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Up-to-the-minute topics engage students interest Real-life teen issues relate to students lives and develop a sense of citizenship Solve it fun problem-solving. Upbeat Starter Students Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Students Book. Up Beat Intermediate Student s Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. A very good book for teenagers. Upbeat Starter Students Book. Uploaded.

Upbeat Starter Students Book

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Upbeat Starter Student's Book ebook pdf online download sale off 50% Upbeat Pre-Intermediate Student's Book, Motivator and Teacher's Book. Upbeat Starter Students' Book & Students' Multi-ROM Pack by Ingrid Freebairn, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Upbeat Starter Class CDs (3) by Ingrid Freebairn, , available Contains all the recorded material from the Students' Book plus the songs from.

Then write descriptions of Colin Farrell and Jude Law. Russell Crowe Hair:. He's got mediumlength, brown hair. He's got blue eyes. He's medium-height. He's middle-aged. He's got a beard. Match words in the box to the photos of the celebrities. Cameron Diaz - long, straight, blonde hair Now look at the advert and discuss the three stars. Who is the best James Bond? I think Are you the new James Bond? Have you got short dark hair? Have you got brown eyes?

Are you tall, middle-aged and good-looking? Send a photo to thenewbond studiolO. Think of someone in your class or a film star. Other students must ask questions and guess the person. When's your birthday? Grammar Prepositions of time: Work in pairs. Student A says three numbers from 1 to Student B says the ordinal numbers. Listen and read. In which month is a Polly's b Erin's birthday? Let's read our horoscopes. It's July 17th. My star sign 's Cancer. You're lucky.

Your birthday's the summer. My birthday's December New Year's Eve. So what's my horoscope? No, I haven 't. Oh, wait a moment! I've got a Maths test this week.

Friday and an English test tomorrow. The horoscope's right. I have got a difficult week at school! Look at Polly's notes and ask and answer about the dates, using in or on.

When's Erin's birthday? It's on the thirty-first of December. Polly's birthday is in December. F Polly is fifteen on her next birthday. Erin's birthday is in the winter. Polly's Maths test is today. Polly's horoscope is correct. It's in July. It's in the summer. It's on 11 th July. It's on Monday. Note We write: It's on April 23rd. What's your star sign? It's Taurus.

Write your own diary dates as full sentences, then tell a friend. My best friend's birthday is on the eighth of May. When you read, you sometimes find new words. Don't stop reading. Try to guess the meaning. If you can 't guess, you can use a dictionary, or ask your teacher. There are more than six billion people in the world but no one is the same as you - unless you are a twin.

Brothers and sisters are different but identical twins are the same. Why is this? The answer is in our genes. What are genes? Genes are pieces of biological information from our parents.

Fifty per cent of our genes are from our mother and fifty per cent of our genes are from our father. Why are brothers and sisters different? They are different because they have got different genes from their parents.

Why are identical twins the same? They are the same because they have got the same genes. Are identical twins exactly the same?

No, identical twins aren't exactly the same.

Their personalities and their fingerprints are differer1t. Are all twins identical? No, not all twins are identical. Some twins are non-identical but they have got the same birthday, of course!

Talk about you. Compare your appearance to your brothers, sisters, mother and father. My father's got straight hair but I've got curly hair. My sister's got blue eyes but I 've got brown eyes. Neil and Adrian Rayment are They are..

Their favourite But they're different in other ways. NeWs favourite.. Are they They're Fred and George Weasley. They're identical twins - they've got the same appearance. Their favourite sport is golf and their favourite bands are the same. Their favourite food is different and their favourite football teams are different.

But are they good friends? Yes, of course they are! Neil and Adrian Rayment Jobs: Actors Films: Yes Favourite sport: Karate Neil's favourite film: Enter the Dragon Adrian's favourite film: Kung-Fu World Good friends?: Sam and Erin are on holiday with their school. This is the student hotel. Choose the correct answer: X 4 Has he got glasses? I 5 Have I got your email address? X Marks.. Complete the paragraph. Shakira is a singer from Colombia in South America. What's on? Let's have a look. In your dreams!

Oh, vou know. He's a film star. Oh look! A Beatles CD! He's very good-looking, like me.

Upbeat Starter Language Builder

Look at the jumbled conversations below. Number the lines in the correct order. Conversation 1 a How old are they? Can I borrow it?

