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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a fantasy novel by Lyman Frank Baum. A cyclone carries away the farm house of a young girl and accidentally kills an evil ruler. Results 1 - 10 of Download Sci-fi Fantasy Books for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Large selection and. eBooks - Category: Fantasy - Download free eBooks or read books online for free . Discover new authors and their books in our eBook community.

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best fantasy ebooks and fantasy stories free. Fantasy novels in all sub-genres including Epic, Dark, Urban, High, Low, Magic, Romantic, Paranormal, etc. Pdf. To celebrate the heritage of the genre, we've assembled a list of what we believe are the best fantasy series of all time. Enjoy reading our. Must-Read Fantasy - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

Out of the World and Back Again G. The Company of Wolves Dying tragically young of cancer. He is probably best known for his crime stories featuring Father Brown.

Carter wrote several novels that can be claimed for the fantasy genre. The Hill of Dreams. Its hero is Gabriel Syme. Herman Melville. The president of the council. What Syme does not know is that so too are most of the other council members. Of these.

Syme has been elected on to the Central Anarchist Council. One by one. Before long. Each of the men on the council is given the code name of a day of the week and Syme becomes Thursday. An unlikely combination of religious allegory. Arthur Machen. The Assasination Bureau. What the anarchists do not know is that Syme is a police detective. The Confidence Man: His Masquerade.

Gregory is a fiery revolutionary who offers to introduce him to the hidden world of London anarchists. Only when one scholar. The book is set in an alternative version of early nineteenth-century England. Norrell and his pupil. When the novel opens at a meeting in York in the autumn of Susanna Clarke.

They had suggested that a major work of fantasy was in the offing and. Real historical figures. Mr Norrell. Here was an unarguably ambitious and innovative novel. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell did not disappoint.

Wolfskin Delia Sherman. Christopher Priest. Seventh Son C. Scarlett Thomas. Twelve Juliet Marillier. Temeraire first of a sequence of novels set in a Napoleonic world where dragons have replaced fighting ships. Naomi Novik. The Prestige. Soldier of the Mist The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters.

Rusalka Avram Davidson. The Phoenix and the Mirror Nigel Frith. Each book represents a season. One of the more unsuccessful fantasy movies of recent times was The Dark is Rising.

Over Sea. Rowling appeared. Under Stone is the prelude to the series.

The 30 Best Fantasy Book Series of All Time

Time paradoxes. The book begins traditionally enough in its depiction of the typically English and wholesome Drew family as they arrive at the seaside home of Great Uncle Merriman but the lightness of this tale of hidden stairwells.

The Dark is Rising. The Grey King.

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At its heart lie one extended family. Victory Joan Aiken. The Dark Is Rising. The Kin. She has lived in the USA for many years. The Grey King won the Newbery Medal. The Shadow Guests.

Peter Dickinson. Le Guin has described Little. Susan Cooper worked with Ian Fleming before becoming a full-time novelist. Smoky Barnable is travelling by foot from the City clearly New York. Mark Helprin. As the narrative makes its leisurely progress through five hundred pages. The novel becomes a strange. He is on his way there to claim his bride. The story of generations of Drinkwaters.

Graham Joyce. In truth. The Stolen Child. The family home is Edgewood. As the book opens. The family may have fairies at the bottom of their garden but these fairies are not quite the beings we know from the stories of our childhood. Daily Alice Drinkwater. The Tooth Fairy But this was not a problem for the authors of The Compleat Enchanter, who started telling their tale in Instead, it was the protagonists of this book who needed a scientific approach to get out of this world, which allowed its creators to launch a tradition in Fantasy that most mistakenly believe began with Terry Pratchett — one of humour, irreverence and literary parody.

Shea, Bayard and Chalmers are clinical psychologists who devise a methodology based on symbolic logic that will allow them to project themselves into other worlds that might only have existed in literature.

