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Why do developers need a guidebook for C++ and OO technology? 4. What kind of guidance is given in the answers to these FAQs?.. 5. What is the. Cline's C++ FAQ Lite document, You can also download an electronic copy via the web (it's a MB PDF file; cost . In part it's because this is a merger of two great FAQs: Marshall Cline's C++ online C++ FAQ Lite, Bjarne Stroustrup's online C++ and C++11 FAQs, and in the .

C++ Faq Lite Pdf

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Thank you for reading this answer rather than just trying to set your own coding standards. But beware that some people on resourceone.infoc++ are. What other C++ FAQs are available? .. FAQ Lite c ++-faq-lite/. Marshall Cline's excellent. FAQ. Comeau. Online C++ FAQ/Tutorial and Advanced Questions. Alexis Angelidis. January 11, 1 Quick notes to C programmers. • instead of macros use. – const or.

Alas, I haven't seen one. It is truly unfortunate. Meanwhile, many of my students approached me, asking my opinion about some books in English.

Useful resources

Not surprisingly, there were bad books among them too. Then, I have decided that when I have an opinion about a book, not necessarily in Hebrew, I will put it here - for the benefits of my students and any other interested person.

Obviously, I am limited to the books that I can, at least, leaf through. My sources are: The bookstores at the Technion and the University of Haifa, books that are sent to me by publishers, and books that are shown to me by students.

The bad ones - find their way here.

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I do not really read them, because I have specific criteria that make a book bad to my view - usually, exemplifying that the author or whoever wrote a particular part of the book has a misunderstanding of the programming language at question, or a misconception of basic programming techniques in that language. Then, I exemplify my findings with quotes from the book. Let me emphasize that the only reason I put books here, is to warn my students from learning from them - I consider these books a "risk" to my students' grades, if they base their answers at the exam on these books.

By the way, even the list of bad books in Hebrew is not complete. All others, I just do not mention - they are not good enough to be recommended, and I have not found reasons which are good enough to justify public denunciation namely, they are not that big "risk" to my students.

The opinions below are solely mine, and represent what I have learned about high quality programming from my own experience, and by learning from many others.

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If you think I am mistaken in any of the items below, please inform me - and I will correct it if you are right. Notes: New books are added to the list whenever I have the time. I have a long list of comments on each book.

I have given you only a few examples.

The errors I have found were not found by reading the books, but by leafing through them - there must be many more that I have not found. Some of the books may have updated editions.

Reference (C++)

I hope they have corrected some of the errors. Nevertheless, it would not change my opinion about the books, since I do not comment on typos or overlooked errors.

My comments refer to basic knowledge of the programming languages and to basic knowledge of programming techniques. If the authors want to write a good book, they should not rewrite the old one - they should start from scratch.

But I care for the students in Israel, so I comment on books that are available in Israel - mainly in Hebrew and in English sorry, I do not know Russian, however, several books in Russian that I have seen are translations of books that appear on this list ;-.

On the contrary, they are bad enough to cause my students to loose valuable points in their exams - if they use these books to learn these languages.

If you know about a good book in Hebrew, I'll be delighted to hear about it but if it is not good, it will be added to this list of examples. The only good thing that I can say about these books is that, overall, they are correct with respect to the syntax of the languages well, I believe that their examples were correctly compiled ;- , but you will be able to see that even in syntax the books can be improved in one or two things.

Some of the bad books in Hebrew, are just translations of bad books in other languages see below - it is impossible to introduce conceptual errors while translating. Unfortunately, these books are not always the best choice in their classes to say it mildly - and some very good books, on the other hand, are hard to find.

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C++ FAQ (part 02 of 14)

New issue. Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized.Think of it this way: storing a floating point result into RAM requires some bits to get discarded, so comparing a truncated value in RAM with an untruncated value within a floating-point register might not do what you expect.

So read this FAQ and you'll know what to do. For matters concerning the content of this page, please contact its author s ; use the source , if all else fails.

Once you receive the FAQ in your e-mail, unpack the FAQ using the instructions contained in the associated e-mail message. If the authors want to write a good book, they should not rewrite the old one - they should start from scratch. If that is what you want. Why do I feel so confused. In fact. Some of you will end up in the if block.

This has caused a lot of confusion since these ancient versions often contained bugs, missed features, and generally outdated information.