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Monday, September 30, 2019

It is a great privilege to e young. Youth is Author: Gbile Akanni Youth is therefore a time of raging battle between God and the devil for the soul of the youth. WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG BY Gbile Akanni!in , l was invited to preach @ a professors daughters wedding. You can imagine the cream of the society seated . Battle For The Young By Bro Gbile - Free download PDF files on the internet quickly and easily.

Battle For The Young By Gbile Akanni Pdf

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Download BATTLE For The YOUNG GBILE AKANNI apk for Android. The time of the youth is the prime time in anyone's life. Battle For The Young By Gbile Akanni. Posted on . Is there MP3 mode of the message battle for the young or Pdf format bcos i love this topic from bro gbile. Reply Battle for the Young. £ Out of stock. SKU: bk Category: YOUTH. Additional information; Reviews (0). Additional information. Weight, kg. Dimensions.

These and many they did behind the scene and that not for their own benefit. In Silent Labours, the author draws our attention to the fact that the Church has a unique position in the heart of God. Though the heavens and earth declare His glory from generation to generation, He still longs for men through whom He will display His riches and glory. Queen Vashti lost this privilege.

A search for her replacement was instituted. Virgins were gathered for a twelve month purification process and Esther emerged as the king's choice. Here, I learnt that no one can walk away from the world system and win God's approval without passing through discipleship.

Sometimes the enemy may appear to be in control. But an uncompromising stand against unrighteousness with a heart that says, If I perish, I perish, provides the occasion for God to show Himself mighty on behalf of His people.

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God responded to the myriad of prayers by granting favour and divine wisdom. Who would think of a banquet at this time and what is more the enemy was invited.

When God sets to work, only the spiritual can discern it. Like the author said, unless Mordecai had seen with the eyes of faith, such a report of the gallows could be depressing.

But Mordecai knew his God. The fall of the wicked does not come by bombarding Satan and his host with words but as we build a vibrant relationship with the King.

Righteousness exalts a man. Promotion, to an on-looker may appear as an overnight occurrence or a sudden event but for the man on the spot, I believe it is a crown placed on his head in due season.

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It is the reward of faithfulness and steadfastness to God in the secret place. Mordecai came before the king and served as his Prime Minister. Joseph also rose from prison to become Prime Minister in Egypt. Esther and Mordecai will not allow the open doors of their exaltation to be wasted on peripheral issues.

The Valiant Mother

They sought for a reversal of Haman's decrees. A day to still the avenger must come. One would wander at the need for the battle on the 13th day.

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Ok I Agree Learn More. Download APK 3. The time of the youth is also a period of making choices, encountering peculiar challenges and laying foundations good or bad for the future: The unfortunate thing about these choices is that whether they were made consciously or unconsciously, they are often irreversible.

Youth is therefore a time of raging battle between God and the devil for the soul of the youth.

There is no neutral ground. Victory largely depends on the choice made by the youth among several competing options.

Battle For The Young By Bro Gbile Akanni.pdf

The chance to therefore shape your future is in your hands. This ebook is a guidepost to help you choose wisely. Download APK Pet shop online. This is an evidence that you don't know God.

All out battle, because we no longer disregard God, we have regard for Him.

If by the spirit you put to death the deeds of the body you will live. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, , p.

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He touched several lives by His show of love. Total perversion of how God designed it to be. Or he actually uses the word transgress.