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The PMA Science of Success Course. Napoleon Hill's work has touched the lives of countless thousands through his lectures, teachings, and prolific writings. From Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, by Napoleon Hill and. William Clement Stone . who read his books – studied his PMA Science of Success. Habits of The Ultra Successful. Bad Habits You Have to Kick. The One Habit Holding 99% of Men Back. THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS. MENPROVEMENT. COM.

Science Of Success Pdf

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In he wrote this book, The Science of Success. The book outlines his management philosophy, which he calls Market Based Management (or MBM). The key to success is a combination of the. 17 principles presented here and on the audio program, The Science of Personal. Achievement. These 17 principles. The Science of Success 1/4. GROWTH STRATEGIES. The Science of Success. 5 tips for creating.

No person is free until he learns to do his own thinking and gains the courage to act on his own. Lesson 7: Positive Mental Attitude Positive mental attitude is the right mental attitude in all circumstances.

Success attracts more success while failure attracts more failure. It is the intense emotion known as burning desire. Lesson 9: Self-Discipline If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your needs.

Self-discipline begins with the mastery of thought. If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your needs. Self-discipline calls for a balancing of the emotions of your heart with the reasoning faculty of your head. Lesson Accurate Thinking The power of thought is the most dangerous or the most beneficial power available to man, depending on how it is used. The Law of Rhythm can be compared to a pendulum which when swung to the left must come back to the right. You will have highs and lows intellectually, emotionally, and physically, however, through understanding, you can be at your best regardless.

The Law of Cause and Effect This law is a perpetual and never-ending cycle. Every effect must have a cause, and in turn, every cause an effect. Nothing happens by chance, everything in the cosmos happens according to law. The Law of Gender Nothing is ever created or destroyed. This law governs what we call creation, and states that for anything to manifest it must have an incuba- tion or gestation period.

17 Principles of success by Napoleon Hill

Gender is manifested in our world as the different sexes. For creation to take place The Law of Gender states that the male and female, yin and yang must unite. Ray page 12 Because our universe is governed by exact laws, and because The Science of Success program teaches you to understand and utilize these laws, it is the most effective program in existence for you to realize your dreams and achieve lasting success.

Once understood…it is impossible to fail. If you will study and apply the lessons here you will succeed in every area of your life. Every great achiever throughout history has utilized these principles to achieve the desires of their heart…and so can you. The Science of Success program will teach you the exact combination. It has nothing to do with luck! Why is this? What are the thoughts that create competition. The very nature of competition is that you are:. First, understand that you have no external adversaries.

To truly have an external adversary your results would have to be created by external events. What other people do would have to determine your level of success. No one can stop you from achieving all that you desire…it is your birthright! If you must create an adversary in life…let your adversary be lack of understanding! Lack of understanding is the only thing that that will slow your success.

Listen to this program over and over. Work the exer- cises again and again until you lock them into your spiritual power center and nothing and no one will be able to slow the magnetic attraction of anything you want.

Second, there is no such thing as a limited supply. The marketplace is full of people and companies in the same business, providing similar service and many prosper. Their success has no effect upon yours! The highly-successful do not compete…they create. The mere nature of competition means that you must compare yourself to others. You have learned that your consistent thoughts become manifest in your physical world. Resolve to concentrate only on what you are creating and the abundance of possibility available to you.

Your concentration will reward you with the object of your focus and desire. You are free to become the very best and create all that your unlimited potential allows. Therefore, you willingly help your teammates. As this paradigm shift occurs, you will begin to automatically assist others in achieving their goals, which by Law, will begin to attract like energies into your life.

Put yourself in the proper vibration These are and will be people who believe in you and will support the reality of what you are creating. Disempowering relationships have limited many a would-be high-achiever.

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The majority of people in your life will not understand what you are creating. Even though they love you, and often have your best interest at heart, they will hold you back. Others will be nay-sayers and tell you every reason in the world why you cannot achieve your vision and dream.

These people, although you may love them, are toxic! Guard your emotions while you are in their presence. You may think this is a simple example; however, this is not a chance occurrence…it is law!

The eagle is in a completely different vibra- tion from the pigeon; therefore, they repel each other versus attract.

They join the same clubs and churches, attend the same functions, and eat at the same restaurants. Your relationships, partnerships, and environment are more important to your success than your heredity…you must take them seriously. Therefore, you cannot afford to be lackadaisical about this imperative issue. You must frequently touch the lives of greatness. Those who believe in you, lift you, inspire and motivate you forward toward your vision.

