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Read O desaparecimento de Stephanie Mailer by Joël Dicker ePub não dá tréguas, tão sofisticada e viciante quanto A verdade sobre o caso Harry Quebert. 15 juil. Telecharger La vérité sur l'affaire Harry Quebert - Joël Dicker de livres gratuit - Books Review. Convaincu de l'innocence de Harry, Marcus abandonne tout pour se rendre dans le . A verdade sobre o caso Harry Quebert. Magnum opus, A verdade sobre o caso Harry Quebert. Joël Dicker (Genebra, 16 de Junho de ) é um romancista suíço. Índice. 1 Biografia; 2.

A Verdade Sobre O Caso Harry Quebert Epub

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Buy A verdade sobre o caso Harry Quebert (Portuguese Edition): Read 7 Kindle Store Reviews - Internet Archive - Official Site, Ccar Connecticut. Community For Addiction Recovery, A Verdade Sobre O. Caso Harry Quebert - Books On Google Play, Bblia E. The Truth About the Harry Quebert KB. The Truth About the Harry Quebert resourceone.info2. MB. The Truth About the Harry Quebert

La Vérité sur l'affaire Harry Quebert

Characters stupid, egocentric, superficial, unbearable. Unacceptable romance, insubstantial literary story, mystery that resumes in the final.

A great flop. Longer comment possible spoilers: Each chapter begins with a "advice" that the famous Harry Quebert gives to his pupil Marcus during his life. Each advice occupies one page. Waste of paper. At certain point raids in the past appear and often during important scenes ambientate in the present. Because the only emotion that this work tries giving me is nuisance. And not is the nuisance from "oh-my-god-i-want-to-know-thing-happens".

No, is the nuisance from "still? Again this plot? There are many things that piss me off: Here is all blank because of the colorless writing, pure narrate of actions, plain dialogues. How do you think to write a love story without investigating the soul of his protagonists?

Mais títulos a considerar

In a book that is long pages it is impossible. This book is cataloged between novels, then nope, there must to be feelings. No, i mean that the characters, while being seen from of outside, must express at least in gestures what they think. Now, i understand that we cannot read the mind of Harry, being already all it written from point of view of Marcus.

But that there are at least the feelings of Marcue! If only the narrator wrote his thoughts! Regret, anger, resignation, contempt, disbelief? The nothing absolute? Knowing that a 35 year old loves a fifteen years old and has no regret? She can be her daughter! As if it was normal. The gigantic ego of Marcus. My dear Marcus, rarely the writers have lived as pasha thanks to books. You have written a book, a best seller, then do not complain if, to gain more money and to continue your precious life, you will have to work.

You wanted that. She Is the only character that i detested form the beginning to the end, because of her coquetry, her superficiality, her stupidity. In this book I hated everyone. Nola, the girl, and Jenny, the waitress, have the eyes covered with ham, they are distant years from reality, they live in a fairy world in wich their desires rides the actions of other people.

The mother of jenny and the mother of marcus are from strangle. Two geese. Oh, men, the inquiry.

When does the police let investigate a writer, a public citizen? Not Even in the tv series happens: I have no words. And where are the police officers? They Appear on scene only towards the half of the book.

I have to say that the last eighty pages are well made. However, in a pages long book is not enough. Do all you want, but not copy this shame. Its unreadable, a accumulation of conversations that have not sense, only empty words. Accompanied with insipid, arrogant, stupid characters. Personaggi stupidi, egocentrici, superficiali, avventati, insopportabili. Storia romantica inaccettabile, storia letteraria inconsistente, storia gialla che si riprende nel finale.

Un gran flop. Andiamo con ordine. Ogni consiglio occupa una pagina. Spreco di carta. Ad un certo punto iniziano a comparire incursioni nel passato che, spesso, escono nel bel mezzo di importanti scene narrative ambientate nel presente. Di nuovo questo escamotage?

Joël Dicker

Ci sono molte cose che mi hanno reso indigesta la lettura. Un libro che ha vinto dei premi prestigiosissimi dovrebbe avere almeno un buon modo di raccontare avvenimenti, emozioni, fatti, sensazioni. Mancanza di approfondimento psicologico, quindi. No, intendo dire che i personaggi, pur essendo visto dal di fuori, devono esprimere almeno nei gesti quelli che provano.

