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This is an unofficial game guide for Fallout 3, it is not official, or endorsed by or connected to the game developer or publisher. All characters, locations, images. You can view and navigate PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the Acrobat Reader software if you don't have it already so that. Fallout 3 official prima guide pdf. This causes symptoms such as, smooth, thick, scaly skin and dry or red patches. No, the Cisco VPN Client is not.

Fallout 3 Pdf Guide

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The Fallout 3 Prima Official Game Guide is a publication by Prima Games. It contains strategies, maps, and walkthroughs that a player medium. Print/.pdf file. anyone know where to find a digital pdf of the Prima Games guide for the GOTY edition of Fallout 3, I cant find my physical copy anywhere. Fallout 3 PDF Guide. Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog. We are sorry, but this section of.

There are tons of loot you want to pick up. Lower level. Its a nice little area where you can rest, eat, buy and sell. You can also sell him 5 scrap metals for items. Talk to Reily, but she's in a coma. Talk to DR.

Loot it for some caps. Talk to MR. Start walking to other inhabitants to learn the real reason MR. Now go back and talk to MR. Get an extra caps. Time to do more outdoor areas. Head SE along the Waterline. You might run into some raiders. Not far down the way you'll encounter a supermutant and some centaurs with a captive in his tent.

Farther SE you'll see a Mirelurk and some Radroaches. When you approach the couple egg bundles by the water 3 more Mirelurks will spawn.

You may level up close to this time.. Raise Unarmed to 50 and Energy Weapons to There are multiple entrances. Lots of Mirelurk's about. Go about and kill them all then loot the facility.

There are 3 things to watch out for. Codes are hidden behind a Nuka-cola machine. Inside is some caps and a holotape another useless one. Then clear out the area like normal. Careful there are landmines between you and his bunker wall. As normal, kill everything, and loot everything.

You might have to kill any enemies nearby so you can fast travel. Now accept the Mirelurk quest. Head in there. You also learn a little about the group of thieves and what the keys are for. You can get his key by either pickpocketing it or passing a speech check to get him to hand it over. Your characters skills should look something close to this.. They can breathe fire so don't let them get close.

The Ant warriors are armored good also. Go about and kill all that you can about town. Sometimes he gets stuck and just stands there. Search the Dumpster behind the Diner for a stash of loot. Search the houses in the area to find his dead father and the shack key. Finish clearing out the city. You should level to Raise Energy weapons to 50 and Barter to The key is in a firehose case later on.

Just kill him. Exit to register the area on your map. Before you go back in, there are 2 Brotherhood soldiers being assaulted by super mutants. Kill the super mutants. By the metro entrance is a table with some loot, and a bed. Hack the terminal and release the pulse and destroy the mutagen.

Dumb hack doctor.

You also get his old lab coat. You will encounter a small Raider camp. Kill and loot. Keep going south hugging the river. You'll hit a rubble building with Super mutants waiting. Rush and kill them. Enter and go up the stairs, half way up is a trapped shotgun pressure plate. At the top is a door that leads out to a connection walkway with 2 Super Mutants. Kill fast. Go back down.

You'll encounter a Super Mutant fort on a hill on the left. Since there is so much to do i will only tell you what to do. The order is up to you. Jump down NE on the deck and take the couple loot items. Go up stairs to sleeping quarters. Exit both side doors getting loot items on catwalks.

Go up stairs again to armory level and again exit the side doors and loot items on catwalks. Go up stairs to top level. LOPEZ will be here going to jump. Fun thing is to jump off the ship.

You can actually survive if you hit deep water below. Enter the door and proceed down the hallway. You can pick the doors and search if you want. At the Next intersection go left and the first door is the clinic. Exit and enter the Science lab door. You should level up soon. She will take him in.

Make one as soon as possible for tough armored foes. She will give you info to go to the Broken Bow section. There are a few things to do first.. He will buy your ant nectar. Kill any enemies. Careful some booby traps are on the way. Show him the proof that he is an Android. You'll see a Dock with some loot on it.

Head SW up to the wooden shack and overpass. He will have you enter all 3 houses to check on the residences. The West's are dead. Head north across the water following the overpass. Enter and loot and kill the few radroaches there. You should be leveling up soon to level Its not that big a area. A Speech check will double his asking price. Be careful in the tunnels, not a lot of foes, but a lot of traps of all types.

You have to drop down to it. Keep trying until you succeed. Talk to the inhabitants for minor loot and map areas. Head due north and over the hill you will see a small town with a huge Bob's Big boy-like statue in it. Head there. Unless your playing a bad guy, time to kill! Kill the 2 Slavers at the entrance to the base. FORTY has a key you want. Enter the compound and eliminate all the slavers. Loot the compound for many items especially in the Gun shop. Some items about..

Unlock the slave pens and free the slaves. You should level up to 15 near this point. Head out of town and go south then east around town. Directly east is a big hill of rocks. Go to the right and you'll see an abandoned house.

Kill all the Super mutants outside, but do not go in yet. Time to rescue the hostages. Watch yourself some mines and traps are about. Clear the 1st floor then the ground floor.

You'll find RED in a jail cell. Have him follow you and go back to RED. There is nice loot in the station. But mutants are coming. Talk to RED. There will be 4 Super Mutants coming.