Their collective contribution to genre fantasy is unknown to the majority of younger readers, who owe De Camp and Pratt much for keeping the spirit of Genre Fantasy alive in its pulp infancy. The Dragon Knight Jim Eckert is a graduate student with a girlfriend named Angie, who is a laboratory assistant to a mad professor who is working on an astral projection machine.

One day, when Jim visits the lab to meet with his lady love, he is just in time to see her disappearing into the ether as a result of an experiment in astral projection gone drastically wrong. Bravely, Jim takes his place in the machine and follows her into the.

Before long he is in the same world as Angie but he has a problem. While Angie has remained human, he has become a dragon named Gorbash. Throughout the book, Dickson, a very prolific SF and Fantasy author, makes full use of the opportunities for fun and games offered to him by his basic premise. He returned to the world of The Dragon and the George a decade and a half after the original was published and eventually produced eight more titles in the series.

All are enjoyable and worth reading but none has quite the tongue-in-cheek brio and entertainment value of the first. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever Thomas Covenant is a bestselling writer whose life is destroyed when he is diagnosed as suffering from leprosy. Isolated by his disease and shunned by those who once loved him, he is involved in a car accident. He wakes to find himself in The Land, a place where he is confronted by a being named Lord Foul the Despiser who tells him that the realm they inhabit is doomed to destruction.

Covenant has lost fingers on his right hand to his disease and, as a consequence, he is hailed by others he meets as the reincarnation of Berek Halfhand, a legendary hero who saved the Land from Lord Foul long in the past.

The assumption is that he will do so again. Covenant, however, is unconvinced. Unlike most heroes of fantasy who accept their quests and their destinies with relish, he refuses to believe in the reality of the world to which he has been transported. Certain that he is suffering from delusions as a con- sequence of his crash, he is unwilling to accept his status as saviour of The Land and is only a reluctant participant in the events that unfold around him. Stephen Donaldson grew up in India where his father was a medical missionary treating lepers and it was his experiences there that shaped the creation of Thomas Covenant.

It has lost some of its status as the decades have passed and his more recent works have been less well received than the earlier books but the original Chronicles remain amongst the most compelling works in the history of. The Runes of the Earth. Edward Plunkett. A Man Rides Through R. Brandon Sanderson. The Illearth War. Scott Bakker. The Wounded Land.

Terry Goodkind.

The Darkness That Comes Before. The One Tree.

One of the undoubted greats of fantasy literature. Chronicles of Shadow Valley. The 13 Clocks Lizarel returns with him to the fields we know but she yearns for what she has lost. The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath. Readers are left to wonder and to decide for themselves whether or not the men of Erl were right to long for the rule of a magic lord.

James Thurber. When nostalgia becomes too much for her and she leaves for her homeland. He was not the most innovative of Fantasy writers to have emerged in the last thirty years but he was one of the most consistently entertaining. Eddings worked in a variety of careers before becoming a published author in his forties.

More Fantasy Books

His fantasy fiction began to appear in the early s and he produced a number of stand-alone novels and several epic sequences set in worlds where magic and heroic destiny play central roles in the plot. The Belgariad Born and brought up in the Pacific Northwest. Most of his narratives are structured around a quest in which his characters learn more about themselves as they journey through unfamiliar and dangerous landscapes.

Pawn of Prophecy begins by introducing to a young orphan boy named Garion who is growing up on a farm in the land of Sendaria under the care of his Aunt Pol.

There are few prizes for readers who guess that Aunt Pol and the storyteller are not all they seem and that Garion himself is fated to do more than spend his days as a farm labourer.

All the time he was wandering along the corridors of power in the civil service. The Book of Three. Ian Irvine. The deeds recounted in the book supposedly take place on Mercury but Eddison is not. The First Book of Swords E. Queen of Sorcery. Fred Saberhagen.

The stories which would eventually become The Worm Ouroboros originated in childhood scribblings but he developed them throughout later decades until they were first published when their author was forty years old. A Shadow on the Glass. Castle of Wizardry. Eddison was also entering the imaginary worlds which he brought to life in his fiction.

