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Chanakya Neeti [B.K. Chaturvedi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. About the bookchanakya neeti is a book based on chanakya, who was. Chanakya Neeti - Kindle edition by B.K. Chaturvedi. Download it once Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of. Chanakya Neeti is a book based on Chanakya, an Indian theorist, teacher, philosopher, economist and a noble mentor to the Mauryan emperors between

Chanakya Niti Book

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Complete Chanakya Neeti by Vishwamitra Sharma The Erudite Thoughts of the Great Scholar, the Economist, the Strategist and the Teacher. In Chanakya Neeti, Ashwini Parashar presents the complete and unmodified content of the original discourse, which is known by the same name as the book. Chanakya Neeti book. Read 24 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. One of the greatest figures of wisdom and knowledge in the Indian hi.

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 02, Priya rated it liked it. Great wisdom - but requires a mature reader to imbibe it in the right spirit. Many of the sayings are so relevant and striking.

Knowing Sanskrit will make the reading wotrthwhile. I found, "women" however are often referred to as "Cunning" and objects of desire only and not looked at as beings with a soul too. Oct 11, Gaurav Singh rated it it was amazing.

One of the precious classics of the world. This book has taught me with great information to lead one's life. The man who completed his higher study from Taxila University. It will be a matter of great shame for Taxila. Such, was the greatness of Taxila. This book helped me in gaining some great information which i see around myself or will certainly experience in future.

This book taught me three important message which are - 1.

In life, i One of the precious classics of the world. In life, if you ever have to choose between an evil person and a snake. Choose snake. Snake will harm you only in self defense. Evil person will harm you at their interest. You can't have peace or joy with evil wife.

They are like attachment who knows how to make person addictive and finally make them weak. Evil wife is like a slow poison. Never live your life in debt.

Its like putting yourself on slow flame which will ultimately destroy you. Feb 20, Sujatha added it. It was a crisp translation. If it at all it is an untouched version of Chankya's words then I did not like his attitude towards women. I could not understand being such a masterful political strategist of his time ,how can his judgement in certain cases about women can be soooo wrong!! Either the author's interpretation is wrong or the actual words have been distorted over the years or Apr 05, Upen rated it it was amazing.

Great insight to a great mind His thoughts and views still work today. Chanakya saw the teenager ChandraGupta who had been thrown out by powerful Nanda's and who lived in exile with his mother. Being insulted by Nanda King at his palace, Chanakya avowed to pull down his entire kingdom and while rushing out of that palace toward forest, a thorn struck to the feet of Chanakya. Wise and keen boy Chandragupta, having royal blood, too saw this matter. And then they both met. Rest is great history.

During truce with Greeks, Chanakya made the daughter of Solilocus to marry Chandragupta!. Chandragupta's grand son was Ashoka-the Great. Next he wrote texts, morals, constitution, formula etc. I read this book at least twice in every yearwhich opens new windows in me and it always make me feel super strong and in complete control of all areas of my life, with a rare type of smile on my face whose meaning no one can graspIt in fact naturally spreads on my face owing to my deep admiration of that Indian great giant CHANAKYA whose thoughts and ways and words are universal in nature, beyond all boundaries and limits I strongly recommend this book and any authentic book written on Chanakya.

Aug 20, Tanveen Bhasin rated it did not like it. Chanakya, one of the most eminent names in Indian Scholarly and an ode to intelligence, a book depicting his thoughts was no doubt a treasure. Coming to this book as a translation of Chanakya's thoughts, this isn't something you should spend your time on.

The language isn't eloquent enough to translate such great couplets. Talking about the content, it basically deals with social life and is influenced by the specific time it was written in. The book is orthodox, dogmatic and women baiting. Igno Chanakya, one of the most eminent names in Indian Scholarly and an ode to intelligence, a book depicting his thoughts was no doubt a treasure.

Ignoring these flaws, out of a vast ocean, you would still be able to find some pearls of wisdom nonetheless. Feb 29, Arindam Sur rated it really liked it. Having followed Indian history since age of 10, and having read the Rudrapatnam Shamasastry's verse, I found few variations which actually were not part of the original piece.

Chanakya Niti - Malayalam translation

Especially attitude towards women in this particular book is different from the original work When Chanakya says that the heart of a woman is not united, but divided, he doesnt meant that woman has lustful feelings towards many men.

Also, we should remember, that his depiction of character of women was based in that per OK. Also, we should remember, that his depiction of character of women was based in that period BC approx.. I really appreciated where he is supportive of re-marriage of a widow, especially at that particular period of time.

Jan 12, Swapna Rajput rated it it was amazing. This is amazing book. Must read for everyone.