Decide if you can take them on your own or train the town with skills. Go to the bridge leading to town and wait for the Super Mutants to come and kill them. Return to everyone and they will thank you.

You will see some orange boxcars at the top of the hill. Continue NE and you will see a huge powerstation. Exit and head to the larger plant building. Head NW towards a barn and silo. Stand at the silo and look north. Theres a hill. Go back down to the barn. Head SW over the road you'll see a little door in the hill. Enter and kill some dogs. At the tunnel end is a couple bodies with a laser weapon.

A few things.. You'll see a big water tower just east of it. Kill the Raiders there and loot.

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There is a little barn to the NW with a few ammo crates. Just west of that is a little corrugated shed with some ammo crates. You should be leveling to level 16 soon. Raise small guns and energy weapons to 70, and explosives to 67ish. Look to the NE and you'll see a huge broadcast tower. To the NE at the base of the cliff you'll find a sewer chamber. Head North and you'll see a huge plateau of rock in the distance.

Head to the mountain, and go left west around the base. Hug the wall and on the NW side of the mountain is a small path straight up. He will continue talking and say you have to meet the One. He will ask you to kill him. Now go back into Oasis and talk to Everyone. Enter the big pool and swim under- water to the next area and go through the door.

Head back left around the mountain. Continue to the south side and there is a path up through an arch up into the mountain. Going up will take you to a depression with a random encounter. The path branches left and right, take it right east. The next area is on top of the SE part of the mountain.

You can get there from the east side. You know your close when you see barricades and a wooden bridge. They hold 2 hostages.

Kill them all and loot everything.

Sometimes random spawn will be here, fighting each other. From the shacks, you want to head SE over a hill or 2, and you'll get a weird radio signal, and your rad meter will start acting up.

Soon you'll come to a crashed spaceship which has taken out a house. Use this weapon sparingly, its powerful but limited ammo. There are 3 places to go. Now head north and you'll see a road going north. Follow the road until you reach a raider inhabited barn and fallen silo. From the barn head east over the hills you will see a city. To the left is another table with a holotape and more loot.

Kill them all, only misc loot about. You should level up to level We will have good target practice on them. Missile launchers, Mini guns. Or your weapon of choice. But definitely Mines.

If you have any Bottlecap mines bring those for the sewers. Time to kill some giant lizards! Deathclaws are very fast, their attacks ignore armor, and are tough to kill. The easiest way is to simply lay a line of mines a little apart and just let them run through the mines crippling their legs. Then kill away.

There is minor loot on some bodies about town. Enter the sewers. More Deathclaws about.

Go ahead and activate it, and just kill it for its loot. Leave the sewers and head east out of the city. You'll see a pond where some Mirelurks will pop up. Kill them and loot their eggsacks. Head south and you'll see a red rocket and a broken down orange trailer truck. Kill them and loot everything. Go up in the silo tower and wait till dark.

Shoot one of the cars down below and watch the fireworks. You can actually look west to the orange truck you looted earlier and shoot the cab way over there from here, and watch that explode also. I shot it with a 10MM. Just tell them you wish to speak to DAVE and they will let you in.

Close the gate behind you. Now head directly up to the main building and enter. Equip your speech items. Go left and talk to DAVE and convince him you are a representative of the wastelands. Learn what you can and ask about the election and if you can help. This quest is a bit buggy.

File:Fallout 3 - Vault Dwellers Survival Guide.pdf

Talk to each of the 4 voters one at a time, making sure they go to vote, and leave the voting box don't get stuck. Once all 4 of them have voted, talk to DAVE. The blood looks great in VATS.

I was definitely impressed with this shot of Officer O'Brien taking a hit.

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition – Guides and FAQs

It can be intense when enemies get this close, but with VATS you are invulnerable for a time. Arkansas loses his head. That sniper rifle is mine! Love the skin textures here. You can drink from toilets, but that doesn't mean you should. Find a sink at the very least! I'm sure his friend will hit me with the bat, but I'm wearing combat armor!

Fallout 3 - Game of the Year Edition Prima Official Guide Scan

Some of the things people leave hanging around in the wasteland can be pretty disturbing. Showing off that nice mid-level armor! A nice mist of blood as the feral ghoul drops to the floor. It's nice when ammo gets so plentiful you don't mind blowing it on mole rats.

The super mutant behemoth you encounter during the main quest.

Way impressive how he swings that fire hydrant around. Getting into the slumber pod to go to tranquility lane was cool! Betty from tranquility lane gave me the creeps. The watch from tranquility lane replaces the pip boy. Pronto sells no schematics. This is not the case. There is no way to "place" grenades, and the world models of grenades do not explode.

His age is actually 31 in game. The Encyclopedia number is wrong. It is corrected in the another sentence. In the game, you can repair the Perforator with regular assault rifles, and you cannot use an Infiltrator to repair any kind of assault rifle.

It also states that the backwater rifle can be repaired with either Lever-Action or hunting rifles. The backwater rifle can only be repaired with the Lever-Action type of rifles.The Antique Lincoln Coin Collection 's location is listed incorrectly. Now enter the city. Fallout 3 Video Game genre: Q] A non-existent "second" alien blaster found at Fort Bannister Ground Zero is still included in the guide. You also get his old lab coat. Release Dates. The Platoon will go through the school ahead killing the mutants.

You may level up close to this time..