Science Book The Unofficial Guide To Ethical Hacking By Ankit Fadia


Saturday, June 8, 2019

"Ethical hacking" may seem like an oxymoron, but to year-old Indian high school student Fadia, it's a way of life. This book extends his Hacking Truths site. I was amazed when I finished scanning this book today. Quite frankly, I can't imagine why it was ever published! Aside from the fact that it was published this. Ankit Fadia is an independent computer security consultant based in Silicon Valley. He has authored several internationally best-selling books on numerous.

Book The Unofficial Guide To Ethical Hacking By Ankit Fadia

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Read The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking book reviews & author details and more at Ankit Fadia (Author) Unoffic GD EThical Hacking (Miscellaneous). The basic motive behind this book is to create a new wave of ethical hackers, which would revolutionise the global security scene. The book looks at topics such. "The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking, Second Edition" is a must-read for any reader interested in learning how a computer system is hacked and how to.

You can hack into Windows Vista and Windows 7 pretty easily.

What kind of threats are we looking at from social networking sites, SNSs? What people don't realise is these SNSs come with their own set of breaches that can be real threats to your identity on the web. Today the latest viruses are coming through SNSs.

What happens is you get a message from your best friend and you trust it without thinking twice.

And that message will be something like 'hey, are you there in this video? When you click on this link it takes you to You Tube where it plays on the screen and stops midway. It then asks you to download a flash plug in, which being a common occurrence, you click on it. But what gets installed on your computer is a virus. What's the protection against such threats? Only awareness.

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Until now the anti-virus companies have not upgraded their systems to give protection to users who are on SNSs. Is What The Hack all about creating this awareness?

What The Hack is not about hacking, not about security. It's about cool stuff that you can do with your computers and Internet technologies. It's humorous and light-hearted but we also teach interesting things. It's neither too technical nor too basic. You have also assisted a lot of intelligence agencies crack cyber crime cases. Tell us something about it. At different points in my life I've worked with different police departments, the CBI and other intelligence agencies. Pakistani hackers were defacing Indian Web sites so I helped find out who these hackers were, what tools were they using and who were funding these guys by hacking into their e-mail accounts.

I was also involved in finding out who was trespassing on Ken Haywood's wi-fi account after the blasts in Ahmedabad in July The problem was the data packets that run on this protocol are encoded which makes it difficult for investigating agencies to break it down, then reverse engineer it and recreate the communication.

I worked on these two weeks after the attacks because I was called in only then. What was this experience like?

The second thing was that it was just shocking to be on the receiving end of a terror attack wherein the terrorists were very tech savvy. Terrorists today are ordinary people who live amongst us and live like you and I do.

What was your advice to Mumbai police? Did you convince them about the new face of terrorism and the tools required to handle tech savvy terrorists? The problem is that there are a lot of egos involved. There is a power centre that you got to respect and you got to be very careful what you say to them. But I told them that I am always available for training or any investigation that happens.

This course is based on the guidelines enumerated by the Ministry of Information Technology. We train more than 15, people a year and many of them have been police officials in different parts of India. Ankit Fadia. Course Technology PTR , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

View all copies of this ISBN edition: Synopsis About this title Learn how to use good hacking to prevent your system from becoming the victim of attacks! About the Author: Buy New View Book. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. New Quantity Available: Seller Rating: Say, for example, you own a mid-size company.

'I earned a lot at 13, it's a lot more at 24'

If you were to do security on your own or you wanted to hire a systems administrator, what would you pay? Ten grand a month? It sounds like a relatively good option. The end vision that I have is for people being able to go to a website, fill out a form, describe the network, describe the number of systems, platform and the kind of software they are running.

The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking

They should be able to install a patch and then remotely, my people sitting in India, who are being paid Indian salaries, in India currency, are then able to provide affordable, quality security solutions, management and security monitoring services to clients the world over. So would you call yourself an entrepreneur or hacker?

Hacker turned entrepreneur. Or, I would say, hacker turned author turned entrepreneur. A large potion of criminal activity seems to be coming out of Eastern Europe and Asia. Do you think that the struggling economies of these countries turn them into breeding grounds for crackers?

I think the quality of computer hackers or criminals is spread quite equally the world over. You have viruses coming out of pretty much every country. What made you go down the track of using your skills and knowledge to assist businesses rather than potentially going the other way and tearing them down? I think that both hackers and crackers require pretty much the same knowledge, the same expertise, the same experience.

The only difference lies in how they utilise the knowledge. I guess at that point in time I was too young to realise what I was doing. Fortunately for me, I chose the right path. And now I realise that if you use your computer security skills in a positive manner, you can end up making more money, making a better name for yourself, and will probably end surviving longer as well. Because, at the end of the day, if you choose to be a criminal, sooner or later you will get caught.

My books are being used as text books in computer security courses across South-East Asia. And I offer lectures, reading and exam material for students. For a small or even medium sized business reading this publication, would there be one key tip that you would give them in terms of internet security, apart from unplugging their computer?

I think they should just install a basic firewall — there are a lot of freeware firewalls. Just download one and start using it. Patch your systems regularly.

Run windows update regularly. Have a good anti-virus and update the virus definition files. And choose a good password! The biggest problem or the most dangerous type of attack that I have seen is something known as a distributed DOS attack, or distributed denial of services attacks. They actually change the source IP address, or source computers, that are being used to send out the attack.

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Say, for example, an attack initiates from Australia. Soon we end up blocking out two or three continents — completely. It can take us a couple of weeks to fix. What kind of advice do you have for someone who is young, seen the allure of hacking and has probably even touched the dark side a little bit? First of all, learn at least one programming language.

Read as many networking books as possible, because at the end of the day, computer security is about nothing more than combining networking and programming. And learn Unix for sure. And learn how to think like a hacker. Learn how to think like a criminal; adopt a crooked mind, or a cracking attitude, so that every time you see a service or piece of software you need to think of ways in which you can break it.

Only then can you become a good security expert.Throughout the book, there are over a dozen cases of Fadia using material that he did not write.

Anindya rated it liked it Feb 02, Yes, you learn Hacking while listening to him, but what you also get alongside, is an insight into the working of a Genius. Hackers are actually the good guys who work with the police agencies to catch the criminals and secure the internet.

Achintya Vatsraj rated it it was amazing Mar 12, You have also assisted a lot of intelligence agencies crack cyber crime cases.

Ankit Fadia. We are talking about digital homes, where refrigerators, televisions, all different electrical appliances are connected to the internet.