Qui nessuna descrizione del genere compare. Ma che ci siano almeno le sensazioni di Marcus, e che cavolo! Sei il narratore, esprimi dei pensieri! Il tuo maestro viene incarcerato e tu non esprimi alcun sentimento? Il nulla assoluto? E ti sorprendi? Come se fosse normale. E tu che fai, Marcus? Hai scritto UN libro, non decine di best seller, quindi non ti lamentare se, per avere altri soldi e per continuare la tua vita, prima o poi dovrai lavorare.

Quando ho letto Le nebbie di Avalon della Bradley ho odiato il personaggio di Ginevra. Infatti prima o poi lo capiscono. La madre di Jenny e la madre di Marcus sono da strozzare. Due oche. Quando mai? Neanche nelle serie tv accade: Io boh, non ho parole. Ma poi, scusa eh, ma i poliziotti dove sono? Neanche cercano di fermare Marcus dal ficcare il naso nelle indagini.

Come se non fosse il soggetto principale del libro. Fate tutto come volete, ma non copiare questo obbrobrio. Corredate da personaggi insipidi, arroganti, bisbetici, presuntuosi, stupidi. Quindi ciao, vado a cercare altri romanzi belli bellissimi che mi facciano chiudere il libro, accarezzare la copertina, sorridere e sospirare.

Neste caso, encontrei-me com o vendedor no Porto, um rapaz que parecia ter a minha idade. Perguntei-lhe se tinha gostado do livro, pergunta habitual.

Estranhei de imediato. Os twists abundam e talvez agradem a alguns leitores.

Senti-me saturado. Non basta scrivere una storia su una persona scomparsa e un delitto per farne un giallo, bisogna anche tessere una trama degna di questo nome. E soprattutto aveva un senso.

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Il romanzo si svolge su due piani temporali, il e il I dialoghi in particolare mi hanno innervosito da quanto sono puerili; talmente infantili che sembrano scritti da un dodicenne. Sono imbarazzanti. In conclusione? View all 14 comments. Y la trama policial, el misterio, el caso, todo ello muy flojo.

Merged review: View all 3 comments. Christie e Simenon per capire cosa significa plot giallo e acume psicologico. Per non parlare della figura di Nola!

View all 10 comments. I've been reading it in French.

These are the truths. Every single notion is repeated ad nauseum. There is not one idea stated once that isn't repeated a dozen times. In a row. Just like that. The book should be much shorter.

It's too long. It repeats things to the point of insult. Oh, let's go further than that. Its use of repetition adds injury to insult. I could keep repeating myself here in slightly different ways, but I hope you get the picture. By far. After going to see Hobbit 3, I wrote: I had no idea that Tolkien was such a great writer.

That I could think up such lines. The Truth about Harry is like that for pages. So, yeah.

If you thought that the dialogue in Hobbit 3 was pushing the boundaries of literature as we know it, then absolutely this book is for you. A page novel has been written in French which is B1. Theoretically B1 can be challenging. Camus's The Outsider is supposedly B1, but I'm still finding it painful to read because it is sparing in its use of words and the ideas expressed by the words are not easy. The Truth about Harry, on the other hand, because it spells everything out over and over, leaves the reader in no doubt.

Even a bad reader. Even, I imagine, the very worst reader in the entire world ever. But their admiration of Truth about Harry is way beyond a joke.

It was awarded their highest literary prize. The mind boggles, I have to say. Does it reflect their ignorance of American literature this book claims to be an American Novel in French, whatever that is , or the dire state of French literature. There isn't a good answer. I can only assume that the secret is that Dicker has managed to make a book which is defined as being for adults, not children, but which is even simpler than a lot of YA adults rely on for their reading material. I'm guessing, I admit it.

Whereas prior to this book, adults who couldn't cope with proper novels had to read YA, now there is something entirely new available to them. Extremely simplistic books marketed to adults, not children.

How very interesting. At the same time, it won a French award in which school kids vote for the book they think is best, so although I don't think it is marketed to children, clearly they recognise their level when they see it. View all 45 comments. Aug 24, Kris rated it did not like it Shelves: Not good at all. Writing style is just terrible -- way too simplistic.

Characters transparent, psychology not well developed. View all 21 comments. Jul 26, Ruth Merriam rated it did not like it. Can you give a book zero stars? I guess not. I picked this book up because it sounded like an interesting story in the style of Steig Larson So I started to read. Until about page , I kept thinking that it would get better.

Then I realized it must be a Master Class in how not to write. This book had it all, poor plot development, inconsistencies, unrealistic dialog, foreshadowing that would hav Can you give a book zero stars?

