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Monday, April 29, 2019

7 French E-books to Mix and Match for Maximum Learning from author Nik Marcel aims to equip readers with the ability to read French news in French. By studying in this way, you should be able to improve your French without the monotonous chore of memorising (memorizing) grammar. These eBooks cover a . Compre o eBook Learn French with Stories for Beginners: 15 French Stories for files for me was the ability to listen to the audio files in fast or slow speed!.

Ebook Learn French Language Able

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Helps you figure out why French is the language for you. 3. 2 Pronounce When you peruse the local food stores, you'll be able to ask for what you want, and in. Most Innovative and Revolutionary Technique to Learn the French Language. People can go thru several years of language classes and still not be able to. While this course can teach you to read and write in French, these are only half of . Here is a table of some basic h words that are aspirated and not aspirated.

You might also try mixing them around into a different structure. Or, you might take a sentence where someone agrees and turn it into a sentence where that person disagrees. These exercises will help you navigate the world of fluid French speaking.

If you are learning a foreign language, then you should be READING in it

To continue going strong and avoid getting stuck on the plateau, its important to constantly be learning. The best way to learn French on your own is to constantly revise, test and practice. Start Reading Reading is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with more complex sentences and new vocabulary.

As we discussed previously, its important to engage with topics you enjoy. If you enjoy cooking magazines, for example, pick up one in French. As long as its written in French and its interesting to you, its a go. At this point, you should commit to reading French for minutes per day.

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At the end of each week, take time to review these new terms and test yourself on them. Staying focused You might be tempted to use your smartphone or computer to look words up. Instead, the best way to learn French is to truly, deeply focus. Worrying too much about the French u, the French r, and those pesky silent final consonants, for example, can cause frustration.

In turn, this frustration can become an excuse for not practicing your French speaking.

Flashcards are a helpful and free way to memorize new words quickly and efficiently. Each batch of flash cards should include words and phrases related to a common theme or idea. This gives the words context, which reinforces their meaning for better recall later on. Focus on trying to get the ideas right and express yourself. Flash cards are best reviewed for about minutes per day. But, you can also break it up into short 5-minute sessions so your brain stays sharp. The first step? Conversing in French.

Time commitment for step 3: months How to learn French on your own? Talk, talk talk! From where they were born to what they do for fun, new people open up an infinite world of possibility. Your grammar book and textbook will certainly come in handy here. Do you know what else speaking in French can help you with?

So where can you find a French speaking partner? One of the best resources out there today is called Meetup. This app brings together people from all over a city or region to engage in French speaking practice.

Everyone just wants to practice their French with new and encouraging friends. You might also find a language exchange, where you can help someone with their English and they can help you with your French. But even when you cant converse with someone, you can still be practicing the language in your mind.

For example, you can be making comments on the world around you in French. You can describe people and places, or pretend what you might say to a person on the street.

Thinking in French is an essential part of becoming fluent. Despite how easy this strategy seems, its often overlooked by people who are learning French on their own.

Speaking French in your head also makes French thought patterns a habit, which is a subtle yet powerful way to get more French into your head. Immerse Yourself in French Culture Next stop?


This dual-language offering from author Nik Marcel aims to equip readers with the ability to read French news in French. Readers will learn to extract the main points of articles in order to build comprehension, even when unfamiliar words are present. The focus is instead on helping students develop their tool set for reading French news articles in general. It has 16 chapters that teach readers over common vocabulary words.

For a true beginner of French, an option like this could be a fun choice to start developing a base of vocabulary. These distinctions and details are then illustrated with phrases and sentences.

This resource offers a five-step plan that teaches readers the best way to effectively practice reading in French. A variety of genres like science fiction, history and crime are covered to keep the reading interesting and fun for readers throughout!

Why Should I Learn French?

With lessons offered for students of all levels, this resource addresses many high-value areas of French learning from reading the news to comprehension of native speakers. The book also provides strategies and resources for French language hacking to accelerate the learning process and maximize your motivation on your quests to fluency. Intermediate and advanced learners will be especially interested in the chapter about French language learning plateaus , which are a common issue for even the most experienced students.

We especially like this resource because it offers a variety of extra material to help you glean more from the text. Best of all, each edition comes with audio so you can get some added listening practice. For the budget-conscious French learner who values convenience and variety of content, French e-books are an excellent option that you can take with you wherever you go!

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If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn French with real-world videos.It is essential if you want to become a proficient and independent speaker in the language that you study, and you can avoid losing points at an exam! Do you know what else speaking in French can help you with?

Thanks to Time Spaced Repetition, seeing the information again in written format helps reinforce the information in your mind and improves both retention and recall. Feel free to mix and match mediums if you enjoy more than one format! If you want to master the French language and become fluent, get this French eBook!

This means choosing e-books that complement one another instead of covering the same concepts.