Create a list of the key business people with whom you currently spend the majority of your time. From the list above, whom do you aspire to be like? Write them below. Who are the high-performers with whom you would like to cultivate deeper relationships and partnerships?

Consider individuals on the list above as well as new names not listed. Who are the people with whom you would like to cultivate deeper relationships and friendships? All highly successful individuals have had great teachers.

Mentors are the people who have already achieved a level of success to which you aspire. Your mentor will shorten your learning curve tremendously. They can tell you from experience what to do and not to do. You can make it without a mentor…but it may take twice the time. Brainstorm the people that you need to meet and emulate.

When will you make that happen? Someone you can go to for guid- ance and insights. List a possible six people below and then select one or two that you could have as mentors.

What can you do to build this type of relationship with your future mentor? When will you commit to making this happen? To leave the prison of his aloneness. The absolute failure to achieve this aim means insanity.

Relationships are life…and relationships are built upon communication, commonality and connec- tion. These three factors can be called rapport.

+++ James Arthur Ray - The Science of Success +++

Rapport is a word which describes being in the same vibration. When we are in rapport we communicate on all three levels: Think of your dearest friend and the feelings you have when around that person. This is due to the rapport you have developed. The intellect conscious mind communicates through words, gestures and writing. To the degree that you establish commonality in these areas you will begin to establish rapport. The physical body is communicated by gestures and actions.

Again commonality in these areas open the door wider to deeper levels of rapport. The spiritual subconscious level of rapport is communicated by vibration or emotion. Once this bond is made, the level of trust is extremely high, and the subconscious mind is wide open. This is the deepest level of rapport and at this level a tremendous level of trust begins to build.

Your closest partnerships, relationships, and friendships are and will be in harmony on all three levels. This has been probably one of the most widely known of all the great laws. It has been taught in multiple texts throughout time: No matter how you say it, the Law of Cause and Effect just like the boomerang brings back around exactly what you put out! Cause and Effect - Vibration and Attraction Not only does giving set the Law of Cause and Effect in motion, it also puts out a particular vibration that puts the Law of Attraction into play.

You already know that like attracts like. In other words, the true winners always provide 10 times more value than what they ask for in return. Often their clients will feel that they underpaid for what they received.

What you give out not only will…but must come back to you in great measure. It is an absolute law and a basic principle of the Science of Success.

To insure this principle works for you…you must be sure you are truly giving versus trading. Sincerity is the most important message Emerson is conveying. There is a massive difference between giving and trading. Many people give expecting reciprocity, but this is trading. And so it is. The key to remember is that the text does not state you will receive your returns from the same source. It just says that you will receive. Many people trade their love, friendships, gifts, services and expect reciprocity.

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The successful giver will truly give, with no strings attached. These individuals often know the law, and they know that their good will inevitably come back to them…but that is not why they give. They give for the sheer joy of helping, providing service and giving tremendous value. All great achievers in life have been great givers. When giving, you are operating according to the law.

True giving is the only way to send a strong message into the universe of abundance. The individual with a scarcity mentality feels that they must hold and hoard. They constantly think only of themselves. Inevitably, the givers get more and the hoarders lose what they tightly held. It is the law! When you believe in true abundance you realize that nothing is ever created or destroyed.

Everything in the universe comes from the same supply…and that supply is unlimited. You are a incredible creator and you can be, do, and have anything you desire…it is law. Therefore, nothing can be truly lost…except opportunity. The Vacuum Law of Prosperity If you want to bring something new into your life you must have the space available. A funda- mental principle of life is that Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

You can easily test this. Go into your yard and dig a hole. I have a broad open counter in my kitchen. No matter how many times I clean it off…it never remains that way for long.

Within days it once again will have mail, books, or other miscellaneous items stacked on it. You have experienced this as well…it is a natural principle. If you understand this truth you can begin to use it to your advantage. Find the things in your life that no longer serve you a good place to start is your closet. Give them away! There is no better way to send a message of abundance to the universe than to give away things that no longer represent who you are. Many of your friends will attempt to have garage sales.

This is ridiculous! Give things that you no longer use to someone who will gain pleasure and value from them. You are a creator with access to an unlimited supply. Send the message of faith and abundance into the universe by creating a vacuum. There is a big difference between wishing for something and being prepared to receive. Cicero, the great Roman statesman, was accurate in his observation.

