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See the Glog! {DOWNLOAD} Cora Reilly - Bound by Honor Boxed Set (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles Books ) [PDF]: text, images, music, video | Glogster. Bound by Honor book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Born into one of the leading Mob families in Chicago, Aria Scuder. This book is no longer published. For other books by Cora Reilly, view Cora Reilly's Smashwords author profile page. It's possible you may find an newer edition.

The society girls saw his good looks and wealth. They thought the bad boy aura was a game. They fawned over his predator-like charisma because it radiated power. I stood abruptly.

He knew everything about everyone. Mother called him a scandalmonger. But if anyone knew more about Luca, it was Umberto.

If Luca had killed his first man at eleven, then how many more had he killed in the nine years since? Umberto shook his shaved head, and scratched the long scar that ran from his temple down to his chin. Umberto scanned my face. Not Umberto, and not my father if he felt so inclined. Women in our world belonged to their husband. They were his property to deal with however he pleased. Only two days until my engagement party. Mother was busy ordering the servants around, making sure the house was spotless and nothing went wrong.

Umberto said it was for safety reasons. The truce was still too fresh to risk a gathering of hundreds of guests. Fabiano jumped up and down on my bed, a pout on his face. He was only five and had entirely too much energy. Everything needs to be perfect for the guests.

Luca and the rest of the New York guests would arrive tomorrow. I closed my eyes. His dark blonde hair was a mess. I tried to smooth it down but Fabiano jerked his head away. Mostly I cried at night when I was protected by darkness. It would only get me in trouble. What if Father hears us? He peered up at me. Gianna tore after him. Liliana poked her head out of her door and then she too ran after my brother and sister.

Mother would have my head if they smashed another family heirloom. I flew down the stairs. Fabiano was still in the lead. He was fast, but Liliana had almost caught him while Gianna and I were too slow in the high heels my mother forced us to wear for practice. Fabiano dashed into the corridor leading into the west wing of the house and the rest of us followed. I wanted to shout at him to stop. Fabiano was supposed to act like a man.

What five-year-old acted like a man? I parted my lips to shout a warning, but it was too late. Fabiano skidded to a halt but Liliana ran into the man in the middle with full force. Most people would have lost their balance.

I jerked to a halt as time seemed to grind to a stop around me. Gianna gasped beside me, but my gaze was frozen on my future husband.

He was looking down at the blond head of my little sister, steadying her with his strong hands. I never called my sister by her full name unless she was in trouble or something was seriously wrong. I wished I was better at hiding my terror. Now everyone was staring at me, including Luca. His cold gray eyes scanned me from head to toe, lingering on my hair. God, he was tall. The men beside him were both over six feet but he dwarfed them. I wanted her far away from Luca. She stumbled backward, then flew into my arms, burying her face against my shoulder.

Luca raised one black eyebrow. Fabiano made a sound like an enraged wildcat and stormed toward Luca, and started pummeling his legs and stomach with his small fists. The outline of a gun was visible under his vest. I pushed Lily toward Gianna who wrapped a protective arm around her, then I approached Luca.

I was scared out of my mind, but I needed to get Fabiano away from him. Maybe New York and Chicago were trying to lay their feud to rest, but alliances could break in a blink. Luca and his men were still the enemy. He was a couple of inches smaller than Luca and not as broad, but it was unmistakable that they were brothers.

Fabiano was still snarling and struggling like a wild animal, but Luca held him at arm-length. He wants to steal you away, Aria. My cheeks blazed with heat at his scrutiny. Luca was neither family, nor old. He was only five years older than me, but he looked like a man and made me feel like a small girl in comparison.

Luca let go of Fabiano and I pulled him toward me, his back against my legs. I folded my hands over his small heaving chest. He could afford courage. At least, Fabiano speaks the truth. She snapped her lips shut, staring at me with wide eyes. Bracing myself, I faced him and his men. My cheeks were burning with embarrassment, and now that I was alone with the three men, nerves twisted my stomach.

I was wearing one of my favorite maxi dresses with sleeves that reached my elbows, and I was silently glad for the protection all the fabric offered me. I folded my arms in front of my body, unsure of what to do. His voice was even, deep, emotionless. What was he waiting for?