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories. The Worm Ouroboros is a book like few others. Figures of Earth. Homeric epic and Norse saga. Lewis once wrote that. A complex combination of medieval romance. A Fish Dinner in Memison. The story focuses on the protracted war between the lords of Demonland and the king of Witchland.

Read it and discover why no less a critic than C. Goldry wins and kills his opponent but the new king. Gorice XII. His sorcery imprisons Goldry on a dizzying mountain top and the other lords must do bloody battle to rescue their comrade and defeat the powers the king has unleashed. Early in the book. And then there is the boy. The Malazan Books of the Fallen An iron weathervane screeches complaint against a savage wind. Erikson seasons his saga with gratifyingly naturalistic dialogue.

Malazan is the Vietnam War of contemporary Genre Fantasy. Gardens of the Moon plunges the reader into the fray without preamble. Amongst them are swordsmen. An anthropologist and archaeologist. A queen rises in the empire. Sergeant Whiskeyjack is one of the latter — demoted.

Welcome to the pitiless Malazan Empire. A noble youth gazes down upon a rioting citadel. Years pass. The foot- soldiers fight on. Deadhouse Gates. Glen Cook. Midnight Tides. House of Chains.

Toll the Hounds. But while A Feast Unknown is undeniably pornographic. The Bonehunters. Memories of Ice. The Blade Itself. Lord Grandrith. Tautly written.

Particularly adept at producing outrageous pastiches of popular characters created by other writers. But Grandrith rebels. A clash of the titans is inevitable. Although this celebrated SF author never produced a book anywhere near as potent again. Both a critique and a Sadean celebration of the powerful impulses that Fantastic fiction stirs within us.

But what is to be expected of these outrageous equivalents of Tarzan and Doc Savage. Grandrith is a member of a secret society overseen by The Nine.

Dracula in Love Zenith the Albino Iain Sinclair. Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life Anthony Skene. Lord of the Trees. Fantomas Eric Brown. Hadon of Ancient Opar. Tarzan Alive: The Definitive Biography of Lord Greystoke.

The Final Solution August Derleth. Whereas numerous other writers had used our Earth and another. These two worlds intersect via rifts in space—time.

Feist gave us Midkemia. Soon afterwards. Aside from the immediate critical reception accorded to Magician. Pug is a particularly endearing character and admirers of Frodo Baggins will instantly identify with him. The Riftwar Saga Before Magician appeared. FEIST b. Sean Russell. A Prince of the Blood. He has continued to produce addictive bestsellers ever since and his stature as a leader of the field remains undiminished. Curse of the Mistwraith A Darkness at Sethanon. Rage of a Demon King.

Feist reigned supreme in those golden days of Genre Fantasy publishing. Rise of a Merchant Prince. The One Kingdom. Prior to his success as an author. Feist had designed role- playing games. Child of Blood. Janny Wurts. FEIST in the genre. Townsfolk gaze open-mouthed at a living mermaid. In the course of it. It is a fantasy like few others from A millennia-old satyr.

People are therefore thrilled when an advertisement appears in the local paper announcing the imminent arrival of a circus. Finney published a handful of novels of which The Circus of Dr Lao was the first. In place of the lions and tigers and elephants of ordinary circuses.

The book is set in Abalone. A proofreader on the local newspaper and a sea serpent have a strange meeting of minds. Charles G. Finney moves elegantly from black humour to philosophical speculation.

An ageing widow has a conversation with the ancient soothsayer Apollonius of Tyana in which. Lao has beasts of myth and legend. The Circus of Dr Lao is a short novel but it packs a lot into fewer than pages. The stage is set for a series of encounters between the people of Abalone and the fantastic creatures from the circus. Nights at the Circus. Will Elliot. Something Wicked This Way Comes. The story focuses on Mo Folchart. At the same time. Her father read aloud from a book named Inkheart and Dustfinger and other characters were released into our reality.

