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Imie Rozy Ebook

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Download Imie Rozy ebook pdf. Download Imie Rozy ebook djvu. Download Imie Rozy ebook chm. Imie Rozy ebook. Imie Rozy download. Imię róży - audiobook. Imię róży - audiobook. Dzwięk: rozwiń. Cena: zł Formaty ebook: mp3. ISBN: Czas: 28 h 10 min 10 s (2 płyty). Eco Umberto Zapiski na pudelku od zapalek POLiSH eBook-iMN Imię róży · DOWNLOAD · Eco Umberto. Language: polish. File: FB2, MB.

Do you think I'm exaggerating? I've proof: I've copied this terrible passage wherein the hero discovers how to enter the secret chamber, using his knowledge of the genitive case in Latin. Be careful not to hurl as you read this. I smiled. I was remembering poor Salvatore. He wanted to perform God knows what magic with that horse, and, with his fractured Latin he called him 'tertius equi.

But this is all nonsense What a fool I am! Run, run to your cell and fetch the lamp, or, rather, both lamps we hid. Let no one see you, and join me in the church at once! Ask no questions. I ran into the church.

William was under the tripod and was rereading the parchment with Venantius's notes. The writing!


The verse! The words are carved over the mirror! View all 26 comments. What complete and utter self-indulgent wankery. That is my opinion in one sentence.

Feel free to stop reading now, as that is pretty much the long and the short of it. Eco seems so desperate to prove to everyone how incredibly clever he is, even though he is a leading academic in his field of semiotics as far as I can tell. So with this incredible insecurity shining through, he takes a wonderful premise for a story, but is incapable of keeping his hand off it for two pages at a time, so we get 50 What complete and utter self-indulgent wankery.

So with this incredible insecurity shining through, he takes a wonderful premise for a story, but is incapable of keeping his hand off it for two pages at a time, so we get pp of "look at me! I saved this book for close to the end of my Around the World trip, as it was supposed to be wonderful.

I promise it is not at all. I picked who the mastermind was pages from the end as I was so bored and skipping half the pages of blatant symbolism that us-normal-peons-are-too-stupid-to-understand-but-look-how-wonderfully-smart-Eco-is, and thought I would have some fun picking the most preposterous person.

Also, if you can't speak Latin, you're kinda stuffed. Because even though the book is translated from Italian to English, they decided not to translate the Latin. Because everyone speaks Latin these days.

Uh huh. I thought this would be okay. I thought it would be fun and I might learn something, so I translated the first couple of phrases on post it notes, in case I needed to translate a couple of things later. This got old after about 30 pages. Especially as the monks talk more, as apparently, half their speech has to be in Latin.

I know they did speak Latin, but translate it in a translation ffs. Later we throw German into the mix too, because, you know, we can. This would be a forgivable, although annoying, problem except intersperse the Latin with: I get that was normal Catholic dogma in the 14th Century.

However, we are talking about how if a woman is attractive and you notice her and are attracted to her, she is obviously a witch as why would you look at her otherwise and it's all her pact with the Devil.

It was all too close to my own experiences and the teaching I was subjected to within the church around When they started debating the philosophical merits of unicorns which they believe existed for several pages, there were audible screams. The only possible explanation I can come up with is that reading this book lures you into a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Or it's the psychological phenomena they have observed, that occurs when you do something for tenuous reasons and little reward, you convince yourself you liked it, enjoyed it and chose to do it, so your brain can cope with why you did it in the first place. But after you do, you only get given 20 cents as your reward. There is a disconnect between the reward and your action, it's not equal compensation.

You then convince yourself so strongly that you did it because you wanted to, not because of the money. It stops a psychological meltdown.

It seems like a plausible explanation for this book's ratings. I just felt the entire time Eco was having a pissing competition with someone, and I didn't know who.

Other academics? Look how good I am, I can write academic papers and best selling novels?

100 najlepszych powieści kryminalnych wszech czasów

Or just the world? All I know is that I got dragged into one insecure man's willy jostling and I feel incredibly deceived and a little dirty about the whole thing. For more reviews visit http: View all 11 comments. Waving the white flag. Can I have those eight hours of my life back, please? Walter Ullon's review mirrors my thoughts.

View all 3 comments. From the hype over the years, I was expecting a skillfully plotted, tense thriller that I didn't want to put down. What I got instead was a plodding, slow-paced novel that over the course of many years I tried - and failed - to finish, never getting to that magic page mark. This time, I forced myself to finish it, mostly because I'm trying to get my "to-read" shelf down to a reasonable number. And what a slog it was. Eco doesn't seem to know what kind of novel he wanted to write.

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Imie Rozy by Umberto Eco

Razorland epub mobilism releases. My mommy read Bible stories to me too. Because everyone speaks Latin these days. View all 3 comments. A Theory of Semiotics Umberto Eco. It tried to be all of these and succeeded at none.