This book had it all, poor plot development, inconsistencies, unrealistic dialog, foreshadowing that would have been more subtly done by a jackhammer. The characters could have come straight out of the most banal stereotypes. Reclusive famous author, tough Black detective, Jewish yenta mom, Lolitaesque nymphet, secretive small town folk. The author has centered the story around a handsome, rich, young, playboy author who needs pages to detail his quest for justice This is probably the worst book I have ever finished.

I kept reading primarily to see how much worse it could get. The only redeeming thing about this book is that you can read it very quickly and get it over with. View 1 comment. View all 12 comments. Jun 26, Pattie rated it did not like it.

I'm not sure where to begin in writing a review of this book. The advanced praise for "The Truth About So, I took a chance on it. Well, that certainly turned out to be quite the mistake of long, drawn out and often very poorly written pages. The author, Joel Dicker, was born in Switzerland, but spent summers in New England, so he should at least know something about Americans and their I'm not sure where to begin in writing a review of this book. The author, Joel Dicker, was born in Switzerland, but spent summers in New England, so he should at least know something about Americans and their proclivities.

Being that the book is set mainly in a small town in New Hampshire, one would think the author would know something about the USA, beyond seascape and seagulls.

Well, that one would be incorrect, for every single person in this book is a caricature, so grossly overdone as to be completely unrealistic.

The main female character, Nola, who is 15 in the book, quite literally cries in every scene whether she is happy or sad. Come to think of it, so does the 24 year old waitress, Jenny, who acts like a 15 year old girl. There is absolutely nothing authentic about anyone.

The dialog can only be described as riotously funny it is so clunky and poorly done. It is as if this entire novel was written by a young adult and never edited. The twists and turns are quite "complicated". Obviously I am being sarcastic, that's just one of the many over-used words thrown in whenever someone asks a question that would provide in-depth information that could help solve the mystery.

The person responds, "It's complicated" and never provides information why or what that means. Many of the twists don't make a great deal of sense but just realize everything is a red herring and the kitchen sink is thrown in by the end. You can always see the attempts at humor well in advance as they are mallets over the head and eye rolling in approach and execution. And, with novels that are never fully fleshed out, the main character, Marcus "The Magnificent" Goldman, stumbles upon evidence time and again and quite easily, I might add that the police sargeant failed to catch during his investigation of the same case.

Wow, just wow. Oh, and since when does an author of one bestseller get recognized literally everywhere he goes?? I'm not sure I would recognize many bestselling authors that I read quite regularly if I bumped into them in a diner, much less saw them in a local library. But, I digress.

Strangely enough, I think when he describes a setting, Dicker actually uses some decent turns of phrase and shows that he has talent for writing somewhere inside of him. It's ironic, really, since the entire book is about an author with writer's block trying to become a great writer and find his true self, while, of course, solving a mystery, having his life threatened, dealing with fires being set, having an additional murder pop up, red herrings pop in and out, Well, you get the picture.

Anyway, Dicker needs to go back to the drawing board but with the success he is receiving from other countries, especially France for this head-scratching book, I doubt he will do so. What a shame. Be wary of over-hyped reviews, especially those littered with hyperboles. They too sucked me in, like the cockroach I tried to gently euthanise by means of my kitchen sink.

I should of learnt my lesson. This book is 50 shades of blah suffering from a serious case of 'lost in translation'.

Where do I begin? Over hyped. Over promised. Under delivered. Characters so one dimensional and mono-sibyllic they would feel right at home in a third grade reader. Let's take a look at Harry Quebert for a moment. Th Be wary of over-hyped reviews, especially those littered with hyperboles.

The book's namesake and one of the main characters. Harry has a PhD in English literature or some other equivalent yet his arsenal of descriptive language is limited to adjectives such as bad and good. A favourite example of mine is when Harry critiques the protagonist 's writing, who also just happens to be a successful author like Harry e.

Harry says to student "That is good. You are a good writer. If you can get past chapter 5. I unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it could not. And this was problematic. The "bad" writing lured me into a permanent state of disbelief which disabled my ability to follow the very basic 'run digger run' storyline.

This is not a book for the literary minded. Save your pennies for something mentally stimulating. Assolutamente inverosimile dalla prima all'ultima pagina, con dei dialoghi da volersi cavare gli occhi. Il peggior libro che abbia mai letto. Ma in generale va detto che le donne non escono benissimo da questo romanzo.