One of the The City of Dreaming Books Funke celebrates the transformative powers of books and reading with an originality that is all her own. Meggie and her father must flee the villainous Capricorn and find the author of Inkheart. Reinhardt Jung. Dragon Rider Michael Ende. The Neverending Story. Together with Dustfinger. In an age when the pleasures of competing media are ever-present. Walter Moers. Mayhew stumbles across an injured girl in the street.

Mayhew is dragged into a bizarre world. The other London also contains a rich assortment of oddball and memorable characters. Names which are just names in London Above have a literal reality in London Below. Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar. His act of charity is what propels him from London Above to London Below.

Sci-fi Fantasy Books

In the years since he published Neverwhere which began life as a TV series Neil Gaiman has gone from strength to strength. The girl is named Door and she is a visitor from an alternative city beneath the streets. He is fated to leave the world of London Above and plunge into the strange. When the novel opens. The Angel. Islington is an angel called Islington. Mayhew takes upon himself the role of good Samaritan and.

Through his involvement with her. Mayhew has an ordinary job and leads an ordinary life but he is destined to travel in regions of London that most ordinary men never visit. American Gods Simon R. A brief. Several pointlessly unfaithful film versions of Beowulf have appeared recently.

The Borribles. Michael de Larrabeiti. Bearing his enchanted sword. It tells of how Heorot. Something from the Nightside. Rosemary Sutcliff. Myths of the Norsemen. The Great Captains Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes. Larry Niven. The Dragonslayer. He becomes an existentialist monster. But unlike them. Any Old Iron. Yet while the stories and songs he hears from the humans of Heorot inspire him. In a memorable conversation with one of the finest dragons in fantasy fiction.

Holding forth on the illusion of free will and the reality of predestination based on a vision of time as something that has already happened. Henry Treece.

Roger Lancelyn Green. John Gardner was an academic and novelist whose work stands beside the greatest of post-war American fabulists like Thomas Pynchon and John Barth. Grendel sees them for what they are — mere lies. The Legacy of Heorot. The folklore of his native Cheshire has been a particularly rich source of material for Garner over the years.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen draws upon the many legends that have attached them- selves to Alderley Edge. The book tells of the adventures of Colin and Susan. Through their meeting with the wizard Cadellin. Many of his books take legends and folktales of the past and rework them into contemporary stories. The Owl Service.

While walking at dusk they are pursued by Svarts. Accompanied by two heroic dwarfs. The book still has many admirers. The Hounds of the Morrigan. Philippa Pearce. This antediluvian In what was his very first novel. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. The Serpent was published six years after Strange Evil and is the first of a sequence of novels set in a prehistoric South American continent inhabited by dinosaurs.

Strange Evil. The Owl Service Joan Aiken. Eight Days of Luke. Garner creates a vivid world of myth and magic which exists within and alongside the kind of familiar English landscape we all recognise.

Cija has secret instructions from her mother to seduce and kill the half-reptilian and arrogantly masculine general but the task proves a difficult one. Cija has spent her life in isolation and has been raised to believe herself a goddess in a world where women rule and men no longer exist. At the age of Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar. The Clan of the Cave Bear.

Since her heyday in the s. The City. High Couch of Silistra Meeting with him is only the start of a dangerous odyssey that sees her journeying through the weird and erotically charged world Jane Gaskell created towards an island Atlantis.

The heroine of The Serpent. Gaskell has published very little but her Atlan saga still stands as proof of the wild and unfettered imagination she possessed as a young woman. Janet E. Rewritten and revised. Druss is ageing now but stories have long been told of his prowess as a warrior and he is prepared to take up his battleaxe once more to hold the fortress and save the empire.

In the last few years of his life. Epic warfare and tumultuous swordsmanship have been at the heart of a certain style of fantasy writing for a long time but few have described them with such verve and energy as David Gemmell.

The Legend of Deathwalker filled in the backstory of the hero of the first book. The history that Gemmell told Drenai The Drenai Empire is threatened by the invading armies of Ulric. Legend was begun at a time when he was facing a life-threatening illness. Gemmell turned to the writing of historical fantasy.