I don't work here. Grammar Present simple: I, you, we, they Vocabulary Jobs. Then match pictures with the words in the box. Hey, Zac, where 0 you Mk in the daytime? I I r in a hospital. I'm a nurse. So, you're a youth club leader, a nurse and a waiter! They live Yes, but they in New York. Yes, I , and a bit of Italian. Hey, Zac! The tap 's broken! Where do you live? I live in London. We French and German. Sam , Erin , Josh and Polly are in a cafe in town.

F Zac is from Cuba. Zac is British. Zac 's parents are from Cuba. In the daytime Zac is a nurse at the youth club. Zac is a plumber. Ask and answer questions from Exercise 6. I live in Do you speak Yes, I Believe it or not, this is a drawing on a pavement. The artist is Julian Beever. Where does he work? What does he do? He's a 3D three dimensional pavement artist. He drawings on pavements in cities all over the world. Julian ma. He works eight hours a day. How long does a drawing take?

One drawing takes about three days. When it rains, the drawing disappears. Luckily, he takes a photo of every drawing. She 3 from the UK. She 4 from California in the USA. Her dad's got a job in London for three years.

She 6 home to California for holidays, but she 7 to live there. Life in the UK is great. Go to page Ask and answer about Julian Beever. Where does he live now? He lives in Belgium. Write 10 Write about you. Write about some jobs in your family. My mother's a nurse. She works in a hospital in Milan. My uncle 's a.. I don't like him. Object pronouns: Look at those weird faces!

It 's a quiz. Guess the famous people. I think number 1 is Jim Carrey. What do you think of I'tim? I love him. I think he's really funny. What about you? I don 't like. I think he's boring. I like. He's a brilliant actor and? What do you think of Sam: I like 'e but I'm not sure about '" Uh-oh. That's Russell Crowe! I think he's awful. Me too.

Look at his face! What do you think of Nicole Kidman, Danny? I don't like her. I think she's boring. What about you, Maria?

I think she's great. Give a positive opinion III I love her. I like her. Write about Sam and Erin's likes and dislikes using the symbols.

Join the sentences with but. Give a negative opinion e I hate her. I don 't like her. Sam likes it but Erin isn 't sure about it. Sam loves them. Ask about the people in Exercise 1 and the people below.

Add some more famous names. We pay 7 per hour. The job is great for students because you only work on Saturdays. If you are interested, please phone the manager, Mr Hammond, on Sally lives in Leeds. She is sixteen years old. She gets a Saturday job at the Mega Pizza restaurant. She likes the job and works hard. The customers like her. After two weeks Sally breaks some glasses by accident in the kitchen.

The manager, Mr Hammond , doesn 't see. Edward lives in Leeds. He is also sixteen years old. He gets a Saturday job at the Mega Pizza restaurant. Edward has got five brothers and sisters and his family is poor.

At the end of one evening, there are three uneaten pizzas on the kitchen table in the restaurant. Edward wants the pizzas for his family. Madel ine lives in Leeds. She is fifteen years and nine months old and she 's in Year 11 at school. She wants a job at the Mega Pizza restaurant. She goes to the restau rant and talks to Mr Hammond. He asks her age. New words part-time hard-working honest need pay per hour manager get a job work hard customer break glass by accident see.

Read and listen to the article about the people. Then answer the questions. Listening tip: Predict from the task Look at the task before you listen. Try to predict some of the words you might hear.

This will help you to understand more when you listen for the first time. Does Sally like the job? What does Sally do by accident? Has Edward's family got a lot of money? What does Edward want? Is Madeline a student? How old is she? Speak clearly When you speak, speak clearly and look at the person you are talking to.

This makes it easier for them to understand you. Now do Exercise 4. Tell the class your opinion. What is the right and wrong thing to do? There are two mistakes in each summary.

Correct the mistakes. Sally breaks the glasses. She tells Mr Hammond. Edward Edward doesn't work hard. He sees three pizzas on the kitchen table. He takes them home to his family. He doesn't ask Mr Hammond. Madeline Madeline talks to Mr Hammond in the restaurant. She says that she is fifteen years old. Mr Hammond doesn't give her a job. Write 7 Write a job advert for a shop assistant.