Tem Il peggior libro che abbia mai letto. Giammai, anzi. I nostri beniamini sono quindi due duri che praticano la boxe in alcuni momenti anche a caso, tipo fuori da un motel nel parcheggio, sotto la pioggia.

Naturalmente a petto nudo , due scrittori che nel mondo del romanzo sono descritti come intelletti raffinati e talentuosi e i cui dialoghi sono di un banale al limite del non-sense: Qualsiasi commento a riguardo sarebbe come sparare sulla Croce Rossa. Grazie, Harry! Io spero per Dicker che ci sia poco di lui nei suoi personaggi, altrimenti son cazzi. Per lui e per chi lo circonda. This will be a bullet point style review, because I have too many thoughts and I don't feel like wasting too much more time on this book.

The Good - This book made me realise something; I am a sucker for a fast paced crime thriller. Who am I kidding, I knew this already. Even when I can tell a thriller is not that good, even as I'm finding lots of plot holes and laughing at how ridiculous it all is, I still find myself racing through its pages. The plot is hugely compelling and I begrudedly admi This will be a bullet point style review, because I have too many thoughts and I don't feel like wasting too much more time on this book.

The plot is hugely compelling and I begrudedly admit I enjoyed the ride. I think this might say more about me than it does about the book, because when I got to the end, thinking back on what I'd just read, I have to say most of this was Not. The Bad Are you ready for this? But worse was the fact that everyone, the world, wanted to encourage and justify his arrogance.

I mean I can't think of any writers, even hugely successful ones, that get treated like this everywhere they go? Actors and Musicians yes, writers no. The whole "love story" just makes me want to throw up. I mean, did Dicker by the end of the book really want the reader to consider the possibility that this relationship was anything other than creepy and sick?

Because no it was definitely creepy and sick. Harry "falls in love" with Nola because he sees her dancing in the rain on a beach i. And then Harry wallows in self-pity for the rest of his life over the loss of this true love and we're meant to feel sorry for him.

Imagine reading the diary of a lovesick teenager for almost pages and this is what you get. Two things can make life meaningful: And then view spoiler [we find out who really wrote " The Origin of Evil" and it was literally a creepy stalker, I mean of course?? A fast pace is great for a thriller, but this just descended into an implausible and ridiculous mess so much so that I ended the book in a state of disbelief. So many times before a big reveal a character would say "it's complicated" and then proceed to act mysteriously for a few pages before explaining what an earth they meant.

Most of the twists make no sense then eventually get disproved by the next twist so really we're just going round in circles. I could explain why most of the reveals were terrible but I'm honestly too exhausted to do that now. In conclusion because I have to stop thinking about this book before I completely lose my mind , this was, put simply, a mess and I've manage to convince myself into removing another star just by writing this review.

On a side note, I'm sad that the 2 books I've read in full on my holiday so far have both been duds. What did I do to deserve this?? Who dreams to publish a detective-story. Sa cosa stavo pensando? La ragazza del treno , La bambina che salv Sa cosa stavo pensando? New York, primi mesi del Anche Quebert, agli inizi della sua carriera, aveva subito una crisi simile a quella di Goldman, e ne era emerso con un nuovo romanzo, "Le origini del male", in breve divenuto un caposaldo della letteratura USA.

Quebert svela a Goldman che l'ispirazione del romanzo fu la relazione con la quindicenne Nola Kellergan, misteriosamente scomparsa alla fine dell'estate , proprio durante la sua crisi creativa. Rinfrancato dai consigli del maestro, Goldman riparte per New York, ma poche settimane dopo nel giardino della villa di Quebert vengono rinvenuti resti umani: Per aiutare l'amico e nella speranza di ricostruire la storia per farne un romanzo quello che stiamo leggendo?

Si tratta quindi di un giallo, che Dicker vuole integrare con una doppia storia romantica l'amore impossibile tra un giovane uomo e una quindicenne, l'amore proibito tra un essere deforme e una fanciulla , con un manuale per giovani aspiranti scrittori condito di riflessioni metaletterarie e con una divertente?

Insomma, parecchia carne al fuoco: Dicker vuole chiarire in maniera fin troppo esplicita che non bisogna mai fidarsi delle apparenze, e soprattutto dei suoi personaggi. Anche la satira rivolta al mondo letterario e a quello dei lettori, e di riflesso al jet-set, risulta vacua, con i personaggi dell'indulgente agente letterario Doug e del mellifluo e spregevole editore Barnaski ridotti a macchiette stereotipate.

