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Monday, June 24, 2019

Computer Science questions and answers with explanation for interview, download Computer Science quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. CS: COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 7th Feb Wrong answer for MCQ will result in negative marks, (-1/3) for 1 mark Questions and. Computer Science Aptitude Test Questions Answers - [Free] Computer Science Aptitude. Test Questions Answers [PDF] [EPUB] Computer.

Aptitude Questions And Answers Pdf For Computer Science

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Computer Science Questions and Answers - Aptitude computer architecture Answers PDF Download that are most repeated in the exam. AMCAT Computer. Computer Science Questions and Answers - Aptitude Find all the previous year AMCAT Computer Science Questions with Answers PDF Download that are. These questions are similar in structure and type to some questions that may appear in AEA. Informal understanding and application of scientific method, and evaluation of . There is insufficient information provided to answer this question.

Solve as many as question papers in the last month. Do everything in the college don't miss those days too. But while studying you should be focused and consistent. Thank you so much, GO family. But 5 months back when I joined GO even this was not possible I was not much of a contributor but more of a follower but now I think I should have participated in those healthy discussions.

I devoted first 3 years of my college life to competitive coding, web and Android development but being from a teir3 college these things were not enough to fetch a job with a decent package I am looking forward to write a lengthy post in near future to help future aspirant.

I am a final year student and I got AIR Marks Quite disappointed because of the stupid blunders I committed worth 15 marks but it is what it is and I can't do anything but accept the fact. But hope it helps whosoever reads it to realize the importance of solving questions carefully. I want to thank Arjun sir, all the veterans of GO and the whole GO community who is always willing to help and guide one through one's way.

GATE 2019 Computer Science Engineering (CS) Question Paper, Answer Key, Solution

The quality discussions with sources to reliable content helped to level up my thinking and shaped the perspective as how to approach a problem. Actually to a famous person who once said that "nothing worthwhile comes free", I I am very grateful to whole GO community and whosoever has ever contributed even in a very small proportion. Thanks a Trillion.

Wish you a lot of success. Marks: I am a final year student in a tier-3 college. It was my first attempt. Even being in a central university, we have zero placements. But I think that is why I got this rank. There was no other option, but to study and prepare for a competitive exam which offers a decent chance to excel in the professional sphere.

Whatever I am writing here is a part of my own viewpoint. Many might disagree with me. I would, rather, like to suggest you do not follow me blindly but rather analyse yourself and do what suits you best.

I always followed And Thanks to all other active users of GO. It was a great experience preparing with you people : All the best to future aspirants.

You can message me anytime, I will be glad to help : Thank You! This is the best place for previous year question and explanation. Never thought I will get into top I can surely tell one thing, doing all the previous year questions honestly , will land you in top I am definitely not suggesting to mug them.

I know only these words will do no justice , but thanks again. I had started my preparation for gate from a long time before the exam.

I could not get what I wanted in my first attempt. This is what I deserve. Then someone came into my life for whom my life is going to be better. He is Bikram sir.

He said me again and again that you should try once more, you will get into IITs next year. He knew me just for months before that. Still, I had not decided to drop a year, I was not convinced enough. Then I saw a video in youtube by Sandeep Maheshwari. Its title was "Kuch To Log Kahenge". That video affected my Do I need to say anything about it? The best source for prev yr qsns, most accurate rank and score predictor.

Simply the best source for GATE. Anyway, in the end, I thank all my teachers, seniors and friends. Year: Final year, Engg. I didn't opt for placements as I wanted to do masters. I applied for MS in the US, got rejects from every university top 30 - I took the decision to drop an year and not to apply for MS in US as it doesn't make sense to spend lakhs of rupees for universities below 50 rank. I went all out. I prepared for gate 18 like hell.

Sacrificed everything, movies, friends, even family. I messed up during the exam or maybe the surroundings messed me up. There was construction going on near the test center just for three hours 9 am to 12 pm. I know I am "lucky".

I believe I lost at least rank because of the disturbances. I Failed. Gate Score Rank The actual preparation started after my 6 sem exam in May. I started with Discrete Mathematics. The strategy I used to follow is that at a time I used to do only 1 subject.

I learn the concept either from Standard Books or Videos. Make my own notes.

Then do the previous year of that subject. Then move to the other subject. For easy question, I solved it within the PDF only. For good question, I used to open it into the browser, then I try to solve it.

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Whether I solved it or not. I checked the answer, read the discussion, and visit the mentioned links to understand it properly. Especially the links mentioned by Arjun sir, are really awesome, it really helped me to understand the concept I used to take print out of quotation and paste them at my workspace. They give positivity. Since few months, visiting GO and it's Facebook page has become kinda hobby for me. I don't know how can I repay the forum. Hats off to the owners and every active contributer here.

I have committed many silly calculation mistakes in the exam and had to pay for them with around marks. Else I could've made it to top I vouch for it.

By good grip, I don't mean to memorize the process of each model of sum. I mean to understand the intuition behind every solution with clarity.

Million thanks once again. Full Link g. The GO pdfs for previosu year questions where absolutely fantabulous. Exception Handling Questions and Answers 2. Exception Handling Questions and Answers 3. Exception Handling Questions and Answers 4. Exception Handling Questions and Answers 5. Which version of PHP was added with Exception handling? Which two predefined variables are used to retrieve information from forms?

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Finally, all the best to all the aspirants of GATE, Use gateoverflow as much as possible if you are really aiming for top ranks , have a faith and belief in yourself and that's all that is needed : Thank you! Knowing the latest advances in technology and other happenings in your technical domain would be an added advantage.