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Komik Naruto Shippuden Chapter Full Color. Posted at February 11, | in. jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg. Komik Naruto Chapter Bahasa Indonesia Pada chapter ini Guy-sensei [ Indo pdf TF] [ Indo pdf SB] [ Indo pdf SF]. Komik Naruto Shippuden Chapter Full Color. jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg.

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Download saja manga atau komik terbaru dari Naruto berbahasa indonesia dibawah ini untuk Manga Naruto Chapter Before the Pirate King was executed, he dared the many pirates of the world to seek out the fortune that he left behind in one piece. As a child, Monkey D. Luffy. Komik Naruto Chapter Bahasa Indonesia | Samehadaku. Naruto Manga Download It was uploaded Sorry .

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Unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read. Second Contact[it was outside the scope of our understanding] Meanwhile, the Soul Reapers prepare to defend the Seireitei before being caught guard. Yukio proceeds to separate everyone in different arenas while Ikkaku knocks Shishigawara out with a headbutt. In their respective battles, Kenpachi kills Giriko with single slash while Renji defeats Jackie before she sacrifices herself to ensure his safety.

As Hitsugaya outwits Yukio to cancel his ability, Byakuya engages Tsukishima while Rukia begins her battle against Riruka. Bleach Chapter Anime Amino After placing Rukia's soul in a doll body, Riruka proceeds to explain the past of the Xcution members to her opponent before ending their fight by using a special ability from her Fullbring in order to vanish after Rukia is restored to normal. Meanwhile, after Tsukishima manages to inflict a serious injury, Byakuya manages to inflict a mortal wound on his Fullbringer opponent.

Yamamoto agrees just as Ichigo states his intent to continue being a Substitute Soul Reaper. The Soul Society begins to notice that a large number of Hollows in the World of the living has been exterminated and that people in the Rukon have been disappearing. Meanwhile, while helping Karakura Town's new residential Soul Reaper, Ichigo encounters a strange arrancar named Ebern Asguiaro who attempts to steal Ichigo's Bankai before escaping.

At the same time, Head Captain Yamamoto encounters a group of masked men who are of the Wandenreich and have come to tell him that the Soul Society will be destroyed in five days. Asguiaro and the leader of the masked figures, another arrancar named Luders Friegen, are killed by Wandenreich's leader. At the Soul Society, Mayuri confesses to having had the missing Rukon residents murdered to maintain the balance of soul and that the hollows' destruction is caused by Wandenreich, revealed to be Quincies whose leader is someone Yamamoto failed to kill.

Meanwhile, informed on Ichigo being in Hueco Mundo, the Wandenreich's leader declares an assault on the Seireitei. But Quilge stabs Emilou before using his "Sklaverei" technique to absorb Ayon.

Meanwhile, the Soul Reapers prepare to defend the Seireitei before being caught guard. Devastated and desperate, Soul Society contacts Ichigo for help. However, just as Ichigo makes his way to the Soul Society, Quilge traps him in a spiritual prison so he can only witness the slaughter.

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Here" In the Garganta, Ichigo struggles to escape from Quilge's prison as the Quincy reveals the letter designation of the Sternritters while revealing himself to be Sternritter "J". Quilge then turns his attention to Orihime and Chad before being killed by a mysterious man. Yamamoto then confronts the Wandenreich's leader Yhwach , who had defeated Kenpachi. Yamamoto unleashes his Bankai "Zanka no Tachi" and kills Yhwach in a brutal battle, only to learn his opponent is not the real Yhwach.

The person Yamamoto battled was actually Loyd's twin brother Sternritter "Y" Royd Lloyd as the real Yhwach was visiting Aizen in the underground prison beneath Squad One's barracks in an attempt to recruit him.

Acting in haste, Yamamoto loses his Bankai to Yhwach who quickly incinerates him. Yhwach orders his right hand Sternritter "B" Jugram Hashwalth to pull their forces back as Ichigo finally arrived and makes a beeline towards Yhwach.

The Rudiments" Dark of the Moon".

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After complete recovery at Tenjiro Kirinji 's place, Ichigo and Renji arrive at the palace of Kirio Hikifune where they replenish their Reiatsu with her special food. Ichigo learns that each of Royal Guard members have been chosen by the Soul King because of the significant contributions to Soul Society like Kirio creating the ModSouls.