Dicker gestisce malissimo i tempi e i personaggi, non riesce a costruire uno sviluppo credibile e commette una serie di errori che rendono la vicenda completamente incredibile.

Carrinho de compras

Alcuni elementi importanti vengono taciuti o dissimulati in maniera sospetta. Certe agnizioni vengono ritardate al solo scopo di tenere alta la tensione narrativa, ma a prezzo di far agire i personaggi come deliberati cretini: E quante volte si nomina l'Alabama come pista da seguire: Nel cap. La morte di Pratt appare fin da subito l'eliminazione di un complice dissimulata dall'autore come quella di un testimone che sapeva troppo: Ci sono poi alcune incongruenze piuttosto evidenti.

Sarebbe bastata una perizia balistica sul proiettile che uccide la povera signora Cooper, sparato con la pistola d'ordinanza, per far nascere qualche sospetto. Per non parlare del fatto che nel qualcuno aggiunge a una foto del una scritta a penna e nessuno se ne accorge!

Il vertice lo raggiunge quando, agli inizi delle indagini, spiffera tutto quanto sa a Goldman, che gli sta chiaramente antipatico, e lo insegue pure per dargli un ultimo consiglio: Come fa allora a ritenere di Quebert le lettere e il manoscritto del romanzo scritti da Caleb? Anche volendo ignorare errori e incongruenze, si avverte continuamente la mano pesante dell'autore a sottolineare in maniera troppo scoperta la natura ingannevole della storia che ci sta raccontando.

I capitoli sono numerati al contrario, a sottolineare il lungo flashback che ha lo scopo di raccontare la storia partendo dalla fine: Il rapporto tra due scrittori, uno giovane e uno vecchio, ricorda alcuni personaggi di Philip Roth, e dai romanzi Lo scrittore fantasma e La macchia umana provengono varie suggestioni del tutto scoperte, visto che il sordido avvocato di Quebert si chiama come lo scrittore di Newark: Altri elementi sono presi dal piccolo schermo, ad esempio da Twin Peaks il delitto nella piccola cittadina di provincia i cui abitanti sono tutti a vario titolo coinvolti , o dal cinema, come la scena del rapporto orale tra Nola e Pratt, che ricorda vagamente l'episodio dell'incidente in auto che vede protagonisti Billy Bob Thornton e Scarlett Johansson in L'uomo che non c'era dei fratelli Cohen.

Infine una domanda: Consigliato a chi un romanzo giallo nel proprio cassetto. Sconsigliato a chi ama Philip Roth. View all 6 comments. Oui, cette histoire, vous l'avez reconnue, c'est celle de toutes les histoires polar qui se passent dans les petites villes, avec une touche de Nabokov en plus. Les personnages ne tiennent pas la route, leur attitude non plus.

Et bien non, c'est bien un meurtre. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. A writer gets caught up in a murder investigation involving his mentor, an esteemed American author. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Ongoing Series. Want to watch! Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Patrick Dempsey Harry Quebert 10 episodes, Ben Schnetzer Marcus Goldman 10 episodes, Damon Wayans Jr. Nola Kellergan 10 episodes, Kurt Fuller Gareth Pratt 10 episodes, Victoria Clark Adult Jenny Quinn 10 episodes, Wayne Knight Benjamin Roth 10 episodes, Matt Frewer Reverend Kellergan 10 episodes, Colm Feore Elijah Stern 10 episodes, Joshua Close Luther Caleb 10 episodes, Connor Price Young Travis Dawn 10 episodes, Craig Eldridge Adult Travis Dawn 10 episodes, Tessa Mossey Young Jenny Quinn 10 episodes, Virginia Madsen Tamara Quinn 10 episodes, Don Harvey Bobbo Quinn 10 episodes, Ron Perlman Roy 7 episodes, Vlasta Vrana Ernie Pinkas 6 episodes, Felicia Shulman Plot Keywords: Parents Guide: Edit Details Country: Release Date: Also Known As: Filming Locations: Production Co: Edit Did You Know?

Trivia Ryan Gosling was rumoured to have the leading role.Also, the kid is spoiler, but do you care at this point? It's too long. She's asked me to stand in for her. As I was saying. Do we need to listen to this crap? We have a very significant passage here.

At the same time, it won a French award in which school kids vote for the book they think is best, so although I don't think it is marketed to children, clearly they recognise their level when they see it.

Quotes from The Truth About t By far. View all 31 comments.