Gratitude sets up an attractive force unlike any other, to bring your vision into existence. Our memories tend to be very short when it comes to all the goodness that is bestowed upon our lives. When a person lacks gratitude their entire system is thrown into a negative vibration and a state of negative balance. In other words, you have a myriad of things for which to be grateful. Your current situation is whatever you choose it to be. As you being to focus on the all the goodness in your life, you can be grateful for all that you have, knowing that more goodness is on its way.

Putting out these positive and grateful vibrations will attract more of the same to you. With this approach, you cannot fail…you will create all you desire. Your Life is Full of Things for which to be Grateful There are a multitude of things in your life to be grateful for on a daily basis.

In other words, it is the result of your past paradigm and is in the process of changing.

To lack gratitude, you have to negate all the good things that you currently have…and focus on a very small area that you want to improve. For example, how much would you pay to have your eyesight back if it were lost? What would the ability to walk and run be worth to you once it was gone? What price would you pay for a loving and faithful family, children, wife, husband and friends? What is your health worth?

What would you pay to have it back if you were diagnosed with a terminal disease? To experience gratitude we must only remember that most of us live in absolute material wealth and abundance compared to the majorit…y of the world; that we have our marvelous mind that can comprehend the great laws of the universe and begin creating anything we desire.

To attend all the schooling and seminars your heart desires? To continuously learn, expand and grow? How much is it worth to live in a country of free enterprise where you can choose or change your career at any time? How fortunate are you to be able to pursue your passion without ques- tion? To be in dominion over an abundant universe with the gifts to create anything your mind and spirit can dream?

Remember who you are and what you have at your disposal. Be grateful for all your glorious gifts and your gratitude will begin to magnify them and attract more of the same. Your Current Results Will Continually Change, Grow and Improve The last thing you have to know and believe is that your current results are representative of your past.

Your past does not equal your future! The law works every time…either for you or against you. You will always manifest your controlling idea. Realize, now, that your current situation is the result of your past thinking. Be grateful in knowing that, by law, your new thinking is attracting the good you desire and deserve.

We have already discussed the Law of Attraction and the power of faith. When you have complete gratitude you send a very powerful message that you know the goodness you desire is on its way. Consequently, you can relax, enjoy, and appreciate the journey. The Law of Appreciation The attitude of gratitude is developed and turned into a habit by giving attention to the Law of Appreciation.

One of the principles of the universe is that anything that is not growing is dying. Because we know that nothing stands still, we absolutely must be moving in one direction or the other. We also know that whatever you give energy and attention to grows. Appreciation is one of the highest forms of attention.

One of the greatest ways to give energy, attention, and gratitude is to appreciate. The Law of Appreciation is the way that we can grow and strengthen what we want in our life and in our relationships. For instance, their spouse, their children, their family members, their closest friends True appreciation does not have to be something grandiose. These are the things that are so easy to give, yet so often neglected:.

How will you show it more effectively and frequently? All the highly-successful have understood this immutable truth; and they have practiced it on a daily basis.

Understand now that the Science of Success produces results…guaranteed! The claim has been made that it works for everyone…every time! This is bold, and it is made with conviction! But it is up to no one but you to learn and understand what is in this program. It is up to you to listen and study on a daily basis.

No one can make you do it and no one can do it for you! Massive, immediate, intelligent, consistent action! Make a commitment for the next thirty days to listen to one of the power principle tapes every single day. If you commit to this, your results will begin to come to you so quickly it will make your head swim. Understand that winners get results! And to get results you must take action! And I know that is what you want…you want to grow and improve. In fact, growing is law…it is the sole purpose of the human race.

The law states that anything that is not growing is dying. You must create or disintegrate.

If you understand and apply the Science of Success, turbo-charged results are guaranteed. But you must take action! You are incredible at manifesting whatever you desire. But it is not just enough to think about prosperity and success…you have to do something! The action you take must be based upon the person you are becoming.

Therefore, their future remains eternally chained to the limitations of their past.When science and passion collide, dreams become real!

All of your current results are the direct outcomes of your past thoughts, decisions, and actions. Because we know that nothing stands still, we absolutely must be moving in one direction or the other. Understand now that the Science of Success produces results…guaranteed! If you must create an adversary in life…let your adversary be lack of understanding!

Being Worthy Unfortunately, many individuals have allowed themselves to believe that they are not worthy of the good they desire. Won-jin Kim. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods.