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Survivors by Erin Hunter - Read online for free. Survivors #1: The Empty City The time has come for dogs to rule the wild. Lucky is a A Pahlavi Read Survivors PDF - The Gathering Darkness #5 by Erin Hunter HarperCollins | A loyal dog must make her way alone in this gripping fifth. Read “Survivors #1: The Empty City”, by Erin Hunter online on Bookmate – Now it's time for dogs to rule the world! From the author of the US smash hit series.

Survivors Erin Hunter Pdf

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discuss, and/or argue the book series WARRIORS by Erin Hunter to their Seekers, Survivors, Bravelands PDF read free onlinePRAISE. Erin Hunter. Click here series from Erin Hunter, author of the bestselling Warriors books. Read Online Survivors: The Empty City and A Hidden Enemy.. .pdf. Browse all of the Survivors books by Erin Hunter, the author of Warriors.

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Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. ISBN trade bdg. ISBN lib. P R olog U e Yap wriggled, yawning, and gave a small, excited whimper. His littermates were a jumble of warmth against him, all paws and muzzles and small, fast heartbeats.

Clambering over him, Squeak stuck a paw in his eye; Yap shook his head and rolled over, making her fall off. She squeaked with indignation as always, so he licked her nose to show there were no hard feelings. The Mother-Dog stood over them, nuzzling the pups into order and licking their faces clean, treading her ritual circle before curling around them, ready for sleep.

Wake up, Yap! Mothers going to tell us a story. That was Squeak again, bossy and demanding as ever. Their Mother-Dog washed her affectionately with her tongue, muffling her yelps. Would you like to hear about the Storm of Dogs? A thrill of excitement ran down Yaps spine, and he whimpered eagerly.

But the others tumbled over her, drowning her protests. Yes, Mother! The Storm of Dogs! The Mother-Dog settled around their small bodies, her tail thumping. Her voice grew low and solemn. This is the story of Lightning, the swiftest of the dog warriors.

The Sky-Dogs watched over him, and protected him But the Earth-Dog was jealous of Lightning. She thought Lightning had lived too long, and that it was time for him to die so that she could take his life force.

But Lightnings speed was so great that he could outrun the Earth-Dogs terrible Growlshe could outrun death itself! I want to be like Lightning, murmured Yowl sleepily. I could run that fast; I bet I could. In spite of her protest, Yap knew that she was caught up in the story like the rest of them. Then came the first great battle, the Mother-Dog went on, her voice hushed.


The terrible Storm of Dogs, when all the dogs of the world fought to see who would rule over the territories of the world. Many stories are told of those dreadful days, and many heroes were made and lost in the battle. At last, the Earth-Dog thought, Lightnings life force would 2. But Lightning was cunning, and he was sure that with his speed he could dodge his death once more, so the Earth-Dog laid a trap for him.

Yips ears flattened against her head. Thats so mean! Their mother nuzzled her. No, it isnt, Yip. Earth-Dog was right to claim Lightning. Thats the way things should be.

When your Sire-Dog died, his body fed the earth, too. Suddenly solemn, all of the pups listened in silence. Lightning tried to escape the Storm of Dogs with his speed. He ran so fast between the warring dogs that none of them could see him to tear his body apart with their teeth and claws. He was almost clear, almost free, when the Earth-Dog sent a Big Growl to open the ground in front of him. Even though hed heard the story so many times, Yap held his breath and huddled close to his littermates, imagining that this time Lightning would fall and be eaten by the terrible rip in the earth Lightning saw the ground open up to swallow him, but he was speeding so fast that he couldnt stop.

He feared that the Earth-Dog had him at last. But the Sky-Dogs loved Lightning. Just as Lightning started to plummet to his death, the 3. Sky-Dogs sent a great wind that spun so fast and so strong, it caught Lightning as he fell, lifted him up, and whirled him into the sky. And there he remains, with the Sky-Dogs, to this very day. The pups snuggled more tightly against the Mother-Dogs side, gazing up at her. Will he always be there? When you see fire flashing in the sky, when the SkyDogs howl, thats Lightning running down to the earth, teasing Earth-Dog, knowing that she will never catch him.

She licked Yaps sleepy face. He could barely keep his eyes open. Ive heard dogs say that one day, there will be another great battle, when a dog displeases the Earth-Dog.

Then, dog will fight against dog, and great heroes will rise and fall. Yowl gave a great yawn, floppy with tiredness. But not for a long time, right?

Ah, we dont know. It might come soon; it might not. We must always watch out for the signs. They say that when the world is turned upside down and broken open, the Storm of Dogs will come again and well have to fight to survive once more.

