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Sunday, June 23, 2019

America The New Crisis (A Blueprint for Surviving the Collapse of the Great Central Bank Bubble Sold by Red Fox Book Shop and Fulfilled by Amazon. America The Survival Blueprint [Porter Stansberry, Ron Paul] on For that kind of money, I would at least expect the book to open from the front page. Those familiar with Porter Stansberry's opinions will not be surprised by the analysis of the US economy in this book. In brief, the authors believe that American.

America 2020 Book

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America book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Synopsis The United States is destroying itself from the inside And that's precisely why I wrote a new book, called America —The New Everything is explained in our recent book: America —The New Crisis. (20 Consumer Reviews) New America is a book from Porter Stansberry that promises to disclose what to do when the financial system collapses and he.

Well said, StacheEngineer.

Welcome to the forums! StacheEngineer on January 16, , Miss Prim Bristles Posts: It's funny, but I have kind of had this in the back of my mind for years. We bought 4.

We have a fairly decent size house with a walk-out basement apartment which we currently rent out. All of our adult children live nearby. If things got really ugly, we could consolidate households and grow all our own food.

My son has 3 acres of woods, so heating would not be a problem either. I don't think it would get that bad in the future, but just knowing you can survive on very little money, which most of us here could, is comforting. Miss Prim.

Greystache Stubble Posts: This is nothing more than a clever attempt to get you to invest in precious metals. This has been going around the internet in slightly different forms for years. Check to see who is sponsoring these adds. I bet that if you dig deep enough you will find someone who has an interest in selling gold. According to these adds, there is always an urgent need to protect yourself by investing in gold to survive the impending financial crisis. They ran the same sales pitch last year and the year before.

I guess if they run it long enough they will eventually be right. I have not been keeping tabs on gold prices lately, but last time I checked they it was over priced and falling rapidly.

I guess they need to whip up a little panic to make gold look like a reasonable investment. But it has created a new, enormous, credit bubble. Not including mortgages, the U. At the same time, wages have gone nowhere. This is an economic recipe for a huge wave of debt defaults, with total losses that will rival the mortgage crisis.

Not many people understand the fallacy of what our leaders have done to our money. These policies are leading us off a cliff… towards the greatest disaster our country has ever seen.

The silent destruction of our money affects everything in America today This is a handbook, a blueprint, and an owner's manual for how to protect yourself and your family over the next few years. And I want to send you a copy of my new book, at a ridiculously low price. So far in , for example, the dollar has fallen dramatically against nearly every major world currency… and has fallen even more against gold and silver.

Default rates are rising… asset prices like stocks and houses are soaring.

America 2020 : The Survival Blueprint by Porter Stansberry (2015, Paperback)

And how can you protect yourself? Everything is explained in our recent book: America —The New Crisis. The only way you can get a copy is directly through my research firm. The truth is, I will actually lose money on each copy I send out.

So why would I do this? Two reasons. For one, it's the right thing to do. The American people deserve to know what our government has done to our money, what's coming next, and what you must do to protect yourself and your family from the currency disaster our government has created.

The second reason I'm giving this information away at a ridiculously low price is because I know my Baltimore-based research firm which I started 18 years ago does the best work in America when it comes to retirement, investing, and protecting assets for individuals and families.

The benefit of this should be obvious The less the government knows about where you have your money, the better. They will simply have a very hard time taking what they don't know you have.

Every American needs to get some money beyond the government's reach. You'll also learn The one financial asset you must have to survive the next crisis. This strategy was taught to me by one of the richest and most successful men I know.

Why are Billionaires Preparing for a Major U.S. Crisis?

It could save you or someone you love in the near future. This is probably the most important thing you can do to protect your family, and it costs you almost nothing it has nothing to do with medicine or gold or anything like that.

Yes, this is all completely legal and it's a strategy used by many of my friends and colleagues. So many neighborhoods were destroyed and looted. But one used a radical technique to survive pretty much unscathed. What these folks did is extreme, and may not be right for you and your neighbors, but you should at least understand what they did. This is a very clever way of holding real U.

There's no telling exactly how bad things are going to get as this crisis unfolds in America. There could be riots, protests, mobs, bank runs, even massive arrests, for extended periods of time.

The America 2020 Pitch

In fact, an index tracking this asset has absolutely crushed the stock market. Best of all, it provided these gains with almost no volatility.

The Nixon shock in in fundamentally changed the system in ways most people don't seem to recognise. The financial world is awash with an obscene amounts of derivatives that vastly exceed the underlying real wealth. If some event triggers an avalanche in that area, then I bet much of our paper wealth will be 'transferred' in short order. I don't trust that everything will be ok with blind faith.

I invest in the stock market because it's the game that needs to be played for now, but I certainly keep a close eye on events and if I think the risks begin to outweigh the rewards, I will pull my money out of the game and wait.

When it comes to preparing for Black Swan events, the only thing I can really do is to increase my resilience and adaptability. I don't know what I don't know, and therefore it's not prudent for me to try and cover off on any eventuality. I can stay informed, recognise change when it's occurring and respond appropriately. This sits better with me than having blind faith that everything will be ok.

America 2020: The Survival Blueprint, Updated Edition

In order to increase our resilience, we are setting up our post-FIRE life to be quite different to our current one. We have just bought a small acreage in a small community surrounded by some of the richest farming land in the country. The rainfall there is excellent with no chance of being immediately impacted by floods.There's nothing else like it in the world as far as I know.

Argentina is a perfect example. If some event triggers an avalanche in that area, then I bet much of our paper wealth will be 'transferred' in short order. I know, most people reading this will do nothing. January 21, , We are all guilty of it I think you'll benefit substantially from receiving our work over the next few years That's when Abraham Lincoln kicked them out and warned the people of America about what happened.

You can obviously keep everything you received electronically.