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Use the details below. Use the advert in Exercise 2 as a model. Are you: Sally 1 Sally puts the broken glasses in the dustbin and doesn't tell Mr Hammond. Edward 3 Edward takes the pizzas home to his family. He asks Mr Hammond first. Madeline 5 Madeline tells the truth about her age. Present simple with fixed times Preposition of time: What time does the tour star?

About Humanitas

At half past eleven. And what time is it now? It's twenty-five past. Come on. In Wembley stadium. When's the next match? It's on Saturday. It t rts at 3 o'clock. Can I hold it? What time does it start? It starts at What time does it finish?

It finishes at 5 p. What time is it? It's quarter to seven. Hurry up, we're late.

Upbeat. Starter. Students' Book

You win a weekend in London. Look at the information. Ask and answer questions about the times. Use the cues:. What time does the plane to London leave? It leaves at seven o 'clock in the morning. What time does the Wembley Stadium tour finish? Extra practice For more practice, go to page Then match the routines to the pictures A-O.

Which routines are not in the pictures? Read about a Russian teenager's daily routine and complete the gaps with the clock times. This week fifteen-year-old Anton Morozov from Moscow tells us about his daily routine. My morning is the same every day. I always get up at 1 8 o'clock. Then I have a shower and brush my teeth.

Then my grandmother arrives and my parents go to work. In Moscow students go to school in the morning or the afternoon.

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I don't go to school in the morning. I usually do my homework and then I play computer games. I go to school in the afternoon after lunch. On the way I often phone my friends. Use an adverb of frequency if possible. Before the main verb: I always get up at eight o'clock. After the verb to be: I'm usually very hungry. Listen to Josh and Polly. What's the difference between Josh's routine at bedtime and Polly's routine?

What time do you usually get up? What do you have for breakfast? What do you do after school? Do you sometimes watch television with your parents? After dinner I listen to music and then watch TV. My favourite programme is Big Brother. I go to bed at 6 and read in bed.

Questions 1,3,5,7,9: Score 3 points for A, 2 points for B, 1 point for C and 0 points for D. Questions 2,4,6,8, Score 0 points for A, 1 point for B, 2 points for C and 3 points for D. You've got a lot of good habits. But don't forget to enjoy yourself once or twice a week. OK, you aren't perfect. You've got some good habits and some bad habits but you're quite good. Position of the adverbial phrase After the verb and the object: I play computer games every day.

How often do you exercise? Every day. Every day? That's great. About once a month. That's not very good. Tell the class about some of your family's habits.

My brother George eats fast food twice or three times a week. Listen again and complete the table with the correct answers. How often do they Then add questions of your own. How often do you get up very late?

This is his schooL day. All his lessons are one hour. After the second lesson, he has a short twenty-minute break. Then there are two lessons before lunch.

His best subjects are Science and LT. Lunch is at 1. He always has lunch in the school canteen. Some students ha ve a packed lunch - usually sand wiches - but Guy likes a hot meal. On Wednesday he has a quick lunch because he's got Computer Club. It finishes at 3. Twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday, Guy plays football after school.

He's in the school team so he often plays a match on Saturday afternoon too. Guy has an hour's homework every day. He usually does it in his bedroom after di nner but he sometimes gets up early and does it before breakfast! School ages Primary school: Information Technology.

Roleplay a conversation. Guy leaves home at 8. Some students have a packed lunch but Guy likes a hot meal. Look at the UK Education factfile and read these statements about British students. Guy gets up at seven o'clock.

He has a shower. He's usually late. He always runs to school. He gets up late. He goes to bed late! Guy takes his mobile phone to school. He doesn 't take it into class. I don't get home before five o'clock. Write about your school day. Use Guy's text as a model. Use and, but, so and because to link your sentences if possible. I go to This is a typical school day for me. Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph. He's a teacher. He in a school in Palermo. We in the UK. We live in the USA.

I on ly speak English. They love it. It's her free day. Replace the underlined words with the words in brackets, and write the correct form of the verb. Maria Maria comes from Italv. Paul 2 John doesn 't study Russian.

We 3 Do they speak Italian? Lucy 4 What music do they like? Jack 5 Does he come from Rome? They 6 The girls go to school in London. Anna Marks.. We're friends. What time does the bus leave? At quarter past seven in the morning. At three o'clock. At quarter past seven in the evening.