As he later acknowledged. It was the first of a series of books set in the Drenai Empire. They possessed all the virtues of vivid storytelling that his novels had shown from the beginning. The Legend of Deathwalker. He was also a man possessed of a vivid and romantic imagination. Winter Warriors. The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend.

In the s. Conan the Rebel. Adrian Tchaikovsky. In the Realm of the Wolf. The King Beyond the Gate. Quest for Lost Heroes. Yet there was a hidden side to him that his colleagues at the Bank rarely.

The Wind in the Willows is the story of Ratty and his friend Mole and their assorted adventures on their beloved riverbank. In one sense. Wild Wood the story Grahame tells re-told from the point of view of the despised stoats and weasels Jan Needle. Toad even seems like a louche upper- crust lounger from the era. They also behave like the familiar British creatures on which they are modelled and the countryside in which they live is beautifully and vividly evoked. The result is a book that combines fantasy and the everyday to create a very special magic which continues to beguile both children and adults a century after it was written.

They dress. Grahame published The Wind in the Willows. And yet somehow Grahame never loses sight of the fact that they are animals. Together they mess about in boats. Just So Stories A. Propelled back in time to the early s. The Wild Road Rudyard Kipling.

Forty-three years old and dissatisfied with his life. Animal Farm Walter Wangerin. Quest for the Faradawn Steve Gerber et al. Redwall Garry Kilworth. Winston dies of a sudden heart attack but he awakes to find himself a teenager. Their replayed lives have an end in sight just as ordinary lives do. They work out how to stay together replay after replay but they also realise that each time they return they come back closer and closer to the moment of their deaths.

Winston is caught in a sequence of replays of his own life. And then he dies again. Using his privileged information about the future. Richard Matheson. Armed with this. Pamela Phillips. And awakes again. Jack Finney. How do they adapt themselves to their extraordinary circumstances and how do they give meaning to the time they have been so strangely given? Ken Grimwood was a Californian novelist who published several novels which explored concepts of life.

What Dreams May Come Time and Again. During one of them he makes contact with a woman. She is fabulously beautiful and claims to be more than two thousand years old. Haggard draws on his own knowledge of South Africa. She offers the kind of near-immortality she herself possesses to Leo.

Africa is a continent of fantasy as much as reality. Carl Gustav Jung. The same is even more true of She.

Horace and Leo are shipwrecked on the coast of East Africa and make their way inland. They are following the enigmatic message on an ancient potsherd which suggests that Leo is the descendant of an ancient priest of Isis named Kallikrates and that some great secret has lain hidden in the heart of Africa for millennia awaiting anyone bold enough to go in search of it.

She is very much a product of late Victorian culture but it also has a power which transcends the time in which it was written. The novel tells the story. Whether or not Jung was correct.

Ayesha and Allan Quatermain. Ironcastle James De Mille. The Return of She. Journey to the Underground World Stanton A. Ayesha is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable women in fantasy literature. The Moon Pool When the dominion of Queen Jane is threatened by a usurper proceeded by an army of robotic reavers. Many commentators agree that it is M. Land Under England Dennis Wheatley. John Harrison who puts such material to its finest and most radical use. It is Viriconium seems set to fall unless Cromis can be roused by the urgency of his former companions in arms.

Firefly In Viriconium. The Great God Pan. An Alien Heat. A Storm of Wings. Viriconium Nights Omnibus Edition: Dark is the Sun. Massively influential over other writers but still a cult amongst more cosmopolitan genre readers.

Yet the more one reads his work. Brian Stableford. Born in England but spending some of her childhood in Nigeria. Hearn has been resident in Australia since She made a lengthy study of Japanese culture before beginning work on her bestselling trilogy. After his fellow villagers are slaughtered. Takeo is taken under the wing of Shigeru. Takeo will find his loyalties torn between his respect for Shigeru and his kinship with The Tribe.

