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AND THREE TO GET READY By H. L. Gold Ask a psychiatrist if any of his patients' strange stories could possibly be. SIZE AND READY TO ROCK. MEG. CABOT . stand, given the size of the bloodstain and the fact that my spine is most likely @Created by PDF to ePub . After dallying with sexy vampires and ingeniously reinterpreting the Dracula legend (Insatiable, Overbite), #1 New York Times bestseller Meg Cabot is ready to.

Size 12 And Ready To Rock Pdf

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Size 12 And Ready To. History. Men's standard sizes were probably developed first during the American Revolutionary. War, and they were in regular use by the . Size 12 and Ready to Rock. 3 that she probably won't even notice I'm not there any- more. This is disheartening enough— or maybe encourag- ing enough—. #2: Size 14 Is Not Fat Either. In Stores Now. #3: Big Boned. In Stores Now. #4: Size 12 and Ready to Rock. In Stores Now. #5: The Bride Wore Size In Stores .

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PDF Buddy Another online-only editor! PDF Buddy does require you to sign up for an account on their website to upload and edit documents, but it is completely free, and fairly intuitive—mostly due to its limited functionality. One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It's been a few years since I last read the previous books of this series.

I remember really loving the first and second book, finding it really intriguing and charming.

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I had not been able to put them down. The honeymoon is over for me and Heather, it seems. I thought the third book, Big Boned, was ok, but the ending seemed not only rushed, but forced with Cooper admitting his love, making love to her, and proposing to Heather in one swift motion.

It seemed like Meg Cabot just wanted to get the book over and done with and, even though it was planned for them to get together, it seems like she was totally bored with their budding romance and consummated it only to satisfy popular demand.

I should've known Size 12 and Ready to Rock was going to pick up straight from that. My biggest issue with this book was that Meg Cabot really did seem like she just wanted to punch out this book to satisfy the deadline for the publishers.

It is incredibly shoddily written. The most glaring crime against literature? It's not only after HALF of the book has transpired that we actually get a plot line happening. First we're treated to a pointless scene where New York College film student and Fischer Hall lovingly called Death Dorm because of all the deaths and murders it has infamously hosted resident Gavin and his girlfriend Jamie who was introduced in Big Boned as a scapegoat that would end the subplot of Gavin's impossible crush on Heather by becoming his girlfriend are having a paintball war in one of the buildings being renovated.

I thought that would mean that Gavin would have an important presence in this book like he's had in the three previous books.

That's not the case, however. He's used merely as exposition to have Heather and later Cooper go over the events of the previous three books in a casual, conversational way.

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It may be a personal pet peeve, but I abhor these types of scenes in book series. Cabot is no friend of moderation since she goes on these huge tangents that explain all the backstory related to Heather's job and her now defunct performing career all of which don't really matter in the actual plot of this book.

After some really pointless dialogue between Heather, Cooper, Gavin, and Jamie, we finally see a peek of the real plot: Tania's just witnessed her bodyguard Bear get shot. This is danced around endlessly by everyone involved.


They also mention the filming of a Newlyweds type of reality show starring Tania and Jordan. What stuck out to me was how matter-of-factly everything was mentioned in this scene. It really seemed like Cabot had written out an outline of events that read as follows: Allington penthouse suite b. Christopher uses it without his parents' consent c.

Jordan and Tania appears d. Mention reality show e.

Size 12 And Ready To Rock Heather Wells 4 Meg Cabot

Then they reveal to Stephanie that they Cooper and Heather are engaged, something they had been keeping secret. It is a strange scene because who the hell talks like that? So freely, so matter-of-factly with someone they have just met and have expressed annoyance from. It makes no sense. So jumping ahead, the action starts picking up halfway through the book when one of the producer dies because of food Tania was sent by what was believed to be a fan.

And from then on Cabot has to fast-forward the action because now that he's halfway done with the book she has put in so much filler that she no longer needs to fluff up the relevant storyline or create complications for the characters. So all we get is the conflict, a glimpse to Tania's past, a peek at the reality show Tania Trace Rock Camp , some bitchy year-old which was mentioned so much that I thought was going to be important to the plot but wasn't, and resolution.

All in one swift motion. I gave it two stars because, compared to the first half, the second half was pretty enjoyable to read, even though it was horribly rushed. I wished Cabot cared about her characters as much as I grew to care for them during book 1 and 2 to have written a better book.

The second star is really for potential because inside their bubblegum genre.

I do believe Heather Wells has potential to be something better. My affection for the characters, though, cannot hide some obvious shoddiness in the book, though. Aside from the fact that we waste half a book on pointless exposition and boring dialogue, it was also inaccurate.

I didn't particularly enjoy the way Cabot portrayed people of color. Even though they're good guys, they do seem kind of painted with a broad brush and used as decorated over depth.

I hate to say it, but they really do seem like characters written by a white girl whose only connections to latinos and blacks is through maids and other blue collar jobs. It's not like Cabot needs to omit people of color from her narrative or turn the Heather Wells books into a race and gender essay, but she can at least not be lazy enough to make Heather's Miss Mexico doll wear her native flamenco outfit.

Miss Mexico.

ready rock weight systems

Seems to me like Meg Cabot needs to read the Wikipedia article that clearly states that flamenco is a Spanish dance. So really, Miss Mexico ought to be Miss Spain.

Why was that so hard? She even references the doll's "Spanish hat" and "Spanish comb. Cabot, neither the hat nor the comb can speak Spanish or any other language, so the reason the word "Spanish" is part of their description is because they come from SPAIN.

I realize it shouldn't bother me this much, but it does. I'm not even Mexican yet I not only find it, if not offensive, at least dismissive of a culture. It just seems like a lack of respect for the people reading this book.

The book's title was also a source of confusion. It has no real connection to the plot. Heather doesn't seem more "ready to rock" that she has been in the previous three books.

Big Boned kind of hinted that she might've been ready to rock since she got onstage and performed one of the songs penned by Cabot all terrible, might I add.

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