At nine o'clock in the morning. At four o'clock. At nine o'clock in the evening. At half past four. They always have coffee after lunch. I go to my bank. Hi Sandra! My name is Ruth and I 0 come from London.

My brother Harry is eighteen. I love The Kaiser Chiefs. Write soon. Best wishes Ruth. Look I've got Brad Pitt's phone number! My mum's a pop star. I've got Grade A in my Maths test! Wait for me. I'm just finishing my breakfast. What do you think of J-Lo? What do you think of him? What film is it? Do you want to watch my new DVD?

He's great. Which do you think is the best charity event: This year it's on April 25th and 26th. What can you do? Askyourfamily and friends for 50p for every kilometre that you run. Maybe you.

Ask people for 50p for every metres that you swim. Some people m'l sing or dance very well but they c'P draw, paint or take good photographs. Organise an art show at your school.

Then sell the artwork. Cm you cook? Cook a dish for the food stall at the youth club and sell it to your friends. Maybe you cl play a musical instrument or juggle.

Join our talent show and help to sell tickets. Read the leaflet again and answer the questions. How many metres does he swim? Verbs of ability Sa. Physical 1 swim metres 2 run five kilometres 3 play basketball Practical 4 cook a meal. Close your books. You've got one minute. Make a list of all the food words that you know. What food do you like?

What food don't you like? I like cheese and I like bananas but I don't like eggs. The friends are in the youth club kitchen. They are cooking for the charity food stall. Have we got any grapes? Here's my dish, Zac. It's a packet of biscuits. I can sell each biscuit for 15p and I've got. And I need some potatoes and some tomatoes too, please. Is there any salt? Yes, there's some salt and pepper. What's in your pasta salad, Erin? Don't worry.

That's 15 pence, please. Don't forget. It's for charity! Josh pays 90P for a packet of biscuits. There are twenty biscuits in a packet. How much money does Josh make for charity? Erin and Pally are in Cambridge, a famous university city in the east of England.

Don't move! I want to take a photo of you in frol1t of King's College. Say cheese. I need some stamps for my postcards. Excuse me, is there a post office near here? Yes, there's one in Trinity Street opposite Trinity College. It's et""ee 1 a bookshop and a music shop. You 're welcome. Where 's Trinity Street? Don 't ask me! I'm useless without a map! Practice 3 Be the teacher!

Give some classroom instructions to your friends. Use these verbs. Yes, there's one in East Street next to the bank. Thanks very much. You're welcome. Cover the dialogue with the red bookmark and remember the missing words. Ask where places are Excuse me, where's the Odeon cinema?

Excuse me, where's the nearest Internet cafe? It's in Park Street opposite the sports centre. Yes, there's one in Trinity Street between a book shop and a music shop. There's one in Davis Street. Say thank you Thanks very much. That's all right. Name the missing place in each conversation. Look at the map in Exercise 6 and ask about these places: I'm a vegetarian.

My friends say my diet is bad because there's no protein in it. Is this true? Reading tip: Focus your reading Before you read, look at the reading task. This will help you to focus on the information you need. Now do Exercises 2, 3 and 4. That's a good question, Marcel. Protein is very important in your diet. It gives you strength. There's protein in meat and fish but if you're vegetarian and you don't eat meat or fish, don't worry.

There's also protein in nuts, eggs, milk and cheese. Read the website and complete the information. Why they're Examples important Protein Carbohydrates Vitamins and minerals. Label the diagram on the website with the words in the box. I love biscuits, chocolate and ice cream. Liz Foody. Jonathan Bygrave. Lindsay White. Ingrid Freebairn. Patricia Mugglestone. Nick Beare. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter.

Popular Features. New Releases. Notify me. It is an amusing and motivating way to practise language and may be especially useful for those students with learning differences. It contains 12 units to practise the material in the corresponding 12 Students' Book units. In each unit, there are exercises covering Grammar, Vocabulary and Use your English. Each unit finishes with two Review exercises, revising the key grammar and vocabulary content of the unit.Brothers and sisters are different but identical twins are the same.

How many metres does he swim? Physical 1 swim metres 2 run five kilometres 3 play basketball Practical 4 cook a meal. Upbeat recognises that different students have different learning styles The course offers a wide variety of exercise types to cater for these different approaches to learning. I think he 6. He sees three pizzas on the kitchen table.