Meanwhile, at the Muken, Kenpachi Zaraki and Unohana enter a dark, cavernous space where they would fight to the death.

It would be revealed that Retsu Unohana was originally a blood thirsty sociopath known as Squad 11 Captain Yachiru Unohana, one of the founding members of the Thirteen Court Squads and whose title Kenpachi named himself after.

Once Ichigo is gone, Renji admits that he knew Ichigo would fail Nimaiya's test because he is not a true Soul Reaper with Nimaiya believing Ichigo must learn of his roots. The spirit pressure from the fight attracted the attention of Masaki Kurosaki, a pure-blood Quincy, as she comes to Isshin's aid.

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Though Masaki helps Isshin destroy White, she ended up being bitten by the hollow. Urahara reveals that Masaki is undergoing hollowfication and that a part of White got transmitted into Masaki's body and is consuming her soul.

Though it is impossible to cure her, Urahara explains it can be treated with a vaccination made with an opposing force.

However, Isshin must remain by Masaki's side in a specially made Gigai made from human souls so she can spend the way of her natural life as a human. Knowing he must relinquish being a Soul Reaper and remain trapped in the Gigai, Isshin abruptly accepts. Isshin concludes the story by revealing to Ichigo that he regained his Soul Reaper powers the day Masaki died.

As Nimaiya begins to forge, it is revealed that the entity known as "Hollow Ichigo" is both an offshoot of White and the real Zangetsu.

Furthermore and the spirit known as "Old Man Zangetsu", reminiscent of a younger Yhwach, is actually the personification of Ichigo's Quincy powers.

Answering ambiguously, Zangetsu explains he has been honest save his name. Zangetsu also adds that it was Hollow Ichigo that always came to Ichigo's aid while admitting he initially tried to stop Ichigo from becoming a Soul Reaper to keep him safe from even himself. Though Zangetsu fades, Ichigo still accepts him as "Zangetsu" alongside his hollow. Though Hitsugaya defeats Cang, he collapses from his injuries before he could reach Rangiku.

He's wearing some sort of faceplate. Onoki: That sounds like Roshi-sama. He was the Jinchuriki for the Four Tails. Gaara: And the other two are Fourth Kazekage: Master?

Onoki: Well Gaara: Everyone prepare to fall back. Shikamaru, take your half of the Division to back up Durai when I give the order.

Shikamaru: Roger! Onoki: Tell me, Gaara-sama Is he really worth what this will no doubt cost you? Gaara: No. He's worth ten time more than this will cost me.


No way I'm going to let myself die here and miss the chance of meeting that guy now. Archive for Naruto : by : Unknown kabuto gets a hold of himself: "all right kakashi It's curtain call, I'm about to take my last bow.

What did you expect from me? Well what did you expect from me???

I kept my word when I swore that I would let you down. And now that I'm gone Try to forget me and just move on. So will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found? I kept my word and you hate me for it now, But you knew all along Try to forget me and just move on.

I don't have an ounce of good left in me now, Thats why I walked out. I am not the one that you should blame, So take what I left you for the pain. And do your best to forget my name. I believe Kishimoto never has had any experience with drawing so many charachters at the same time.

The only example is probably the attack of the sand on the Leaf episodes ago. If this is the case, a. Naruto gives a huge speech about the will of fire is unbendable is there such word in english? Naruto sacrifices hhimself to beat Madara d. Sakura gives a speech about how those two helped her to become stronger it took her about manga episodes, two ninja wars, and sacrifices of those two to realize some universal truth.

PS I think that Sasuke might have some epic plan about how to lure Madara into some kind of trap to get him killed by Naruto or whoever, maybe he is doing all those things to become a hero like Itachi. I think the final scene of the manga is going to be just how I described it, and it is kind of sad. Tsunade: What are you talking about? The Second Mizukage was equal in terms of water manipulation with the Second Hokage A: I agree with you Tsunade, how could that be an advantage? Onoki: Even though their will is controlled, the possibility of them fighting each other will be high haha Tsunade: There's no time to laugh old man.

