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Gayatri Pariwar Akhand Jyoti Hindi Magazine Free Download PDF Downloads (Total: 88). PDF. Divine Message of Vedas Part 4 · Divine Message of Vedas Part 3 · The Glory of Human life · Donation of Time – The Supreme. kindly provide the method to get monthly saft cpies of Akhand Jyoti and Sir, I am Rajeev Kumar i want to purchase Akhand jyoti magzine in monthly basis.

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Get Akhand Jyoti Magazine वर्ष to till date free as PDF "अखण्ड ज्योति पत्रिका ". Click Me And Get Akhand Jyoti Magazine वर्ष. Download Link for Akhand Jyoti Magazine (Hindi)- Jan https://akhandajyoti. Akhand Jyoti (Hindi) Feb Download Link https://akhandajyoti.s3.

The optometry course combines theory and practical sessions conducted by our in-house ophthalmologists and senior optometrists.

The completion of the course ensures that the girl is qualified to practice as an optometrist and in turn they can assist Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital achieve its vision of eliminating blindness in low-income states of India. Figure 1 The success of the programme and the link with blindness.

Key learnings from this talent creating exercise are The personal commitment of the leadership towards talent creation is crucial. Locally available talent is more straightforward to retain; much more so if their training is carried out at the institution where they are employed. Eye care programmes have the potential to make a more significant social impact on local communities. Solutions to human resource issues are hidden in the community themselves; it is just a matter of understanding how to transform and use the available raw talent.

Optometry class in progress. INDIA A similar model can be replicated by applying the following steps Primary objective critical — identify an inequity or unjust situation which exists in the community we identified the girl child — they face strong gender, social and economic inequality in Bihar. Secondary objective — to create a locally available pool of skilled manpower which the organisation can continuously use Identify main skills desired to be imparted optometry in our case Identify the bridging abilities for us it was English and computing skills Identify how and where the career opportunities at the local level would come from for us direct employment at the hospital.

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Formalise the enrollment process we documented the agreements, career plan, sponsorship mechanism, and exit policies Start with direct contact with parents and counsel them along with the candidates it took us nine months to convince the first girl to enrol; now we have waiting lists of names.

Groom and nurture the talent our priority for the first three months was to improve confidence levels and change mindsets Create a long-term plan to retain the talent we devised and communicated, in advance, a three year career plan after the girls completed their course Articles from Community Eye Health are provided here courtesy of International Centre for Eye Health Formats:. Explore Our Site Home. GPYG Memebers.


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Links http: Akhand Jyoti , a spiritual magazine, Might be you would read it first time. If it is not so then you are so lucky.

Akhand Jyoti magazine is a revolutionary, divine and spiritual magazine first published and initiated by a great sage, visionary and a reformer, Acharya , Yug Rishi Pt.

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Neither has he any associate nor any helper. All people have their interests related together [in the matter of God]. The kingdom of the One God was considered to be divided between different gods and people started thinking that they will worship and support their own selected god.

And they didn't stop here; later on they started believing in opposing and causing loss to the other parties [those who worship other gods].

In this way not only one true God got divided into many groups, but also each lineage, village and locality got its own god and goddess. The One God was divided into several god and goddesses. Theses god and goddesses not only possessed different shapes but also these gods were given different nature; and they were attributed such nature as if they were angry over the one who didn't worship them and worshipped the others.

These gods started giving miseries to those who did not worship them. In the starting days of polytheism, there were only three gods: Brahama, Vishnu and Mahesh and their wives — Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kaali.

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From thereafter, daily new gods started coming into existence. The number of gods and goddesses became as high as to be countable. Their diverse and amazing wishes were also fabricated.From among them some were vegetarians and some were non-vegetarians, some furious and some cool minded.

This site provides you to download Akhand jyoti in pdf fo rmat free of cost. The shyam bagicha is a garden near the temple from where flowers are picked to be offered to the god. We are sure that even if the greatest atheist or brutal heart person would read this magazine in well manner then his nature would definitely be changed so no doubt to improve the personality of the kind hearted person.

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Any person of any class, religion or age can read this magazine. Itsthemonthlysourceofrevolutionary articlesthatinspiresmillionsofyoungmindsfortheserviceoftheNation. The girls can simultaneously opt for a four-year bachelors course in optometry after completing their standard XII A levels.

We are sure that even if the greatest atheist or brutal heart person would read this magazine in well manner then his nature would definitely be changed so no doubt to improve the personality of the kind hearted person. Optometry class in progress.

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