Yap let his eyelids droop. He loved to fall asleep to his mothers stories. This was how it would always be, he knew: The Mother-Dog curled protectively around him, the end of the story the last thing he heard. It ended the same way each time Watch out, little ones.

Watch out for the Storm of Dogs He leaped to his feet, growling. For an instant hed thought he was tiny once more, safe in his Pup Pack and protected, but the comforting dream had already vanished.

The air shivered with menace, tingling Luckys skin. If only he could see what was coming, he could face it downbut the monster was invisible, scentless. He whined in terror. This was no sleep-time story: This fear was real.

The urge to run was almost unbearable; but he could only scrabble, snarl, and scratch in panic. There was nowhere to go: The wire of his cage hemmed him in on every side. His muzzle hurt when he tried to shove it through the gaps; when he backed away, snarling, the same wire bit into his haunches. Others were close Those dogs were enclosed in this terrible place just as he was. Lucky 6. His voice was drowned out by the chorus of frantic calls. They were all trapped. Dark panic overwhelmed him.

His claws scrabbled at the earth floor, even though he knew it was hopeless. He could smell the female swift-dog in the next cage, a friendly, comforting scent, overlaid now with the bitter tang of danger and fear.

Yipping, he pressed closer to her, feeling the shivers in her musclesbut the wire still separated them. Sweet, somethings on its way. Something bad! Yes, I feel it! Whats happening? The longpawswhere were they? The longpaws held them captive in this Trap House but they had always seemed to care about the dogs. They brought food and water, they laid bedding, cleared the mess Surely the longpaws would come for them now. The others barked and howled as one, and Lucky raised his voice with theirs.

Something shifted beneath him, making his cage tremble. In a sudden, terrible silence, Lucky crouched, frozen with horror. Then, around and above him, chaos erupted. The unseen monster was here Lucky was flung back against the wire as the world heaved and tilted. For agonizing moments he didnt know which way was up or down. The monster tumbled him around, deafening him with the racket of falling rock and shattering clear-stone. His vision went dark as clouds of filth blinded him.

The screaming, yelping howls of terrified dogs seemed to fill his skull. A great chunk of wall crashed off the wire in front of his nose, and Lucky leaped back. Was it the Earth-Dog, trying to take him? Then, just as suddenly as the monster had come, it disappeared. One more wall crashed down in a cloud of choking dust. Torn wire screeched as a high cage toppled, then plummeted to the earth.

There was only silence and a dank metal scent. Panic stirred inside his belly again. He was lying on his side, the wire cage crumpled against him, and he thrashed his strong legs, trying to right himself. The cage rattled and rocked, but he couldnt get up.

Im trapped! Lucky, are you all right? Where are you? Her long face pushed at his through the mangled wire. My cage doorit broke when it fell! I thought I was dead. Lucky, Im freebut you Help me, Sweet! The other faint whimpers had stopped. Did that mean the other dogs were Lucky could not let himself think about that.

He howled just to break the silence. I think I can pull the cage out a bit, said Sweet. Your doors loose, too. We might be able to get it open. Seizing the wire with her teeth, she tugged. Lucky fought to keep himself calm. All he wanted to do was fling himself against the cage until it broke. His hind legs kicked out wildly and he craned his head around, snapping at the wire.

Sweet was gradually pulling the cage forward, stopping occasionally to scrabble at fallen stones with her paws. Its looser now. Wait while I But Lucky could wait no longer. The cage door was torn at the upper corner, and he twisted until he could bite and claw at it.

He worked his paw into the gap and pulled, hard. The wire gave with a screech, just as Lucky felt a piercing stab in his paw padbut the door now hung at an awkward 9. Wriggling and squirming, he pulled himself free and stood upright at last. His tail was tight between his legs as tremors bolted through his skin and muscles. He and Sweet stared at the carnage and chaos around them. There were broken cagesand broken bodies.

A small, smooth-coated dog lay on the ground nearby, lifeless, eyes dull. Beneath the last wall that had fallen, nothing stirred, but a limp paw poked out from between stones.

The scent of death was already spreading through the Trap House air. Sweet began to whimper with grief. What was that? What happened? I think Luckys voice shook, and he tried again. It was a Growl. I think the monster was a Big Growl We have to get away from here!