How could've I forgotten about the past? Damn it, no choice, but to fight him. Hyuuga: Hyuuga nin: Even your twin, Hizashi-sama got revived too. Hiashi: This should be kept secret to Neji! Hizashi: I wonder what happened to Neji, did he take over the clan?

I hope the discrimination between the main house and the branch house has ended. Asuma: Hizashi-sama, Hiashi-sama has told Neji about the truth, though it took him longer.

Your death has affected your son so much that he was bitter to the main house before. Hizashi: I see, but atleast, Hiashi did not disappoint. Dan: We're going to attack in a few minutes.

Kakashi Panel: Kakashi in mind : The onslaught begins, they might want to reminisce about the Fourth's wrath during the previous war. Using Kamui to these resurrected bodies?

Awesome idea. Victory will be ours. Kakashi rushes in to Sukazan and uses Kamui with ease Kakashi: Almost near to perfection Archive for Naruto : by: superninja Naruto Tsuchikage golem: How impressive, this entire area is made out of sensor sand, a jutsu from the hidden sand village. My original plan is ruined now. Gara appears above him flying on his sand cloud. Gara: Desert burial! Sand waves form around tsushikage. Tsushikage claps his hands: Pillars of earth!

Stone pillars emerge from the ground and tsushikage jumps on one of them. Gara: I must break you! Gara sends sand after tsushikage. Tsushikage does a hand sign and becomes invisible. Gara thinking : So this guy depends on stealth. I have the area surrounded with sensor sand, but I must cover these pillars with sand also so he can't escape by moving on them.

Tsushikage: Your skill is very commendable, I haven't seen a sand ninja of your caliber yet. I can see you are covering the pillars with sand, but that won't help you now. Meanwhile Kakashi is getting ready to break loose. Kakashi: Now we are on the attack. Sai follow me and be my long range support, also seal any golem I incapacitate. Omoi you guard mine and Sais backs. Lets go! Kakashi starts running with the big sword behind his back, Sai and Omoi following him. Meanwhile that ninja that drains the water out of her victims kills another dude.

Fodder ninja: We mustn't get close to her, her attack will kill us instantly! Sakura: Then use the long range attacks!

Shinobi throw kunais at her, but it doesn't damage the edo golem. Two fodder shinobis charge edo golem with a chain to tackle her down. The edo golem jumps up and lands behind Sakura. Edo golem gets impaled on the beheader sword and then flipped over by Kakashi. Kakashi: Time to die.

Sai binds it with his ink snakes and then writes some symbols in ink on the edo golems forehead and does hand seals. Edo gets paralyzed. Omoi: The next one is there! Kakashi: Sakura guard this golem until the sealing team gets to you!

Kakashi and Sai move on. Meanwhile the edo golem with explosive punch gets one paneled by Gai.

Gai evades his punch and hits him in the stomach : Your punch may be destructive but you'll never hit me. Because you lack power of youth! Meanwhile Gara vs tshushikage Tsushikage: I can adjust my weight and pressure I put on the ground. That is why your method of detection is useless! Gara: If that is so, then I'll just have to find you using a different method. Gara: Sandstorm! Gara raises a lot of sand up and starts bombarding the area with sand. Gara destroys the stone pillars and everything but there is no tsushikage.

Tsushikage: Too late. Tsushikage has a big ass sniper crossbow that shoots stone bullets. And he hits Gara's sand clone that was riding the sand cloud. Gara's sand clone falls apart. Tsushikage: Just a clone? He becomes invisible again.

Gara's sand eye is floating above him. Tsushikage: There is no point in trying to find me, I am the invisible killer, the one that took out the most feared of shinobis.One Shot One Kill.

I will post a link to this page on my blog. Bazz-B arrives at the main building and confronts Haschwalth, recalling their shared childhood. Kakashi Panel: Kakashi in mind : The onslaught begins, they might want to reminisce about the Fourth's wrath during the previous war.

Search the world' s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. How could've I forgotten about the past? Not a second to waste, Maki comes behind and prepares his technique to restrain Haku, completely, however, from behind Maki comes several flying, sharp spikes, which pierces Maki in the back of the neck.

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