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ALEX RIDER SERIES. CROCODILE TEARS. 1. FIRE STAR. RAVI CHANDRA WAS GOING to be a rich man. It made his head spin to think about it. In the next. Crocodile Tears: An Alex Rider Novel. Home · Crocodile Tears: An Alex Rider Novel Author: Anthony Horowitz. downloads Views 51MB Size Report. Crocodile Tears: An Alex Rider Novel · Read more · Crocodile Tears. Read more Snakehead (Alex Rider Adventure). Read more · Snakehead (Alex Rider.

Alex Rider Crocodile Tears Pdf

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Uploaded by: CIARA The Sixth Table of CROCODILE TEARS. 1. Crocodile Tears: An Alex Rider Novel. View Anthony Harowitz - Crocodile from ACG at University of North Florida. ALEX RIDER SERIES CROCODILE TEARS Table of Contents. (Télécharger) Opérations et numération pdf de Jean-Luc Caron · Buenas Razones Por Alex Rider 8 - Crocodile tears download PDF Anthony Horowitz .

A charity dealer con artist has raised hundreds of thousands of bucks in donations, simply to take a position them in a kind of genetically converted corn that has the facility to unlock an airborne pressure of virus so strong it might probably knock out a whole nation in a single windy day.

A disaster so far-reaching that it's going to bring up hundreds of thousands of bucks extra in charitable donations, all of which might be embezzled by way of one guy. The antidote? Alex Rider, after all, who survives gunfire, explosions, and hand-to-hand strive against with mercenaries - simply one other day within the lifetime of a normal child.

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Despite his doubts that it was a sniper, Alex ignores it and returns to London. While on his way back from school one day soon after, Alex walks to Brompton Cemetery and visits his uncle's grave. However, while there, he is ambushed by three Chinese men, who claim that they have come for revenge for Major Yu, the main antagonist in the previous story , and they try to kill him.

Alex uses his karate skills to defend himself from the men and leaves, unaware that his movements are being tracked.

He and his guardian Jack Starbright are then visited by a freelance journalist called Harry Bulman, who is aware of Alex's past missions with MI6 and offers to break the story. Alex, fearing his life is spinning out of control, contacts MI6. He meets Alan Blunt and Tulip Jones, who tell him to gather information on Straik while on his upcoming school trip to Greenfields Bio Centre where Straik works as Director , and in exchange, they will discourage Bulman.


Alex reluctantly agrees, and is supplied with gadgets by Smithers, including two explosive Gelignite pens, a diamond-edged knife disguised as a pencil sharpener , a library card that works with a modified pencil case in opening swipe doors, a pocket calculator that doubles as both a CCTV jamming device and communicator, and a memory stick loaded with a worm , as the mission involves getting access to Straik's computer.

Afterwards, he meets Bulman and makes it clear that his life will be over if he ever tries to approach Alex again or break the story.

Meanwhile, Alex's school class goes on a field trip to Greenfields' offices on Salisbury Plain. Alex has his friend, Tom Harris, cover for him as he breaks away from the main group to break into Straik's office.

He steals a sample of a sort of mushroom soup from Straik's desk, and narrowly escapes the compound guards, rejoining his friends. Alex takes the mushroom soup sample to MI6.

Redwing, the Chief Science Officer, and Smithers analyse the sample but cannot make out anything dangerous about it. McCain meets Harry Bulman and the journalist tells the priest about Rider.

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McCain, distrusting Bulman, shoots him to silence him and has him buried under the construction site for a homeless shelter run by First Aid. At this point, Blunt and Jones are still trying to figure out the relevance of the stolen sample.

After McCain finds out about Alex's secret life with MI6, Alex is kidnapped by Bennett whilst on his way to school and is flown, under the guise of a brain-damaged sixteen-year-old, to the Simba Camp in Kenya , which McCain owns. McCain meets him and tells him over dinner about his plan: to bring about a biblical plague that will destroy half the continent of Africa to earn billions of dollars, pounds , euros and other currencies through a fake charity appeal by First Aid.

The mushroom soup is actually an activating agent that transforms wheat fields into lethal weapons harbouring Ricin, a natural toxin.

He also tells Alex that he has murdered Straik and Bulman, as well as revealing his engagement to Bennett and that Bennett was the one who shot out the tires on the car in Scotland at the New Year.

The next day, McCain interrogates Alex, torturing him by making him hang over a river which is infested with crocodiles.ACG Ask a homework question - tutors are online. All That is Solid Melts into Air. Baixar Comandos Sombra: Dominic's Hospital in London for the second time , Mrs. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.