Also read my books -The beautiful Roses- http: Good reads- https: Upcoming book- Amazing Legends of India- http: Sep 03, Abhishek Prakash rated it really liked it Shelves: Very relevant even today. You just need the right mind to see why this guy was considered even greater than machiavelli. Though if you want to really read something in the league of "The prince" , I recommend Arthashastra.

He might feel anti women to some but actually he vacillates on that position. Also , there is enough prescription to de - recognize caste and it's other appendages. It's more saddening to think that the man who had a really powerful role in the Mauryan Empire believed and preached these notions.

I am rating this book 3 stars for the painful translation and the lack of elaborate explanations on some sutras.

Apr 30, Kumar Gaurav rated it did not like it. Don't read this book! Knowing what not to read is more important than knowing what to read. This books containd lots and lots of self-contradictory remarks. And if these were the views of Chanakya, he was surely a casteist and the biggest misogynist ever.

Aug 17, Pranav Joshi rated it really liked it. Chanakya's views on women seem to be extremely regressive. You would be very hard pressed to find even a single good verse about women in this work. Towards the end, in the Chanakya Sutra, he simply declares "women are the root of all evil".

Also, try not to read the interpretation given in parenthesis unless you really cannot understand the meaning of the English translation.

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Because the person who wrote the interpretation has tried to bring some of Chanakya's more problematic views into line with modern views, or contextualised them. I have read it and few of the teachings are overlapping. As I am not able to spend much of the time reading the varied texts covering such topics, it's difficult to comment on these.

Overall it's an awesome process of thought and observations of Chanakya during his times. Dec 29, S S rated it liked it. Most of the precepts written in this book are sort of obvious and some I DO agree However some of dictates especially on women and in some cases regarding superiority of son is utter non sense and irritating.

May 08, Petreen R. The Book Indepth, insightful, a good read overall!

Indian knowledge written for English consumption, bless the author for sharing this past knowledge. Jan 01, Mayank Chopra rated it really liked it. Some readers may argue that this book is very anti women, but in my opinion this book is something written only for men. The statements are true or at least they were justified at that time. Jul 04, Anirban Dey rated it it was amazing. Dec 28, Varun rated it really liked it.

Straightforward book. A recommended read. Dec 21, Nithesh rated it liked it. A book that ought to be read slowly and re-read every single year. Feb 26, Tejaswini rated it did not like it.

Don't read. I wish I had the option to give this book a 0 rating. Jan 05, Rishik Dhar rated it really liked it Shelves: Conventional wisdom that will reawaken your senses. Oct 29, Tushar rated it really liked it. Sep 15, Shubha R rated it liked it. Lot of concepts are valid even today in the modern world. Yes, few are irrelevant now, but considering gaps of century these irrelevance can be appreciated.

I particularly liked this in the whole book - Gold has no fragrance, sugarcane have no fruits and the sandalwood has no flowers. A scholar is never wealthy and a king is never long aged. Why did this prescience was not given to Brahma, the Creator!!!

I liked this book. Chanakya does not believe in gender parity which is clearly evident in this book. He professes women as inferior beings. This is the only part which i really did not like in this book as it supports the claim of few that women are a low in status.

Other than this, his views on administration, family, peace are appreciable. Aug 05, Swateek rated it liked it. A book that doesn't hold a cent percent value in today's world but a lot of teachings are important in getting inner peace. One might get biased or irritated reading too much about masculine society, patriarchy, casteist remarks but the only thing to keep in mind is perhaps caste system was driven by vocation and by birth.

Many points in the book took time to sink in for me. Aug 08, Rahul rated it liked it Shelves: Kautilya's NeetiShastra finds significans in all fields of life. The Sutras are summary of all the Management mantras one must have ever come across. Refer once in a while for managing people and to find a balance in life. Lesser rating for the missing elaborate explanations and it would be up to the reader on how to imbibe the strategies in one's life.

Dec 12, Suyash rated it liked it. Truth of life BUT Chanakya's way He seems to be anti-women in most of his sayings Women should have equal rights as men have. Disagreed with the some points he mentioned as far as women are concerned. Jan 17, Lavanya rated it really liked it. But for some of his views on women, its good!!I could not understand being such a masterful political strategist of his time ,how can his judgement in certain cases about women can be soooo wrong!!

Chanakya Niti Books

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Chanakya Niti in Hindi Chanakya was an Indian teacher, philosopher and royal advisor. He was also known as a cunning and crafty person, he ruled over others through his intelligence, the known greatest weapon which could cause untold destruction without lifting a finger. Meanwhile, Malayaketu had a conversation with Chanakya's spy Bhagurayana while approaching Rakshasa's house.

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