There was terror in Sweets whine. Lucky backed slowly away, shaking his head to dispel the death-smell. But it followed him, clinging to his nostrils. He glanced around, desperate. Where the wall had tumbled onto the other dog cages, the broken blocks had collapsed into a pile, and light shone bright through the haze of dust and smoke. There, Sweet, where the stones have crumbled in. Come on! She needed no more urging, leaping up over the rubble.

Aware of his wounded paw, Lucky picked his way more carefully, nervously glancing around for longpaws. Surely theyd come when they saw the destruction? He shuddered and quickened his pace, but even when he sprang down onto the street outside, following Sweets lead, there was no sign of any longpaws. Bewildered, he paused, and sniffed the air.

It smelled so strange Lets get away from the Trap House, he told Sweet in a low voice. I dont know whats happened, but we should go far away in case the longpaws come back. Sweet gave a sharp whine as her head drooped. Lucky, I dont think there are any longpaws left. Their journey was slow and silent except for the distant wail of broken loudcages. A sense of threat grew in Luckys belly; so many of the roads and alleys he knew were blocked.

Still he persevered, nosing his way around the broken buildings through tangled, snaking coils torn from the ground. Despite what Sweet thought, Lucky was sure that the longpaws would return soon. He wanted to be far away from the destroyed Trap House when they did. The sky was darkening by the time he felt it was safe to rest; Lucky sensed anyway that Sweet couldnt go much farther. Maybe swift-dogs werent as good at long journeys as they were at quick dashes.

He gazed back the way theyd come, shadows lengthening across the ground, hiding spaces emerging in dark corners. Lucky shiveredwhich other animals might be out there, scared and hungry? But they were both exhausted from escaping the Big Growl.

Sweet barely managed to tread her ritual sleep-circle before she slumped to the ground, laid her head on her forepaws, and closed her troubled eyes. Lucky pressed himself close against her flank for warmth and comfort. Ill stay awake for a while, he thought, Keep watch He woke with a start, shivering, his heart racing. Hed slept no-sun away.

His dreams were full of the distant rumbling of the Big Growl and an endless line of longpaws running away from him and loudcages whining and beeping. There was no sign of others here now. The city seemed abandoned. Beneath the thorny scrub, Sweet slept on, the flanks of her sleek body gently rising and falling with each breath.

Something about Sweets deep sleep was comforting, but suddenly he needed He nuzzled Sweets long face, licking her ears until she responded with a happy murmuring growl.

She got to her feet, sniffing and licking him in return. Hows that paw, Lucky? Her words instantly brought the sting back. Remembering the wound, he sniffed at his paw pad. An angry red mark scored the flesh, pulsing with pain. He licked it gently. It was closed, but only just, and he didnt want to make it bleed again.

Its better, I think, he said, more hopefully than he felt; then, as they both slunk out from beneath the dense branches, his spirits slumped.

The road before them was broken, wildly tilted, and cracked.

Water sprayed into the sky from a long tube exposed by crumbling earth, making rainbows in the air. And it wasnt just here; in the sloping city streets, as far as Lucky could see, the light of the rising Sun-Dog glinted on tangled metal.

A slick of water lay where he remembered that there had once been gardens, and the longpaw homes that used to seem tall and indestructible were now crumpled as if pummeled by a giant longpaw fist. The Big Growl, murmured Sweet, awestruck and afraid. Look what its done.

Lucky shivered. You were right about the longpaws. There were packs and packs of them. Now I dont see a single one. He cocked his ears and tasted the air with his tongue: No fresh scents. Even the loudcages arent moving.

Survivors #1: The Empty City by Erin Hunter

Lucky tilted his head toward one of them, tipped onto its side, its snout half-buried in a collapsed wall. Light gleamed from its metal flanks but there was no roar and grumble; it seemed dead.

Sweet looked startled. I always wondered what those were for. What did you call it? Lucky gave her a doubtful look. She didnt know what a loudcage was? You knowlongpaws use them to get around. They cant run as fast as we can. He couldnt believe she didnt know this most basic detail about the longpaws. It gave him a bad feeling about setting out with her. Sweets navet wouldnt be much help when they were trying to survive.

Lucky sniffed the air again. The citys new smell made him uneasy. There was a rottenness, a lingering whiff of death and danger. It doesnt smell like a home for dogs anymore, he thought. He padded over to where water sprayed from a wound in the In the sunken hole was an oily lake, its surface shimmering with rainbow colors.

It gave off an odd smell that Lucky didnt like, but he was too thirsty to care and lapped the water greedily, doing his best to ignore the foul taste.

Beside him he saw Sweets reflection as she also drank. She was the first to lift her dripping muzzle, licking her pointed chops. Its too quiet, she murmured.

We need to get out of this longpaw town. Sweets fur lifted. We should go to the hills. Find a wild place. Were as safe here as anywhere else, said Lucky. We can use the old longpaw housesmaybe find food. And there are plenty of hiding places, believe me. Plenty of places for other things to hide, she retorted, bristling.

Survivors #1: The Empty City

I dont like it. What do you have to be scared of? Her legs looked long enough to race through high grasses and her frame was slender and light. I bet you can run faster than anything! Not around corners, I cant. She glanced nervously to left and right. And a city has lots of corners. I need space to run. Thats where I can pick up speed. Lucky scanned the area, too. She was rightthe buildings crowded in on them.

Maybe she had good reason to be edgy. Lets Some of those longpaws might still be close by, whether we can see them or not. I dont want to go back to the Trap House. Me neither, Sweet agreed, her lip curling to show her strong white teeth.

We should start looking for more dogs. We need a good, strong Pack! Luckys muzzle wrinkled in doubt. He was not a Pack Dog. He had never understood what there was to like about living with a big mob of dogs, all dependent on one another, and having to submit to an Alpha.

He didnt need anyones help, and the last thing he wanted was someone who needed his. Just the thought of relying on other dogs made his skin prickle. Obviously that isnt how Sweet feels, he thought. She was enthusiastic now, rattling off stories. You would have loved my Pack! We ran together, and hunted together, catching rabbits and chasing rats She became more subdued, and looked longingly toward the outskirts of the wrecked town.

Then the longpaws came and spoiled everything. Lucky couldnt help responding to the sadness in her voice. Sweet shook herself. They rounded us up. So many of them, and all in the same brown fur! Staying together, thats what got us Thats Pack law. We stuck together, in good times and Sweet paused, her dark eyes distant, unable to repress an unhappy whimper. Your Pack was with you in the Trap House, murmured Lucky sympathetically.

She came to an abrupt halt. Wait, Lucky, we have to go back! He darted in front of her as she spun around, blocking her way. No, Sweet! We have to! On the bookshelves All. Erin Hunter shelf. To read. Impressions All. Sign in or Register. Report this. Quotes All. They were both exhausted from escaping the Big Growl.

Like Comment Share. Was it here? His littermates were a jumble of warmth against him, all paws and muzzles and small fast heartbeats. Clambering over him, Squeak stuck a paw in his eye; Yap shook his head and rolled over, making her fall off.

She squeaked with indignation as always, so he licked her nose to show there were no hard feelings. The Mother-Dog stood over them, nuzzling them into order and licking their faces clean, treading her ritual circle before curling around them, ready for sleep.

Why would she let it destroy her own home? Perhaps Earth-Dog, too, was afraid of the Growl Lucky found himself trembling, but there was no movement from within the black depths, no sinister snarling. Breathing deeply, he paced along the edge, feeling his courage return. He loped first one way, then the other. Panic began to rise in his chest again. There was no end to it: It extended through gardens as far as he could see in both directions. Even a longpaw house had collapsed into it, leaving rooms on each side open to the sky.

Back and forth he ran again, yipping with desperation. He didnt dare go much farther; there were trees ahead that obscured his view of the crack, but they were distant, and as far as he could see the gap only seemed to get wider. It was too big a risk. Street Dogs were more sensible than that. Then, not far enough in the distance, he heard the Fierce Dogs voice. Ill teach you a lesson! Come back and try that again!

Lucky stood still, pricking his ears toward the furious barking. Thank the Sky-Dogs his new enemy liked to talk so much; if he had more breath to spare he might have caught Lucky by now.

But the Fierce Dog was going to catch him soon There was nothing else he could do. Lucky hurtled back the way hed come, hearing his pursuer lumbering closer all the time. He had to give himself a good running start, because he would only get one chance to clear this chasm.

He spun to face the opening again, and began to race. Faster and faster, his paws flew across the ground. As the bottomless crack opened before him, he launched himself from the edge. Now, there was nothing below his belly but death and blackness The Earth-Dog waiting to swallow him He landed hard. He tumbled and rolled, welcoming the pain he felt in his paw and bones.

He was alive! For long moments he let himself lie there, his flanks heaving as he shut his eyes and felt the deep relief flood him. There was no way the stocky Fierce Dog could clear that great rip in the earth.

He was safe! Luckys hunger returned, as painful as being kicked in the gut by a cruel longpaw. Desperate and miserable, he laid his head on his paws and whimpered softly to himself. He was alone. Alone, lost, and scared. Maybe he should have gone with Sweet But then what? They might both be starving by now, and hed have a second belly to fill.

This way, Lucky had only himself to look after. And he had always been good at that. He needed food, and soon. The shadows had lengthened even more, swallowing the last patches of light; the blackness of no-sun would soon be here, and he knew he shouldnt stay in the open.

Slowly, painfully, he slunk into an alley and began to hunt for a sleeping-place. As he sniffed at doors and gaps in the rubble, he couldnt help thinking about that terrible void in the Earth.

Had Sweet, too, come upon such a crack? He hoped she hadnt slipped into the Earths jaws, as he nearly had He crossed three separate roads, all the while limping badly, before he finally found a wrecked loudcage whose door hung loose.

Lucky barely had the strength to haul himself into it, but he was rewarded with a scrap of shiny silver paper that smelled of food. It felt tinny and strange against his teeth but when he peeled it open, there was a piece of stale bread with old-smelling meat tucked inside.

A longpaw had taken a bite of it, no more. It wasnt firebox steak, but it would calm the raging hunger just a little. Gratefully Lucky wolfed it down, then licked and chewed the last scraps from the paper, not caring that he was swallowing bits of that as well.

Feeling a little better, he paced a tiny circle in his familiar sleep-ritual, then curled up, tucking his tail around him. Please, Earth-Dog, keep the Big Growl silent during this no-sun. Settling his head on his forelegs, he licked as well as he could at his sore paw until sleep overwhelmed him. The Big Growlback to finish him off? The noise filled his skull, stung his ears, made his head ache.

Not just the howling and snarling that seemed to echo from every direction; worse, there was the savage ripping of f lesh, the snap of vicious jaws. The sound of dogs, fighting. Fighting to the death Could it be the Storm of Dogs? Was it here? No, it couldnt becouldnt Pressing himself to the ground, lowering his ears, Lucky whimpered his fear and horror. It was coming to swamp him. Just like the Big Growl. There was no escape. He had to turn and face the Storm, and fight for his life But as he leaped to his paws and spun to face the savage warrior hounds, he sawnothing.

Nothing but more darkness, emptiness, as gaping a void as the hole in the earth that hed leaped. Sweet wasnt here now. And it was a dream. The Storm of Dogs had been nothing but a dream Sounded and smelled so real. Was it hunger-madness, or was it worse than thata vision of something that was yet to come He couldnt afford to think of such things. Tired and stiff and sore, Lucky recognized the hiding place hed crawled into last night. It smelled of hot metal, of tanned hide and the strange juice the longpaws fed their loudcages.

The Sun-Dog was shining, but he still missed the warmth of Sweet at his back. The loneliness felt like a great stone in his belly. For a moment he wanted to bay his misery out loud to the empty blue sky. He didnt know where he was or where he was going. Perhaps even a Lone Dog sometimes needed a traveling companion: someone to hunt with, sleep beside, someone to watch his back. Someone he too could protect. He walked alone, and he liked it. The heat in the loudcage was growing stifling, his hunger unbearable.

Slinking out, he glanced once in each direction, then set off hesitantly down the side street. And just at that moment, something black took off above his head with a clatter of wings. It flapped and perched on a broken metal pipe that led down from the roof of the longpaw home. There must have been water caught there, because it dipped its black beak to the pipe and drank. Then it cocked its head and eyed him directly.

It was just like the crow that had flown out of the tree yesterday, warning Lucky to be careful. It might even be the same one. Dont be silly. All crows look alike! Lucky scolded himself. Maybe it had been sent by the Sky-Dogs to warn him; it certainly seemed to be watching him very closely. He raised his gaze to the birds, and yipped with respect. It tilted its head to the other side, gave a caw, and flapped lazily away.

Survivors #1: The Empty City by Erin Hunter

Half-sorry to see the bird go, half-glad it wasnt staring at him any longer, Lucky set off again, taking a shortcut through the narrowest of alleys and emerging onto a broad avenue. On either side were large longpaw homes that had crumbled into piles of dust and rock. The power of the Big Growl was displayed here for any dog to fear.

It now lay in front of it like a scrap of unwanted food. Two trees tilted crazily against each other, as if they were trying to wrestle.That was Squeak again, bossy and demanding as ever. It wasnt firebox steak, but it would calm the raging hunger just a little.

Usually there was nothing but noise: Lucky nuzzled her in response, fighting down a mournful whine that wanted to erupt from his belly. He didnt dare go much farther; there were trees ahead that obscured his view of the crack, but they were distant, and as far as he could see the gap only seemed to get wider.