Shigeru coaches Takeo. When Takeo stalks the creaking boards of the nightingale floor. In Across the Nightingale Floor. Tales of the Otori A classic example of an overnight success that took over a decade. Shigeru is sent on a dangerous mission by his uncles and Takeo is kidnapped by The Tribe. Grass for his Pillow.

Millions have thrilled to their special quality. Brilliance of the Moon. Like all great oriental epics. James Hilton published his first novel when he was still an undergraduate and went on to write more than twenty other works of fiction.

Moon Dance. Bridge of Birds. Any elderly schoolmaster could be described as a Mr Chips. He may not be an instantly familiar name today but two of his creations continue to be well-known and can even be said to have entered the language. Mr Chips.

The Pearl Together with three companions. John Steinbeck. The novel opens in Germany where a group of Englishmen is discussing an old acquaintance. Later in the evening one of the Englishmen reveals to the narrator that he came across Conway after his disappearance and.

Green Mansions. Journey to the East. After a forced landing amidst the Tibetan peaks. The Warlord of the Air. Conway met its High Lama and received astonishing evidence that his host was more than two centuries old. Invited to stay. Hugh Conway. While enjoying the hospitality of the lamasery. His best-known book is probably Riddley Walker. His only hope lies with Sister. Hospital is not merely a building where doctors and nurses tend patients but a brooding presence which jeers and taunts Kleinzeit and invades his dreams.

Russell Hoban wrote his first work for adults in and. The hero of the novel. If Riddley Walker needed to be placed in any genre. Kleinzeit can be described as Fantasy. The Crying of Lot The Medusa Frequency Witold Gombrowicz.

Thomas Pynchon. But it is the Kleinzeit proves conclusively that Hoban. The archaic forest is a space—time vortex into the very matter of ancient Britain. An intense and distant man. The Bone Forest. Spiral Winds. Gate of Ivory aka Gate of Ivory. The Threshold He is now rightly regarded as one of the most important literary Fantasy writers ever.

Often described as the ultimate Celtic fantasy. Like something unidentifiable caught momentarily in the corner of an eye in a damp. His early experiments with SF novels. Mythago Wood is as sinewy and powerful as the heroic and frightening avatars of Britain that stalk its pages. Despite his degree in tropical medicine. The Hollowing aka Cathedral. Conan tales were completed by other hands from notes and outlines left The landmass of what will be known as Europe and Asia Minor is greater than in recorded history.

After years of plundering. This is the Hyborian Age. Atlantis has sunk and the great flood lies in the future. Conan must again defy fate by forcing the draconian neck beneath his mighty blade. He may now be middle-aged. The Hour of the Dragon is the only full-length Conan novel. Conan eventually reaches his apotheosis when he is crowned King of Aquilonia. For Conan. Armed with an indomitable will. But four conspirators have formed an alliance to usurp Conan. From the bleak Northern province of Cimmeria comes Conan.

Cutcliffe Hyne was a prolific and popular writer from the s to the s. Nearly all his work has now been forgotten. The exception is The Lost Continent which has been regularly reprinted in the century and more since it was first published and which has some claims to being the classic novel of the lost civilisation of Atlantis. Conan remains inviolate. While other heroes fade in importance. Phoenix in Obsidian.

Combining swashbuckling drama and violence with a bold attempt at imagining a lost civilisation utterly different to our own. Atlantis is now governed by Phorenice. In The Lost Continent. Deucalion is first courted by the empress but eventually. The Antediluvian World. In the titanic struggle that ensues.

In his absence. The Lost Continent remains a powerful and enjoyable read. John Cowper Powys. The next day the pearls have been mysteriously re-arranged into the shape of a star with a tail. The Maracot Deep.

Foremost amongst these quizzical authors was Tove Jannson. Concerned that the world is about to be destroyed. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Other auguries also indicate the coming of a comet. Moomintroll sets out one day to play and finds himself at the seaside. Moomintroll While The Moomins and the Great Flood was written purely for young people. Much of it is delicate and whimsical — at least on the surface. But no more. Unless these heroes can put aside their enmity.

