

When external winds appear the energy is arriving on its roof.The tower blew over and was decommissioned in Without further tests, the accuracy of these calculations is uncertain. During its operation, sensors measured inside and outside temperature, humidity and wind speed data was collected on a second-by-second basis.

The solar tower was built of iron plating only 1. A numerical experiment". However by theoretical analysis, not yet published The FSC power plants named by the author as Solar by the author, the greenhouse efficiency is achieved Aero Electric power plants SAEPPs are similar to only if there is a double glazing roof.

In Xian , central China, a 60 metre urban chimney with surrounding collector has significantly reduced urban air pollution. The air temperature increases, leading to the decrease of air density. New ambient air is entering in the Part Greenhouse through its open periphery that, as is moving towards the FSC, becomes warm by the Fig 2.