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Watermarked PDF. $ RuneQuest, o juegos actualmente en el mercado español como Aventuras en la Marca del Este o Labyrinth Lord. Aventuras en la Marca del este. Ampliaciones. Conjuros MB; Guia de Plantas de la Marca MB; Guia de Plantas de la MB. This. Aventuras. En. La. Marca. Del. Este. El. Enclave. PDF on the files/S3Library- file begin with Intro, Brief Discussion until.

Aventuras En La Marca Del Este Pdf

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In Spain Aventuras En La Marca Del Este has met significant in pdf on DrivethruRPG (pdf only) and from some US distributors but EDP. Review of the Green Box of Aventuras en La Marca Del Este. Today I bring the . Print Get a PDF version of this webpage PDF. Publicado por. Con poco esfuerzo, puede utilizarse con otros juegos OSR como Aventuras en la Marca del Este, Swords & Wizardry o Labyrinth Lord. Es ideal.

Something important The Call of the Gods. Which would be more than enough, but the guys behind it, the Aventureros de la Marca del Este keep releasing stuff. For example a sci-fi spin off of their game titled La Marca Estelar eng.

The Stellar Mark. Classics of the Mark side note: the last one with mutant murder mongols on the cover was written by me.

Or another boxed set to relpace the Campaign Setting one that just got crowdfunded, the Gazetteer de Aventuras en la Marca del Este. And they have Leyendas de la Marca del Este eng. And it already has fan modules sort of! Also using the system of Aventuras en la Marca del Este as base but in a steampunk setting and made by different people we have Jernhest which is also pretty cool game.

Translations Translations are indeed a bigger thing here, since we mostly have to drink from the English OSR's tit. But given that most of the interested people cand read English already and most of publishing houses don't want to take the risk as opposed to, for example, writting their own retro-clone , there are not so many translations as you might think.

For example, we recently got Labyrinth Lord and a lot of us had a good laugh about it asking ourselves "why now?


But of course, the answer was money. For now they are translating classic modules from the game, but maybe in the future we'll see more original content I won't say it'll be by me, but who knows? And, besides that, we have a whole world of fan translations like Swords and Wizardry or The Black Hack. Other stuff Adventure modules, aids, fanzines and such. All of this stuff comes at least from On one hand we have the Fanzine Vieja Escuela eng.

Fanzine Old School which is a collaborative and limited edition Fanzine about all thigs old school. It already has three issues and it's generally OK. We also have Hexplora eng. Hexplore , a book that serves as an introduction to hexcrawls and a guide on how to make and run them.

FUDGE Star Wars

Good stuff in general. The guys that made it, 77 Mundos, now plan on releasing a standalone retro-clone focusing on Isle of Dread style hexcrawls and that outta be good. The cover art was not the best. There's also a Spanish edition of the One Page Dungeon contest. It has been held on and I took part in both and won nothing, but such is life. And the first one of a trilogy!

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Again this post is going to be a brief summary of products, people and related stuff about Old School Gaming here in Spain. Just to be clear, this will not be about the OSR in the wider Spanish-speaking world, since I don't know much about how people in Latin America or Equatorial Guinea are doing.