Burdon - Smashwords , Darius, a human who lived as a slave until his untimely death allowed him to become a Reaper, discovers another Reaper is consuming the souls of innocent humans to gain power. Darius must thwart this rogue to restore humanity. When bored and curious eleven year old boy Jared Miller stumbles upon a monstrous assassin in her room, he and Sophie are saved only by the intervention of a warrior For him and his adventuring companions, nothing ever seems to go as planned. Yet, Brady and his companions do not shy from the epic quest Two years have passed since the day strange monsters emerged from out of no where, paralyzing the otherwise peaceful lives of its citizens.

Since then, few people dare to live outside the the cities Eddison - Jonathan Cape , A heroic high fantasy novel, first published in The book describes the protracted war between the domineering King Gorice of Witchland and the Lords of Demonland in an imaginary world that appears mainly medieval, reminiscent of Norse sagas.

Now he has stolen a human child and made him a mortal god. After eighteen years of torturous training, Bane sets forth to break the wards with aid of a dark army In a world where men share kindred with beasts, an ageless seer predicts a child who will end the war.

One man is the instrument who will change fate. Nowland - Smashwords , For Aiden Wainwright, a trip to a nearby town was supposed to be an opportunity for continuing his research into the arcane. But dire circumstances see the town gates closed for weeks, and he sets out to deal with the rapidly escalating situation Three separate lines of action engage disparate characters in a race to converge at last in a huge blast of action.

Lovecraft, and a harrowing time is had by all. It's the early sixties, and Jack Kerouac is hiding from his public, enjoying the company of a Hindu deity His guild has entrusted him with a large sum of gold, but in a misguided effort to win enough to buy a house for his new fiance The yachtsmen found the manuscript afloat at sea in a corroded copper cylinder. The manuscript itself told an incredible tale -- a tale of strange adventures in a place beyond contemporary imagination Eaglethorpe Buxton is a liar and braggart, not to be trusted United in a crusade against death, the powers of the 'Dark Continent' rise up with exultant paganism.

Williams had a genius for choosing strange themes for his novels. Eric, a young boy, had enough of nightmares ruining his dreams. Determined to grow stronger, he tackles magical disciplines one at a time, and stares down his fears.

The magician is attempting to raise the level of his force by impregnating the girl with the soul of an ethereal being -- the moonchild. All the magic of C. Lewis's Narnia is bewitching readers for almost 50 years. On the surface it appears as a romantic flight of fancy, but being influenced by many different Hindu scriptures, it promises a grand tour of the Indic cosmos. Lee Lowe - lleelowe. An oddly gifted boy, he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change.

He is beset by visions of a stranger who is being brutally tortured. Bevill - Smashwords , Anna always wondered who she was; an orphan or abandoned child. As she travels to New Orleans she quickly realizes that the dreams she's had of a strangely attractive man are very real and that he has a strong psychic connection to her. Supernatural creatures swarm the earth, and humanity is on the brink of extinction.

Stalked by a fairy who claims she is like him, demonkind, Rae thinks maybe it was a mistake breaking the rules by going over the Wall They are told they must go somewhere, find something, take it somewhere and do something with it. This is all they know. When one being throws the Plan into chaos, it falls upon Harry Potter to set things right, or allow the world to fall into darkness.

Twenty year old Harry Potter. It is a healing habitat for kids from different cultures who suffer depression and guilt from rebelling against family heritage while attempting to be more like their friends.Dark is the Sun. The Confidence Man: The people in The Castle of Crossed Destinies are struck magically dumb and have to tell each other stories using nothing but tarot cards. The assumption is that he will do so again.

Even the Jedi's new authority may not be enough to save Tahiri Veila, the former Jedi Knight and onetime Sith apprentice convicted of treason for killing Gilad Pellaeon, the Galactic Alliance officer.