I took a step back. For the meat show, as Gianna called it. I stared at myself in the mirror uncertainly. The black dress was clinging to my butt and waist, and ended at my upper thighs; the top was a glittery golden bustier with black tulle straps.

Her hair was pinned up; it was a few shades darker than mine. She was wearing a floor-length elegant dress. I wished I was allowed something that modest. I cringed. Mother put her hands on my waist. I was a fifteen-year-old dressed up to look like a woman. I slipped into them. Mother forced her fake smile onto her face and smoothed down my long hair. Fiore Cavallaro called you the most beautiful woman of Chicago. Show Luca and his entourage that you are more beautiful than any women in New York too.

You should enter the room alone. The men will be waiting. For a moment, I wanted to take her hand and beg her to accompany me; instead I turned and walked out of my room. I was glad that my mother had forced me to wear heels in the last few weeks. When I arrived in front of the door to the fireplace lounge on the first floor in the west wing, my heart was beating in my throat. I wished Gianna was at my side, but Mother was probably warning her to behave right now.

I had to go through this alone. Nobody was supposed to steal the show from the bride-to-be. I stared at the dark wood of the door and considered running away. Male laughter rang out behind it, my father and the Boss. A room filled with the most powerful and dangerous men in the country and I was supposed to go in.

A lamb alone with wolves. I shook my head. I needed to stop thinking like that. I gripped the handle and pressed down. I slipped in, not yet looking at anyone as I closed the door. Gathering my courage, I faced the room. Conversation died. Was I supposed to say something? My father looked like the cat that got the cream. My eyes sought Luca and his piercing stare rendered me motionless. I held my breath. He put down a glass with a dark liquid with an audible clank. I quickly scanned the faces of the gathered men.

From the Chicago Outfit there were my Father, Fiore Cavallaro, and his son, the future head Dante Cavallaro, as well as Umberto and my cousin Raffaele whom I hated with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. And off to the side stood poor Fabiano who had to wear a black suit like everyone else. I could see that he wanted to run toward me to seek solace, but he knew what Father would say to that.

Father finally moved toward me, put a hand on my back and led me toward the gathered men like a lamb toward slaughter. The only man who looked positively bored out of his mind was Dante Cavallaro; he had only eyes for his Scotch.

Our family had attended the funeral of his wife two months ago. A widower in his thirties. Of course Father steered me straight toward my future husband with a challenging expression as if he expected Luca to fall on his knees from awe. Going from his expression, Luca might as well have been staring at a rock. His gray eyes were hard and cold as they focused on my father.

Fiore Cavallaro spoke up. I had never been submitted to so much… attention. The way Raffaele looked at me made my skin crawl. Father looked obviously put off. Without anyone noticing Fabiano had snuck up behind me and slipped his hand into mine. Well, Luca had noticed and was staring at my brother, which brought his gaze entirely too close to my naked thighs.

I shifted nervously and Luca looked away.

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My father smiled and turned to leave. I gave him a quick smile, which disappeared when my father shook his head. Salvatore Vitiello actually winked at Luca. They all filed out until only Luca, Fabiano and I were left. Then the door closed and we were alone.

I peeked up at Luca. I had been right: He looked out of the window. Why would he be? They would have filled out the bustier better. His voice was deep and calm.

Was he ever anything but? He reached into the inside of his jacket and for a ridiculous second I actually thought he was pulling a gun on me. Instead he held a black box in his hand. He turned toward me and I stared intently at his black shirt. Black shirt, black tie, black jacket. Black like his soul. This was a moment millions of women dreamed off, but I felt cold when Luca opened the box.

Inside sat a white gold ring with a big diamond in the center sandwiched between two marginally smaller diamonds. Luca held out his hand when the awkwardness between us reached its peak. I flushed and extended my hand. I flinched when his skin brushed mine. He slipped the engagement ring on my finger, then released me. They looked angry.

Had I done something wrong? He held out his arm and I linked mine through it, letting him lead me out of the lounge and toward the dining room. When we stepped into the dining room, the women of my family had joined the men. Luca dropped his arm and I quickly joined my mother and sisters, who pretended to admire my ring.

