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Friday, November 22, 2019 - you can now read Lufthansa's in-flight magazine online. Have fun exploring!. Target Group: Whether it's all Lufthansa passengers or exclusively the top Lufthansa customers in Germany, our magazines reach people who. Marketing chief Alexander. Schlaubitz interviewed about habits and icons. Page The employee magazine of the. LUFTHANSA GROUP.

Lufthansa Magazin Pdf

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The completely revamped Lufthansa Magazin aims to set new global standards for in-flight entertainment. The existing layout has been completely reworked: the . Inflight Shopping - New Product Range. Download PDF (27 MB). Welcome on board Lufthansa, to the world's top boutique - where some heavenly offers await . Inflight Shopping Magazin November Welcome on board Lufthansa, to the world's top boutique – where some heavenly offers Download PDF Version .

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She shines when it comes to Coloring and Composing as well as Vector-based Illustrations and logos. Emma Ahuis, 19, has been an apprentice aircraft mechanic with Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg for two years.

Ink produces over 27 inflight magazines in 18 languages, and airline mobile apps for their travel partners. The free download quota for two eJournals per ticket is available from three days before and up to three days after the flight.

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