Gianna gave me a look. I could tell that Gianna had a scathing comment on the tip of her tongue. I shook my head at her and she rolled her eyes. Dinner was a blur. The men discussed business while we women remained quiet. My eyes kept drifting toward the ring on my finger. It felt too heavy, too tight, entirely too much. Luca had marked me as his possession. Eventually, I put a bathrobe over my pajamas, slipped out of my room and crept downstairs.

In a fit of craziness, I took the passage that led to the secret door behind the wall in the lounge. I wondered what he thought would happen to the women after the men had all fled through the secret passage?

I found Gianna with her eyes pressed against the peephole of the disguised door. Of course, she was already there. She whirled around, eyes wide but relaxed when she spotted me. Gianna moved to the side, so I could peer through the second peephole. Father and Cavallaro have details to discuss with Salvatore Vitiello. Luca leaned against the marble ledge of the fireplace, legs casually crossed, a glass of Scotch in his hand. His brother Matteo lounged in an armchair beside him, legs wide apart and that wolfish grin on his face.

Romero looked to be the same age of Matteo, so around eighteen. He might not have looked quite as deadly as Luca, but something in his eyes told me he was only able to hide it better. That dress. That body. That hair and face. It seemed as if he was provoking his brother on purpose. He nudged the older man, Cesare. Is Luca blind? You got functioning eyes in your head? Matteo threw his head back and laughed. He looked at Matteo, who shook his head.

Maybe Scuderi knows of a few Eunuchs who can keep watch over her. Umberto had always protected me and my sisters. Father was a step behind them. Nobody could know we were listening in on this conversation. Father would throw a fit if we revealed the position of his secret door.

That was as close to an insult as he could get without actually insulting my father openly. He remained in the room. Luca stepped up to Umberto. Everyone saw it. Umberto cleared his throat. She is a child. Matteo inclined his head. He moved so close to Raffaele that my cousin had to tilt his head back to return the stare.

Raffaele tried to keep his expression arrogant and self-confident, but he looked like a Chihuahua pup trying to impress a Bengal tiger. Luca and he might as well have been two different species.

Are you honestly going to accuse him of having an interest in my daughter? I know want when I see it. If I find out you are in a room alone with her.

If I find out you touch as much as her hand, I will kill you. Nobody would tell you anything even if I raped her. I could break her in for you. Raffaele struggled and cursed, but Luca held him fast. My legs turned weak. Look away, Aria.

Father would surely stop Luca. The screams rang in my ears when my vision turned black. I bit down on my fist to stifle a sound.

Bound by Honor

She let out a screech that could have woken the dead before she threw up. Her vomit spilled down the steps. Behind the doors, silence reigned. They had heard us. Behind him stood Cesare and Romero, both with their weapons drawn. When they saw Gianna and me, they returned them to the holsters under their jackets.

She seldom did, but her face was pale and she leaned heavily against me. But I had to be strong for her. I took a step in his direction to protect her and Father lifted his arm again.

My eyes widened. Father was the master of the house, the master over us. Umberto drew his knife and Father had his hand on his gun. Matteo, Romero and Cesare had drawn their own guns. Raffaele was huddled on the floor, bent over his hand, his whimpers the only sound in the room. Had there ever been a red engagement?

I stepped past my father, dragging Gianna with me who had her head bowed. She stiffened as we stepped over the blood on the hardwood floor and the cut-off finger laying abandoned in it. My eyes darted to Raffaele who was clutching his wound to still the bleeding. His hands, his shirt and pants were covered with blood.

Gianna retched as if she was going to throw up again. There were tears in her eyes and her lower lip had a cut that was dripping blood on her chin and her nightgown.

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My hand on hers tightened. Our locked eyes seemed her only anchor as Umberto led us out of the room. Gianna wiped her bleeding lip as we hurried after Umberto through the corridor and up the stairs.

He stopped me when I wanted to follow Gianna into her room. You two in a room together always bodes trouble. I stepped in, then turned to him. Luca did what every man would have done. Umberto patted my head like I was an adorable kitten. Even from afar Luca would be controlling my life. Luca had made his claim on me and would enforce it cold-bloodedly. They came anyway. Snow crunched under my boots as I followed mother along the pavement toward the brick building, which harbored the most luxurious wedding store in the Midwest.

Umberto trailed closely behind, my constant shadow. Revolving brass doors let us into the brightly lit inside of the store and the owner and her two assistants immediately greeted us. I forced a smile.

My eighteenth birthday was supposed to be a day for celebration. Instead it only meant I was another step closer to marrying Luca. She was the only person who looked excited. No surprise really, she would make a lot of money today.

The wedding that marked the final union of the Chicago and the New York mafia was supposed to be a splendid affair. Money was irrelevant.

I inclined my head. Gianna gave me a look that made it clear what she thought of the matter, but she kept her mouth shut. At sixteen and a half, Gianna had finally learned to reign in her outbursts, mostly. The shop owner led us into the fitting room. Umberto and the other man stayed outside the drawn curtains. Lily and Gianna plopped down on the plush white couch while Mother began browsing the wedding gowns on display. I stood in the middle of the room. The sight of all the white tulle, silk, gossamer, brocade and what it stood for, corded up my throat.

Quotes about love decorated the walls of the fitting room; they felt like a taunt considering the harsh reality that was my life. What was love but a silly dream? I could feel the eyes of the shop owner and her assistants on me, and squared my shoulders before I joined my mother. Eventually, the shop owner approached us and showed us her most expensive gowns.

I flushed, but the shop owner laughed as if it was all too delightful. I reached for the most expensive dress in the collection, a dream of brocade; the bustier was embroidered with pearls and silvery threads forming a delicate flower pattern.

That explained the price. Luca was as much as stranger to me today as he had been almost three years ago. Everyone was already abuzz with the preparations.

The moment my family had arrived in New York a few hours ago, my sisters and I had huddled together in our suite in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manhattan. Salvatore Vitiello had suggested we live in one of the many rooms in the mansion until the wedding in five days, but my father had declined.

I was glad. Father had agreed to let me share a suite with Lily and Gianna, so he and mother had a suite for themselves. Of course, a bodyguard was stationed in front of every of the three doors to our suite. Mother always said Nabokov must have had Liliana in mind when he wrote Lolita. While Gianna provoked with her words, Lily used her body for that. It worried me. Eventually he relented as he always did. Gianna peered over my shoulder in the dressing room. I smoothed my hair down, then straightened my shirt.

Now I wondered if something that drew less attention to my body might have been better. I still had fifteen minutes before Luca wanted to meet me. Lily is fourteen and has already figured it out. Men, even cold-hearted bastards like them, have a weakness and it hangs between their legs.

A knock made me jump and my eyes flew to the clock. Lily dashed out of her bedroom before Gianna or I could even move. She was wearing her rockerchic outfit, tight leather pants and a tight black tee. She thought she looked so adult with it. Gianna and I thought she looked like a fourteen-year-old trying too hard. She opened the door, jutting her hip out, trying to look sexy.

I walked closer so I could see Luca. He was staring down at Lily, obviously trying to figure out who she was.

Matteo, Romero and Cesare stood behind him. Where was Umberto? Lily frowned. She was only a couple of inches smaller than me.

My pulse was racing as I turned to Luca. His gaze lingered on my legs, then slowly moved up until it arrived at my face. And I realized with a start it was want. Only Cesare stayed outside. He closed the door even though I would have preferred to keep it ajar. Matteo sauntered over to Gianna who quickly sat up and gave him her nastiest look.

Lily of course smiled at him. Gianna gave me an I-told-youso-look. She wanted me to use my body; the problem was I preferred Luca ignoring my body because everything else terrified me.

As if Gianna gave a damn about appropriateness. Luca narrowed his eyes. Gianna rose from the sofa and came toward us. Matteo raised his hands with a wide grin. I swallowed a gasp. Then why are you angry? He smirked. He touched my chin and I turned into a pillar of salt. I can wait a few more days. His lips were less than an inch from mine. Luca shook his head. I regretted my words, even though they were the truth.

But I want Romero at your side until then. You must really trust Romero not to take advantage of the situation. I crossed my arms over my chest and averted my eyes. She and Gianna share this suite with me. You saw how Lily can be. She will flirt with Romero. She will do anything to get a rise out of him. Liliana is playing around. Romero likes his women of age and willing.

My eyes darted toward my bed. This was a horrible reminder of what would happen soon. Are you taking the pill? It was birth control. This is from him. You need to start taking the pill immediately.

It takes 48 hours for them to start working. He seemed really eager to sleep with me. My stomach tightened. Either way, on our wedding night you are mine. As if in trance, I walked into the living area of the suite. Umberto stood beside Gianna and Lily, looking annoyed. He frowned at Luca. Matteo leaned forward. Umberto opened his mouth, but Luca raised a hand. They walked a few steps away from us.

Bound by Honor

Gianna pressed up to me. After a moment, Romero glanced at Lily, then nodded and said something. They finally returned to us. Luca shrugged. Scuderi is coming with us. Luca turned to me. Without another word, Luca and Matteo left. Romero held the door open. Romero shut the door and locked it.

Gianna gaped. Lily was already kneeling on the armchair, watching Romero in rapt attention. I really need the distraction. We picked out a random movie, but it was difficult to focus with Romero guarding us. He shrugged off his jacket, revealing a white shirt and a holster holding two guns and a long knife.

She stood and walked over to him. He kept his attention on the door. She stepped in his way and he had no choice but to look up at her. She smiled. She quickly slipped into his lap and he tensed. I leaped off the sofa and wrenched her off him.

One day a man is going to take advantage of you. Romero straightened in the chair. Luca forbid him, right? I shot her a glare. I have a sister her age. I settled against the backrest. Romero probably regretted ever leaving his spot at the door. Wrong thing to say. He stared at me, as if he actually worried I would do that. I frowned. I felt suddenly very tired. And what about Fabiano? What about my mother? This was my life. Maybe I was a coward, though marrying a man like Luca probably required more courage than running away.

I smoothed out the green cocktail dress. It was a color that was supposed to bring good luck. Gianna had turned seventeen a few days ago. That meant she was almost old enough to be married off as well. I pushed the thought aside. I could hear mother and Gianna arguing in the bedroom about what Gianna was supposed to wear when a knock sounded at the suite door. I opened the door. Valentina stood in front of me, Umberto behind her. She was my cousin but five years older than me.

Her mother and my mother were sisters. She smiled apologetically. Umberto sat back on the chair outside my door. She was tall and graceful, with dark-brown, almost black hair and eyes that were the darkest green imaginable. She wore a black dress with a pencil skirt that reached her knees. I caught myself wishing her husband had died sooner so she could have married Luca and then I felt horrible. Romero hovered beside the window. A bridal shower is no place for a man.

Champagne, soft drinks and an array of fingerfood were set up on a table behind it. I swallowed. You were already married. I had to move back in with my family.

My father insisted on it to protect me. Women always needed protection from the outside world, especially if they were in a marriageable age. You know that as well as I do. And soon after that more guests arrived. The gifts were everything from lingerie over jewelry to certificates for a day in a luxury spa in New York.

I lifted the barely-there white nightgown and smiled tightly. Beneath it in the gift box was an even smaller piece of clothing; white lace panties that revealed most of my butt and were held together by a bow in the back. A chorus of appreciative murmurs came from the women around me. I gaped at the lingerie. Gianna tipped her finger inconspicuously against her temple.

We need to please our husbands. Luca will certainly expect something this daring. My stomach twisted with worry, and it got only worse when the woman started talking about their wedding nights. Then those sheets are presented to the fathers of the bride and the groom and whoever else wants to see proof that the marriage has been consummated and that the bride was pure.

The sheets will prove your honor. It was a huge building inspired by Italian palazzos surrounded by almost three acres of park-like grounds. The driveway was long and winding, and led past four double garages and two guesthouses until it ended in front of the mansion with its white front and red shingled roof.

White marble statues stood at the base of the double staircase leading up to the front door. Inside, coffered ceilings, white marble columns and floors, and a view of the bay and the long pool through the panorama windows took my breath away.

Gianna and I insisted on sharing a room. I needed her at my side. From the window we could watch how the workers began setting up the huge pavilion that would serve as church tomorrow. Beyond it the ocean churned. I dragged myself out of bed. Gianna pulled the blankets over her head, grumbling something about it being too early.

Mother sighed. Her red hair was a mess. Mother pursed her lips. The Beautician will be here any second. Grab a quick shower. I leaned against the shower cabin. I wished I were like other brides. I wished I could enjoy this day. When I stepped out of the shower, I felt cold. Someone knocked and Gianna entered with a cup and a bowl in her hand. What bullshit. You could think they need to prettify an army of fishwives. They began their work at once, waxing our legs and armpits.

When I thought the torture was over, the Beautician asked. Do you know what your husband prefers? Mother actually looked at me for an answer.

As if I knew the first thing about Luca and his preferences, especially concerning body hair. Mother gasped. She might have been the queen of flirting but that was all. It took hours to get us ready. When our make-up was in place and my hair was pinned up in an elaborate updo that would later hold the veil and the diamond headpiece, my aunts Livia and Ornatella came in carrying my wedding dress as well as the bridesmaid dresses for Lily and Gianna. There was only one hour left until the wedding ceremony.

The dress was gorgeous; the chapel train fanned out behind me, the platinum embroidery glittering wherever the sunlight hit it, and the empire waist was accentuated by a white satin ribbon. Something on my face must have made my mother realize I was close to having a nervous breakdown, so she ushered my aunts out. Her red hair contrasted beautifully with the mint dress. She opened the box with the necklace.

Diamonds and pearls surrounded by intricate white gold threads.


That necklace and your headpiece probably cost more than most people pay for their house. Every now and then a clunk could be heard. Gianna walked over to the window and peered out. Like this horrid wedding. It was soaked in blood. Except for me, maybe. Gianna wrapped her arms around me from behind and rested her chin on my bare shoulder.

We could get you out of your dress and sneak out. Nobody would notice. Luca would notice. I forced a brave smile. They would kill each other in retribution. Every single fucking person in the garden. She was right. It had brought me straight into the arms of one of the deadliest men in the country.

And you are right. Most of the people in the garden have blood on their hands and would deserve to die, but they are our family, the only one we got. And there are innocents like Fabiano. Fabiano would start his initiation process at twelve. If what Umberto had said was true, Luca had killed his first man at eleven. With every breath we took, sin was engraved deeper into our skin. Born in blood. Sworn in blood like the motto of the New York Cosa Nostra.

Lily walked over to the bed and picked up my veil attached to the headpiece. I bent my knees so she could fix it atop my head. She gently smoothed it out.

{DOWNLOAD} Cora Reilly - Bound by Honor Boxed Set (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles Books 1-3) [PDF]

I wish we could giggle about your wedding night. The silence between us stretched. Lily eventually nodded toward the bed. A knock sounded and I squared my shoulders, putting on my outside face. Bibiana and Valentina stepped in, followed by mother. She was already wearing her bridesmaid dress and the mint color looked gorgeous with her dark hair.

Technically, only unmarried women were allowed to be bridesmaids but my Uncle had insisted we make an exemption for Valentina. He was really keen to find a new husband for her. Bibiana wore a floor-length maroon dress with long sleeves, despite the summer heat. Bibiana made a face, which reminded me how young she was.

Only twenty-two. Was that meant to soothe my fears? And Valentina had lost her husband six months ago in an altercation with the Russians. How could they expect her to talk about wedded bliss?

I smoothed my dress nervously. Gianna shook her head. Luca was good looking. My stomach lurched again. Valentina cleared her throat. Soon her fear is replaced by confusion and indignation. Valentina is tired of being ignored. A few months before the wedding, Gianna escapes her bodyguards and runs away. She has enough money to flee to Europe and begin a new life.

But staying undetected when the mob is searching for her is a challenge that takes everything, especially as one of their best hunters and assassins is after her: Matteo Vitiello.

Despite her pleads they kill her boyfriend, and Gianna is forced to marry Matteo. Her emotions alternating between guilt over having dragged an innocent into her world and hatred toward Matteo, Gianna is determined to make life hell for her husband. But Matteo is a master at mind games and their struggle for power soon turns into hate-fueled nights of passion.

After her sisters were married off for tactical reasons, she hopes she might be allowed to choose a husband for herself, but when her father promises her to a man more than twice her age that hope is crushed. No begging can make him change his mind. Her age and status made her off-limits but even someone as dutiful as him has only so much control.Diamonds and pearls surrounded by intricate white gold threads.

Jeanette Milio pinned post 8 Sep Why pretend it's a romance? Not even my worst enemy. I wanted her far away from Luca. I swallowed. Women in our world belonged to their husband. And yet, maybe this was my chance. You got functioning eyes in your head?

Diamonds and pearls surrounded by intricate white gold threads.